Talk to McAlister’s Survey – TalktoMcAlisters Survey Rules and Questions

McAlister’s Deli restaurant is the great place for relaxing lunch and dinner. In the beginning, McAlister’s is just a small restaurant in one of town in the US. But, by the time flies, this restaurant can grow well. Nowadays, we can find more than 350 chains all over the US. The development of its business is because of its commitment to give the best meal and service for all the guests. The slogan of this restaurant is Serving Smiles with Every Meal. It means McAlister’s does serve not only the tasty food but also the friendly service. Besides, McAlister’s always concerns to the guests’ dining experience. The company always makes sure that every guest gets the excellent service. Hence, this restaurant creates a survey named as Talk to McAlister’s Survey.

The aim of McAlister’s Deli business is not just serving the meal. It wants to give the unforgettable dining experience for the guests. This way, the customers will be likely to return to McAlister’s. Besides, if they get satisfying meal and service, they will automatically recommend McAlister’s to their friends. As a result, McAlister’s Deli will have more customers. No doubt, when you visit McAlister’s Deli, you will not enjoy the wide range of yummy menus. But, you will also enjoy the restaurant atmosphere and the professional service from the staffs. Since McAlister’s Deli serves a large number of guests everyday, it will be hard to make sure that the entire guests are happy. That’s why the role of Talk to McAlister’s Survey is very crucial. It helps this restaurant to collect the feedback about the guests’ dining experience.

Talk to McAlister’s Survey

We recommend you to involve in Talk to McAlister’s survey. It is because this survey is not only beneficial for the restaurant. You will also get the profit from doing this survey. First, you can share your thought about McAlister’s. As the example, you can submit McAlister’s complaints or praise. This way, you can explain what you are looking forward from this restaurant. McAlister’s Deli will consider your idea by improving its service. Then, on the next visit, you will be able to get what you expect. Besides, McAlister’s Customer Satisfaction Survey also gives you a validation code. You can claim the survey reward by showing this code to McAlister’s employees.

What are Talk to McAlister’s Survey Rules?

Taking part in McAlister’s survey does not require much effort. This survey is so short that you will complete it in a few minutes. But, before participating in TalktoMcAlisters, you have to understand the rules. Besides, you should meet all requirements as the survey takers. Do you have no idea about this? Let’s review the explanation below to get the better understanding about McAlister’s Survey requirements and rules.

  • Survey eligibility.

McAlister’s Deli allows and invites all of the customers to take this survey. This company does not limit the participants’ age. Once you have McAlister’s Deli receipt, you can be TalktoMcAlister’s Survey participants. However, McAlister’s Deli does not permit its employee to be the survey takers. Furthermore, you also cannot take this survey if you are the family of McAlister’s staffs.

  • Survey requirements.

Talk to McAlister’s Survey needs three items as the survey requirements. Make sure you can prepare these stuff so that you can access the survey. First, prepare the purchase receipt from this restaurant. Check your receipt thoroughly. Is there any McAlister’s survey code printed on it? Keep in mind that you will not be able to begin the questionnaire unless you have the survey code. If there is no TalktoMcAlisters survey code in this receipt, the survey period may over. The second item you must prepare is a PC or smart phone. Then, you also need the internet. You can only do this survey online at That is why you cannot access it without the computer and the internet.

  • Survey rules.

The rules of McAlister’s survey are simple. The first rule is that you only can enter the survey once with one receipt. It is because the survey code is for one entry. Then, remember that the McAlister’s validation code can expire. Make sure you redeem the reward as soon as possible. When your coupon code is void, you can no longer claim the survey reward at McAlister’s Deli restaurant. The next, this restaurant does not allow you to combine the validation code with another coupon.

  • McAlister’s survey prize.

