Mynikevisit-na Guest Survey Steps and Simple Tips

Are you spending your money often in Nike store? Do you keep the receipts with you? Well if you just go to Nike store purchasing something, you may want to get discount more for the next purchase. There is an easy way to get less payment for the next purchasing in Nike store. By participating in the Mynikevisit-na guest survey, you have the chance to get the discount for Nike stuff. When you join the Mynikevisit-na survey, you will get some questions to answers.

Once you finish, you will get the extra dollars on your gift card. The next, you can use the extra dollars for the next purchasing in Nike store. But to join Mynikevisit-na survey, you must follow some of the terms and conditions. When it is your first time to try the Mynikevisit-na survey, you may want to read some advice to follow. There is the requirement you will need to complete before joining the Mynikevisit-na survey. So, make yourself ready by reading this article. Then get your extra dollars for next visiting in Nike store.

How to complete the Mynikevisit-na survey?

To start the Nike survey, you must know the first step to take. You should get a device to access Mynikevisit-na official survey page. You can use the PC, laptop or Smartphone. First, type the page address in the proper way. It must be If you are afraid to type it in the wrong spell, you will better copy paste on it. Once you go, choose the language first. It must be the one you capable of understanding the most. After that, you need the unique code which is from your receipt. That is why you shouldn’t throw away the receipt once you are purchasing something in Nike store. You will need the code to enter the Mynikevisit-na survey. After you make it all, then press begin survey button available.


As the next phase, you will ask for answering the questions. The Mynikevisit-na survey questions are about your experience while visiting the Nike store. The comment and suggestion are open for the service, product or the staffs. You can give anything comment you want to improve the business well. Before you end the Mynikevisit-na survey, you need to fulfill some credentials. You may get ask about your personal email address. It is where the communication will be through. You will get the notification about the feedback later on email. Within few days, you will get the extra dollars in your Nike gift card.

Term and Condition of the Mynikevisit-na survey

There are some conditions you must understand to join the Mynikevisit-na survey. First, you are the resident of United States in 50 countries. Besides, there is also a limitation for each gift card to receive the reward from Nike survey. The limitation will be five dollars for each card in every transaction. As the holder of the card, you can redeem the reward in Nike store by yourself in person. The reward you get from the survey will not be able to use with another discount. It will be better to use the reward soon before it gets expire. The extra dollars in your gift card is available only for 60 days for the max.

Indeed, for the ones in the UK, the Nike survey available on It is where you can access the Nike survey then you will get the coupon as the reward.

  • Mynikevisit-na coupon and discount offers:

To satisfy the customers, here are the discount programs which are interesting to know. Indeed, for you who are often purchasing in Nike store.

  1. Get the discount up to 30% off. However, there is the limitation of stuff which is including in this discount program.
  2. For the Nike online clearance, there is 40% discount to get. It is including shoes, gear, child clothes and so on.
  3. Then, get the free shipping after purchasing $100. It is for the ones who are the member of Nike and the time has limitation.
  4. If you have the Nike ID, you can make your clothing and shoes. You can custom the stuff and choose the size, color, design and so on.

Nike Consumer Feedback Survey at

As one of the largest brand for sport in the word, Nike has things to satisfy its clients for years. If you are the ones who enjoy the Nike products, perhaps you know the Nike survey. It is a survey of the Nike buyers who want to get extra dollars on the gift card. The survey is available to access through Since it is an online survey, you need some credentials to enter the survey. Once you do the survey, there is the chance to get Nike coupon. It will give you 20% off for your next purchase in Nike store. Interesting right? To know more about the Nike survey, here are the things you need to prepare.

  • Mynikevisit Customer Feedback Survey Guide.

Mynikevisit is a guest survey which is available online. The Mynikevisit survey may be different for each country over the world. So you need to attention to the official page of Mynikevisit survey page. It has the initial of the country to recognize. For example, is the page for customers in UK region.  First, you have to access the official page in What do you need to do next after accessing the Mynikevisit survey page?

You have to make a choice for the language you prefer to use. It is important since language is the only way to communicate your opinion. After that, you will need the unique code to make you able enter the Mynikevisit survey. It is 20 digits of the number you can find on your receipt. You must use the receipt you get from Nike store. If you finish them all, then you will be ready to answer all the questions available. Just follow the instruction to complete the Mynikevisit survey.  At the end of the survey, you will get your way to Nike coupon.

