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For healthy, fast food meals, Subway is the premier destination to visit when dining out. You choose your sandwich: beef, ham, turkey, you name it and they prepare it. Of course you need to add the lettuce, tomatoes, and choice of veggies; and, who could forget the sauces, mustard, and mayo to top things off. Of course you will pay for your meal, so you can choose to redeem the subway gift card balance if you don’t want to pay with cash/credit.

From the minute you walk into Subway, the staff will treat you like family. Then you smell the delicious 12” breads baking, and with the affordable menu (footlongs for only $6), you really can’t go wrong dining here! And, when you use your mysubwaycards balance to pay for your lunch, you get points for future purchases. If you don’t know your balance, the cashier can swipe your card in order for you to check the balance of your gift card when you are ready to pay.

subway gift card balance check online

Basic Overview for your card balance

With the rise in popularity of gift cards, Subway has gotten into the game as well, offering cards which are available in one of two forms. You can choose the physical or electronic gift card; if purchasing the physical card which you can purchase at your local Subway restaurant. Otherwise you can purchase an electronic card online, paying through Paypal account or credit card, and simply load the card with as much funds as you want to add. The card offers many benefits to users. Whether purchasing for yourself or as a gift, you must initially register through usdlogin.comm, in order to activate your account. On the portal, you will see:
– Subway cards.
– Subway kids.
– Order online.
– Subway portal.

Simply click on Subway cards to register it

Once taken to the sign up page you will fill in required data fields, and your card is then ready for use. You can view your my subway balance, as well as view rewards points you’ve earned over time.

Guide to checking the gift card balance you have

It is important to check your card balance regularly, to ensure you get the most out of it. Doing this allows you to decide whether to pay with cash or credit, and allows individuals to check their subway balance, prior to going to the cashier, only to find you have no funds available. There are three ways in which allows you to check the card balance, which are:

  1. Visit a local Subway
    This is the easiest method. Simply go to your local store and a cashier will require you to provide your PIN. The cashier then swipes your card and will provide you with your available subway card balance. If your credit is low, you can reload directly with the cashier (max of $500 reload amount).
  2. Call Customer service
    As of January 2015 you can access your gift card balance by calling customer service at (877) 697-8222. You will learn your balance and can reload if desired. To check your balance you will be required to enter your PIN. You can only call during business hours, so this method doesn’t allow you to check your balance anytime of the day.
  3. Check online
    The third method to learn what your balance is to check online. You will sign into your account, and simply select the option which states view your balance. In some cases, you will receive an error message when trying to view your account online, at which time you should contact customer service. Sometimes you simply have to update your password, which is a security measure subway takes to keep your account safe.

At usdlogin.comm users can check your balance any time; further, you can download the app on a smartphone, allowing you to check it nearly anywhere, so you always know how much funds you have available.

Apart from visiting the site, you can check your gift card balance another way. When you receive your receipt after paying for a sub, your account balance will be on the receipt. This eliminates the need to call in or visit the account page online when you want to know how much you have available to spend.

Your subway card has several features, including allowing you to register several cards to one account holder name. So any user can view their balance at any time; another feature is the ability to reload their card online at any time. Card holders also have the option of transferring balances from one card to another. One thing you can’t do is redeem the card for any cash value, meaning your Subway card isn’t worth money if you no longer wish to use it.

Subway patrons will love the card whether it is for personal use, or if they choose to give it to a family member or friend as a gift. You can either buy your card directly at a subway shop, or online through the site’s portal page.

Subway rewards balance: General overview

As a customer, individuals can use the reward balance at any subway restaurant. For every dollar spent, you receive one point towards your card balance. Plus, upon registering a gift card, you receive a $50 balance as a new customer. No fees, and if you have an active balance, it never expires, so you never have to worry about reapplying for a new card. The more you at, the more points you will earn after you do register the card online.

