Taco Cabana Near Me – Taco Cabana Breakfast Hours and Menu Prices

Do you want to taste a Mexico flavors in your meal? In fact, you do not need to go to Mexico. Visiting Taco Cabana near me will give you Mexican food experience. Taco Cabana is a well-known casual restaurant. It specializes in Mexican cuisine. Fiesta restaurant group, inc owns this restaurant chain. Headquartered in Texas, this chain has almost 200 locations in the US. The locations spread throughout Texas, California, New Mexico, etc. You can find Taco Cabana chains in nine states in the US.

Most of Taco Cabana near me offers online order and drive-thru. The restaurants are also open 2every day. So, whenever you are hungry, you can go to Taco Cabana nearby. The signature color of this Mexican restaurant is pink. So, most of Taco Cabana chains has pink color for its building. When you dine in Taco Cabana, you will feel the casual atmosphere. TC is famous for its nice interior. It has semi-enclosed as well as patio dining section. Tasting its menu will give you satisfaction. Taco Cabana makes the menu item freshly. Besides, it has an open display kitchen. The tortillas also made in house every day.

Taco Cabana Near Me

If you are Taco Cabana fans, you should follow this restaurant on social media. In December 2007, TC launched its Facebook page. Besides, in March 2009, this company launched Twitter. Then, in 2013, PlautaTaco Cabana has an Instagram account. You will get some benefits when you follow this restaurant account. For instance, sometimes Taco Cabana gives some offers to its customers. Besides, it also introduces the new menu on social media.

Taco Cabana serves a wide variety of scratch Mexican food. This restaurant offers fresh, tasty and quality food at the best price. The examples of the menu you can order are Cabana Plate, Enchilada Plate or Chicken Flauta Plate. All menus are so tasty that you will get confused to pick one of them. When you cannot choose the menu, We suggest you pick Cabana Sampler Plate. You will get a Chicken Flauta, Cheese Enchilada, and Crispy Taco. So, you can save your money since you can taste some food in one menu.

How to Find Taco Cabana Near Me?

Do you want to find the best Taco restaurant near me? Taco Cabana is the answer. Finding this Mexican restaurant is not hard. It is so since it runs almost 200 chains in the US. You can find the major chains in nine states. So, how to get into the nearest Taco Cabana? Using Taco Cabana store locator is the easiest way ever. With some clicks, you can locate the closest Taco Cabana store. Here are the guidelines to find TC restaurant.

  • Visit Taco Cabana official site.

First, you must go to www.tacocabana.com. This online site gives you the trusted information about this Mexican restaurant. For instance, you can review the Mexican menu. Besides, you can use its TC store locator feature. Furthermore, you can load www.tacocabana.com/locator. This link will bring you to the store locator feature immediately.

  • Enter the zip code, city as well as the state.

When you access Taco Cabana home page, you can find the store locator on the top right corner. But, if you access the locator directly, you will see the locator search bar in the center of the page. Then, you can enter your location. The more specific place you input, the site will show the nearer Taco Cabana. In contrast, when you only enter the state, the site will show many restaurant locations.

  • Get the direction.

The result of TC location searching informs you about the restaurant details. For instance, you can know its complete address. Besides, it shows you the Taco Cabana phone number as well. The last, you can click on Direction link. This link will display the shortest route to Taco Cabana near me. Just follow the route, then you can taste Mexican cuisine in a relaxing place.

Where are Taco Cabana Locations Near Me?

Some people may have a question about Taco Cabana. Is Taco Cabana only in Texas? Where is the closest Taco Cabana? Where is the Taco Cabana location in my city? Since this restaurant has the tasty Mexican cuisine, many people want to visit it. Besides, it becomes the option when the people are getting hungry in the late night. It is so since Taco Cabana opens all the day, 24 hours. Furthermore, you can order the Mexican food online. Then, they will deliver the Mexican menu to your house. So, you can feel like you are in the Mexico even you are at home.

