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Dunkin Donuts is the famous Donut shop and Coffeehouse. Based in Massachusetts, Dunkin Donuts grows to be the biggest baked goods and coffee shop in the world. No doubt, we will be easy to find Dunkin Donuts nearby. It is because it spreads in more than 12.000 stores in 36 countries. In this outlet, we can order not only donuts but also other baked goods as well as a wide variety of beverages. With these various menus, Dunkin Donuts becomes the best place to go for donuts and coffee. The secret behind the success of Dunkin Donuts business is due to the company’s attention to their customers. TellDunkin is one of the programs which can prove this statement.

TellDunkin is a customer survey done by Dunkin Donuts. Creating this survey is the company’s effort to gather the advice and opinion from the customers. Besides, Dunkin Donuts Company can assess the level of guests’ satisfaction after enjoying their menus. In contrast, for Dunkin Donuts customers, they can use this survey to tell their complaint or disappointment. However, only a few of Dunkin Donuts customers who are willing to participate in TellDunkin. So, this donut and coffee house offers the survey reward in order to increase the number of the survey participants. Furthermore, the Dunkin Donuts coupon is also the form of the appreciation from this company. The Dunkin Donuts survey takers can redeem a free donut with this coupon at the next purchase.


TellDunkin is the sweetest and the easiest questionnaire ever. The participants only need to prepare Dunkin Donuts receipt to enter this survey. Then, in a few minutes, they have to answer some questionnaires about their experience in Dunkin Donuts. The instructions at TellDunkin survey portal is also easy to follow. So, all survey takers will be able to complete Dunkin Donuts survey without any difficulties. The next, they will receive Dunkin Donuts validation code when they finish the survey.

What are TellDunkin Survey Requirements and Rewards?

TellDunkin is only accessible for the customers that have Dunkin Donuts receipt. So, if you lose your Dunkin Donuts receipts, you will not be able to participate in Dunkin Donuts survey. Is the receipt the only requirement of Dunkin Donuts survey? The explanation below will answer this question.

  • Dunkin Donuts receipt.

The receipt you got from Dunkin Donuts cashier is the main requirement of Tell Dunkin survey. This donut outlet may release two types of receipts. The first type of receipt will contain Dunkin Donuts survey code. Besides, another type of receipt is without Dunkin Donuts survey invitation. You can use both receipts to enter Tell Dunkin survey. But, the way to access Dunkin Donuts survey will be different. If you have Dunkin Donuts survey code, you just need to input the code to the survey page. But, if your receipt does not have Dunkin Donuts survey code, you have to enter the other details printed on the receipt. For instance, you need Dunkin Donuts store number and the time of your recent visit.

  • Internet-enabled mobile device.

You can use any mobile devices such as the computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. But, make sure that the device you use can connect to the internet. It is because TellDunkin is an online survey. So, you only can enter Tell Dunkin survey portal if you have internet access.

Those are two items you cannot ignore if you want to take Dunkin Donuts customer survey. Besides, you should prepare a pencil or pen. This writing utensil is required to write down the Dunkin Donuts validation code. When Tell Dunkin survey shows the coupon code, you should note it down immediately on your receipt. Then, you have to bring it when you go to Dunkin Donuts store next time. Just present it to Dunkin Donuts cashier. The next, you will get the free Donuts as the reward.

In fact, the survey reward offered by Dunkin Donuts may be different in every Tell Dunkin survey period. It is because Dunkin Donuts changes their promotional deals regularly. But, Dunkin Donuts will inform the reward of their survey through the receipt. So, the customers will know what they will get after taking Tell Dunkin Survey. Besides, the customers have to redeem this coupon only in the Dunkin Donuts store location which is mentioned on the receipt.  Remember, some coupon may require you to purchase the drink in order to redeem the reward.

How is TellDunkin Customer Survey Guideline?

Filling out Dunkin Donuts customer survey is not difficult at all. You only need to input some details on Dunkin Donuts receipt to open the survey. Then, you can answer all TellDunkin questions in five minutes. But, you have to make sure that the Dunkin Donuts receipt you have is still valid. Usually, Dunkin Donuts only gives you three days after your visit to take the survey. After three days, your Dunkin Donuts receipt may expire. So, after visiting Dunkin Donuts store, you should complete Dunkin Donuts survey as soon as possible.

Here are the steps that you have to do in order to complete Tell Dunkin survey successfully. Then, you can receive the Dunkin Donuts Coupon as the survey offer.

  • Visit TellDunkin survey portal.

By using your internet-enable mobile device, you should access On the home page of Tell Dunkin survey, you will see the welcoming statement as well as the option to change the language. Just click on the language which you prefer. The first option is English. While the second language option is Spanish. Besides, you also can review Dunkin Donuts survey privacy policy. After clicking on the preferred language, you will land on the receipt verification page.

