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If you are the ice cream lovers, you must be familiar with Baskin-Robbins. Baskin Robbins is the largest ice cream and dessert chains in the world. No doubt, the outlets spreads in nearly 7300 locations worldwide. So, you will be easy to find Baskin Robbins store in 50 countries. One reason that makes Baskin Robbins is popular is the various flavor of its ice cream. Then, the customers can try the different flavor on every visit. So, they will never get bored enjoying Baskin Robbins. Besides, this ice cream chain always tries to maintain the quality of their Ice cream product. That is why they create TellbaskinRobbins survey.

TellbaskinRobbins is a guest satisfaction survey. Baskin Robbins designs this survey to find out how well their customers get satisfied. For the customer’s convenience, they can access this survey online. Baskin Robbins survey is useful for the company yet customers. For the Baskin Robbins, this survey has the aim to update and evaluate their service. They can research what the customers need. So, they can improve their ice cream business based on the customer’s feedback.


Besides, the Baskin-Robbins customers can tell how they feel about this ice cream store. When they participate in Baskin Robbin survey, they can express their experience. Perhaps, in the certain situation, you may have a bad experience in Baskin Robbins store. So, you can voice your negative feedback through TellBaskinRobbins survey. Baskin Robbins will listen to your feedback. Then, they can create a better progress in their service.

After visiting Baskin Robbins, you have to keep your receipt. Besides, the Baskin Robbins staff may give you a survey card. Then, you can enter TellBaskinRobbins by using one of these items. Baskin-Robbins Guest Satisfaction Survey only needs less than ten minutes to complete. So, you will not waste your time. At the end of the Baskin Robbins survey, you will get a BR validation code. The next, you can redeem Baskins Robbins Coupons with the special offer. The reward of the Baskin Robbins survey may be different in each period. For instance, you can get $1 off for your next purchase.

What are The Requirements of TellBaskinRobbins Survey?

Do you always enjoy your moment in Baskin-Robbins? No matter you get satisfied or unsatisfied when you visit BR outlets, you should take Baskin Robbins customer survey. This online survey allows you to tell the positive and negative feedback. Baskin Robbins guest satisfaction survey is very simple. You will need these items to start TellBaskinRobbins survey.

  • Baskin-Robbins receipt.

You can enter TellBaskinRobbins survey if you have Baskin-Robbins receipt. But, you need to look at your receipt thoroughly. Do you find any Baskin Robbins survey code? Baskin-Robbins survey code has 18 digits. This code usually appears at the bottom or middle part of Baskin Robbin’s receipt. However, you should not be sad if there is no Baskin Robbins survey code in your receipt. You can still access Tell Baskin Robbins survey by entering the PC number or store number. Then, you can start Baskin Robbins survey after indicating your visit time.

  • Baskin-Robbins survey card.

This card is a TellBaskinRobbins survey invitation. The survey card contains a QR code. Then, you can scan this QR code to access Besides, there is a PC number in every card. So, you can enter the PC number to the survey site. Moreover, you can know the reward of Baskin Robbins survey from this card. Baskin Robbin’s survey card is important. After the survey, you can write Baskin-Robbins validation code in this card. So, you should never lose this card.

How to Complete TellBaskinRobbins Survey?

Baskin-Robbins Guest Satisfaction Survey has a simple website design. The company wants the customers to complete the survey easily. Then, Baskin Robbins can gather the feedback quickly. Baskin-Robbins survey is the tool to measure the guests’ satisfaction. So, this ice cream company can fulfill the customers’ expectation and demands. If you want to experience the better service and product from Baskin Robbins, you should take BaskinRobbins survey.

You may be curious how to take TellBaskinRobbins survey. So, we have provided the guideline to take part in Baskin Robbins Survey. Hopefully, these steps can help you in completing Tell Baskin Robbins survey.

  • Visit Baskin Robbins survey site.

You should access Once you can load the survey page, you will see the welcoming message in three languages. The upper message is in English. Besides, the second message is in Spanish. Then, the last is French. You can choose one of this message to set up the language of the survey website. Then, it is better to read the coupon restriction as well as the privacy policy.

  • Enter your Baskin Robbins survey code.

Then, look at the middle section of your Baskin Robbins receipt. Do you find 18-digit Baskin-Robbins survey code? To start TellBaskinRobbins survey, you should input this code in the space provided. But, if your receipt does not contain the code, you can click on the link under the pink Start button. Then, TellBaskinRobbins site will display another form. This new form requires you to provide some BR receipt details. For instance, you have to input Baskin Robbins store number. You can find this six digit number at the top of your receipt. Besides you also can write PC number. After that, you have to indicate the date and hour when you visit Baskin Robbins. After completing the form, you can click on Next button to proceed the survey.

  • Complete Baskin Robbins survey questions.

