TelltheBell – Participate the Survey and Get $500 Cash from Taco Bell Survey

Tellthebell is the name of customer survey held by Taco Bell. We know that Taco Bell is the great Mexican-style fast food chain. This quick service restaurant is under Yum! Brand, californiaInc. Taco Bell is the favorite restaurant for the Tex-Mex food lovers. Headquartered in California, Taco Bell owns 7000 restaurants across the US. It serves over two billion customers every year. With the great number of customers, Taco Bell wants to maintain its quality. So, it creates Tell the Bell Survey.

Do you often visit Taco Bell? What is your favorite menu? Taco Bell serves the various of Mexican dish. For instance, there are burritos, tacos, nachos, and quesadillas. After enjoying their tasty Tex-Mex menu, you should take part in Tellthebell survey. Joining this survey enables you to get a chance to win the big prize. After completing taco bell survey, you have an opportunity to enter Taco Bell sweepstakes. Are you curious what the prize of Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes is? If you are lucky, you can grab $500 cash. With the amount of the reward, you can use it to buy the delicious menu in Taco Bell. Besides, you also can spend it on other things.


Tellthebell is the way to voice your feeling soon after you visit Taco Bell.  Through Taco Bell Customers Satisfaction Survey, the company wants to collect the feedback from Taco Bell guests. So, Taco Bell can make some necessary changes to maintain their business performance. When you enter Taco Bell survey, you should respond the number of questions related to your visit. Then, you need to let Taco Bell know your satisfaction level. In fact, the customer feedback is the vital aspect in expanding the business. For instance, Tell the Bell customer survey can direct the company to reach the customers’ satisfaction. Furthermore, Taco Bell survey also helps the company to make sure that their staffs, service, and product are proper.

To sum up, you should not miss Tellthebell after visiting Taco Bell. It is so since the survey is useful not only for Taco Bell itself but also the respondents. Imagine, how can you get $500 with a little effort? You just need to spend a few minutes taking Taco Bell survey; then the big prize is waiting for you. You can try four Entry periods in each month. It means you have four chances to win $500 every month. But, you must be over 18 years old and the legal resident of the US to take part in the sweepstakes. Then, just prepare your Taco Bell receipt to enter the survey and the sweepstakes.

What are the Rules of TelltheBell Survey?

Before you take part in TelltheBell,  you should understand the rules of the survey. Knowing the rules below will make you easier to complete the survey. Besides, your chance to win $500 will be bigger. No doubt, the aim of the people taking Taco Bell Survey is to enter the sweepstakes. Many people are interested in getting the big prize from Taco Bell. Whereas, the requirements of the survey are very simple. So, everyone has the same opportunity to enter Tell the Bell Survey and win the reward.

Explained below are the rules of TelltheBell survey. Review it well to know whether you are eligible for the survey sweepstakes.

  • Participants.

Everyone can participate in TelltheBell survey. There are no specific rules about the respondents of the survey. But, there are some rules about the participants of Taco Bell Sweepstakes. First, only the person which age is 18 or more can enter this sweepstake. Then, the sweepstakes are open to the legal residents of the United States. Besides, the employees and the family of Taco Bell staffs are not eligible for this sweepstakes. Furthermore, one person can enter one sweepstake per Entry Period. The last you should have Taco Bell receipt to enter Tellthebell survey sweepstakes.

  • Entry period.

One sweepstakes period lasts in six months. In this period, there are 26 weekly entry periods. For instance, if the sweepstakes period starts in January 2017, it will end in June 2017.

  • Methods of entering the Sweepstakes.

There are two ways to enter Taco Bell survey sweepstakes. First, you can join the online sweepstakes. You should enter the Taco Bell survey code on your receipt. Then, you should finish Tellthebell survey and draw the sweepstakes. Second, you can send the mail to Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes PO BOX 6047 Dept 39421, AZ 85655.

  • Prize.

Each entry period has $500 check as the prize. The limit of the winner is one price per household. Besides, Taco Bell will select the winner randomly. Then, the winner must be responsible for all of applicable fees and taxes. Taco Bell will post the name of Tell the Bell winners at

How to Complete TelltheBell Survey?

After visiting Taco Bell, you must not trash the Taco Bell receipt. Your receipt can be the tool to enter Tellthebell survey. This survey is only for your recent visit. As the reward, Taco Bell offers $500 cash for the survey takers. This incentive is the prize of Taco Bell survey sweepstakes. Each week, there will be one winner of the sweepstakes. Then, you may want to know the steps to accomplish this survey. This guideline will assist you to walk through the Taco Bell survey.

  • Visit Taco Bell survey website.

First, you can reach Taco Bell online survey at Dominated with the white background, Taco Bell official survey site has a simple design. So, you will be able to go through the step by step easily. If you are not fluent in English, you can change the language into Espanol. The language button is on the right bottom corner of the page. Besides, you can review the sweepstakes rule as well as privacy policy.

