Uber Phone Number – Tips to Get Direct Talk to the Service Center

Transportation becomes such a crucial thing, and we know this since we got born. No one can deny that having private transportation such as car feels great. We can sit in our back seat of Alphard, Rover, Mercedes, Honda Jazz, and so on. We can turn around and refresh our mind enjoying the trip. But, how if we do not have a private car but still want to sit in an awesome car? Well, it is no longer such a dream for people who live in 2017. People are familiar with Uber Phone Number as a private transportation.

As we can see, we can find some public transportation which serves individuality. Yes, it is like a taxi, but people know it as Uber. As the system of ordering is using the internet, it becomes viral that the world is familiar with this. If we want to try the sensation of using Uber, it will download the application. But if we have doubt, or maybe have some question, we can try to contact the Uber Phone Number.

How Contact Uber Service Center?

At first, we must have a question whether Uber Phone Number does exist or not. Well, it is not the time for us to talk about it. Instead, her we are going to know more in some ways which can connect us to Uber. Here are the ways to Contact Uber, as follows:

Uber Phone Number

Contact #1: Uber Website

As we know, the website becomes an online portal for both employees and customers in business. In this case, Uber has a website support which we can find at www.help.uber.com. In this official website, we will get some offers about the supports. At first, we can see the general support which will help us much when we face a problem in our trip. Of course, we no need to worry as we can click the menu of Help. Then, we can click Report an Issue, and we will see our Last Trip. If we want to know the most asked questions, then we can go to the popular topics. Here, we no need to do the log in as all people can access it. If we want to see the partners, then we can click the menu entitled partners, and we will see some choices. They are:

  • Sign In Problems
  • Technical Issues
  • Trip Fare Review
  • Driver Payments

If it is our first time to contact Uber, then we can choose whether we are riders which mean drivers or partners which mean passengers. The menu will appear on the home page. In the home page, we will see some topic which people have talked about. They are such as:

  • How to Reset My Uber Password
  • The Way to Solve Technical Issues
  • How to Get Direct Deposit

If we need to know more about Uber, we can feel free to read the FAQs which we can find in this online Help Portal. Indeed, we need to be the Uber partners if we want to log in. With the same purpose of registering, we can click the specific city we live in, and we will get directed to the registration. We need to complete all data so that we can use our new Uber account.

Contact #2: Uber Email

For the next, we can contact Uber using our email account. We can send an email using Gmail, Yahoo, and other electronic mailing tools or applications. If we love to write our thoughts, then this way will be the best one we can take. Of course, we can write everything we want related to the service. We can complain, we can ask some questions, we can give suggestions and so on.

But still, it is important for us to keep our manner up. Even if we are angry or maybe disappointed, we need to show our best attitude. It is because the national law has the right to jail those who speak or write without manner. We should not mock, insult, and so on. Here, we can send our email to Support@Uber.Com. But, we need to make sure that we write the email address in a proper way. If we do not, then the tool cannot send our email or even get miss sending to another party.

For the tips, it will be much better if we ask one question instead of multiple ones. It will help the Uber team to focus and answer it fast. If we want to ask more, then we can send another email. But, somehow we may get the respond is not helpful for us. In this case, we no need to give us as we still have a chance. For the solution, we can send the same email to the Uber support. Yes, we can send it till we get a proper respond as it is our right as the customers. If we guess, it is like the button redial when we call the Uber Phone Number. Of course, we need to try till we get what we want. In this case is the proper respond from Uber team which should be helpful.

Contact #3: Uber Partner Websites

No one can deny that Uber becomes succeed today. As we can see, this company has million customers and partners. Talking about a partner, we can try to access some best features from the partner websites. Of course, it saves important information which we can read for free. Here is the precious information we can access, such as:

  • Uber car which services UberX, LUX, SUV
  • The Requirements for Uber cars
  • The Local Contact Information which we can access based on the cities
  • The Local Uber office hours

If we work with Uber, the information above must be helpful for us as we can review how far we have been working. Even more, we can find some unique information related to the city we are around. Not to mention, we can see the airport placards and so on. That is why we call this website as the partner sites because the goal is to help us as its partners. Here are some of the famous websites which we can find, as follows:

  • Local Los Angeles website at http://www.losangeles.ubermovement.com
  • Local New York website: http://www.driveubernyc.com
  • The Local Miami website: http://www.ubersouthflorida.com
  • Local Chicago website: http://www.chicago.ubermovement.com
  • Local East Coast website: http://www.uberecpartners.com

For our information, every city will have its service operator so that we no need to worry as we will get ignored. If somehow we find a problem related to the features of the websites, then we can contact its email address at Support@Uber.Com. Without a doubt, we can ask an email address of the city’s partner website for the sake of problems. In this local website, we will see some information. At first, it is about the Local Driver Websites which runs under www.help.uber.com. It is such a feature which has one goal which is to serve the driver partners. In US cities, most of the drivers use UberMovement.com.