Taco Cabana has more than 165 restaurants in the USA. You will find hundreds of chains in the Texas. That is why some people think that Taco Cabana is only found in Texas. Whereas, you can find Taco Cabana in other states. Listed below are some Taco Cabana near me found in the nine states.

  • California: Taco Cabana Hemet, 2901, W Florida Eve, phone (951) 766 5854.
  • New York: Taco Cabana Mt.Kisco, 96, S Moger Eve, (914) 244 8881.
  • Utah: Taco Cabana Provo, 238, W 100 S, (801) 960 9068.
  • Georgia: Taco Cabana Snellville,1615, Scenic Hwy N, (770) 736 6486.
  • Oklahoma: Taco Cabana Oklahoma City, 11109, N May Eve, (405) 748 4774.
  • Maryland: Taco Cabana Germantown, 13507, Clopper Rd, (240) 686 2024.
  • South Carolina: Taco Cabana Myrtle Beach, 1065, N Kings Hwy, (843) 443 9218.
  • New Mexico: Taco Cabana Albuquerque, 8330, Montgomery Blvd Ne, (505) 275 2600.
  • Texas: Taco Cabana Addison, 15120, Marsh Ln, (972) 243 5288.

What are Taco Cabana Breakfast Hours?

Taco Cabana is well known for its 24 hours operation hours. So, many people like visiting this Mexican food outlet. Besides, it also has 24 hours drive-thrus. Taco Cabana has its special breakfast hours. It is from 6 a.m up to 11 a.m. But, this restaurant has a flexible time of breakfast hours. So, you can find Mexican taste for your breakfast. This way, you can start your day with full of spirit.

Taco Cabana breakfast hours may vary by locations. Some locations may have the shorter breakfast hours. In contrast, other chains may have the longer breakfast hours. Here are the breakdown of breakfast hours of Taco Cabana near me.

  • Shorter hour location.

Monday – Friday: 6 am up to 11 am.

Saturday and Sunday: 6 am up to 12 am.

  • Longer Hours Location.

Monday – Friday: 12 am up to 11 am.

Saturday and Sunday: 12 am up to 12 pm.

This schedule will vary based on your local restaurant. In certain location, you can find TC restaurant which runs standard operation time. So, you can get the breakfast menu from 6 am until 11 am. This way, you will get a pleasant breakfast treat. For instance, you can order breakfast tacos or burritos. Besides, you can purchase other Mexican breakfast menus.

In fact, Taco Cabana near me has the extended breakfast hours in the weekend. Usually, they will open breakfast time frame one hour longer. On Saturday and Sunday, the breakfast hours will end at 12 am. Taco Cabana lets you enjoy the tasty Mexican food for your breakfast.No doubt, your weekend will be more exciting. The most popular breakfast menu at Taco Cabana near me is Ranchero Breakfast Plates. This menu is a flavourful meal ever.

Taco Cabana has the longer breakfast hours in some locations. The downtown areas run the longer hours for breakfast. Besides, Taco Cabana in Texas also has extended the time for breakfast. In this location, the breakfast hours start earlier than your usual breakfast. For instance, some Taco Cabana chain starts the breakfast hour at midnight. This breakfast menu fits the people who work the night shift. So, they can order the midnight snack along with breakfast package. You can purchase Taco Cabana breakfast menu in the drive thru. So, it can become the nice snack when you go home after going out with your friends. The longer breakfast menu can be your choice when you travel long distance. Taco Cabana near me will be the right place when you need something to eat along with your way.

What are Taco Cabana Lobby Hours and Taco Cabana Drive Thru Hours?

Taco Cabana near me has a unique decoration. So, you will enjoy the casual dining experience there. Each Taco Cabana restaurant has the vibrant decor. The customers will be fun dining in this restaurant. With the casual concept, you will get relaxed when you visit this restaurant. Even this restaurant opens 24 hours, it applies the lobby hours. It means, outside the lobby hours, you can only take away your meal. Here is Taco Cabana Lobby Hours.

