WagCares – Win $3000 Check from Walgreen Listens Survey

Walgreens is the biggest drug retailing chain in the US. Headquartered in Illinois, Walgreens operates over 8200 stores in the US and Puerto Rico. In 2014, Walgreens merged with Alliance Boots, a company from Switzerland. This way, Walgreens can develop its business worldwide. Walgreens provides the wide variant of products. This store offers the pharmacy products, health, and wellness service, as well as the photo studio. As the largest drug store, Walgreens always tries to fulfill the customers’ need. Their goal is to make the customers satisfied after visiting their store. So, Walgreen creates WagCares survey to identify the customers’ overall satisfaction.

Walgreens invites all of its customers to take part in WagCares. This survey is available for everyone who has made a purchase at Walgreens. After the transaction, they will get Walgreen receipt containing the survey invitation. Through this survey, Walgreen can know their customers’ experience when they shopped at the store. So,  Walgreen will be able to gauge how satisfied the customers were. The happy and satisfied customers are very crucial for the business’ sustainability. It is because when the shoppers are happy, they will repeat purchases.


In contrast, the unsatisfied customers may tell the bad experience they had to other people. Then they can influence others to not come to Walgreen. This way, the company can lose many customers. The next, it can decrease the business profit. Walgreens does not want this terrible thing occurs in their business. So, it tries to maintain the service quality through the customer survey.

WagCares survey helps Walgreen to identify the area of the problem faced by customers. For instance, when the survey shows that many customers complain the store attendant, Walgreens has to fix this soon. So, on the next visit, the customers can get the better service from Walgreen store associates. Walgreens Customer Survey is available online. So, this survey is easy to access. The customers only need to have Walgreens receipt as the survey requirement. As the Walgreens customers, you should not doubt for taking this survey. Just by spending eight minutes, you can help Walgreens to improve the overall customers’ shopping experience. As the reward, Walgreens offers you to win $3000 from the monthly sweepstakes.

What are WagCares Survey Rules and Requirements?

You do not need the complex requirements to take part in WagCares survey. You will only need these two items to access Walgreens survey online. Apart from these requirements, you should have the sufficient spare time for taking this survey. So, you will not leave the survey in the middle of the survey completion. When you have the enough time to participate in Walgreens survey, you can complete all survey process. Besides, you will get a chance to win $3000 from Walgreens as the sweepstakes reward. Now, are you ready to enter Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey? Please prepare these requirements.

  • Walgreens receipt.

For every transaction you made at Walgreens, the cashier gave you a receipt. No matter the payment method you used, you still got a receipt from Walgreens. Usually, you do not think that this piece of paper is a useful thing. In fact, this receipt can help you to get $3000 from Walgreens. Every time you got Walgreens receipt, you have to look into this paper. Is there any WagCares survey invitation on it? Walgreens receipt may contain the survey code and password. If you can find these details on your Walgreens receipt, you can use them to enter the Walgreens survey. Besides, you also need the time of visit recorded on your receipt. With these three receipt details, you can start Walgreens survey easily. Remember, the Walgreens customers only have three days after purchasing to take WagCares survey. After 72 hours, their Walgreens survey code will expire.

  • Internet connectivity and PC.

Since WagCares survey is online, you have to internet accessibility to start it. If there is no PC or laptop, you still can reach this survey by using your mobile device. But, we suggest you use the computer for the convenient survey process.

With these items, you can proceed WagCares survey. After completing all Walgreens Listens Survey, the survey site will offer you to enter their sweepstakes. If you are interested in taking part in Walgreens sweepstakes, you should review the sweepstakes rules. At the bottom of Walgreens survey page, you can find the link to open the sweepstakes rules. But, for your convenience, we try to present Walgreens survey rules here.

  • Participants.

As like other sweepstakes, Walgreens limits the age of the participants. Only the person who are 18 years old or more who can enter the survey. Besides the entrants must be the legal US residents. Also, the Walgreens employees and their family are not allowed to enter this sweepstake.

  • Entry methods.

Walgreens provides four ways of sweepstakes entry. First, the entrants can take the online sweepstakes. Every WagCares survey participant can enter Walgreens sweepstakes after completing their survey. The second, they can try mail entry. This way, you have to hand print your identity and contact details to Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes. The address is on PO BOX 9681, Grand Rapids. MN 55745 9681. The next, you can also try telephone entry. As a Walgreens Customers, you can call 1 800 219 7451. When you call this number, you have to complete the customer survey first. Then, you can enter the phone sweepstakes. The last, Walgreens also provide email entry. But, you have to receive the email invitation from Walgreens to enter the sweepstakes.

  • Reward.

There will be one winner in a month. Then, the winner deserves to receive $3000 in the form of the check. Walgreens will inform the winner by phone. But, you also can check the list of the winner at Walgreens Listen Survey portal. You can click on Sweepstakes Winner link at the bottom of the survey page.

