Brilliant Tips to Find Apartments That Accept Felons

As a felon, you may be difficult to find apartments that accept felons. Most of the apartments will check the criminal background of the applicants. So, finding the felon friendly apartments is a hard task. Nowadays, it is much more difficult than in the past. Most of the landlords will declines felons. Besides, it is also not easy to get the housing from property management groups. Also, your financial condition can increase your problem in finding the housing. Having poor credit can be the serious problem. It is almost impossible for you to get the housing.

Perhaps, you can look for the apartments that accept felons by using the search engine. Then, you may find many websites offering apartments that rent to felons. But, you have to be selective. It is so since some sites may provide inaccurate data. They claim that they have listed the places that rent to felons. In fact, their postings are fake. Besides, many websites only produce spam. They just want to earn money from the advertisement. But, this website is different. We commit to help you find the real apartment that accepts felons. So, we provide the simple tips to get your dreamed apartment.

Furthermore, we will list down the apartment that accepts felons. The apartments spread in some states. So, you will be easy to find the apartment in your state. We struggle hard to provide you the updated housings that rent to felons. Our tips and tricks also help you a lot to get the ideal apartments. Then, you will be able to find the living place which fits your need.

What are the Organizations which Helps you to Find Apartments that Accept Felons?

The first way to look for the information about apartments that accept felons is visiting some organizations. In the US, some government office provides the housing for the citizens. So, visiting their office is the best way to get felon friendly apartments. Here are some organizations you can visit.

Apartments That Accept Felons

  • Housing Authorities.

This organization is also called HUD. It is the local government in the US. The task of this office is governing the housing in the certain cities. So, they help the citizen to get the cheap rent. Besides, they provide the free housing for the poor people. Sometimes, the government provides some apartments that accept felons. So, it is your chance to check whether they have the housing for you.

Some housing authorities allow the felons to rent the apartment. But, if they do not have the ready housing now, you can apply for the waiting list. Then, when there is a place available for you, they will contact you. They will determine the rent rate based on your income each year. So, if you have a low income or under the poverty level, they will give you the discount. You can even get the free housing if you have very little income.

When you cannot find the available housing right now, you should be patient. Many apartments that accept felons require you to go through the waiting list period. For instance, you should wait for three or six months. During this period, you have to obey the housing policies. Every housing authorities may have different policies. It usually depends on the location you live. Since there may be a long waiting list; you have to go to housing authority as soon as possible.

  • Craigslist and Backpage.

These websites are the right place to get the information about apartments that accept felons. These portals have some advertisers. But, most of them are the small landlords. It means the landlords only have a few rental house or apartment. That is why they do not have strict policies about the people who want to rent. Besides, some of them do not check your background. So, you can meet them to speak about your past.

When you access these portals, you have to click on the state you belong. The next, you can choose the city in which you want to live. Then, in the housing section, you can look for the apartments that accept felons. You will be easy to filter which housing fits your budget. It is so since you can enter your budget as the rent cost.

It is better to search the townhouse or single family home. You have to avoid choosing the large apartment. It will be easier to find the house as the places that rent to a felon. It is because the townhouse is owned by the individual. In contrast, the large apartment is managed by property management company. They will have strict rental policies to the felons. They will have much consideration to choose you as the tenant.

What are the Tips to Get Apartments that Accept Felons?

We realize that renting apartments that accept felons is a little bit hard. You need much more effort to find an apartment that rent to felons. Your criminal background may block you to get the ideal housing. But, you should not be sad. There are some tips for felons to get the rental house or apartment soon. So, please check the tips below.

  • Ask for the government and friend referral.

The best way to get the nearest apartments that accept felons is asking the local government. When you talk to the officers, you have, to be honest about your past. Then, you just need to tell them face to face about your criminal background. When you talk with the good attitude, they will be glad to help you. Besides, you can ask them about reentry program at the local area. Moreover, you can ask your family or friends. They will suggest you the places that rent to felons. When the trusted people give you the personal referral, you will find the comfortable and secure house to live.

  • Never involve the property management group.

The property management group will never rent its apartment to the felon. They have the strict policies about renting the house to the felon. In most of the circumstance, you cannot rent the housing from them. So, you should not waste your valuable time to meet them. They will check your background. But, if your conviction is more than ten years, they may consider your application.