Upon registering your card, you automatically receive a bonus which is added to the gift balance. With every purchase of subs, chips, drinks, or cookies, you add more points onto the card balance. It is important that you as a cashier to place the points on your card each time you eat at subway, otherwise they will not automatically add those points onto an account.

In the event of a technical error when paying at a subway shop, the cashier might not be able to load the points on your card balance award. If this occurs, simply save your receipt, and you will report this issue to customer service so they can add more points onto an account at a later date. Simply send in the form and your receipt, and when the customer service team receives it they will process and simply add on points to your balance. Simply sign into your account after you sent the receipt, in order to find out if points are added, and to check in on your new card balance page online.

Just as you would check any card balance for credit or debit cards online, you can do the same to check your my subway cards balance. For those who want to learn the number of points they have earned from using your cards, you can find this information out in one of two ways. These are:

  1. Ask the cashier
    It is as simple as requesting the cashier to check your active points balance when you are at a local subway shop. They simply swipe your card at the register, and they will get a points balance, and you can request a printed receipt copy for your records as well.
  2. If you are in the shop, the cashier might offer to redeem your points in order to pay for your food. However, since there is no expiration date on your points, if you wish to pay for your order with cash, and let your points pile up, this is an option you can choose. You can pay with your points, or continue to collect points allowing you to use them at a later date when you don’t have cash available and you are ready to eat at Subway.
  3. Check the balance online
    The second method for you to view your balance for your subway card is to go online and view your points and spending history. In order to do this, you are going to be required to log into your account, so make sure you have all of the information and your PIN available, in order for you to be able to access your account.

In order to check your subway card balance online, you are going to have to go through a series of steps. You will have to:

  • Load the usdlogin.comm site. You can either do this on a desktop, laptop, or if you have the mobile app on your phone, you can also visit the site directly on a smart device.
  • You will then log onto the portal. You are going to be required to enter your User ID, as well as your PIN and password. So make sure you have all accurate, up to date information ready, so you do not run into any issues when you are trying to access your account balance online.
  • You will then choose the subway card menu link on the site.
  • You will see a manage card option and click on this link.
  • Simply search the links, so you can check your cards balance online. There are a few links on the main page, so make sure you click the right one so you can view your current points balance online.

Now you will view the points that you have earned simply from using your gift card each time you visit subway. You will be surprised how quickly the points do add up, so it is very important that each time you go to a shop, and order any items from the menu, that you request the cashier to swipe the card, which will then add the points of purchase to your account.

The best promotion available to subway customers, is truly using the gift card from subway. It is basically like receiving free money, for something you are going to purchase anyway. As a reward customer, you are going to continually want to return, and keep using your card, in order to add those points up, so that you can later redeem your points balance for free foods.

Think of it this way. With the gift card, even if you don’t have cash or a credit card to pay for your lunch, your reward points are going to allow you to dine out, and pay for your meal. You are basically getting free food, simply by using your card each time you visit a local subway shop, and order any food or drink item off the menu.

As a customer, there are so many free menu items you can receive when you dine out at subway. And, with an endless number of sandwich combinations, and topping combinations you can choose from, the menu truly is unlimited, and you can try something new each time you do dine out at the restaurant.

Of course when you want to use your gift card balance to pay for your foods, the free foods you can choose from are going to be limited based upon the total number of bonus points you have on your card balance at any given time. This is why it is important for you to continually check your balance, so you know how much money you have available in free meals when you dine out.

The best way to earn free foods

No matter how you look at it, your subway card program is truly the best way to save, and is a promotion you shouldn’t pass up. Its going to keep you coming back for more since you can continue earning points to redeem for free foods at a future date. If you are a on tight budget or simply don’t want to pay for your meal one day, your reward points will pay for your food purchases.

There’s nothing better than earning free meals as a customer. With your subway rewards card this is exactly what you will enjoy. Of course the total number of points you have will dictate what free foods you can choose from. You must have a minimum of 10 points to use your rewards at which time you can redeem them for a free cookie. The more you earn, the more expensive the items you can pay for using your rewards. It truly is that simple!

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