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Nike is an American company which is popular as a sporty brand. When we talk about Nike, we must associate it with sports apparel, shoes, and sports equipment. This brand can prove that it can become the most recognizable brand internationally. It is because it becomes the sponsor of many famous athletes. So, the customers will not underestimate the quality of this brand. Nike tries to add the new products every year to satisfy its customers. Nowadays, we may find Nike product not only for the apparel product but also other merchandises and accessories. It also provides many products for kids. For more than 50 years, Nike brings a mission to create the healthier lifestyle for the people. As the largest sports brand, Nike never ignores the customers’ feedback. So, this company presents Mynikevisit survey at www.mynikevisit-na.com. Then, Nike invites all customers to take part in Nike Survey.

Having more than 1000 outlets worldwide, it does not stop Nike to keep struggling. So, Nike always makes the innovation to create the new product with high quality. For the customers’ shopping convenience, Nike also sells their product online at nike.com. This way, Nike can reach the larger business market. Besides, Nike will not get satisfied before they can make sure that customers are happy with their products. So, through Mynikevisit survey, Nike can measure the appreciation from their customers. This customer survey is available at www.mynikevisit-na.com. Nike will get the honest feedback from the customers through Mynikevisit-na survey. Then, this company can create the improvements based on the feedback they collect.


In fact, Mynikevisit na survey is useful for both Nike and its customers. For Nike, the result of Nike survey tells the company about a lot of information happening in their stores. For instance, it tells the weakness of the product or service. When the customers give the bad rating or make some complaints, the company will be aware that they have to make some changes. That is why the feedback is very crucial for the company improvement. It is because the feedback can lead the company to know which aspect that they have to change. In contrast, For Nike customers, visiting mynikevisit-na.com is the way to share their thought about Nike. For instance, they may get disappointed with the service given by Nike store crew. So, taking Nike survey allows them to voice their complaint.

Not all Nike customers can take part in Mynikevisit survey. Only the customers who receive Nike survey invitation can enter this survey. So, always check your Nike receipt after making a purchase. Usually, the survey invitation is on the bottom portion of Nike receipt. This invitation card will contain a series of code that will help you to enter Nike survey portal. You should not miss Nike Customer survey. It is because this survey offers the interesting prize. All survey takers will get $10 Nike gift card. There is no random winner as like other surveys. Once you finish Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will receive this gift card. Then, you can use this Nike gift card for the next purchase.

What are MyNikeVisit Survey Rules at www.mynikevisit-na.com?

MyNikevisit has some rules that you have to obey. The rules are so crucial to guide the participants of the survey. Besides, the rules also limit the eligibility of the survey takers. When you understand the survey policies at www.mynikevisit – na.com, you will be easy to follow the survey steps. Then, you also can avoid the troubles that may occur in the process of completing Mynikevisit-na survey. Here are the rules of Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Survey takers.

The survey takers should be at the age of 13 years of age or elder. Besides, the participants of the survey have to be able to use one of four languages used in www.mynikevisit-na.com. This website offers English, Chinese, Spanish, and France. Mynikevisit-na is only for the legal US residents. So, if you live outside the United States, you can access the Nike survey portal based on the country you live. For instance, the Canada residents can access mynikevisit-can.com. Then, the people who live in the UK can access mynikevisit-uk.com. The next, Australia residents can visit mynikevisit-au.com.

  • Survey requirement.

To participate in Mynikevisit survey, you should have Nike survey invitation. Usually, this invitation is printed on your Nike receipt. Then, the survey invitation will show the Nike survey code which you can use to enter www.mynikevisit-na.com. This code is valid within seven days. So, make sure that you use Nike survey code before the code expires. Remember, this code is for one survey entry. It means you cannot use the same Nike survey code to take more than one survey. Then, since Mynikevisit-na is an online survey, you will need the secured internet access. Do not forget to enable the setting for JavaScript and Cookies. So, the display of the survey can be optimal. The last, you should prepare an email address. The email is important since Nike will send the gift card to your email.

  • Survey reward.

The reward that Nike offers to the survey takers may be different in each survey period. For instance, Nike offers $5 coupon. But, in this period, you can get $10 gift card. Then, you can use this gift card in all Nike stores. As the example, you can redeem the reward at Niketown, Nike Factory Store, and Nike Clearance Store. But, this coupon or gift card is not valid for the online order. Besides, the survey reward is not redeemable for cash. Furthermore, you cannot use this Nike survey gift code together with other offers including the employee discount. The last, your reward can expire in 60 days after issued by Nike. So, it is better to redeem this gift card soon after completing the survey at www.mynikevisit-na.com.

How are the Guideline and Tips to Enter www.mynikevisit-na.com?

