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Kroger is a large grocery store in the US. It has a mission to satisfy its customers by providing their needs. Kroger sells high-quality and low-cost products. That is why it has many loyal customers. Founded by Barney Kroger in 1883, now Kroger has more than 2600 branches in 34 states. Even it has become the biggest retailer; it does not stop to improve the service. Kroger always tries to bring the innovation. One of the ways to make the improvement is by launching Kroger Feedback.

Krogerfeedback is a kind of survey to gather the customers’ opinion. This way, Kroger can know what the customers want. So, the company can give the best service for the community. This retailer which is headquartered in downtown Cincinnati creates a website for online survey. The customer can access www.krogerfeedback.com to start the Kroger Survey. By filling out the questionnaire, the customer can express their thought about shopping at Kroger. At the end of Kroger Feedback Survey, the Customer will get the fuel points. Besides, they also have a chance to win Kroger gift card.

The Kroger Feedback is managed by SMG (Service Management Group). This survey is not only for the customer of Kroger grocery store but also Pharmacy, Ralph’s, and Food 4 Less. The customers just need Kroger receipt to take the survey. It is because, when they access krogerfeedback.com, they have to enter some details found on the receipts. One lucky customer will get $5000 gift card. Besides, Kroger also offers numerous $100 gift cards for other winners. If you get this card, you can use it in any Kroger stores.

Taking the Survey to earn Kroger Feedback Fuel Points

After buying something at Kroger, you will receive a receipt. Most of the people may trash it since they think that the receipt is not important. But, after reading this article, you will never throw your Kroger receipts into the dustbin. Your receipt can help you to win the prize $5000 gift card from Kroger. By taking a simple survey, you can get Kroger Fuel points as well.

kroger feedback

Kroger Feedback Survey only takes a few minutes. The survey only asks about certain details related to Kroger service. Then, Kroger will use the information to improve the store service. But, you should note that the Kroger Feedback for Fuel Points is only for the buyer. Kroger does not allow its officers or staffs to take the survey. Also, this promotion is no open for all states in the US. For instance, the residents in the Florida, New York, and Rhode Island cannot join this program.

Kroger offers a hundred prizes of first places as the gifts. These prizes are in the form of $100 gift cards. Besides, the grand prize is $5000 for one lucky person. Furthermore, you also can get 50 bonus fuel points. Kroger will directly load the points into your card account.  Then, Kroger will contact the winner via phone, email, or mail. So, when you fill out the survey, you have to provide detailed personal information. Once you get the Kroger receipt, you should take the Kroger Feedback soon. It is because; Kroger deserves to cancel this program anytime.

The Requirements to Taking Kroger Feedback Survey

If you want to take part the Kroger Feedback, you will have two options. The first method is the web entry. When you have the Kroger receipt in your hand, you can join the survey at krogerfeedback.com. Besides, you can give the feedback via mail-in entry. You can send a postcard containing your name, complete address and phone number to Kroger Company. You can mail it to Customer Satisfaction Survey PMI Station. It is at PO Box 3547, Southbury.

Taking the online survey via the web is simpler than sending mail. But, you have to prepare these things to be able to take the survey on Kroger official site.

  • Internet connection.

Since Kroger feedback is an online survey, you need internet access. No matter the devices you use, you will need a strong internet connection. You can use laptop, PC, or smartphone to fill the questionnaire.

  • Kroger receipt.

You should never trash the receipt after shopping at Kroger. It is so since you will need it to take the Kroger Feedback Survey. But, you have to notice that you can use the receipt which is no longer than seven days after purchasing.

  • Eligible age.

Kroger limits the age of the survey participants. If you want to get Kroger fuel points by giving the feedback, you must be more than 18 years old.

  • English and Spanish ability.

The official site of Kroger Feedback Customer Survey only provides two language choices. You can choose either English or Spanish. So, you can take the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey if you are capable of these languages.

  • Some spare time.

The survey may take up to 15 minutes to complete. Kroger has provided several questions. So, you have to answer all of them to finish the survey. That is why you have to allocate some of your valuable time to fill out the questions.

