Straight Talk Phones – Get the Unlimited Services and Features in One Smartphone

We live in a post-modern era of 2017, and we can see that all people are keep being busy with their smartphones. It is such a normal habit if they focus on their phone while walking, driving, even eating and sleeping. Well, if we are one of those people, we may need to set postpaid plan. It is such a help for us if we worry about having service problems in our prepaid plans. At the same line, we will get some helpful advantages from this. One of the most popular ones is Straight Talk Phones. Without a doubt, this mobile network will offer us the best things which another service cannot give. So, are we ready?

At a glance, we may agree that prepaid plans will cost us less than postpaid one. But if we see, people today are using postpaid because they get awesome phone specifications. They are such as the iPhone 6s, and other expensive phones. Like it or not, some networks are lack in giving the service to customers. Even if it is excellent, it is like impossible for people to afford it. That is why we need to try the prepaid mobile networks which are Straight Talk Phones.

Without a doubt, it will give us plus features and service, moreover when we use our phone every time. With this network, we will be able to access megabyte per seconds, complete with the offer of unlimited talk and internet. Besides, the service then will offer us the network coverage, the plans, complete with the professional customer service. As it is affordable, most people have it on their phones.

Straight Talk Phones

About Straight Talk Phones

We all must agree that having fewer budgets for our smart phone is suffering. In this case, we need to face hard times to find the excellent network provider. Yes, we must need the one which offers us talk time, unlimited internet, and other services. But, we cannot deny that most prepaid plans have the lack of quality. Besides, it will offer us fewer features than the others. But wait, Straight Talk is different!

Believe it or not, this network can fulfill our needs in the aspects we mentioned. For our information, Straight Talk is the service plan of TracFone Wireless Incorporation. Yes, we must know that this company is such the largest phone provider in the US. If we want to know whether our phone support this network or not, then we need to make sure that we have these brands. They are such as LG, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola, complete with iPhone. If we get interested in enjoying this Straight Talk Phones service, then we can go to a local Wal-Mart store. If we dislike walking, then we can order it through the Wal-Mart official website.

In another case, we may need to contact the customer service of Straight Talk Phones. Well, without making it further, we can try to call Straight Talk Number at 877-430-2355. The service center here will open from 8 am to midnight. When we start to call the Straight Talk Phones customer services, then we need to make sure we follow the steps. At first, we need to press one if we want the talking machine to use English. For the next, we can press some numbers which will bring us to the real human. The numbers which we need to press are 5-5-2-5-2. After that, we can press the symbol of # three times.

What to Do Before Calling Straight Talk Customer Service?

At first, when we call the Straight Talk Phones, we may need to listen to the talking machine. It will offer us some menu which we can choose based on what we need. Then, the machine will leave us for a while to connect us to the real human. Indeed, it will waste our 17 minutes to wait. Well, if we think we do not want to do this, we can start to hire the GetHuman. Without a doubt, it will do the job for us. We will no longer have to wait, and it can skip the waiting on hold. Besides, it will be able to play our favorite music when we are in a hold mode. In other words, this service will make us enjoy calling the Straight Talk Phones.

How to Call Straight Talk Phones from Our Computer?

Is it possible for us to call phone numbers using a laptop or PC? Well, why not? Without a doubt, we can use the application of web-phone. If we want to make it fast, then we need to use the mode of auto-pilot. For the next, we can record the call and other things we want. Alright, here are the contact numbers which we can take a not to call the Straight Talk Phones. They are such as:

  • For Straight Talk Phones Customer Service, we can call at 1 (877) 430-2355
  • For SIM Customers Number, we can call at 1 (855) 222-2355
  • If we want to call from Home Phone, then we can call at 1 (800) 299-7784
  • If we use our Mobile Hotspot Number, then we need to call at 1 (877) 430-2355
  • The office will open every day from 8:00 am to 12:00 am EST, but we need to keep in our mind that the wait time will spend our time for about 11 up to 29 minutes
  • If we want to send an email, then we can send it at
  • When we want to have chit chat with the service team, then we can open the Live Chat at
  • If we prefer to send mail, we can send it to the Mailing Address which is Straight Talk, Inc, Attention: Executive Resolution Department, 9700 NW 112th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178
How to Start Using Straight Talk Phones?