How to Enter WalgreensListens Survey?

WagCares is a simple survey. Therefore, you may only need less than eight minutes to complete all the steps. Make sure that your Walgreens receipt has the invitation to enter Walgreens Listens Survey. Then, you should check whether there are the survey serial number and password in your receipt. It is because you can open the survey with these details. Then, here are the instructions to complete Walgreens Listens Survey.

  • Visit Walgreens Survey site.

First, you should access www.WagCares.com. You should not be panic if the site directs you to www.walgreenslistens.com. It is because walgreenslistens.com is the new survey portal of Walgreens. In the home page of Walgreen’s survey portal, you can find some links to the survey. For instance, you can select Walgreens sweepstakes rules, sweepstakes winner, and privacy policy. Besides, if your internet access is slow, you can select the friendly version of the survey page. This link is above the login section. Moreover, the survey takers can choose Spanish as the website language.

  • Enter the Walgreens receipt details.

To start the survey, you need to enter three details from your receipt. First, you have to input Walgreens survey number. This eleven digit code is the part of Walgreens survey invitation. Usually, it is on the bottom portion of Walgreens receipt. Then, you should enter WagCares password. The password also contains eleven digits. The last, you need to select the range of your visit time. For instance, you can choose 12 am – 7 am, 7 am – 11 am, 11 am – 4 pm, 4 pm – 7 pm, and 7 pm – 12 am. after entering three pieces of receipt information, you can press the Start button to begin the survey.

  • Answer WagCares survey questions.

Then, you must recall your most recent experience at Walgreens. It is so since most of the WagCares questions are asking your shopping experience. For instance, it asks about Walgreens products, the service given by Walgreens’ staffs, the cleanliness of store, etc. Besides, Walgreens also asks you to state your overall satisfaction after shopping at their store. Since your Walgreens feedback is very important for this drug store’s business, you have to give the honest response for every question.

  • Enter the Walgreens Sweepstakes.

After answering all WagCares survey questions, you will get an offer to enter Walgreens sweepstakes. If you wish, you can select Yes. Then, you need to provide some personal details to enter Walgreens monthly sweepstakes. For example, these sweepstakes require your full name, telephone number, as well as mailing address. This contact information enables Walgreens to notify you if you win $3000. So, make sure that the contact details you have entered are valid and correct. The last, you can submit this Walgreens survey.

How to Contact Walgreens Customer Service?

When you want to know more about Walgreens, you have to go to its website. Access www.walgreens.com to explore the information about Walgreens products and service. Besides, you can purchase Walgreens product online. Moreover, the Walgreens website provides the information about the weekly advertisement and coupons. Furthermore, this online platform has the store locator feature. So, you can find Walgreens store nearby.

When you cannot find the info that you need at Walgreens website, you can contact its customer’s service. Just scroll down Walgreens site to find Contact Us link. This Contact page has several categories. If you want to contact Walgreens Customer Support, you have to choose one category which fits your need. But, if you have the specific question related to the certain Walgreens store, you have to call the Walgreens store phone number directly. If you do not know the phone number of Walgreens store near you, you can use Walgreens store locator on the web. Then, you will be able to know the location of the store along with the phone number.

In other words, if your questions are about Walgreens product and service, you can select one of the categories below.

  • Website.

Choose website category if you want to ask about Walgreens account, online order, billing, and payment, as well as website accessibility.

  • Pharmacy and health.

This category contains the info about online and store pharmacy, mail service, and infusion service.

  • Photo.

Here you can find out the information about store pickup and mail order.

  • Customer Service.

This section contains store and website service, along with store accessibility.

  • Product.

You can find out the list of online product and store prices. Besides, you can review the product quality as well.

  • Gift cards.

In this section, you can search the information about the gift card, phone card, and Walgreens card.

  • Balance reward.

This category consists of the information about membership, balance reward, points and pricing, and partner benefits.

  • Other inquiry.

This section gives you the information about Walgreens Careers, Media, Investor, charitable foundation, sponsorship, etc.

When you still cannot find the information you search, you can reach Walgreens Customer Support by mail or phone. Make sure that the question you will ask is about the general information. When you want to talk about the specific issue in the certain Walgreens store, you should directly call the store. These are the methods to get in touch with Walgreens Customer Support representatives.

  • By phone.

Talking to the Walgreens staffs is the most effective method to get your problems solved. So, whenever you have any problem or question about Walgreens, you can contact Walgreens toll-free number at 1 800 925 4733. Make sure that you make a call during Walgreens business hours.

  • By mail.

Then, you also can reach Walgreens Customers Relations by mail. You can explain your problem about Walgreens in details. The next, you can send it to Walgreens Consumer Relations at Walgreens Co, 1419 Lake Cook Road, MS L390, Deerfield, Illinois 60015.

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