  • Monday – Friday: 6 am – 12 am.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 6 am – 2 am.

Even Taco Cabana operates 24 hours; the restaurant will close at midnight. But, this restaurant still serves the drive thru. So, when you want to dine in Taco Cabana, you should come from 6 am until 12 am. But, this restaurant opens longer in the weekend. It will open until 2 am on Saturday and Sunday. In contrast, Taco Cabana drive-thru has 24-hour service. So, you can taste the Mexican food all the time of the day.

What are Taco Cabana Menus and Prices?

Taco Cabana has many food variants. You can order many types of Mexican cuisine there. The taste of Mexican is very strong in all the menu. The most popular Mexican food is Burritos and Nachos. Besides, you can order Taco and Steak Fajita. Moreover, you can try the side dish and breakfast menu as well. Listed below are Taco Cabana Menu including taco cabana prices.

  • Bowl and Burritos.

Steak Fajita $5.49

Chicken Fajita $5.09

  • Nachos.

Chicken fajita for personal $4.49, large $6.59.

Steak Fajita for personal $4.79, large $6.89.

Super Nachos personal $4.49, large $6.59.

Bean and Cheese personal $3.09, large $4.89.

  • Quesadillas.

Chicken Fajita personal $4.99, large $6.89.

Steak Fajita personal $5.19, large $7.09.

Cheese $3.89.

  • Cabana Plates.

Steak Fajita Plate or Taco, $6.79.

Street Taco Plate $6.89.

Chicken Fajita Plate $6.39.

Chicken Flautas Plate $4.99.

Carne Guisada Plate $6.79.

Enchiladas Plate $5.79.

Beef or Chicken Plate $5.39.

Cabana Sampler Plate $6.99.

Brisket $12.99.

Mixed Fajita $12.99.

  • Taco Cabana Kid’s Meals

Cheese Enchilada $3.59.

Cheese Quesadilla $3.59.

Taco $3.59.

You can enjoy the Mexican menu above in the regular hours. Besides, if you are thirsty, you can order the soft drink, vitamin water, or orange juice. Moreover, Taco Cabana near me also serves milk and coffee. The side dish is also available. For instance, you can have sopapillas, Mexican rice or bean. When you visit this restaurant at breakfast time, you can try this menu.

  • Breakfast combo.

Breakfast tacos $3.39.

Steak and egg taco combo $6.49.

Barbacoa & Carne Guida Taco $ 2.39

Brisket and Egg Taco $2.59.

Breakfast Burrito $2.19.

Brisket or Steak Egg Burritos Combo $6.49.

  • Breakfast Plates.

Mexicana Plates $5.09.

Ranchero Plate $4.89.

Brisket and Steak Egg Plate $5.99.

Barbacoa and Egg Plate $5.79.

How to Order Taco Cabana Online

Instead of going to Taco Cabana near me, you can order the menu online. You just need to access www.tacocabana.com. This site will show the complete Mexican menus which you can order. Besides, you can find out the nutrition in each food. So, you can select the nutritious food that can make you more healthy. These are the steps of ordering at Taco Cabana web.

  • Visit www.tacocabana.com.

In the home page, you will find some menus on the top. Then, you should click on Order online. This is the new feature owned by Taco Cabana.

  • Select your location.

The next, you should specify your location. You can click on the current location button. Besides, you can enter your location manually. This action will help the site to find the nearest Taco Cabana restaurant.

  • Choose the menu.

Then, you can select the meal you are going to order. There is various Mexican cuisine you can review. Then, click on the meal to add them to your cart. You will see the total amount you have to pay

  • Select the payment option.

The last, you can choose the payment selection. You can pay by using a credit card or cash. Now your order is ready. Then, you can pick it up at Taco Cabana near me.

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