For the next, we can use the feature of Navigating Driver Websites. In the home page of Uber Movement, we can try to find the menu of navigating at the right side. Then, we can click the menu, and we will see the list of driver updates. Besides, we can access the educational tips which we can try. They are such as the guide for the airport, future events, complete with the demand heat maps.

In a case when we do not find our city in the website, then we can try the cities near us here, such as:

  • Driver Guide for San Francisco
  • Driver Guide for Chicago
  • The Driver Guide for Los Angeles
  • Driver Guide for San Diego
  • Driver Guide for Toronto
  • The Driver Guide for Washington DC
  • Driver Guide for New York City
  • Driver Guide for Dallas

Once we have found the city we want, then we can start to click the name of the city. Then, we will see the list of the information which we can access. Here is the info which offers us some guides, such as:

  • The Local requirements to be the Uber driver
  • The Hotspots which means the best places to drive
  • The Peak hours which will show the best time when we can use to drive
  • The Product which Uber offers, the products will be different to one another City
  • The Tips and Trick in Driving and Logistics

Contact #4: Uber Chat

Youngsters must prefer this one which will allow us to have a live chat with the Uber team. Of course, we will not have a chatting machine like when we call the Uber Phone Number with the talking machine. Instead, the company then will ask the staffs to get online in some social medias. Because we have the real customer service representative from Uber, we can ask our problems for free. Without a doubt, the response that the team will give to use is faster compared to the email one.

But, it is not like the email that we can send the letter every time. Uber live chat will not serve us for 24 per 7 hours. So, it is important to make a note that they will be available from 5 a.m up to 12 a.m. If we get interested, we can try to click or copy paste the link, which is www.t.uber.com/chatwithus. Having a live chat here is like calling the Uber Phone Number. What makes it different is that we use the nonverbal speaking.

Contact #5: Local Uber Offices

It is such an effective way to contact Uber because we can talk in a direct way to the service team. For our information, some major cities have the offices which can serve the customers faster. To find the address, it is necessary for us to access the local partner websites. We can see the complete address and the time when the office opens. We can try to contact Uber Phone Number before we start to visit or make a meeting with the staffs.

Contact #6: Uber Application Support

Today, all customers order Uber using the application which we can download for free from our Google PlayStore. Without a doubt, all iPhone, as well as Android, can get this application. In this case, we can register our self to be a member or partner. Then, we can change our profile such as adding new vehicles and check our payment. If we want to get help related to the service, then we can click the menu of Help which will allow us to report the problems.

Contact #7: Uber Phone Number for Emergency Only!!

Even if we get the Uber Phone Number, we need to keep in our mind that this is for urgency purpose. When we think our condition is in the emergency, then we can call 800-353-8237. Again, we need to remember that this is not a regular Uber Phone Number which we can call every time. The team here will rank the caller based on the level of emergency. Not to mention, we may need the help for our safety, then the staff will help us. It all will depend on urgency and the situation.

In this case, the team will not consider whether we are on our day off or driving, once we call Uber Phone Number, the team will send us help. Indeed, Uber does not have the phone support for all customers. Of course, it is because the company has given some contact lines through the other six ways. When we are in a dangerous condition, it will be best if we contact Critical Safety Response Line at 911. Then, we can call the emergency Uber Phone Number. In this case, we need to make sure that we are such an active Uber partner because the team will not serve the public.

Admit it or not, we must be looking for Uber Phone Number. Indeed, it is hard to do because the company does not want to get called by the customers. If we find on the internet, we will see the Uber Contact Number as a Twitter account instead of the real numbers. Alright, here is the number which we call which is (800) 353-UBER. Yes, we no need to get disappointed because of getting tricked. Again, we no need to look for the Uber Phone Number as long as we can contact them trough the other six ways. If we want to tweet the company, then we can mention @Uber_support.

About Lost and Found

Without a doubt, it will be the worst day if we lost our Uber taxi. The first thing we need to do is to calm our self. Then, we can call the emergency Uber Phone Number. We can tell the problem and ask for a meeting with the staff. Or maybe, somehow we found that the driver of the Uber Taxi is going crazy. As it talks about safety and life, then we can call the same phone number to report it. We no need to worry about disturbing them as the Uber Phone Number will serve us 24/7. So, drive well, enjoy the trip, and best luck!

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