The first thing we need to do is that to make sure whether we use T-mobile or a phone with unlocked GSM. It is because the Straight Talk will work on the frequencies of 850 MHz up to 1900 MHz. Once we have such this phone, then we can start to use the Straight Talk SIM. Here, we can activate the unlimited services which we have talked about. We do not need of getting lost as we can see the guideline with the SIM. We can follow the instructions so that we can use the full service.

For the next, it is necessary for us to update our phone settings. Of course, we need to do Straight Talk Refill as our phone needs a pulse. In the same line, if we do not refill our Straight Talk phone, it will get expired based on the date stated. If we are such a lazy person, then we can choose the service of Auto-refill which will get refilled each month or 30 days.

How Does The Straight Talk Phones Work?

Someday, we may get some people are having problems with the service gaps. Indeed, we may think so that we cannot do anything when we have no money and our SIM get deactivated. Of course, it will be such a serious thing to think. But, again we need to calm down as we are now using Straight Talk Phones which are different! Yes, we need to keep in our mind that this network offers us long-term contracts. We can choose whether we want it for three months with $135, or maybe six months with $270. Besides, we can choose the choice of 1 year with $540. Now, we no longer need to worry as we have no money in future. We will still be able to enjoy the full services without a problem.

Advantages of Using Straight Talk Phones

Among the prepaid plans which we can find in markets, we must question on why we have to choose Straight Talk Phones? Well, it is an awesome question as it will bring us to the advantages of using this network. Alright, here are the offers which Straight Talk can give to us but the others cannot. They are:

  • With $45 per month, we will get the real unlimited text, talk time and internet data
  • We can get unlimited GSM services
  • We will get unlimited international plan
  • Then we will enjoy the unlimited nationwide talk time
  • We can enjoy the messages and data, complete with the unlimited international talk time for up to 1k international destinations
  • We can enjoy it through China, Canada, and India, as well as Mexico
  • Besides, we will not have to pay credit checks, bills, and what so-called complicated contracts
  • We can use all unlocked GSP smartphones
  • We no need to throw our precious old phone number
  • The system will works with website, email, IM, and SMS, complete with other social networks

The Excellent Features from Straight Talk Phones

As we get interested in the services and offers given by the network, we must get curious on the features inside. Well, without going around, here are the features which we can enjoy when we use the Straight Talk, such as:

  • Phone Selection

As we know, some phone brands such as Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 6S may not put the network on the first rank. It is because these phones win in compared to other smartphones. For the best tip, before we choose what phone we are going to use, we need to know the purpose of using it. If we do not like to play some strategic games, then we may not need to use the phones with heavy RAM. In another case, if we need to get full service from Straight Talk, then we can use the phones offered. Without a doubt, they will support this network to work at best.

  • Network Coverage

Still, in our mind, Straight Talk is running under Tracfone. It means that we can enjoy the wide network offered by Tracfone. For our information, this company has covered the network for about 99% of the US. It will be the plus point if we live in high buildings and other best place so that we can get the strong phone signals for 24 hours every day.

  • Straight Talk Phones Customer Service

One of the most important aspects which every company must have is the customer service. Without a doubt, even if the company is great, but it is a lack in this one, the customers then will go one by one. That is why Straight Talk is professional in serving all customers. Without a doubt, they will serve us whenever we call them. It is their goal to give us a solution and make us smile.

  • Straight Talk Plans

As what we have mentioned earlier, we know that we can set the long term plans for our phone. In this case, we no longer need to worry if we forget to refill our phone. Of course, we will still be able to enjoy the unlimited data service complete with its talk time. For each month, we can pay it for about $45. It will be the best choice if we use the one-year unlimited plan which will cost us $499. The most interesting part of using this postpaid plan is that it will not have hidden fees. Yes, everything will be the same as what the price has promised to us. Awesome, isn’t it?

  • Affordability

For our information, the maximum cost which we will find it Straight Talk Phones is $300. If we are smart, we can use some promo codes to reduce this price so that we can get the cheapest one. So, we no need to get worried as other people do when they do not use this smart network.

Overall, we can say that StraightTalk can be the best solution for our phone. Like its name, the smartphone must have smart network provider. We can get the best offers such as unlimited call, text, and data. And of course, we can enjoy the friendly voice of the customer service team which will help us facing the problems. If we are smart, we must use this network as the others offer promises. So, be wise and best luck in deciding the network for our precious phone!

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