Walmart Credit Card Login – The Way to Pay Your Bill Online

Walmart provides a special site for the holder of Walmart Credit Card. The portal is for Walmart Credit Card Login. As the holder of a credit card from Walmart, you can manage the credit card account easily. The users can make a payment quickly and simply with a few clicks. What you need is only logging into your Walmart Credit card account. The portal is only limited for card members only. So, you have to sign into Walmart Credit Card site with your user ID as well as secured password. By logging into Walmart site, you can do several things with your credit card. Besides, the Walmart Credit card holders also can enjoy some benefits.

Once you log into Walmart credit card login page, you can manage your CC account easily. Walmart CC login page allows the cardholders to access a certain area of the website. For instance, you can make a payment with your credit card online. Besides, you can configure your Walmart account. This way, you can improve your security setting. Furthermore, you can check your electronic statement and update your account details. The cardholders can set up the account notification and alert.

Walmart Credit Card Login page gives the easiness for the CC holders. It offers the fantastic benefits for the users. For example, you will get special offers when you use Walmart credit card for shopping. Then, you can enjoy the special offers from Walmart. You also can get the discount from other stores which accepts Walmart credit card. Furthermore, you will get an interesting discount at a gas station. Besides, you can use Walmart credit card payment at online FICO stores. You should be happy since there is no annual fee for this credit card. The next, you will get the fraud protection as well.

Walmart Credit Card Login

The Quick Steps for Registering at Walmart Credit Card Login Page

If you are a new user of Walmart Credit card, you will not be able to log into the site. It is because you have to register your Walmart credit card account. But, you have to keep in your mind that you should be the primary Walmart account holder. Besides, you should have the Walmart Credit Card in your hands. After that, you can complete the Walmart CC registration process in a minute. Before you access Walmart Credit Card login, you have to create a personal account at Here is the Walmart credit card registration process.

  • Step 1 – visit Walmart Credit Card portal.

The initial thing you have to do is visiting the official site of Walmart Credit Card. You can go to or Then, you will find a section for Walmart Credit Card login and enrollment.

  • Step 2 – Click on Enroll Now.

In the homepage, you will see a blue section for Walmart Credit card log in. This part is for the returning customers. Since you use the Walmart credit card for the first time, you should register as a new user. So, you must pay attention to the link below the login section. Once you click on the Enroll Now link, you will lead to the five steps of registration. Then, you can go on to the first enrollment process.

  • Step 3 – Enter your account number.

The first step of registration is entering your account number. You should be the main holder of the credit card. It means you cannot register someone else’s credit card.

  • Step 4 – Validate your data.

The next step you have to complete is validation. The site will check whether the data matches with yours.

  • Step 5 – select security.

Since the credit card is a sensitive thing, you have to secure your data. You do not want if someone else uses your credit card, do you? So, you have to choose the security to protect your account.

  • Step 6 – Select the images.

Walmart Credit Card Login page is like other websites that want to increase the security. Then, you have to choose the picture or image provided. It will prove that you are a human being. The website wants to secure the system from the robot. That is why this site uses the captcha image system. Finally, the registration process is done. Now, you can log into your Walmart account anytime you want. Besides, you can start to access Walmart Credit Card payment.

The Simple Process of Walmart Credit Card Login

After registering your Walmart Credit Card, you can try to access Walmart login for a credit card. You should not be worried how the login process would be. With this article, we will guide you to get through the Walmart credit card login process. With the steps below, you will be able to log into Walmart credit card account without any trouble.

  • Visit Walmart Credit Card site.

First, you have to load Then, you need to prepare a user ID to access your Walmart credit card account.

  • Enter your Walmart User ID.

The second step of logging into Walmart credit card is entering your UserID. You will get the user ID in the process of registration. If you do not remember your user ID, you can click on Forgot User ID button under the User ID field. Besides, if you want the website saves your user ID, you can click on Remember Me box. So, in the next visit, you do not need to re-enter your User ID. This way, you can save your time.

  • Click on the Orange Next button.

Then, you can continue logging into the site by entering the password.

The Procedure to Log Into Walmart Credit Card Login Page on Mobile

You can access Walmart CC login page via mobile too. The way to access it is not much different from access it through a PC. Using a mobile device is simpler than using a computer. It is because you can access your credit card whenever you want. Here is the tutorial of accessing Walmart CC login mobile.

  • Load

You can use the browser on your tablet or mobile phone. Make sure the browser application is compatible with Walmart Credit card login page.

  • Write Walmart user ID.

Then, you will find Hello, Please Log In the text in the home page. Under this text, you will see an empty field where you can enter your Walmart User ID.

  • Tap Next button.

In the next stage, the site may require you to write your password. The password is useful to secure your credit card account.

  • Press Sign In Now.

The last, you have to tap Sign In button. Now, you are free to access the Walmart credit card info. Besides, you can do some financial task such as paying your bill online.

When you log into your Walmart Credit Card account, you can do some activities. For instance, you can make an online payment. Moreover, you can update the account information. Besides, you can add authorized users. It means that someone else who has the authorization can use your credit card. The last, you can see your electronic statement.

For your convenience, Walmart provides a mobile application. You can access this Walmart Credit Card mobile app on Android and iOS. With this app, you can manage your account on the go. This application is suitable for the busy people. It is because they can pay the bill and view the statement whenever and wherever they are.

How to Activate Walmart Credit Card

After applying for a credit card, you cannot use it directly. It is necessary to activate your card. When you receive your Walmart Credit Card, you can activate it online. First, you have to visit Then, you should select Activate my Card link. If you have a Walmart User ID, you can log into your account to activate your card. But, if you do not have Walmart User ID, you have to click Register and Activate. Then, you should continue the stages to activate your credit card. The next, you have to write the account number in the provided space. After that, you can create a password to complete the activation process.

The Benefits of Using Walmart Credit Card

It is undeniable that credit card is practical. Making payment using a credit card is simpler than using cash. So, many people apply for the credit card to support their life. One of popular credit cards is Walmart Credit Card. Synchrony Bank issues this credit card. The users of Walmart Credit Card can enjoy several discounts and other benefits. Here are some of the benefits for Walmart Credit Card holder.

  • 3% Discount.

You will get 3% off if you use Walmart credit card to purchase something at This discount also includes the store purchase and Walmart Pickup.

  • 2% discount.

You can enjoy 2% off when you make a payment at Walmart fuel station. Besides, you also get this discount when you use your credit card at Murphy USA gas station.

  • 1% discount.

You can get this discount at the other stores that accept Walmart credit card or Walmart Mastercard.

  • Easy online payment.

Another benefit of using Walmart credit card is the easiness to pay the bill online. Just logging into credit card online account, you can pay your bill quickly. Indeed, you can access your credit card 24/7.

  • Transaction history.

Your online account lets you see the latest transaction history. This way, you can keep track the transaction you have made by using Walmart Credit Card.

  • Online dashboard.

Walmart Credit Card Login page provides you the dashboard. Through this feature, you can view all information related to your credit card.

Warning: You may find out credit card information in our article. We just want to remind you that Moslem should not use credit card. All credit cards can lead you to usury sin.

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