Stater Bros Hours – Perfect Time to Go Shopping at Stater Bros Near Me

Stater Bros is a well-growth supermarket chain in the US. Headquartered in California, Stater Bros runs 169 stores in Southern Califfornia. For many years, this modern market does not have a certain slogan. But, now, it has an attractive motto as their ads. The slogan is Where You Always Get More For Less. It emphasizes that Stater Bros offers the low price for their product. This slogan has changed three times. But, the last slogan is the most ear-catching. Through the interesting jargon, this store can invite many customers to go to Stater Bros hours.

In the beginning, Stater Bros was a small grocery store. But, since the Stater Brothers bought this store, Stater Bros started to grow fast. It adds extra stores in Southern California. Besides, Stater Bros ever achieve The Best Place to Shop Grocery. This rate is according to National Consumer Magazine. Moreover, it was listed on Fortune 500 as the best grocery store. Due to its development, Stater Bros now employs almost 18.000 workers in all stores. Then, it can earn $4 billion annual sales.

Stater Bros has changed into the biggest privately-owned store chain in South California. Besides, it also becomes the largest private employer in Riverside and San Bernardino. Starter Bros has one roof operation in San Bernardino. This office and distribution center makes the operational activity becomes efficient. So, Stater Bros is ready to fight with other competitors.

Stater Bros Hours

Visiting this store at Stater Bros hours, helps you to fulfill your daily needs. Stater Bros provides the wide range of products. For instance, you can buy Deli, meat, seafood, and bakery. Stater Bros commit to selling the fresh and the best quality of meat. This store is also popular for its Stater Bros Cakes. You have to try its delicious cakes. Besides, the store also provides fresh flower and pharmacy.

When are Stater Bros Hours?

It is not hard to find out Stater Bros Hours. This market opens every day. But, the operation hours in every Stater Bros store may be different. You will be easy to go shopping there. It is so since Stater Bros opens early in the morning. Then, the store also closes in the midnight. So, Stater Bros has the longer operation hours than other stores. But, you should be aware that each Stater Bros store may close in different hours. But all chains open at 6 am. Here are the schedule of Stater Bros hours.

  • Sunday 6 am – 11 pm
  • Monday 6 am – 11 pm
  • Tuesday 6 am – 11 pm
  • Wednesday 6 am – 11 pm
  • Thursday 6 am – 11 pm
  • Friday 6 am – 11 pm
  • Saturday 6 am – 11 pm

Some stores may close earlier on Sunday. Sometimes they close at 10 pm. Besides, each department may have its operation hour. For instance, Stater Bros hours for Deli is 6 am – 9 pm. Then, Stater Bros hours for Bakery is 6 am – 9 pm. When you want to know the business hours for each Stater Bros chain, you should visit its website. By accessing, you can use Stater Bros store location. Then, it will inform you about Stater Bros store details. For instance, you can find the location of Stater Bros near me. Moreover, you will get the direction to the closest Stater Bros.

What are Stater Bros Jobs Opportunities?

All of the employees are busy in Stater Bros hours. They look professional when they serve Stater Bros customers. As the greatest supermarket chain in Southern California, Stater Bros attracts many job seekers to apply for the jobs. But, usually, this store hires the local job seekers. Stater Bros recruits the employees regularly. It wants to maintain the needs of workers over 160 chains. So, Stater Bros offers a wide variety of job opportunities. It hires high school students as well as professionals.

Before you apply for Stater Bros jobs, you need to understand some facts below.

  • Minimum age.

You should be at least 16 years old to work at Stater Bros. When you are still studying at High school; you can try to apply. Perhaps, Stater Bros will hire you as a part timer.

  • Stater Bros Hours.

Besides, you should know about Stater Bros hours. You have to be ready to work from 6 am – 11 pm. The company may divide the working hours to be some shifts. So, you should be available to work at Stater Bros in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

  • Position needed.

Here are the available positions at Stater Bros. You can apply one of these job positions. There are the cashier, grocery clerk, Courtesy Clerk, and Meat Clerk. But, if you love the managerial job, you can apply for office positions. There are assistant manager, store manager, and dept manager.

You may not know what the responsibilities of each position at Stater Bros hours. Here is the job description for each position. Then this explanation will help you to decide the job which fits with your ability.

  • Courtesy Clerk

This position is also known as a bagger. The main task of this job is helping the customers. They should bag the groceries, and help the shopper to bring the heavy item. Besides, they should gather the shopping carts in the parking area. Many applicants will work as a courtesy clerk. Stater Bros will pay them $8 or $9 per hour.

  • Cashier.

Every store must hire this position. Cashiers serve the customers who want to pay the transaction. The cashiers should be able to handle all types of payment. That is why Cashiers must be a careful person. It is so since their job is related to money.

  • Meat clerk.

