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Each company creates a customer survey to ask the opinion about their performance. Through this survey, the people can voice the issue related to the service and product offered by the company. The feedback from the public can be a valuable tool to improve their business. Both small and large business offers an online survey for their customers. One of them is Wendys. As a great fast food outlet chain, Wendys has TalktoWendys Survey. Wendy’s survey can help the business to increase the standard of service. Besides, it can increase the revenue as well since the customers are satisfied with the service.

Firstly opened in 1969 in Ohio, Wendy’s becomes a popular fast food chain now. Wendy’s also grows as the third biggest burger fast food outlet in the world. It is because Wendy’s owns more than 6650 restaurants worldwide. With a large number of outlets, Wendy’s employs more than 640.000 workers. Besides, Wendy’s also has many loyal customers around the world. The people like their menus such as burger, sandwich, fries, and beverage. Wendy’s menu can attract many customers. It is because of its authentic recipe and good quality ingredient.

Since Wendy’s always wants to keep its quality, it started to create TalktoWendys. It is an online survey site for Wendy’s customers. If you want to take part in Wendy’s survey, you can visit This way, you can express your opinion about Wendy’s. Besides, you can show your satisfaction level when you visit their outlet. Then, you can share your feedback about the overall service of Wendy’s staffs. Wendy’s will gladly listen to the voice of the customers. What the people say in the survey is useful for Wendy’s. No matter it is good or bad, Wendy’s can use it as the consideration to make their business better. As a thank you gift, Wendy’s will give you a coupon code at the end of the survey.

The Rules of Wendys Survey at TalktoWendys

Based on American Customer Satisfaction Index, Wendy’s is one of the greatest fast food restaurant chains. Wendy’s tries to improve the service quality. Without a doubt, it can make Wendy’s to be the best restaurant. Besides, Wendy’s welcomes the feedback from its customers. By offering TalktoWendys survey, Wendy’s can gain much info about what the people feel after visiting Wendy’s. Then, the management can check the overall service of the restaurant. After that, they can decide which business area they have to improve.


Wendy’s invite all customers to take part in the satisfaction survey. You can fill out the online questionnaire at Just by spending a few minutes, you can get Wendy’s coupon code as a reward. Before you access the Talk to Wendys survey site, you have to review the rules below.

  • The participant.

TalktoWendys survey is open for anyone. There is no age rule to take part in Wendy’s customer survey.

  • Receipt.

You should have the valid Wendy’s receipt in your hand. You will need some details printed on Wendy’s receipt. TalktoWendys survey portal will ask you to enter some information such as Wendy’s restaurant number as well as the date of visit.

  • Wendy’s coupons.

After taking part in Wendy’s survey, the customers will get a coupon code. This coupon is valid for one visit. Besides, you cannot redeem Wendy’s coupon codes for cash. Moreover, you cannot use it with other coupons at the same time. The customers also not allowed using the coupon with the discount offer.

How to Take Part in TalktoWendys Survey

The reason why you should take part in Wendy’s survey is you can get the special offer from Wendy’s. All participants will get a code at the end of TalktoWendys survey. The coupon is the reward for your contribution. After you finish Wendy’s survey, you will get an email which contains Wendy’s coupon code. The steps of the survey at are so simple that everyone can do it easily. Here are the steps you can perform.

  • Go to Wendy’s Survey Page.

You can visit to start the survey. You can write this survey address in your web browser address bar. Then, it will redirect you to This is the new Wendy’s survey site.

  • Select the language.

You have two options for language. When you reach Wendy’s survey page, the portal is in English. But you can change the language into French. You can select Français link below the receipt entry section.

  • Enter Wendy’s restaurant number.

Wendys has the special number for each outlet. This number is as the code of Wendy’s location. You can find Wendy’s restaurant number on your receipt. The number is in the top center section of the receipt. Wendy’s restaurant number consists of eight digits.

  • Input the date and time of visit.

Just look up your receipt if you forget the time when you visit Wendy’s. The date and time are printed on the right part of the receipt. It is the location of Wendy’s restaurant. You can select the calendar icon beside the blank space. Then, you can click on red Start button.

  • Enter the amount of transaction.

Then the site may ask you to write the amount you spend in the last transaction.

  • Answer the questions.

Then you can respond all questions based on your experience visiting Wendy’s. You can express how satisfied you are. Then, you can give feedback about Wendy’s staffs. After that, you should continue answering all provided questions. Whether you praise or criticize Wendy’s, you should be honest. Besides, you can leave a comment or suggestion as well. The main point of TalktoWendys survey is expressing how you feel about Wendy’s service.

  • Provide your email.

Then, you should enter your email address. Wendy’s will send you an email containing Wendy’s coupon code. This coupon can be a discount offer or free product. When you receive the code, you should write it on your Wendy’s receipt. Then, you can redeem this reward on your next visit to Wendy’s. You can show your receipt along with the code to Wendy’s staff to redeem it. You should not worry giving your email id since Wendy’s will keep your email address safe. Wendy’s Wants to Know survey portal will not share your email or other information to the third party. Furthermore, Wendy’s will keep your feedback confidential.

  • Submit the survey.

After you have completed all Wendy’s survey questions, you should submit it. If you find any trouble in participating in Wendy’s survey, you can call Wendy’s toll-free number at 1-888-624-8140.

The Wendy’s survey portal has a simple design. You will be easy to take part in Wendy’s Wants to Know survey. You will be more quickly to finish the survey if you have done it before. The questions on TalktoWendys vary from time to time. But, the questions are only about the food quality, the restaurant service, and outlet cleanliness. After submitting Wendy’s survey, you should check your email. Wendy’s will email you as the appreciation of your time. This email also contains Wendy’s promo code. If you do not find any email from Wendy’s, you should check the spam. If you still do not get any Wendy’s email, you should call Wendy’s customer service at 1.888.624.8140.

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