When you complete this survey, you will receive Talk to McAlister’s coupon code. You can redeem the survey reward by using this code. That is why you have to record this code on your receipt. This way, McAlister’s Deli staff can validate your code. The reward of this survey will vary in every survey period. You can know what you will get by looking at your receipt. For instance, McAlister’s may offer the discount for the next visit. Besides, the survey reward also can be the free item such as food or beverage.

What are Talk to McAlister’s Survey Questions?

After knowing the rules and the requirements of McAlister’s survey, you also need to find out what the survey questions are. Knowing what questions asked in the survey will make you easier to do it. The question types in Talk to McAlister’s survey are like other guest satisfaction surveys. It will be about your dining experience at McAlister’s Deli. So, you have to response the questionnaire about the food, restaurant condition, as well as the crew’s performance. Try to give the honest response for every question. It is because your McAlister’s feedback will determine how the restaurant in the future.

Listed below are the samples of TalktoMcAlister’s survey questions at But, keep in your mind that the questions may be different in every McAlister’s survey period. The company will change the survey questions based on what they want to observe. However, the main purpose of the survey questions is still the same. It aims to gauge the customers’ dining feedback. Here are the examples of the questionnaire at Talk to McAlister’s survey.

  • Order type.

We know that McAlister’s Deli restaurant offers three services for the guests. First, you can order the meal for Dine-in. Then, you also can order the menu for taking it home. Just select To Go or carry out if you take away your order on the last visit. The last, you also can choose Catering. You can select Catering option if you purchase the meal package from McAlister’s Deli.

  • Visit time.

After choosing the type of order, you should indicate the visit time. First, select the date when you visited McAlister’s Deli. Then, indicate the hours when you went to this restaurant. Check your receipt if you forget the time.

  • Overall feeling.

Every time you have dinner or lunch at McAlister’s Deli, you must have the different experience. So, you can express your overall feeling or satisfaction level in this section. If you are happy with your last dining, you can give the high rating. In contrast, if you had the terrible dining experience, you can state that you felt highly dissatisfied.

  • Specific issues in McAlister’s Deli.

Talk to McAlister’s Survey also gives you the chance to rate some issues about the restaurant. As the example, you should rate the cleanliness of the restaurant and the restroom. Also, give your opinion about McAlister’s restaurant atmosphere. Then, give your objective review about the menu variety and the portion of food. The next, rate the accuracy of the food you order. The last, rate the McAlister’s staffs performance. Were they friendly? Did they put you as the priority? Make sure you respond these statements truthfully.

  • Food and drink which you ordered.

In the next section, you have to select the menu that you purchase from McAlister’s Deli. This survey page displays the lists of food. So, you just need to pick the items from the lists. As the example, you can choose the sandwich, spud, soup, salad, or dessert. See your receipt if you do not remember the food you ordered. After choosing the menu, the survey will give you the further questions about it. Also, choose the drink you purchased. As the sample, you might order sweet or unsweetened tea, lemonade, bottled water, etc. Do not forget to rate how pleased or satisfied you were with the food and drink.

  • Revisit and recommend.

The next session of Talk to McAlister’s Survey asks you to state how likely you are to come to this restaurant again. If you give the high rating in the previous section, you may want to return to McAlister’s Deli in the future. In contrast, if you feel dissatisfied with McAlister’s Deli food and service, you may not want to come back to this restaurant anymore. Then, you should also indicate your willingness to recommend this restaurant to your family or friends.

  • Feedback or comment.

TalktoMcAlister’s customer survey lets you write any comment about this restaurant. You can use this section to express your opinion, feedback, or comment. Also, you can write down McAlister’s complaints as well. Make sure that you provide the reason why you get satisfied or disappointed with McAlister’s. Be brief and specific in filling out this comment section. It is because TalktoMcAlister’s only give you chance to write it in 1200 characters.

  • The reason for visiting McAlister’s Deli.

Now, you are getting closer to the end of McAlister’s Guest Satisfaction Survey. The last question of this survey asks your reasons of visiting the restaurant. There are some answers you can select. For instance, you go to McAlister’s Deli restaurant due to the promotion. Besides, you may visit it since you get the recommendation from the family or friends. Also, the reasons for your visit may be because of the convenient venue as well as the good experience you had.

