Walmart Deli Trays Menu and Prices for Your Party

Walmart is the well known in serving the food and beverages over many years.  If you are about to hold an event or party, Walmart deli trays can be a perfect choice. You will need somebody to arrange and handle all the food and beverages in your party. So why don’t choose Walmart deli trays? They have a wonderful menu to get with delicious taste and fair prices. It is much simple and easy rather than you make food your own. Don’t get trick by other offers with a lower price. The Walmart deli trays have much experience in dealing with even and party since 1962. That is why Walmart deli trays are first choices people take for their party and important events. If you keep, wonder how to take your Walmart deli trays, be glad that you find this article. You will find everything you need here.

Since it started openly in 1962, Walmart deli trays become sort of choices. The one that may familiar to you about Walmart is one stop shop. What does it mean? Well, it means you only need one store which is Walmart to fulfill everything you need. For the Walmart deli trays menu and prices, you will get them in this article. So it helps you to arrange the party budget. Indeed, you will need to choose the menu that everyone may like. Of course, it is important to get positive impress from the guests. You will not get the same menu as you find in Walmart deli trays and bakery. If you get the small or less budget to spend on your party, Walmart deli menu catering is a great choice to pick. Choose your Walmart deli trays menu and save the cost.

  • Walmart deli menu for the party and memorable events.

In common case, having the small budget for the party is a problem. You have to prepare many things such as decoration, food, beverages and other small details. The food and beverages part are important to be the priority. It is the ones that consume by your guests. Your guests may be leaving soon because the food you serve is not tasty. Or maybe the size is not proper to eat in front of other guests because it is too big. Well, this kind of small details will be important to notice.

Walmart Deli Trays

You will be better to ask the professional one such as Walmart. Walmart deli menu sure has a perfect size and super delicious taste. You only need to pick some Walmart deli menu to match your party needs. There are many variants you will meet in Walmart deli menu for sure. The great thing is about the price. They are reasonable and fair enough.

Don’t let your important party and events to not be memorable by the guest. As the party owner, please give the guest the best experience in taste. You will be happy to know all the guest feels satisfied. If you have nothing in mind what you should pick, then we will present you the Walmart deli menu to choose. Read the explanation to get your favorite menu for the party. You will not disappoint for applying Walmart deli menu for sure.

  • Walmart deli platters menu.

Having the Walmart deli platters for your gathering event or just a house party will be perfect. Walmart deli platters are also suitable for just supplying your home need. Indeed, Walmart also has the event and party planner if you need. They will handle all you need for appetizer until dessert. Start from the menu and menu size to present. There are some choices from Walmart deli platters such as party size, sharp deli cheese and meat, cold or hot appetizer and so on. They serve the entire menu, but you decide it.

The amazing thing is you can do a custom thing in your cookies. Sounds fun right?  The Walmart deli platters service will offer you the cookies for custom which you can write anything on it. So you can serve something delicious to the guests with a sweet message for them as well. Look so much fun on it right? You will learn more menu details by scrolling down the page. Find the things to suit your party and event here with Walmart deli platters menu and service.

  1. Walmart Party Trays Slider.

The first thing to reveal is the slider party trays. It comes with various kinds of cheese and meats. Both of them are best to serve with the new and hot rolls from Hawaiian. You will get different pieces and size to order as follow:

  • 12” is the small package for serving start from six until eight people.
  • 16” is the medium package for serving your twelve to sixteen guests.
  • 18” is the large size package will about serve more than fifteen until twenty guests.
  1. Walmart Deli Tray Sandwich.

The second menu is all about the fresh and delicious sandwich. You will get the turkey, ham, and beef along inside your sandwich. They all will combine with the delicious cheese and wheat bread. The delicious taste will not stop in that part. Then you will get the tomatoes as the garnish to make the sandwich fresh. For the medium package or 16”, you will get the sandwich for about sixteen to twenty pieces.  Then for the 18” or the large package, you will get more than twenty up to twenty-four pieces of sandwich.

  1. The Sub Sandwich.

The great thing about Walmart deli trays menu is the ability to make custom and combination. You are allowed to make some combination for your order, in this case, the sandwich. The things you can combine are the filling such as roast beef, turkey, ham or the cheese. Complete the incredible taste; garnish selection will be important as well. You can apply the cherry tomato, lettuce or onion as the garnish. In the case, you want you can get the mayonnaise and mustard as well. You just need to make a request for them. As for the package that offers will be like:

  • The first is 6-Foot Sub, over 7 1/2 lbs. of meat and cheeses. For this menu, you will get about twenty-five until thirty pieces.
  • The second one is 2-Foot Sub, over 2 1/2 lbs. of meat and cheese. It can handle for eight until ten bites.
  • Then the last is 4-Foot Sub, over 5 lbs of meat and cheeses. It will serve for sixteen to twenty guests.
  1. The Walmart Deli Trays Pinwheel.

What you will get from this menu package is the great quality of cheese, meat and also some vegetables. That stuff will enroll together into one. You may also choose the turkey, chicken or bacon as well to complete the menu.  Like the 12” small package, you will get about two dozen of pinwheels. For the larger amount, you will need to order the 16” package which has 48 pinwheels. It is important to notice the total amount of the food before you make the order. It helps you to avoid overload budget.

  1. Walmart Deli Trays: Prima Della Cheese and Meat.

For the Prima Della Meat and cheese, it is all about turkey, beef, and ham. Those will complete with some various kind of cheese such as cheddar, Muenster, and Swiss. The sweet thing is about the garnish which is cherry tomato and olive oil.

  1. Walmart Deli Trays: The Cheese Trays.

What the ingredients inside the cheese trays are Colby Jack, Muenster, cheddar, pepper jacks as well. Don’t they sound amazing and delicious? It has sharp cheese ball and Swiss cheese too. Cheese is everywhere.

  1. Walmart Deli Trays: The Meat Trays.

What kind of meat inside this tray? You will get the roast beef, black forest, and Virginia ham. The other meats will be turkey and hard salami. The meat will serve in perfect by adding olive oil and tomatoes as the garnish. For the medium size, it will cover fifteen up to eighteen pieces. For the large size, you will get about twenty until twenty-five pieces.

  1. The Walmart Kids Party Trays

Party does not only belong to the adult. Even for the kids, Walmart has the kid party trays. The menu will be cheese stick and the corn dog. It will present with much honey and mustard as the topping. Of course, no one kid can reject this meal. It is a suitable menu for all kids in any event and party.  There is a medium size package for it. It can handle for eight until twelve pieces.

  1. The Custom Message Cookies.

The best thing about making a party is custom the small details in it. In this case, you can custom for the cookies you are about to present. You may deliver the message

  • Walmart party trays menu is available.

If you about to order Walmart party trays, then you should understand the way. You should fill an order form first. You have to fill the form with the things you need to order for the party. Then if you have done writing the form, please take it to the nearest Walmart Deli. For the safe situation, you need to make Walmart party trays order within 24 hours in advance. So, it helps the Walmart to prepare everything in the perfect way possible.

In the case you need a special request, the Walmart will be able to do that as well. You may go to talk with the Walmart, deli officer. Besides, you can make it as a call or meet in person. Ask for more details about Walmart party trays before you decide the entire plan. Perhaps there is a case where each store has different regulation. Make sure about this.

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