About Nike Survey

For many years we all know well for the contribution of Nike in sports. It serves for the sports stuff such as accessories, shoes, clothes, apparel and so on. The design has fantastic taste and makes it cool to wear. The company has trust that all people are the athlete because they have the body. The company also has the mission to arrange no limitation for the athlete in future.

As to improve the business performance, Nike survey will take the role. The Nike survey will collect all the clients’ experiences whether it is good or bad. No matter what it is, the result will show how the improvement that the company makes. Through the bad result in Nike survey, the company will learn something. Then once the client makes another visit to Nike store, they will get a better service. If it is about the positive result, the company will try to develop it more. As the hope that clients will trust Nike to be the best brand in providing sportswear stuff.

Then if you are participating in the Nike survey, you are involving in making this company greater. But it doesn’t stop until that moment. After you finish the Nike survey, there is a coupon discount you will get. It has about 20% discount for you to make another purchasing in Nike store. So once you receive the receipt, don’t throw away the receipt. You can use it as your way to get the price cut for the next purchasing. How can you get the coupon?

You need to obey few rules and conditions to make the step right. You will need to read the Nike survey requirements as below:

The Rules are:

  1. The first requirement is the code on your receipt. Please notice that you only use the recent receipt. It is only capable for one round survey. You can’t use the same code for another Nike survey.
  2. You need to obey all the instructions in the Nike survey. It is the only way to get to the finish line. It is when you get the coupon discount for next purchasing.

How to do it:

Here are the steps to follow to get your coupon:

  1. Once you get the code and then open the official page of Nike survey. There is a button box or link “go to win” that needs to press. It is the first start to make your way win the coupon.
  2. The button you press will take you to the next page. It is where you need to pick your language. Choose the one you master the most. It will avoid the misunderstanding later.
  3. If you make it in the proper way, you will see the survey questions. You just need to answer all the questions in an honest way. Use your memory while visiting the Nike store to express your answer. The questions are all about the service, performance, and product quality. You can give your opinion as well to some lack details. The cleanliness of the store is capable of commenting as well. Since the atmosphere will influence the customers to enjoy the shopping time in Nike store. Or you can give comment on the staff performance. Start from the attitude, the way to speak with you or the uniform appearance. You are free to express them all.

If you are just come from Nike store purchasing something, it will be a great chance to win the discount program. The steps are easy to follow for sure if you join the Nike survey. The reward you get is interesting as well. You will not feel guilty to use your time by filling the Nike survey. Since it is the online survey, you can do it anytime and anywhere. The requirements are the device to access the page, internet connection, and your receipt. Is it Simple, right? So what are you waiting for? Join the survey now and get your interesting discount for tomorrow purchasing.

Nike survey Instructions:
  1. Open the survey link. You can type in your browser. Or you just need to copy-paste the link. It is a great way to avoid misspells and get on the wrong page. If you make it right, now prepare for the receipt you get from the previous purchasing in Nike store. You will need it to provide the unique code. There are twenty numbers to prepare to enter the page survey.
  2. Click next box as the sign to continue your way.
  3. You will get the details that company wants you to fill. It is all about your experience in visiting the Nike store. It is easy right to tell a story about your experience. Don’t get worried about the questions. If you are doing the visit in Nike store for real, you can answer them all.
  4. Please note that the questions may come from various fields. It can be about the staffs. Or the store appearance and atmosphere. Or it can be the product and stuff inside the store.
  5. If you are about to finish the survey, you have to fulfill the personal contact data. It is the email address of you. It must be active and available to contact. So anytime the company sends you the notification about the feedback of Nike survey, you will know it soon. Perhaps it is the way to send you the coupon code to redeem.
  • How to use the Nike survey promo code?

The coupon is capable of using through online shopping. Then, you just need to access the official site of Nike. In the site, you will see the products of Nike incomplete. You can find whatever you want like shoes, accessories, and other sports stuff. Mark your products and take them to the shopping cart. When you finish the shopping, before you out, type the discount code to redeem it. After than please press apply button. Then your total purchasing will get cut with the discount code you enter. So, is it nice to buy in Nike by using the redeem coupon you get right?

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