How to Submit McAlister’s Feedback without Receipt?

Taking part in Talk to McAlister’s Survey requires the receipt from your last visit. It means that without this receipt, the survey page is not accessible. Then, what if you lose your receipt? Can you share your feedback to McAlister’s Deli? Definitely yes. You can voice your feedback even though you do not have the McAlister’s receipt. So, what should you do to submit your dining feedback? In this case, you have two options. First, you can make a call to the customer service. The second, you can use McAlister’s feedback form at its official site. Here is the complete guideline to share your feedback.

  • Calling McAlister’s Customer Support.

Contacting the McAlister’s Deli Customer Service enables you to speak to the representatives. Simply dial 1 888 330 4313 from your home telephone or mobile phone. The Customer Care staff is available on the weekdays from 9 am – 6 pm. When they answer your call, you can start telling your dining experience. Do not forget to mention the location of McAlister’s Deli you have visited. This staff will forward your feedback to the local restaurant you visited.

  • Completing the feedback form.

The second method of telling your feedback is by accessing the official site of McAlister’s Deli. Use the compatible browser to access Make sure you use the reliable and fast wifi connection. Visiting is the best solution to share the feedback without the receipt. It is because this website has a Contact menu. This feature can connect you with this restaurant. You can say everything about McAlister’s Deli through this Contact form. So, you not only can voice your feedback. But, you also can ask the questions or give the praise. How are the steps to complete this McAlister’s feedback form? Just follow the brief instructions below.

  1. Go to McAlister’s Deli restaurant website.

Visit This address is the official website of McAlister’s Deli restaurant. So, it is not the address of the survey page. When you hold a receipt, you can load But, since you do not possess any receipt, you should voice your feedback through This portal consists of several menus. For instance, you can explore the menu items, catering, and franchising information. Besides, you also can access reward and McAlister’s gift card info. If you want to be the part of McAlister’s restaurant, you can search McAlister’s Career info as well.

  1. Click on Contact Us.

The McAlister’s Deli website has two menu bars. They are at the top of the page and the bottom of the site. Contact Us feature is in the bottom section of the page. So, you have to scroll it down to reach this Contact Us menu. Once you press this menu, the site will bring you to the new page containing McAlister’s feedback form. Then, do these following steps to fill out this form.

  1. Choose the comment category.

The first thing you should do with this form is selecting the comment category. There are four categories available. Pick one of them which represents your comment. First, you can choose Deli visit complaint if you want to share your critics. This category is suitable if you want to write the negative feedback about your visit. The second category is I am an Employee. If you work in McAlister’s Deli, choose this topic for giving your feedback. The next, you can select Deli visit praise. Choose this topic to voice up your compliment for McAlister’s Deli. The last category is about Question, Comment, and Suggestion. This category lets you write any questions and suggestions.

  1. Select the State.

Tell the location of McAlister’s Deli which you visited. Choose one of the states provided. But, you can also state that You do not visit a deli.

  1. Choose how you visited McAlister’s.

The next, you should fill out the type of visit. Here, you can choose Dine-In or Carry Out. But, you need to specify how you ordered through Carry-Out Service. Did you order through the restaurant, phone, or online?

  1. Tell a bit about yourself.

Fill out this form with your personal information. You must enter the full name and email account. Then, also input your phone number and the postal address. Your address must include the street, city, state, and postal code.

  1. Upload your image.

If you have any picture, you can upload it. For instance, you might take a picture when you dine in McAlister’s restaurant. So, you can submit this picture.

  1. Write down your comment.

Now you are in the main section of the feedback form. Make sure you use this comment section wisely. Enter the details of the feedback you have. The content of your comment should be in line with the category you have chosen before. The last, you can send it by clicking the Yellow Submit button.

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