  • Have a stable financial condition.

Your money can do anything. So, even you are a felon; you should have a good financial condition. Perhaps, you have a good job and a good salary as well. It will make you easy to get the rent house. If you have a stable income, you can try to rent the house from a small time landlord. As long as you have money, they will allow you to live at their house. Your chance to get apartments that accept felon can be bigger if you can pay the rent upfront. You do not need to pay the whole year rent rate. But, you just need to pay for two or three months. With the upfront payment, the landlord will agree to rent you the apartment.

  • Be honest.

When you search the apartments that rents to felons, you must be honest about your past. If they check your background, you should tell the truth. It is better to know that they decline you. The condition becomes worse if they find out your background by themselves. They may think that you are a liar. So, you should tell what occurred to you in the past. In contrast, if they do not check your background, you just need to be silent. Do not say anything unless they ask about your past.

  • Make a nice impression.

Besides, when they know that you are a felon, they may be afraid of you. Then, what you should do is breaking their stereotype. You should explain that you are not as dangerous as they think. So, you should show the good attitude.

  • Don’t Get mad.

When the landlord refuses you, you should not be stress. Just keep calm. Then, you should be nice to them. Your attitude may be able to change the situation. Perhaps, in the future, they will call you since there is no one renting their house. So, you have to think positively.

What is the List of Apartments that Accept Felons?

We believe that it is hard to find felons friendly apartments. Perhaps, you have tried to ask the local government. Besides, you have browsed in many websites. But, you still can find the apartments you are looking for. When you access some online portals, you may just find the spam. Then you cannot find the apartment list. But, we are different. Our commitment is to provide housing information for felons. We hope that the list below can take you to the ideal place to live.

We are sorry that we cannot provide the apartment list for every state. It is not easy to gather housing info in every single state in the US. But, here we list down some rentals for the felon. Then, you just need to review the apartment list below. The next, you can select which one is near with your location. After that, you should meet the landlord to tell that you want to rent their apartment or house. Here they are.

  • Arizona: Second Chance Rental.

It is one of the companies which provide felon friendly apartment in the statewide. This company is recommended. You will get the convenient living place here.

  • Alabama: Golden Rule Real Estate Rental.

This property rental is in Madison City (Huntsville). When you want to live there, you can call (256) 763 0766. Even this housing provider is felon friendly; they will decline the violent felonies. So, they may still check the criminal background of the tenant.

  • Kansas: Kansas City Area Property.

When you want to live in Kansas, you can try to go to this company. If it is far from your location, you can email them. Then, you can contact them through

  • Colorado: SonRise Properties.

The location of this felons friendly housing is in Denver, Colorado. The house offered is safe and clean. Besides, the rent rate is affordable. So, you have to contact them soon. Then, you will be able to live in the ideal housing at Denver metro area.

  • Michigan: Hidden Harbor Villas.

The location is in Three Oaks, Michigan. But, this company does not accept all felons. They will consider the felons by the case basis. For instance, they will not accept violent felonies. Besides, they decline sex offenders as well. It is so since they want to keep the living environment safe. So, if you do not have violent case background, you can live in this villas.

  • Indiana: Indianapolis Metro Area (Athena realty)

This company has some requirements for the felonies tenant. For instance, the felonies should be more than seven years. Then, you can contact Athena Realty at 317 713 7123.

  • Ohio: HER Realtor and Villa View Apartments.

There are two apartments you can apply in Ohio. The first is Villa View Apartments. The location is in Euclid or Cleveland. Besides, the contact number of Villa View Apartment is 216 779 700. The second rental in Ohio is HER Realtors. The location is in Columbus. But HER Realtor rents the housing units to the felons by case basis. They will not accept felony violent and felony drug. Besides, they also decline felony sexual conviction.

  • Mississippi: Hattiesburg Area Properties.

This property rental is in Ben Lilley. Then, you can contact 601 699 2412 if you want to rent the house. But, you have to notice that they only consider the non-violent felony. This apartment does not accept the people with violent crime background.

Those are some apartments that accept felons. The locations of the apartment are in some states. So, you have many preferences where you want to live. You have to be positive to find the living place. Even you have the bad criminal background; you deserve to get the peaceful living area. Everybody has a chance to change their life. So, you should be sure that you can find the nice place to live someday.

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