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TellSubway is a survey portal provided by Subway restaurant. This survey aimed to gauge people’s opinion about Subway’s product and service. The survey helps Subway to measure the level of customer satisfaction. If you love Subway menu, why don’t you try to take this survey? You can express your feedback about Subway’s dishes and service. By spending one minute taking the survey, you can get a free coupon for a cookie.

You can complete the Subway questionnaires online. What you need to do is visiting In fact, TellSubway survey covers some questions about your experience at Subway. It asks about the rate of service speed, quality of the menu, the atmosphere, etc. The Subway online survey also asks about the employees, problems you faced, and the Subway complaint you had. Subway realized that unpleased customers might lead to the bad reputation. Then, it may cause lower revenue. So, Subway wants to measure the customers’ level of happiness. If it gets the bad review, Subway can decide the best action. Then, it can improve its performance to satisfy the Subway customers.

As the fastest growing fast-food restaurant, Subway always wants to prioritize the customers. The candid feedback from Subway customers can help the company to evaluate their performance. They can find the innovation which matches to the market wants. Owning more than 44.000 outlets worldwide, Subway has plenty of loyal customers. The people are the fans of its sandwich. Besides, this restaurant also tries to offers the variety menu. For instance, it provides wraps, donuts, steak, meatball, and much more. With this various menu, the people have many preferences when they eat in Subway restaurant. So, they will not get bored with the dishes. They will come again and again to this restaurant to try other menus.


By taking the Subway customer survey at TellSubway, you can take part in developing Subway business. It is because you can give the opinion to improve the quality of the restaurant.  The form of the survey is so simple that you only need to rate the quality and performance of Subway. Knowing that your participation in the survey is important, Subway will give you a coupon at the end of Tell Subway Survey. That is why Subway offers a free cookie as the appreciation of customer’s time for taking the survey.

Steps of TellSubway Survey Completion Guideline

Tell Subway Customer Survey is not open to the public. This survey is only for Subway customers. It means that you should make a purchase at Subway before visiting TellSubway survey portal. You will need a valid Subway survey receipt. Make sure that you participate in Subway Customer satisfaction survey before 30 days of your visit. After one month of the visiting date, your Subway receipt will be invalid. Furthermore, you have to make sure that the Subway receipt contains an invitation for the survey.

Moreover, you will need a device along with internet access to begin the survey. Remember, Subway only provides an online customer survey. Here are the guidelines you can walk through.

  • Visit Subway survey site.

Go to to start this survey. Then, you will be directly on the homepage of survey portal. The Subway survey website is user-friendly. It has FAQ link on the left bottom corner of the page. So, if you get any troubles, you can click the FAQ link. Besides, it is better to read the TellSubway terms and condition before continuing your survey. The link is on the bottom of your screen.

  • Enter the Subway store ID.

You can find the Subway store ID on your receipt. Then, type the store code in the space provided. Then, you can click on the gray button to submit it. If you get the problem finding the Subway store ID, you can click on the link under Submit button.

  • Enter the time of purchase, payment method, and receipt number.

Then, you can look at your receipt to find out the time of your visit. Just select the exact date and time printed on the Subway receipt. The next, you have to select the method of payment you use when you buy the meal at Subway. The last, you should input the receipt number which appears on your bill.

  • Answer the Subway questionnaire.

The site will show a series of questions asking your experience. You should answer it honestly and completely. You have to rate the details of experience when you visit Subway outlet. The site provides 0 up to 10 scales to show the level of your satisfaction. So, you just need to rate for each category. The last, you should state whether you want to tell more about Subway. If you say yes, you can express thought about Subway. Then, you can explain freely what Subway needs to improve. Besides, you need to tell the frequency you go to Subway in one month.

  • Enter your email address.

Then, you should write your email so that you can get the unique code. You can prefer whether you want to receive the email from Subway Customer Service. Besides, you can decide if you want to get the news and offers via email. After completing all the fields, you should press the green Submit button. This is the end of the TellSubway survey.

  • Get the Subway unique code.

After the website processes your Subway Survey Entry, it will send the coupon code to your email. So, you should check your inbox email to get TellSubway free cookie code. Then, you have to write Tell Subway free cookie code on the back of the receipt. You should show this receipt along with the code to redeem the free cookie. This Subway validation code has an expiration date. You can see the expiration date on the bottom of final survey page. So, make sure that you redeem the Subway free cookie before it is expired.

Frequently Asked Questions about Subway Survey Free Cookie

Just by completing the survey at Tell Subway portal, you can get the free coupon. This makes people are interested in taking Subway customer survey. In fact, the process of this Tell Subway Satisfaction survey is so simple. But, some people may get confused how they can get a free cookie from TellSubway survey. So, here we conclude some questions related to Subway survey.

  • What do you need to participate in Subway Survey?

You only need a legible and valid receipt from Subway restaurant. Besides, you also need a valid email address. It is because Subway will send the free coupon code to your email address. There is no age limitation to take part in Subway Survey.

  • How often can a person take the TellSubway Survey?

Each customer only has one chance to take the survey in 24 hours. So, if you have two receipts in a day, you can use the other receipt to take the survey in the following day.

  • What should you do if you do not get the Subway reward code in email?

Subway will send the free cookie reward code as soon as you finish the survey. But, if you do not receive any email from Subway, you can do these following things. First, you should check the junk box or spam folder. You have to make sure that your email program allows you to receive the email from TellSubway customer service. Second, you can send an email to Subway Customer Support. You can click on the link Contact Us at the bottom of So, you can request Thank You email.

  • Can you redeem the Subway code without a receipt?

Unfortunately, you cannot redeem the reward without a receipt. You have to write the code in the provided space in your Subway Receipt. Then, you can redeem the Thank You reward on your next visit at Subway.

How to Find Subway Restaurant Nearby

After knowing the reward of Subway Survey, you must be interested in participating. So, you should go to Subway location near you soon. You may be able to get the Subway restaurant easily in your residents. But, if you go to the new place, you may get confused to know the location of Subway restaurant. But, you can try these guidelines to find Subway location nearby.

  • Visit Subway official site.

Go to It is the official page of Subway restaurant. Through this website, you can order the Subway menu online too. But, you should register first to start your Subway order. In contrast, you do not need to register and sign-in to find Subway location.

  • Choose Location menu.

The location is on the menu bar available on the top of the site. When you select the location, the site will open the new page consisting the maps. It also contains the empty field where you can enter your location.

  • Enter your location.

Then, you can enter the exact location where you are. You can input the city, postal code, and the state where you live. Then, press the gray Search button on the right of the empty field.

  • Review the list of Subway location.

The site will show the maps along with Subway restaurant location. You can zoom in the map to see the clear direction. Besides, the site also lists down the Subway stores under the maps. The list of the Subway is completed with the address and phone number of the restaurant. It also explains the service offered by each restaurant. For instance, the Subway restaurant provides online order, catering, or drive-thru. Moreover, you can see the time when the store is open.

  • Get direction.

You can click on the Get Direction button. Then, enter your exact location and the Subway restaurant address you will visit. Then, the map will show the direction you should take. This way, you can go to Subway restaurant easily. After purchasing, you should not forget to fill in the survey at TellSubway. Then, you will get a free cookie for the next visit.

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