Then, you can start responding all questions appears on the screen. Most of BR survey questions are in the form of the rating scale. So, you just need to rate the topic based on your own experience. The next Baskin Robbins may ask you whether you would like to recommend them to others. When you have responded all of the questionnaires, you can submit the TellBaskinRobbins survey.

  • Grab Baskin Robbin’s validation code.

Since Baskin Robbins appreciates your time for taking the survey, they offer a validation code. When Baskin Robbins Coupon code appears on your screen, you have to write it on your survey card or receipt. In this survey period, Baskin Robbins offers $1 off for your next transaction. But, you should at least spend $4 before the applicable tax. This discount is interesting enough so you can buy Baskin-Robbins ice cream at the low price.

However, you cannot redeem your coupon with other Baskin Robbins discount or promotion. Then, Baskin Robbins also limits one receipt for each customer. So, you cannot redeem more than one Baskin Robbins receipt. Moreover, you should be aware that Baskin Robbin’s validation code can expire. The expiration date is within six months after your purchase date. So, you can look at the date indicated on the top part of the receipt to count when it expires. When you want to take advantage of the discount from Baskin Robbins Coupon, you should access TellBaskinRobbins soon.

What are the Questions in TellBaskinRobbins Customer Survey?

Before taking TellBaskinRobbins survey, you should find out what questions you will face. So, you can get prepared. Besides, knowing the questions can help you to finish the survey more quickly. It is because you have prepared the answer in advance. In fact, Baskin Robbins survey only asks the simple questions related to your last visit. For your convenience, here are we give the samples of Baskin Robbins questions.

  • Your personal information.

First, Baskin Robbins will ask about your personal issue. For instance, you should state your gender and age. Since TellBaskinRobbins is a candid survey, you do not need to provide your name.

  • Your order.

Then, you will get some questions asking about your order. For instance, it asks about the accuracy of your order. It means Baskin-Robbins wants to know whether you got the right order. Then, it also asks whether you got your order quickly.

  • Ice cream product.

Then, there are some questions about Baskin-Robbins products. As the example, it asks you about the variety of ice cream flavors which are available. When you did not get the flavor you wanted, you can rate dissatisfied with the product. Then, the next question is about the freshness of the ice cream and the taste.

  • Baskin Robbins crew.

After that, you have to respond the question about Baskin Robbin’s staffs. It will ask you about the courtesy as well as the friendliness of the crew. When you think that the store crew is friendly and helpful enough, you can choose Highly Satisfied. In contrast, if you were disappointed with the service given by Baskin Robbins crew, you can select Highly dissatisfied.

  • The price.

You should state whether the overall value you deserve for the price you pay.

  • Your visit.

Then, you have to respond several questions regarding your visit. For instance, the frequency of your visit to Baskin Robbins. Then, the survey also asks your willingness to return to Baskin Robbin within 30 days. After that, it asks you whether you want to suggest someone else visit Baskin Robbins.

  • The reason for visiting Baskin Robbins.

The last, you have to select the best thing that describes your reason for visiting Baskin Robbins. So, you have to specify why you do not go to other ice cream stores. For instance, you come to this store because of its advertisement or promotion. Besides, you can state that you like the store atmosphere. Moreover, you may like Baskin Robbins due to the variety and quality of ice cream.

Those are the samples of Baskin Robbins questions. These questions may be able to help you to complete the survey. When you have further questions about Baskin Robbins, you have to call Baskin Robbins customer service. Just contact +1 800 859 5339 to tell your problem to Baskin Robbins customer service staffs.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Baskin Robbins Survey?

Baskin-Robbins survey is a statistical analysis to gather the feedback about the specific topic. For instance, this survey asks the customers about their satisfaction with the product and service. The result of Baskin-Robbins survey can be the parameter about the guests’ satisfaction level. In fact, this survey has pros and cons. Some people think that the survey is beneficial. While others think that the survey has some disadvantages.

  • The advantages of Baskin Robbins Survey.

Baskin Robbins survey is beneficial for the owner of the company. It is because they can evaluate their performance. Besides, it can guide the management to decide the best business strategy. Then, it can help Baskin Robbins to identify their weakness. So,  they can find the solution to resolve it. In the other hands, the customers also can get the benefits from this Baskin Robbins survey. For instance, they can get a validation code or discount for the next visit.

  • The disadvantages of Baskins Robbins survey.

For some customers, taking TellBaskinRobbins survey only wastes their time. The discount they get from the survey does not worth with the time they spent. They have to respond many questions, so it causes the time-consuming. Besides, some customers are not serious in taking the survey. For instance, their answer does not reflect the real situation they faced. So, their feedback can lead to the wrong analysis.

Those are the explanation about the benefits and disadvantages of Tell Baskin Robbins Survey. Now, the decision is in your hand. As the customers, you can decide whether you want to take part in this survey or not. When you spend your time for this survey, you will get a discount as the reward.

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