  • Enter Dunkin Donuts survey codes.

The site will prompt you to input Dunkin Donuts survey codes. The Tell Dunkin survey code is on the bottom portion of your receipt. However, the survey code is not the main requirement to enter TellDunkin. So, although your receipt does not have Dunkin Donuts survey invitation code, you still can enter to this online survey. So, what should you do when you do not have the survey code? You just have to click on the blue link under survey code field. This link states that your receipt does not contain any survey code. Then, you can do this following step.

  • Enter Dunkin Donuts survey details.

Since you do not have the survey code, you can enter the other details printed on your Dunkin Donuts receipt. First, you have to input Dunkin Donuts store number. The next prompt, you should state the date when you came to Dunkin Donuts store. The last, verify the time of your visit. These details must be based on the information found on your receipt. You can review the image of Dunkin Donuts receipt on the right side of the survey page. This image will guide you to enter the correct details. Then, click on Next button to begin the Tell Dunkin survey.

  • Answer the survey question accurately.

When the survey starts, you can respond all of Tell Dunkin questionnaires. Most of the questions relate to your visit to Dunkin Donuts outlet. For instance, there will be a prompt to rate some aspects of services and products from Dunkin Donuts. This way, you can state your level of satisfaction. You should give the fair rate based on your experience at Dunkin Donuts store. It is because your response can help this baked goods company to improve their quality.

  • Write your comment.

In this section, you can write Dunkin Donuts feedback as specific as possible. The comment section is the best chance for you to voice your personal issue that occurred in your last visit. Besides, you can give any comment which you cannot find in the earlier questionnaire. In the comment section, you can mention either positive or negative thought about Dunkin Donuts.

  • Save Dunkin Donuts code.

After finishing all steps of TellDunkin survey, you have to wait for the validation code. Then, the site will show the pops up containing Dunkin Donuts coupon code. You have to save it by writing this code down on Dunkin Donuts receipt. Do not forget to bring it along with you when you come to Dunkin Donuts. Before ordering your meal, you have to show this receipt to Dunkin Donuts cashier. Then, you can enjoy the free donut as your survey prize. You have to note that Dunkin Donuts give you 180 days to redeem this offer.

How to Contact Dunkin Donuts Customer Service?

When you have some issues about Dunkin Donuts, it is better to talk personally to the customer service. In fact, Dunkin Donuts provides some methods to get in touch with their customer service staff. For example, you can contact them via phone, mail, and website contact form.

But, we recommend you to visit Dunkin Donuts official website. Just access to access everything about Dunkin Donuts store. There, you can read much useful information about Dunkin Donuts. Perhaps, you can find out the issue you are curious with. As the example, you can review Dunkin Donuts menu. Besides, if you are the person who concerns to your health, you can find Dunkin Donuts nutrition info as well. This website also provides you the details about Dunkin Donuts Perks and DD Cards. Furthermore, you also can download Dunkin Donuts Mobile App.

But, when you cannot find the information you need at Dunkin Donuts website, you can ask for help from the customer service. As stated before, you can choose some options to contact Dunkin Donuts Customer Care. These are the ways to contact Dunkin Donuts customer service.

  • By phone.

Most customers prefer contacting Dunkin Donuts customer service through the phone call. They think that it is the most effective way to get the fast response from Dunkin Donuts. The Dunkin Donuts customer service number is 1 800 859 5339.  You can make a call on Monday until Friday. Besides, the customer service staff is available at 7 am up to 7 pm. By calling the Dunkin Donuts customer service team, you can ask everything about Dunkin Donuts. Besides, you can complain or share your feedback as well. The customer service crew will answer all of your questions. Furthermore, they will be glad to solve any problem related to Dunkin Donuts.

  • By mail.

You can write a letter to Dunkin Donuts Customer Care office. Some customers choose to mail Dunkin Donuts. So, they can express their thought, feedback, or opinion more freely. To contact Dunkin Donuts customer service, you can post your mail to this address.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Customer Care Office,

130  Royal Street.

Canton, Massachusett 02021.

  • Website contact form.

Dunkin Donuts website has a feature which the customers can use to contact the customer service. When you access, you will notice Contact Us option at the bottom menu of the web. When you select this Contact menu, you will be directed to Dunkin Donuts Contact Form. Then, you should fill out this form with your personal data. Dunkin Donuts requires your name, address, along with your contact information. Therefore, you should give your phone number and email id as well. After that, you can start writing your Dunkin Donuts feedback or questions on the provided section.

  • Social Media.

The last, the customers can use their social media account to contact Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts has the Facebook Fan page and Twitter account. If you want to contact it through Facebook, you can access Besides, you also can get in touch via Twitter at

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