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Target is the second biggest retailer in the US after Walmart. This department store provides the apparel, shoe wear, infant attire, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and so forth. Mainly, target provides all of your daily needs. Started in 1962, Target has developed into a great business. It owns numbers of team members. All staffs commit to offering quality items and service for all customers. That is why Target appreciates the work of its employees. So, this corporation creates target EHR as the employees’ resources.

Target EHR is the employee portal where you can find anything related to your work. Target Team Member Service Portal provides the employment info. For instance, you can explore the Target Benefits, Target View Schedule, and paystubs. It offers the convenient way to review much information from your home. With EHR Target, it is not necessary to visit Target HR office.

Target EHR is the multipurpose site. You can do many things there. Not only checking the paystubs and schedule, but you also can apply for the time off. The Target team member also can change their contact details. Furthermore, the Target employee portal is also the media where you can access the Target benefits.

target ehr

In fact, provides several links for the team members. Each link requires the users to log in. When you access the Target official portal, you will find four main links. Here they are.

  • Secure Connect.

The first link helps you to access Outlook. You also can access other systems provided by Target. It requires you to enter the username and pin or token code.

  • Target EHR.

Most of Target team members access it to update their contact details. Besides, they can register the direct deposit. The employee also can view the schedule as well as ask for time off.

  • Bullseye shop.

It is an online portal to have a fun shopping. The customer can buy the Target products online.

  • Target Pay and Benefits.

The last link is useful to access your pay stubs. Moreover, you can review the total well-being details as well as the benefits.

The Guideline for Target Team Member Login

As the staffs of Target, you have to be familiar with Target EHR. It is because all employment details are available on this site. You have to learn how to log into your Target account. It will be helpful for your daily activities at your work. Since you work based on the shift schedule, you need to know the most updated schedule. That is why you have to log into Target View My Schedule.

However, many new staffs get confused which login link they should use. It is because Target has some login pages. So, before you log into Target portal, you should decide what information what you need. If you want to view the personal information, schedule, or direct deposit, you must log into target EHR. Here are the EHR Target login steps.

  • Visit the Target portal for team members.

You can copy this URL: to access Target employee portal. Besides, you can write Target EHR in the search engine. You will find the link to access EHR Target.

  • Select Target EHR.

When you are in the Target homepage, you will see four red menus. Then, you have to focus on the second menu that is Target EHR. Click on the link to get to the EHR login page.

  • Enter your Target Username.

The username refers to your Target LAN ID. If you do not have it, you can log in by using team member number. This number consists of eight digits.

  • Enter the e-HR password.

Then, you can input your target e-HR password. There is no link to reset the password. So, you should keep your EHR password well.

  • Tap the Logon button.

How to View My Schedule Target on Target EHR

View My Schedule is the most used feature in the Target Employee Portal. This function allows the employees to check the upcoming schedule. Just by sitting at their home, they can know the time in which they supposed to work. The Target View Schedule is accessible from PC or mobile phone. So, the Target team members can view the next schedule with their fingertips.

The Schedule login page is regularly generated, So you should not bookmark it. If you cannot reach View My Schedule, you should find the new link by using a search engine. The link for PC and Smartphone is different. Here are the steps to reach Target View My Schedule.

  • Load Target View MySchedule.

You can visit schedule. Besides, if you use a smartphone, you can access Target My Schedule for mobile view.

  • Enter TM Number.

Since the schedule is private information, you need to log into Target EHR account first. You have to input the Target TM number or employee ID. If you do not know your number, you should ask the HR team. In fact, Target TM number is the what you usually use on the time clocks. Besides, you also can find TM Number on the paycheck and discount card. This number contains eight numerals long.

  • Input Target e-HR password.

Then, you should write the EHR password on the next section. If you do not have the password, you have to ask the supervisor or HR team. When you lose EHR password, you will not be able to reset it from home. You can reset target e-HR password and unlock your account by logging into Target from the store. When you face any login troubles, you can select the question mark beside the login field. It will give you some clues about Target username and password. Then, you can select Login button to reach the Target account.

  • Select View My Schedule.

This feature will display the current and upcoming work schedule. So, you can know your shift. You also can use this menu to apply for the day off. This way, you do not need to meet the Target HR team whenever you want the time off.

The Contact Number of Target Human Resources

When you find any problem in signing into Target account, you should contact the Target HR officer. If you cannot visit the Target HR office, you can contact them by phone. Many staffs do not know Target HROC (HR Operation Center). That is why here we provide the target contact number for you. You can call the Target HROC on 1.800.394.1885.

This line is useful when you need to ask about employment issue. Before you contact the Target help desk, you should prepare these certain items.

  • Your Employee Number/ TM Number
  • Your Employer Code
  • Username: the username is similar to the one which you use to log in. It consists of two zeros along with TM number.
  • PIN: the Target PIN is the last four number of the SSN. Then, you should combine it with your birth year.
Target Employees Information At Glance

Being a Target team member is the right career for you. You will experience great experience working there. It is because you can enjoy the valuable benefits, friendly workplace, as well as flexible schedule. But, you may work at night if you are retail staffs. Even sometimes you work at weekend or holiday, it will be your pleasure. Now you may be curious about how a career at Target is. So, keep reading the information below.

  • Job Opportunity and Salary.

If you like working at the store, there are some jobs you can choose. First, you can work as Target Customer Service. Your duties will be greeting the customer and helping them to return the items. Besides, you can apply for stocking staffs. Your task is setting up the shelf as well as organizing the product. Furthermore, you can do janitor duties. Your job is sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting.

But, you can apply for office position too. Perhaps, you have high education and experience in back office. So, you can apply for HR staff or financial staff. The schedule of Target staffs will not be same. The flexible schedule is only for retail team members. You can show your willingness or availability. By accessing Target e-HR, you can set up the time which you do not want to work.

If you cannot access the Target view Schedule to change your availability, you can post your shift change in the breakroom. Then, you can ask your friend to take your shift. They may be pleased to take your job since they can get more wages. It is because most of the team members do not get 40 hours in a week. The new staffs may start making the minimum wage. But the overnight stockers usually get more salary than other team members. Also, the Guest Service representative make more income than a cashier. Besides, the one who gets the highest pay rates is the manager or team leads.

  • Benefits

Many applicants want to work at Target to look for excellent benefits. Target appreciates its team members by giving competitive benefits. You can receive the health insurance, employee discount, 401K, and much more. The good news is that the health benefit from Target covers your spouse too.

Here are some of benefits and resources from Target.

  1. Medical, Vision, and Drug Coverage.
  2. Maternity program
  3. Well-being resources
  4. Life resources.
  5. Nurse Line.
  6. 401K plan.
  7. Team member discount (You can get 10% discount)
  8. Disability Insurance.
  9. Life Insurance.
  10. Tuition Reimbursement.
  • Working Requirement.

You can start to apply for jobs at Target when you are in 16 years old. But some positions require at least 18-year-old applicant. Target does not require a college degree. So, if you are graduated from high school, you can work at this store. But, if you want to be Team Leads, you should have a college degree.

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