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WagCares is the survey portal owned by Walgreens. As we know, Walgreens Company is a famous drug retail chain. First built in 1901, now Walgreens operates more than 8200 drug stores in the US. To expand its business, Walgreen bought 55% of Alliance Boots. Through the company merger, Walgreen starts to create the worldwide business. It provides not only pharmacy product but also health and wellness service. Besides, it starts a photo studio business as well.

Walgreens always tries to give the best service for its customers. So, it provides WagCares Survey online. The survey at www.WagCares.com is designed especially for Walgreens customers. Through Walgreens survey, the company wants to gather the opinion and feedback. That is why the questions on the survey asking about the level of customers’ satisfaction. You will not spend much time taking this survey. It is because you only need to answer some simple questions. The questionnaires are about your experience, delivery service as well as overall satisfaction.

The aim of WagCares survey is to gauge how happy the customers are. If the customers are pleased, they will repeat their purchase. But, if the customers show their dissatisfaction, the company can evaluate their service. Walgreens can improve its quality in serving the customers. So, the Company’s action can prevent the unhappy customers not to tell the bad experience to other people. The feedback from the customers can help Walgreens to identify the problem. Then, Walgreens can decide the best action to improve their business to be better.


For the Walgreen Customers, the WagCares survey is also beneficial. They can express their feeling after purchasing Walgreens products. Besides, at the end of Walgreens survey at WagCares.com, they have one chance to draw the sweepstakes. The prize offered is so fantastic. If you are lucky, you can earn $3000 Cash from Walgreens. So, start from now, you should not trash Walgreens receipt. You can use the receipt to take part in the WagCares online survey and win the prize.

How to participate in WagCares Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you wonder how to take the Walgreens Online survey, you are now on the right site. Here we provide the instructions to take WagCares customer survey. The procedure is so simple that you will accomplish it in a few minutes. All you need first is preparing the requirements. You should hold a Walgreens receipt which shows the survey invitation. Then, you should prepare the mobile device or PC with stable internet access. The faster internet connection you have, the quicker you can finish the survey. Check out the following steps for WagCares Walgreen Survey.

  • Visit www.WagCares.com official site.

Instead of typing WagCares on the search engine, it is better to directly type it into your web address bar. You may get confused since many similar links on the result of Google search. When you press the enter button, you will be directed to www.walgreenslistens.com.

  • Choose the preferred language.

The site gives the visitors two language preference. Once you open the official site of WagCares, the site is displayed in English. If you want to change the language into Spanish, you can click the word Espanol at the bottom of the login space.

  • Enter the survey code.

You can find this code at the bottom portion of Walgreens receipt. Usually, this Walgreens survey code consists of 11 digits.

  • Enter the Walgreens password.

You also can find the password in the Walgreens bill. The password is under the survey code. The WagCares password also consists of 11 numbers.

  • Input the time of your visit.

You should not worry if you forget what time you visit Walgreens. It is because you can look at the time printed on the receipt. Enter the exact hours and minutes of your purchase.

  • Complete the survey.

Then, you can start answering the WagCares questionnaires. The survey only takes around 8 minutes. The questions are related to your experience when you make purchases at Walgreens. Make sure that you give the honest response for the survey.

  • Enter WagCares sweepstakes.

At the end of Walgreens Listen survey, you have a chance to enter the sweepstakes. But, you must be in 18 or older. Walgreens will draw the sweepstakes once a month. The lucky winner will receive $3000 cash.

  • Provide your personal details.

You have to write your identity to register for the sweepstakes. You should write your full name, address, as well as your phone number. If you win the Walgreens Sweepstakes, the company will contact you.

  • Submit the survey.

When you have completed all survey, you can submit it. Then, you only need to wait and keep track to know the Walgreens Survey winner.

Other Ways to Taking www.WagCares.com Survey $3000 Cash

The Walgreens customers who do not have internet connection should not worry. They still can take the WagCares survey via phone and mail.  If you want to give the feedback via phone, you should prepare the receipt. The Walgreens Customer Service may ask you about the survey code. In contrast, you do not need any purchase or receipt to enter the sweepstakes via mail. Check out the explanation below.

