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Good people! We must ever get some problems with our phone, and contract. Not to mention, we get it worse for our wireless service. Well, it must be annoying as we cannot fix it. In other words, we will need someone who can help us to fix it. That is why the customer service exists today. Well, one of the best ways which we can choose to solve the problem is Verizon Customer Service. Without a doubt, it will give the best service. Yes, it will be like general service that when we call the wireless carrier, we will hear the talking machine offers us some choices. We can choose to talk to the customer in a direct way so that we can tell the problems in detail. There are some ways we can do for the sake of the service.

At first, we need to get ready with our wireless phone. We can try to get in touch with the Verizon Wireless Customer Service Phone Number. In an easy way, we can pick the dial pad and make a call at +1 800-922-0204. Then, we need to press the button of #, and the number of 0 when it is necessary. If we want to go to the existing customers, we can press the number of 4. We can go on by mentioning the customer service. And we will need to wait for the respond. To continue, we have to put our four last numbers of our social security number. If we still get stuck with the machine which keeps talking, then we can try to make a call at 800-526-3178. Once we get connected, we can go on with our problems.

How to get the Verizon Customer Service Initiative with the Inside Scoop?

So far, we may have been tired of looking for the customer service with the best experience in operation. Well, it can be from the national cable company or what we can call the ISP. In this case, we can start to think to use the Verizon Fios Customer Service.

Verizon Customer Service

Here, we can take a look at the seven facts of Verizon Customer Service regarding the tech support rep. In this case, Verizon Customer Service made a post which is written that they need some technician. It is because the center has some different departments which are important. Not to mention, they need to improve the Level 2 Verizon Tech Support, as well as the Level 3 Verizon Tech Support. Furthermore, the Business Intelligence, Quality, complete with the Management are necessary to increase. So far, the associate uses the level 3 Verizon Tech Support which is useful today.

Fact #1: The Supervisor Who Is Talking Is Not a Supervisor

This first confession is from the Department of Escalations which can hardly work. When the center gets opened, we as the customer must need to talk to the direct supervisor. Of course, it is hard as we are not the only one calling. The best solution that this department creates is that to use the agents to handle some problems. Of course, it works as they can fix some issues. For the most serious problem, supervisors will give a hand to the customers. If we see, the approximate measure that this associate uses the supervisors is ten up to15 for each escalation calls.

For our information, every agent must have their direct phone number. Then, they will give the number to the customer. Of course, it has a standard that the external number must have. The customer here will need to mention the password which has four up to 6 digits long which will change every month. Then, we will need to put the supervisor extension. Once we do, then we can press the number of 0 for the sake of available supervisor connection.

Fact #2: The Metrics which Rule Our Lives

  • Handle Time (15 minutes)

With the 8 hour shift, some agent must have handle time for about 15 minutes. In this case, the timer will start once when the beep is ringing. It is such a notification that they have to be ready pick another call. In one day, it is possible for the agents that they get some calls. So, the customer needs to be patient for the sake of the best service.

  • Hold Time (2-3 minutes)

For the next, the agent here then will put us on hold. Of course, they hold the phone for a reason. In usual, we will need to wait for about 2 minutes up to 3 minutes. Once the time is up, then the agent will continue the talk with the explanation on what is going on with the problem. But, we need to know that when it is on the model of hold, it does not mean that it is mute. That is why we listen to nothing such as music because they still can listen to us. It is us that cannot listen to them at this time. They may have a discussion or something else they need.

  • Quality (88%)

So that we know, each agent must have a grade which will consider their quality. In this case, they have the need that they have to fulfill at least twice a week on their service calls. This is one of the metrics which the agents dislike. But for the sake of customers, all seems okay.

Fact#3: The Queue Call

Somehow, we call the agent, but it is unfortunate that we get the queue call. Well, it is normal as the order asks them to meet their 15 minutes to handle each customer. Here, the agents will transfer to the customer back in the mode of the queue for the sake of another agent’s problems. Then, the agent will say that they faced a phone problem. Will, it is another trick they do as other customer services commit the same. The agents somehow will hang up on the customer phone or somehow they will disconnect it. It is because they need to see another department to solve the problem. Then, they will transfer our call to other agents who will handle our problem.

Fact #4: Verizon Customer Service is much more important Than the Technical Ability

Believe it or not, customer service holds the quality whether the associate is professional or not. Even if the technician is proper, but it is the lack in giving the service to the customer, it will decrease the quality. In vice versa, when Verizon has the best service, then it can cover all problems related to the customers. In the mentality, a person will get it easy to get training in technical support. But, it will be harder when it comes the customer service. It is so as some different customers have their unique characters. They will complain and create worse problems if the agent cannot handle them in a proper way.

It is nice that Verizon has training on the customer service to improve the quality. With the help of hiring some people with the background of the technician, the agents will be professional. For the best knowledge offered from the Verizon, we can try to use the Premium Verizon Customer Service which will not disappoint us.

Fact #5: “Premium” Verizon Tech Support Means They Had One Week More of Training

As it is mentioned before, Premium Verizon Customer Service becomes the best service they have. It is because the level is different that they have more pressure. Even if it does not ask certification for the sake of this position, the associate gives longer training to the agents. It seems that Verizon wants to try hard to satisfy the customers.

Fact#6: “Quality,” that Everyone in the Department Hates

It becomes a sad story behind the Verizon which has the best rapport in giving the service to their loyal customers. Of course, it creates more pressure to the staffs working in the department. It can make them lose their job once they make it failed. Well, it looks funny but like it or not, they have to mention the name of the customer three times in a call. It is because the associate needs to make a review on the job they are doing through the records of the call. It is possible that some talented agents in technical support must lose their job because of their lack. Even if the agents have worked great with the customers, but when they miss a single thing to do, it means that they have to end their careers in Verizon.

Fact #7: They Set the Word Outstanding inside the Customer Brain’s For The Sake Of Getting Higher Score in Satisfaction Surveys

When we almost have done with the conversation with the agent, we must listen that they say something sweet. It is like they show their hope that they have given an outstanding service today. Then, we will say yes thank you and hang the phone. For the next, Verizon will ask for feed back from the customers related to the service given. They will call us back with their Verizon Technical Support and collect the survey. The rate here will start from the “poor” to the “outstanding” one. As the agent has set in our mind that they tried to give an outstanding service, then it is possible that we click the highest score for them.

When we want to get more, then we can contact the number of 1-888-427-1405. Indeed, it is the service for Business Customers Only. Without a doubt, this Verizon Fios Customer Service number will be helpful when we need to make a call to the internal departments. For our information, they will give us a specific number of prompts which will decide where we want to go deeper. There are some choices we can take from the specific services, such as:

  • Verizon Tech Support
  • Used to be sales
  • Cancellations/Retention
  • Billing

Here, the associate will guarantee that even the angriest customer with vulgar words will get help from the Verizon Customer Service. Verizon believes that everything related to the customers is important. They will give us an explanation about our frustration using a proper manner. They do agree that swearing even more insulting us will create more problem. The Verizon Customer Service here will open 24/7/365. Yes, they are open every single second so that we do not need to worry whether we disturb them in the middle of the night.

Overall, Verizon Customer Service is trying to give the best outstanding, incredible best service to all customers. As a good client, it should be no problem with waiting as they are trying to solve our problems. Without a doubt, our patient will be worthy as we get the best service. If we are one of the agents working in Verizon, we need to be patients and work harder. If we can please another person, it means that we are increasing our salary. Isn’t getting the best salary great compared to another gift? Earn money and credibility to increase our career. Be happy and keep working! Best luck!

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