TalktoMcAlisters – Simple Guideline to Fill Out McAlister’s Survey

McAlister’s Deli is the brand of fast food chain. This restaurant is popular for its desserts, soups, salads, and sandwich. McAlister’s does not only provide dine-in and take out service. But, it also offers catering service. Through catering service, you can order the wide selections of the lunch box, desserts, and hot spud bar. You will be easy to find McAlister’s outlets in your town. It is because McAlister’s has more than 340 chains in 24 states. McAlister’s different from other restaurants since it renovated the gas station to be its outlet. That’s why you may find some elements of the gas station in some of the chains. Besides, McAlister’s also has a survey like other fast food chains. This survey is called TalktoMcAlisters.

TalktoMcAlisters survey is available at This online survey is so simple that you can fill it out in less than four minutes. By taking McAlister’s survey, you have the chance to express your review about the McAlister’s menu and service. This restaurant will thank your feedback. It is because the feedback you share will give the powerful effect for McAlister’s business. By evaluating the customer feedback, McAlister’s Deli can understand the exact feeling of their customers. So, the management can know how happy the guests were after they visit McAlister’s. When the survey result shows that many guests were unhappy, McAlister’s has to enhance their service. Then, on the next visit, their guest can get the better dining experience.


TalktoMcAlisters survey is the critical part to improve all aspects of their business. It is because the survey contains the questions topics related to their experience. As the example, you have to rate the friendliness of McAlister’s staffs, food taste, and much more. McAlister’s survey also provides a space which you can use to leave your suggestion or comment. As their gratitude for your feedback, McAlister’s gives you a coupon or the validation code. Then, you can redeem the prize written on your McAlister’s receipt.

What are the Requirements of TalktoMcAlisters Survey?

Talk to McAlister’s survey is open for anyone. But, in order to be the participant of McAlister’s survey, you have to understand its requirements. So, you should keep reading our article. It is so since we will inform you about what you need to prepare. Besides, you need to know McAlister’s survey rules as well. Here are the rules as well as the equipment you have to prepare.

  • Receipt.

McAlister’s receipt is the main necessity of this survey. So, every time you visit McAlister’s Deli, you have to keep the receipt. Every receipt contains the McAlister’s survey code. The code consists of seven digits in length. After paying your transaction in McAlister’s, check your receipt. Is there any invitation to access Usually, McAlister’s receipt will inform its guests about how to take the survey. Besides, it also informs the reward that the survey takers can get.

  • Computer plus the internet.

McAlister’s Deli only provides an online customer survey. So, you have to use a PC or other devices to access it. Also, you need to use the reliable internet. This way, you can prevent the trouble that may occur during the survey. If you want to finish TalktoMcAlisters survey quickly, you should use the strong and stable internet.

  • Writing tool.

You may think that the writing tool is the unimportant thing since it is an online survey. But, your thought is wrong. You still need a writing equipment such as a pen or pencil. When the validation code appears, you should write it on McAlister’s receipt. So, you should prepare the writing tool before you start the survey.

Those three items are enough to start TalktoMcAlisters survey. But, you should know the eligibility to take part in McAlister’s Guest Satisfaction survey. First, make sure that you do not have the close family relationship with McAlister’s Deli staffs. It is because McAlister’s survey is not for its staffs’ and their family. Besides, make sure that you understand either English or Spanish. It is so since the McAlister’s Deli survey portal only provides these two languages.

Now, you have known the requirements as well as the eligibility for the survey. Have you met all of the requirements? If you can meet the requirements above, it means that you are ready to start McAlister’s survey. Then, you can have the McAlister’s Deli validation code as the survey reward. You can see your receipt to find out what prize you can enjoy. Different survey period may offer the different deals. For instance, McAlister’s Deli may give you the free menu. Besides, in another survey period, McAlister’s may give you the discount for the next purchase. No matter the survey reward, it always helps you to save your money. That is one benefit of taking McAlister Deli survey. So, you can save the dining budget while helping the restaurant to be much better.

What is the Guideline for TalktoMcAlisters Survey?

As stated before, McAlister’s Deli Customer survey is very simple. You only need a little effort to complete it. This survey needs no more than five minutes. So, you will not lose much of your time. McAlister’s expects all of the guests can involve in their survey. So, they can gather the global feedback from them. The topics of McAlister’s questionnaire are always about your visit. It will be easier for you if you have ever taken other customers survey. For your guideline, here are the steps of starting TalktoMcAlisters survey.

  • Visit McAlister’s survey website.