  • Enter Taco Bell store number.

You can find Taco Bell restaurant number on the top portion of your receipt. Usually, the store number consists of six digits. If the number contains zero, you should include it.

  • Input the date and time.

You can select the exact date and time when you visited Taco Bell. You should find the time information in your receipt. If you enter the wrong date and time, you may not be able to enter TelltheBell survey. Th next, you can click on Start button to go to the survey.

  • enter Taco Bell survey code.

Only if you find the survey code on your Taco Bell receipt, you can enter it to the site. When you enter this code, you do not need to enter the store number and the visit time. Taco Bell code consists of 16 digits.

  • Complete Taco Bell Survey.

The next, you can do Tell the bell survey. First, Taco Bell survey may ask you to rate your satisfaction after visiting their store. Then, you should respond your interest in the new products. After that, you should give the response to other questions related to your last visit. Just try to respond it as honest as possible. The survey only takes around 4 minutes to complete.

  • Submit the survey.

After answering all of Taco Bell survey questions, you can submit the survey.

  • Enter Taco Bell Sweepstakes.

After submitting the survey, you have the chance to enter the sweepstakes. But, you should verify that your age is 18 or older. First, you have to input your contact details. Taco Bell will inform you if you win the sweepstakes. After that, you should click on Next button. This button will verify your information. Then, you can submit the sweepstakes entry.

What are Taco Bell Survey Tips?

Tellthebell is the online survey to tell about your recent experience in Taco Bell. Through this survey, you can express what you feel after dining in Taco Bell restaurant. Even the survey steps are simple; you may need some tips below. These tips will guide you to finish Taco Bell survey quickly. Besides, you will have the bigger chance to win $500 prize.

  • Prepare the recent Taco Bell receipt.

Tellthebell requires you to enter some details in Taco Bell receipt. So, you should have the receipt if you want to win the sweepstakes.

  • Enter the code correctly.

Many surveys take failed to start the survey. It is because they make a mistake in entering the survey code. Since Taco Bell survey code consists of many numbers, you should enter it thoroughly.

  • Write your contact details correctly.

Taco Bell may contact the winner through a call. But, you still can view the list of Taco Bell sweepstakes winner at If you do not write your phone number or email address correctly, Taco Bell will not be able to contact you. So, you miss your chance to win $500.

  • If you win, respond the announcement soon.

When you win Taco Bell survey sweepstakes, you will get a call from Taco Bell. The announcement of the winner is within six weeks of the sweepstakes drawing. You have to respond within three business days. If you do not, Taco Bell will forfeit your prize.

How to Enter Taco Bell Sweepstakes via Mail?

Instead of entering Taco Bell online sweepstakes, some people prefer entering it via mail. It is so since this sweepstake does not require any purchase. It means you do not need any receipt to participate in this sweepstakes. Besides, the chance to win the prize is similar to the online sweepstakes. Here are the tips to mail Taco Bell sweepstakes.

  • Prepare the plain paper and business size envelope.

You should use 3”x5” index card or the note card. Besides, the type of envelope must be the business-size (#10). One envelope must contain one sweepstakes entry.

  • Write your personal details.

You must handwrite your identity. First, you can hand print your full name neatly. Then, you should write your complete address including the street address, city, state, and postal code. You should not use PO BOX address. After that, you need to include your date of birth.

  • Provide your contact details.

It is the important part of your sweepstakes entry. You should include your email address along with phone number. Taco Bell is going to contact you if you win.

  • Send to Taco Bell Sweepstakes.

After that, attach the sufficient postage. Then you can mail this letter to Taco Bell 2017 Survey Sweepstakes. The address is PO BOX 6047. Dept 39421. Douglas AZ 85655.

  • Pay attention to the entry period.

Make sure that Taco Bell receives your mailed entry by Tuesday for each entry period. It means, if your mail arrives on Wednesday, it will be considered for the next entry period.

How to Contact Taco Bell Customer Service?

If you need more helps in completing Tell the Bell customer survey, you should speak to Taco Bell customer service. You can report your difficulty in entering Taco Bell survey online. Besides, yo can ask about Taco Bell sweepstakes as well. The Taco Bell Customer Support will help you. In fact, you can contact them through these following methods.

  • Taco Bell phone number.

The quick way to contact Taco Bell is via phone. Taco Bell customer service number is 1 800 822 6235. You can speak up directly to the customer service team.

  • Website contact form.

Then, you also can contact Taco Bell through their website. You just need to click on

  • Mail.

The last, you can send your letter to Taco Bell office. But, your letter should be about Taco Bell survey. You can mail your letter to Survey Management Group Office. 1737 McGee Street. Kansas MO 64108.

Those are several methods to reach Taco Bell Customer Service team. If you want to get the fast response for your problem, you can contact them by phone. Besides, if you are the user of MyTacoBell, you can use the contact form on the website.

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