  • Via Telephone.

You can contact Walgreens toll-free number at 1.800.763.057. Besides, you can also provide your feedback by calling 1.800.658.1584. You should use a touch tone device to take the survey via phone. You should follow all instructions of the customer service.

  • Via Mail.

Another way to take the Walgreenslistens survey is by sending a mail containing your identity. It does not require any purchase at Walgreens. It is because you do not have to enclose the receipt. What you need is only hand-write your personal details. Remember, Wag Cares Survey will not receive the copy entries. So, you should use handwriting.  You should include the contestant name, age, address, along with phone numbers. You should write it on either 3×5 index card or a slip of paper. Then you can send it to PO Box 9681, Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, Grand Rapids. MN 555745-9681.

Common Issues about WagCares Satisfactions Survey Sweepstakes

Before taking the Wag Cares Sweepstakes or giving your feedback for Walgreens, you should notice certain rules. Understanding the rules can increase your chance to earn $3000 in the form of a check. In fact, you can read the WagCares Sweepstakes rules on the Walgreens official site. The rule link is on the right bottom part of Walgreenslistens.com site. But, for your convenience, we have concluded the rules and common issues about Walgreens Survey.

  • The Walgreens promotion and survey is not for Walgreens employees. It means, if you work at Walgreens retail, you cannot take part in the survey.
  • Only 18-year-old or older respondents who can enter to the Wag Cares Survey Sweepstakes.
  • You should have a valid Walgreens receipt. Once you receive the receipt, you should use it to take the WagCares survey soon. You only have 72 hours or 3 days from the purchase date. After three days, the receipt will be expired. Then, you will not be able to use it anymore. Besides, the access code in your receipt is only valid for one access. So, you should prepare everything well since you cannot re-login with the same code.
  • You should use a computer with web browser support and internet access. It is better to use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • In the process of the survey, you should not use Back and Forward button. You must use the navigation button on the site. You do not want to lose the survey data before you finish it, do you?
  • The $3000 WagCares Sweepstakes is open for the customers of Duane Reade. So, if you purchase the pharmacy product from this drugstore, you also can take part on the Walgreens Survey Sweepstakes.
  • If you are the winner of the Walgreens sweepstakes, you cannot exchange, substitute, or transfer the prize to someone else. You can obtain the list of the winner by writing a letter to Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes.
Tips to Win $3000 through WagCares Survey Sweepstakes

Providing the big prize is one of the ways to increase the number of purchase. It is a marketing strategy done by Walgreens. On the other hands, the company can gather the feedback. So, they can evaluate their work. They can decide the best strategy to increase their sales. For the customers, survey sweepstakes are the easiest way to earn cash. But, you only can get the prize if you get the fortune. Instead of trashing the Walgreens receipt, you can use it for the useful thing by taking part the survey.

All respondents must want to be the winner. But, they have to compete with other thousands of people. There is only one prize in a month. So, if you have not been lucky yet, you should keep trying. Perhaps, you can win $3000 in the next month. You can do the smart tips below to enhance your chance to win.

  • Keep trying to win.

The reason why many people participate in WagCares survey is due to its big prize. While other retail stores may offer a free product or coupon, Walgreens offers $3000 for the survey reward. That is why many people compete to grab this gift. The $3000 check will motivate you to enter the survey again and again. So, you should try to enter the sweepstakes once a month. You should not give up until you win the prize.

  • Split up the products when you buy them.

Instead of buying some products in one visit, you can buy them separately. For instance, you buy some items today. Then, you can buy other products tomorrow. So, you will get many receipts. It means you can have a bigger chance to win. This tip may take much effort. But, it worth for $3000 prize.

  • Find out when the Sweepstakes resets.

You have to keep updated with the period of the WagCares sweepstakes. So, you should keep track when the Walgreens Sweepstakes resets each month. You can check the time at WagCares.com to know when the sweepstakes start and end. Then, you should mark your calendar. In one month, at least, you should make one purchase. You have to consistent to do the survey every month. With the persistence, you will be able to win the Walgreens prize. Good Luck!!!

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