It may be difficult to find McAlister’s survey site by using the search engine. Although you type Talktomcalisters on the search bar, you may not find it. So, we recommend you to type into your web address bar. Then, the site will direct you to another site. Since McAlister’s survey is powered by Inmoment, you will land on Inmoment web survey. Your address bar may show The correct survey website shows McAlister’s Deli logo at the top of its page. Besides, there is McAlister’s privacy policy on the left bottom of the web page. It will be better if you would like to read this privacy policy before you start the survey. If you do not agree with this rule, you may not continue the survey.

  • Select the language.

On the first page of TalktoMcAlisters, you have to choose the language. Click on the circle in the front of English or Spanish option. After picking the language, you can continue to the second page by pressing Next button.

  • Enter McAlister’s survey code.

Now you are on the second page of TalktoMcAlisters. In this page, you have to input McAlister’s Deli survey code. See the middle part of your receipt to find this code. McAlister’s invitation code contains seven digits. Double check if you have entered the correct code. Then, after making sure that it is correct, you can click the green Next button.

  • Select the type of dining experience.

Then, you will face the first question on the third page. The question clarifies how you ordered in McAlister’s Deli restaurant. You can pick one of these options. For instance, you can select dine in, take out, or drive thru.

  • State your overall feeling.

Then, you can rate the overall feeling you get after visiting McAlister’s Deli. Was your experience satisfying or dissatisfying? TalktoMcAlisters provides five scales of rating you can choose.

  • Answer all McAlister’s questions.

The next, you have to continue answering all questions regarding your dining in McAlister’s. This survey just asks you to rank the level of your satisfaction with some topics. For instance, you have to give the feedback about the menu, McAlister’s staffs as well as the restaurant condition. After you answer all of the questions given, you can submit your McAlister’s feedback. Just press the Next button for the last time.

  • Take the validation code.

As soon as you finish all the survey steps at TalktoMcAlisters, the coupon will appear. Make sure that you copy or write this validation code onto your McAlister’s receipt. When you close the web page before writing the code, you will not be able to get it anymore. When you visit McAlister’s Deli in next time, you should present this receipt along with the code. Then, McAlister’s staff will give the survey reward for you. If the reward is the free menu item, you can enjoy it straight away. But, if the reward is the discount, you need to make a purchase. Then, the cashier will deduct the amount of your transaction with the discount. So, you will pay less than it supposed to pay.

  • Sign up for the promotional program.

After the survey, TalktoMcAlisters invites you to sign up for their program. If desired, you can provide your email address. Then, McAlister’s will inform you whenever they have the special offer or promotion. So, you will get the updated and the latest info about McAlister’s Deli.

How to Contact McAlister’s Deli Customer Service?

Whenever you have the questions about McAlister’s Deli, you need to get in touch with the customer service. Besides, you also can go to McAlister’s website. The website is available at In this online platform, you can explore McAlister’s menu and other useful info. also has FAQ page. So, you can find out the questions and the trusted answer about this restaurant. But, if your question is different from those in FAQ page, you should not doubt to contact the customer service. Here are three methods of contacting McAlister’s Customer Service.

  • Phone.

Making a call to McAlisters Customer service becomes the easiest method. The phone number of McAlister’s Customer Care is 1 888 330 4313. You can ask everything about McAlister’s Deli restaurant. For instance, you can ask about the menu, catering service, or McAlister’s career. The professional staffs of McAlister’s will be glad to answer your questions. But, make sure that you call them between 9 am up to 6 pm.

  • Mail.

Although it seems outdated, some people prefer sending the letter to communicate with McAlister’s Guest Relation. Perhaps, they like writing the letter because they can express their thought more freely than talking by phone. But, it takes much more time to get the response from McAlister’s. So, you have to be patient to wait for the mail from this restaurant. If you want to share your feedback or question via letter, you have to mail it to this address. McAlister’s Guest Relation Dept. 5620 Glenridge Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30342.

  • Website.

When you visit McAlister’s website, you will find the Contact section. You can use this menu to submit your McAlister’s Deli feedback. Luckily, you do not need a receipt to share the feedback through this method. So, this menu is very helpful for the customers that lose their receipt. It is because they still have the chance to voice their comment. Besides, you also submit a question about McAlister’s. Then, the company management will reply you via email. Are you curious how to submit your comment via the website? You can follow the instruction below.

  1. Visit McAlister’s site. First, you need to access
  2. Find Contact Us menu. Contact Us section is available on the bottom menu of the website. So, you have to scroll down the page.
  3. Select the category of comment. On the Contact Us page, you should pick one category of your comment. For instance, you can choose Deli Visit praise and complaint, question, or employee. Besides, you can select Comment or suggestion as well.
  4. Tell about yourself. Fill out your identity. This form includes your name, email id, phone number, and full address.
  5. Upload the image. You can upload your picture if necessary.
  6. Write your comment. The last, you can write your thought based on the selected category. Then, submit it.

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