The Mynikevisit survey is very easy to complete. The survey will last no longer than 10 minutes. But, make sure that you have prepared every single requirement before you access www.mynikevisit-na.comm. Every participant who enters Nike Survey will not find any difficulty in following the prompts. It is because Nike Survey $10 gift card has the clear instruction. Below, you can review the step by step to complete Nike Customer Survey. We also provide the tips for every survey step. Check this out.

  • Load Nike survey portal at www.mynikevisit-na.com.

Since you are the US residents, you should go to www.mynikevisit-na.com. Don’t be panic if this address directs you to another URL. This address will bring you to https://inmoment.com/websurvey/2/execute#/1. It is because MyNikeVisit is powered by Inmoment, Inc. As long as the portal displays the athlete image wearing Nike product and four language preferences, you are in the correct Nike survey portal. To proceed the next Nike survey page, you should select the language that you master the most. But, when you face the failure in accessing this survey portal, it may be due to your internet setting.

Tips: Before loading Mynikevisit survey portal, you should check the setting of your web browser. Activate JavaScript setting as well as Cookies.

  • Enter Mynikevisit survey code.

On the second page, the site requires you to input Nike survey invitation code. Besides, the page also displays the rules of the survey. You should review these rules thoroughly. So, you can get your desired Nike gift card without any troubles. When you enter the code, you should be careful. It is because the code has 15 – 20 digits in length. Many people are failed to enter this survey because they enter the wrong code. When you misspell Nike survey code, www.mynikevisit-na.com will give you an alert message.

Tips: enter Mynikevisit code correctly. Do not use hyphen or space in entering this survey code.

  • Respond all Nike questionnaires.

www.mynikevisit-na.com has two survey sections. First, they ask you to respond multiple choices questions. Besides, Nike also asks you to rate their sports product and service. These questions are also about the store and the staffs. Second, Nike Customer survey also has open-ended questions. In this section, you can be free to tell about your last experience when you make a purchase at Nike store. Here, you can give your complaint or compliment to Nike.

Tips: Respond all of the survey questions without leaving even only one question. Besides, you must give the honest Nike feedback. It is because your feedback can affect the sustainability of Nike business.

  • Write your email id.

Although Nike does not provide a sweepstake, you still need to enter your email address. You should not doubt giving your email address. It is because Nike will not use your email for promotional purpose. Besides, Nike also will not share it with the third party. Nike needs your email address to send the gift code. If you are lucky, you will get this Nike survey $10 gift card immediately after submitting the survey. But, sometimes you have to wait for the email from Nike within 8-11 business days.

Tips: When you do not get the email containing the gift code in 11 days, you should call Nike Customer Service at 1 800 806 6453. Also, you can make a complaint via email to Nike@eprizefulfillment.com.

How to Reach Nike Customer Support?

Nike.com is the official portal of Nike as the biggest sportswear brand. In this website, you can search all information about Nike. For instance, you can explore all of Nike products for men, women, or kids. Besides, you can sign up for the promotional email as well. So, you will get the latest info about the newest product or promo. Furthermore, you can register Nike member to get the special offer from Nike. Nike website also has Help button. By clicking on this menu, you can explore Nike FAQ page.

However, when you cannot find the question you are looking for, you should contact Nike Customer Care. In fact, you can reach Nike Customer Relations in four ways.

  • By phone.

It is the fastest and most effective way to get in touch with Nike Customer Service. Just call 1 800 806 6453 to speak up with Nike representatives. You can ask all about Nike. Besides, you can voice Nike feedback or complaint as well. Besides, if you want to ask about the online order, you can call +44 0 207 660 4453. Make sure that you make a call between Monday and Friday at 8 am – 8 pm. But, on Saturday, the customer service is available at 8 am – 5 pm.

  • Live chat.

Nike website also provides Live chat feature. So, you can make an interactive chat with Nike staffs. You can ask everything. For instance, you can ask about Nike product information. You can join Nike live chat on Monday – Friday at 8 am – 5 pm.

  • Email.

To send your email to Nike, you should visit www.nike.com. Then, you can go to Contact Us or Help page. The next, you need to specify the topic of your questions. Then, you will be able to reach the Contact Us page. The next, select Email Us menu with envelope icon. This way, you can deliver your message to Nike Customer Service.

  • Social Media.

The last, you can interact with Nike Customer Relations through Nike account in some social media. For instance, you can follow Nike on Twitter and Instagram. Besides, you also can like Nike fan page on Facebook. Following Nike social media account is useful. For instance, Nike sometimes informs their promotional event through social media. So, you will get the updated info about Nike. Besides, you can deliver your Nike feedback through Nike account as well.

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