This position is responsible to the meat dept. Their tasks are cutting the meat and weighing. Besides, they should wrap the meat. Moreover, they have to clean the display case as well. The meat clerk should be able to work in low-temperature place. It is so since they have to maintain the freshness of the meat. The pay rate is around $12 per hour.

  • Management job.

The store manager has various tasks. For instance, they have to maintain the sales and inventory. Besides, their work is staffing and monitoring the guest satisfaction. Moreover, the manager should set up the work schedule. They should arrange the shift during the Stater Bros hours. The pay rate of management jobs varies by the job title. They can achieve $50.000 up to $100.000 in a year.

How to Apply for Stater Bros Jobs?

Stater Bros is the ideal workplace to start your career. If you are an entry level job seeker, you should apply for Stater Bros Jobs. During Stater Bros hours, you will be able to find the new experience. The young job seekers can start their career at Stater Bros as the baggers or courtesy clerk. But, if you are more than 18 years old, you can apply for other positions. For instance, you can work at Deli, Bakery, Meat, or Seafood dept.

Stater Bros hires not only part timer but also full-time job seekers. This store offers management and pharmacy career. These jobs offer the competitive annual salary. Besides, the Stater Bros employees also get the attractive benefits. But, you must have the certain experience to apply for this position. Besides, you also need the proper education background. For instance, you should graduate from pharmacy school if you want to be Stater Bros pharmacist.

So, are you interested in being the part of Stater Bros? Here some tips to apply for Stater Bros job?

  • Search job opening.

Stater Bros does not provide the printable application. But, you can search the job opportunities on Stater Bros website. So, you have to visit Besides, you can contact the Stater Bros job inquiry line at 888 697 8794. Through this toll-free number, you can ask about the job opening. Then, you also can get the application details. Some stores may post Stater Bros ad vacancy on the store window.

  • Complete the application form in the store.

When you apply for the pharmacist, you can send your resume by email. But, if you apply for other jobs at Stater Bros, you should go to the store. Then, you have to complete the Stater Bros application form. You only can apply for the position which Stater Bros needs. This company will not accept the application if there are no job opportunities.

  • Pass the test.

Stater Bros may ask you to do some tests. One of them is drug screening. Stater Bros will make sure that you are not narcotic users. This store has a strict policy against the drug. When you do not use drugs, your chance to work at Stater Bros is bigger.

What is the Recent Stater Bros Ad?

Every week, Stater Bros offers the interesting promotion. This offer is known as Stater Bros weekly ads. Each week, you may find the certain product with the low price. Some people wait for this ads before they shop. So, how to get Stater Bros Ad? Here are the easy tricks to find out Stater Bros Ads.

  • Visit Stater Bros website.

Stater Bros site informs you about many things. You can explore the career, store locator, and shopping list. This website has three main menus. They are Special, Our Store, and About Us.

  • Select Special.

When you want to search the weekly ads, you should click on Special. Then, it will appear the drop-down menu. The next, you can choose Weekly Ad. The site will display the latest promotion for this week.

  • View in PDF format.

You can click on the red button under the weekly ad picture. Then, the site will display the Stater Bros weekly promo in the form of PDF.

These three steps are the simplest way to know the latest promotion. But, you should notice that the promo is only for seven days. The products offered in the weekly ad are varied. For instance, you can find the low price meat, fish, and fruit. Besides, there are big discounts for daily needs, bakery, and snack. Accessing Stater Bros Weekly Ads is the best way to save your shopping budget. You just need to list down your needs; then you can find the cheap one on the Stater Bros ad.

What is the Usage of Stater Brothers App?

Downloading Stater Brothers app will give you some ease. This app helps you to shop in Stater Bros. Besides; Stater Bros App helps you to sign up the Digital Deals. It is one of the programs from Stater Bros. Through Stater Bros Digital Deals, you can collect the coupon. All people will be happy shopping with the coupon. They can do shopping while saving. Stater Bros coupons enable you to get the low priced product.

In fact, there are two types of Stater Bros Coupon. They are the digital coupon and the paper coupon. The cashiers will apply the coupons when you make the purchase. If you hold the coupons, the cashier will reduce the amount of your purchase. When you use the Stater Bros electronic coupon, the cashier will apply the saving automatically. But, if you use the paper coupon, the cashier will apply it manually. So, do not forget to show your coupon to the cashier to get the discount.

How to Get Stater Bros Coupons? You just need to visit Then, you have to select Special menu on the top page. After that, click on the Coupon in the drop-down menu. The next, the site will show various coupons for many products. From this coupons, you can save from $1 up to $9 per product. You can directly select and print out the coupon which you want. But, if you want to track the clipped coupon, you need to sign into your Stater Bros account. Then, the site will display your paper coupon on My Coupon page. When you want to use the Stater Bros paper coupon, you just need to show it to the cashier.

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