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Shopping becomes the most popular hobby among ladies. In this case, they will get crazier when they find some discounts. Well, if we belong to these ladies, we must be happy as we can shop all day long. But if we are the man, we need to be patient as our woman is trying to make us poor. Indeed, we no need to live in such this drama. For our information, we can try to join the corporation which will give us discounts every single day. Yes, we can get discounts for foods, clothes, furniture and so on. Yes, it is Target Corporation which will help us to save our money without stopping us to shop. If we get interested, or maybe have some questions about this, we can start to contact the Target Customer Service.

For our information, Target Corporation belongs to the largest discount chain which we can find in an easy way in the US. Without a doubt, American people love to visit these Target markets in North America. In 2017, we will be able to find up to 1790 stores which serve us our needs for every day. As the company is getting bigger every day, it has more than 355k employees who work at 37 market centers.

If we take a look at the history of this company, we will find George Dayton who built it in 1902. In 1962, people became familiar with its first Target store. But today, we can call this market as the Target Corporation. If we are looking for a toy gun which looks like the real one, then we can find it here. With the colorful sets, it becomes popular among the people. One of the best things to remember about this company is the sweet motto. It is Expect More, Pay Less!

As the general service of all company, we can try to contact the Target Customer Service. In this case, we can contact them through Facebook, Twitter, Website, complete with the YouTube, and Pinterest as well. But, if we need to call the phone number of Target, we can call it at 1 (800) 440-0680. The service team then will serve us with their best.

Target Customer Service

How to Cancel Our Order through Target Customer Service?

When we do shopping in some markets, moreover when it is an online shop, we must have doubt on the items we want to order. In this case, we need to think twice whether the items will be useful for us or not. Somehow, we buy the items not because of its advantages but because of trends. But when it happens, we may be late to realize that we should not order the items. Of course, it will be such hard work for us to cancel our order. Indeed, no matter how hard we think our problem is, we will find a way. Through the Target Customer Service, we can start to cancel the items we ordered. Here are the steps which we need to make done, such as:

  • We need to be online on our PC or smartphone
  • Then, we can open the best internet browser we have; it will reduce some error pages in the loading
  • We can start to click or copy paste the link of the official website of Target Customer Service which is
  • Then, we need to scroll down for the sake of Help menu
  • We can click the help once we find it
  • Then, we can click the submenu entitled Track an Order
  • Before we continue the cancel process, it is such a must for us to login to our Target account
  • To log in, we can put our order number
  • When the order or the items we have ordered appears on the screen, we can click Continue
  • After that, we need to choose the link entitled Cancel an order which we can find it on right side
  • Click or check the box placed next to the items we order
  • Then, once again we can click Continue

Now, how if we forget our order number or maybe we do not know at all? Alright, we need to calm down and think in a clear way. Here, we need to contact the Target Customer Service to ask for help. We need to make sure that we do not forget our full name here.

How to Contact Target Customer Service?

Before we call the Target team, we need to keep in our mind that this company has strong power in the discount retailer. If we want to compare to the competitors, Wal-Mart, and Lowes, complete with Home Depot will try hard to beat this company.  For our information, the first store is in Minnesota which got built in 1962. For about 50 years later, which means it is today, the stores have spread to some large cities.  As the market has the same goal with Wal-Mart, Targets try to offer its customers the best products complete with the full services. Of course, we can find the groceries inside this market that the competitors do not have this one. Alright, without making it further, we can start to find the information about the Target Customer Service.

