Walmart Survey – Take the Customer Survey and Win $1000 Gift Card

As the greatest chain of the hypermarket, Walmart always tries to develop its business. Founded in 1962, Walmart now becomes the company with the largest revenue. Its chains spread in 27 countries. It operates more than 11.000 stores and employs 2,2 million staffs. Walmart sells general household needs such as grocery, clothes, hardware, as well as the gardening product. Since it always wants to give the best service for the people, Walmart offers customer survey. This satisfaction survey is known as Walmart Survey.

Walmart survey is the program offered by Walmart to collect customers’ feedback. This company invites the customers to take part the Survey Walmart online. Walmart In-store satisfaction survey lets the buyers give their opinion about their visit to Walmart. The customer feedback will be useful to improve Walmart sales, service as well as store atmosphere.

The customers can visit to share their experience. When they take Walmart Survey, they should be ready to answer a series of simple questions. For instance, the questionnaires are about the easiness to find the product, coupon, staffs, etc. In short, Walmart wants you to give your feedback after your shopping. As the reward of your time and opinion, Walmart offers a chance for you to enter the sweepstakes. This way, you can have the opportunity to grab $1000 Walmart gift card.

Walmart Survey

Walmart survey is available online. So, if you want to participate in, you should use a mobile device connected to the internet. Besides, you will need a Walmart receipt. One receipt is only for one entry. So, each person will get one prize if he is lucky. In contrast, you do not need to make any purchase to enter Walmart Survey Sweepstakes if you use the mail. The amount of your purchase also does not influence the chance to win. The Walmart $1000 gift card is non-transferable. Furthermore, Walmart does not allow the cash redemption for the gift card.

Guideline of Walmart Survey Step by Step

You should notice that this survey is not for all of Walmart customers. It is because Walmart Survey Sweepstakes is only for certain Walmart store. That is why you should see your Walmart receipt thoroughly. If there is a survey invitation on your receipt, you can take the Walmart customer survey. Not all Walmart receipts contain the invitation for the survey. Once you get the Walmart receipt, you should visit Walmart official site soon. You only have 14 days from the date printed on the receipt. When your Walmart receipts are expired, you cannot use it to take the customer survey.

Before you participate in Walmart online survey, you should hold the Walmart receipt in your hand. You will need to enter the store number as well as ID printed on the receipt. Then, here is the guideline to start Walmart Survey.

  • Visit the official site of Walmart Survey.

You should go to to start the survey. This page is for Walmart In-store survey. But if you get the receipt from the Walmart in Canada, you can visit

  • Select the language.

You can choose one of two preferred languages. Click on the circle to choose English or Spanish. Then, you can go to the next phase by clicking Continue button. The next page, you should read the rules of the Walmart Sweepstakes and survey. After that, click on blue continue button.

  • Enter the zip code.

In the next step, you should input the five digits zip code in which you live. Then select Continue button. If you have any troubles, you can click on the Help link on the right part of the screen.

  • Answer the question.

Then, there will appear a question on the page. It asks whether you are the employee of Walmart or Sam’s Club. Besides, it also asks if your immediate family works at Walmart.

  • Enter your year of birth.

In the next phase, you only need to write the two last digits of your birth year. Then, click Continue.

  • State that you have a receipt.

The next questions ask if you have Walmart receipt in hand. You just need to answer yes or no. The receipt is important to continue the Walmart survey.

  • Enter the Walmart store number and ID.

See through your receipt to know what the ID and store numbers are. They exactly appear in your Walmart Receipts. If you are having trouble in entering the store ID, you can click on the help link under the blank space.

  • Answer the Walmart Survey questions.

Then, you can start the survey. What you should do is answering the entire questions honestly. Your answer should be based on your experience when you make some purchases at Walmart.

When you finish answering the Wal-mart Survey Questions, the site will ask you if you would like to enter the sweepstakes. Through Wal-mart Survey Sweepstakes, you have one chance to get one of six $1000 Walmart shopping card.