It is strongly recommended to take the Kroger Survey via PC or notebook. This device lets you finish the survey faster than using tablet or smartphone. Here is the review of these three devices.

  • Computer or laptop.

This device has usability rating 4/5. It means that most of the people are satisfied using PC. You only need 10 minutes to complete the survey. But the time consumption depends on the speed of the internet access. This survey will consist of two open-ended questions.

  • Tablet.

The usability rating of the tablet is only 3/5. It is because Kroger does not provide mobile page. The survey on the tablet also has two open questions. Besides, entering the personal information is necessary. If you do not have a PC, it will be fine to use an iPad or tablet.

  • Smartphone.

The rating of using a mobile phone is only 2/5. Even the Krogerfeedback.com is no mobile-friendly; you still can take the survey. But, you may need much more time. Taking the survey via smartphone needs more than 10 minutes.

The Guideline to Taking Kroger Feedback Customer Survey

The survey which you can find at krogerfeedback.com is simple. It only consists of some feedback questionnaires. Kroger wants to gauge what the customers’ feel about the product and service offered. So, the survey can be your way to express the level of your satisfaction. The respondents have spent their valuable time to finish the survey. So, Kroger will reward them with fuel points and gift cards. If you want to be a Kroger survey respondent, you can follow the guideline written below:

  • Visit Kroger Feedback.

Kroger has launched special portal for the Customer survey. You can loadwww.krogerfeedback.com to start the survey.

  • Fill out the details of the purchase.

In the homepage of Kroger survey portal, you will find the form. First, you have to complete the form with the details you can find at Kroger receipt. You should enter the date and time when you visit Kroger. Besides, you need to enter entry digits as well. The next, you can click on Start button.

  • Answer the entire questions.

First, you should choose the department where you purchase something at Kroger. Then, you can continue to other questions. The survey may ask you about the friendliness, cleanliness as well as the quality. Make sure that you answer based on your real experience.

  • Give your comment.

The next, you can go to the open questions. Here, you can add your comments about your level of satisfaction.

  • Enter the contact information.

Then you should provide your contact details such as email, mail address, and phone number. If you have already had a Kroger account, you can enter your loyalty card number. Then, Kroger will directly load 50 loyalty points to your card. The last, you can click on Finish to end the survey.

  • Participate the sweepstakes.

If you are 18 years old or older, you can join the sweepstakes program. What you need is only entering your personal information. You must give detailed info such as name, address, zip code, email id, phone number, and so forth. If you win, Kroger will contact you via email.

The List of Questions at Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Like other customer’ surveys, Kroger Feedback consists of questions asking about the level of satisfaction. But, it has a difference from other company’s survey. Other businesses may offer a coupon or giveaway for the respondents. But, Kroger gives fuel points for the customers. Besides, it also offers sweepstake. Unlike other sweepstakes which only have one winner, Kroger offers 100 gift cards as the first prizes. It values $100 gift cards for grocery. Furthermore, Kroger will give $5000 gift cards for the grand prize. If you take part of Kroger survey, your winning chance is big.

The aim of conducting the survey is to gauge the feedback. Kroger lets the customers voice their comment or suggestion. So, in the future, Kroger can be a better grocery store. If you are curious what questions are there in the survey, you can review the list below. Here are we provide the list of Kroger survey.

  • Department you visit.

At the beginning of the survey, you have to choose the counter of Kroger in which you purchase something. The system has provided some choices. So, you can click on the preference. For instance, you can choose pharmacy, bakery, dairy, or health and beauty counter.

  • Rate the satisfaction.

Then, you the site will show Likert Scale. You can rate the level of your satisfaction shopping at Kroger. You can rate the easiness to find the product, the friendliness of staff, the price, etc.

  • Rate the quality.

The next, you can rate the cleanliness of Kroger store, the freshness of products, and so on.

  • Express your likelihood to go shopping at Kroger.

If you are satisfied with Kroger’s service, you may want to return there frequently. The survey also asks you whether you want to recommend Kroger to your friends.

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