If we are ready to call the customer service, the first thing we need to keep in our mind is that we need to calm down. Even if we are panic, angry, or feel useless, we need to keep our manner up. If it is necessary, we can go to the Target headquarters which takes place in Minneapolis. Alright, here is the list of the Target Contact which we can try, such as:

  • Target Customer Service Address: here, we can go to the official Target Corporate Office, the place here will be the same with the first store, yes it is in Minnesota. If we want to send a letter, then we can send through this complete address. Here it is, Target Headquarters 1000 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55403
  • Target Customer Service Phone Number: if we do not like to waste our time, then we can have a direct talk without visiting the office. By using the phone numbers, we can call them at 1-612-304-6073 which will connect us to the main office. If we want to contact the relations, then we can call them at 1-612-696-3400. In another case, if we need to keep in touch with the investors, we need to call at 1-800-775-3110
  • Target Customer Service Email: it will be the best way for us who love to write rather than to talk. In this case, the company does not expose the email address, so we need to call the phone numbers first
  • Target Customer Service Website: this online portal will save rich information related to this company including the products and service. Here, we can register our self to create an account so that we can order online. Here is the official website address which we can visit,

About the Target Headquarters and Corporate Office

As we know, we can buy some items offered by Target through online order. In this case, we can find the stores which are near to us. Through the official website, we can access to make the order. Start from the baby and kids staffs, the children toys, complete with the video games, we can make our children happy. Besides, we can try to treat our lady well by using the products of beauty and health. For the staffs which we need every day, we can order some groceries, furniture, as well as electronics.

Target is such a retail store which offers us discounts. We can call this store as Target Hypermarket or may be City Target. For our information, the shops open 24hours every day. Yes, it means that we can call the customers service every time we need. If we want to get some coupons, special price or discounts, complete with the reward cards, then we can visit the page of

On the internet, we can find the Target address complete with the contact information in details. But somehow, the contacts given are fake, so that we need to be careful. The thing we need to remember is that the office of Target is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here are the real Target Contacts which we can try, such as:

  • for the Target Customer Service Support Number, we can call at +1 800-440-0680
  • the Target Headquarter credit card, we can find the supports by calling +1 800-424-6888
  • for the online help, it will be available every day for 24 hours; we can access
  • if we want to know the Toll-free Target Customer Service, we can call the phone number for free at 1-800-440-0680

When we call the phone numbers, the talking machine then will greet us. In this case, we can complain the department which serves all customers. Of course, if we gave some problems related to the items we order, or may be the service and products, we can call 1-800-440-0680. Somehow, we may find our problems are serious that talking machine cannot handle. Then, we can start to ask to speak to the CEO. His name is Brian C. Cornell. Here, we can try to send him a letter by using the mailing address of Target Plaza South, 1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403.

With his professional attitude, he will answer our questions in the letter. If we see the latest complaints by the customers, they must talk about the credit card that they have lost. In this case, we can find the other most asked problems as we will find the answer to our questions.

In calling the customer service, we cannot deny that the talking machine is a bit annoying. Indeed, we can try to get the direct call to the real human which is the representative of the Target Customer Service Department. At first, we can try to call the general phone number of the office which is 1 (800) 440-0680. For the next, we can call the Live Person at 1 (800) 440-0680. Then, we need to press the keypad with the number of 2. After that, we need to press 4. Now, we can talk to the live customer service agent. But before we get connected to the real human, we will have to wait for about 3 minutes.

Target Customer Service is available for 24 hours in 7 days a week. Sometimes, we may need to call the Guest Relations. Then we can contact them at 1-800-755-5852. Another best phone number which we can try is the Online Experience. Yes, we can call the number at 1-800-591-3869. The office of the customer service is open on Monday until Sunday. If we think we need to visit the Target Corporate Office Headquarters, then we need to open the GPS and use the Google map. Then, we can put the address which is 1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403 USA.

As General Corporate Phone Number, we can call 1-612-304-6073 if we get lost. Or maybe, we need to write a letter, but we do not want to pay for the post mail service. Then, we can send it through Fax at 1-612-761-5555.

Overall, Target has become famous yesterday, now, and tomorrow. It means that the company has set the best credibility towards the customers. Without a doubt, the company will do the best to satisfy the customers through Target Customer Service. So far, people have bought some stylish items offered by the company. They are such as the merchandise, accessories, and clothing for women and men, complete with other children stuffs. The best service is clear here when the company gives the free toll phone that all customers can call for free. We can call it at 1-800-561-3869. In short words, we need to use the special offers such as discounts, coupons, and other advantages. If we can get the items with less cost, why we should pay it for full price? So, best luck in hunting the discounts!

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