Simple Steps of Walmart Survey Sweepstakes

The Wal-mart Sweepstakes has a different web page. You can enter this sweepstake by visiting Make sure that you have completed the Walmart Customer Satisfaction Survey before taking the sweepstakes. There are a series of the process you should do. Here they are.

  • Go to Walmart Sweepstakes official site.

In the homepage, you should choose the language. Select the circle labeled as English or Espanol. Then, you can continue to the following phase.

  • Make sure you are eligible to enter the sweepstakes.

The Wal-mart sweepstakes survey is only for the US legal residents. You must be 18 years old or more. The employees or the direct family of Walmart staffs are not allowed to take this Walmart $1000 gift card sweepstakes. You can read the requirements and rules of Walmart Sweepstakes by clicking the provided link. If you have understood the rules, then you should clarify that you are not a robot. Select the correct images asked by the site.

  • Read the sweepstakes information.

On the next page, the site will display the brief explanation about the sweepstakes. It explains about the winner of Walmart Sweepstakes. Besides, it also gives the guideline to minimize the risk of internet scam. Give mark to the statement below to state that you understand the info.

  • Fill out the Walmart Sweepstakes form.

The Sweepstakes needs your identity. So, you have to input the date of birth and your full name. Then, you can enter the street address, city, and state or province. Do not forget to write the zip code and phone number. Walmart will keep the data you input strictly. Walmart will not use your data for another purpose other than the sweepstakes.

After completing the form, the site will inform you that you are successful to enter the sweepstakes. Walmart will announce the winner once three months. If you are the lucky Walmart sweepstakes winner, the company will contact you by phone.

Four Ways to Entering Walmart Sweepstakes $1000 Gift Card

In fact, Walmart customers can try four ways to enter the sweepstakes of Walmart. But, you should notice that the sweepstakes program is only for the residents of the US, Puerto Rico and District of Columbia. It is because the laws of the US governs this program exclusively. The sweepstakes period is three months. So, Walmart will draw the winners once in three months. In this period, the sweepstake starts on November 1, 2016, and it will end on January 31, 2017.

Walmart provides six grand prizes consisting $1000. So, there will be six winners of the grand prize. Besides, there are 750 prizes consisting $100. The prizes are very fantastic, aren’t them? If you are interested in entering Wal-mart sweepstakes, you can try one of these four ways.

  • Purchase the items at Walmart.

You can make any purchase in Walmart retail. Then, you will receive a receipt consisting a survey invitation. Within a week after purchasing, you should enter to participate in the satisfaction survey. Then, you have one chance for sweepstakes entry. You can follow the guideline written above to complete the sweepstakes process.

  • Survey Invite.

If you want to get the survey invitation, you should buy certain items online at Besides, you also can make the purchase at Walmart Mobile site. Then, you may receive Walmart Survey Invitation through email. To complete the survey, you should click on the link written in the invitation. As usual, you should answer all the survey questions. Then, you need to complete the Sweepstakes entry form. The link to the email survey invitation is only valid within one week. After seven days after the invitation date, you will not be able to use the link.

  • Online Survey.

Without any purchase, you can take an online survey at This sweepstake does not require you to answer the survey. You only need to fill out the Wal-mart Sweepstakes form. You should make the online entry during the sweepstakes period. Once you finish the form, you will get an alert that you are successful to enter the sweepstakes.

  • Write-in or mail.

The last method to win Walmart $1000 gift card sweepstakes is by sending mail. You should handwrite your full identity on the postcard. Your card should contain your full name, date of birth, phone number, and mailing address. Then, you can send this card to Walmart Sweepstakes, Rochester, New York, PO Box 10427.

Walmart limits the one entry per postcard. Walmart will not accept mechanically reproduction of the card. That is why you have to handwrite your sweepstakes entry. Besides, your card must consist of the entry fields mentioned above. If your mail is not completed, Walmart will disqualify your entry. You will not be able to win $1000 Walmart card.

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