Starbucks Contact – Secret Tricks to Complain in a High Class Style

It is a beautiful day to go hang out with our best friends and family. In this case, most of them share their ideas about the best places to visit now. Well, they start to fight, and it shows no result. Like a best friend or best family member, we can start to mention Starbucks which can treat us like kings. With the best quality coffee and full service, we will feel like enjoying the best holiday. If our close partners have agreed, then we can reach this restaurant through its Starbucks Contact. We can search for the nearest one, and we can save our precious time enjoying inside the cafeteria.

When we are enjoying this beautiful day, somehow we find a lack. Not to mention, we feel like the coffee we drink is not like the one we have ordered earlier. Well, it becomes a serious problem Moreover if we are the coffee lover. Of course, it is our right to complain and get the new one. Indeed, we have drunken a half part of the coffee, and we want to start complaining. Are we sure that the employees there will believe in what we complain? In some cases, we may start to decide that it is not necessary to complain and prefer to go home with the worst mood. No way! Our beautiful day should not have this end. If we can reach Starbucks Contact now, why we should choose to be sad?

For our information, the CEO of Starbucks has offered us Starbucks Contact which serves us well in all situations. It can be about the situation we face today or other disappointing mistakes done by the employees. When we are ready, we can contact the Starbucks Customer Service Number at 1-800-782-7282. Without a doubt, it will be the best way to solve our problem with this restaurant. If we prefer to challenge our self by talking to the employee in a direct way, it is okay. But still, we need to have the smart strategy to do so.

Starbucks Contact

The Best Tricks to Complain To Starbucks

Here, we can try some tricks which will make us look professional in delivering our complaints. We are in an elegant cafeteria so that we need to act in high-class style. So, here are the secret tricks!

Trick #1: Talk to the Starbucks Barista

The first step to do is to keep in our mind that we deserve better service as the money we have paid. Then, we need to speak up. Easy, isn’t it?Okay, here we need to figure out that we ordered the best hot chocolate in this cafe. For some years, we have enjoyed this hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Today, the barista or employee ruins our day as they do not put the cream. It is a problem as we have imagined the perfect glass of hot coffee and now everything has gone. Now, we need to decide that we have to say something.For those high-class people, we can say excuse me and start delivering our questions. Why we do not have the cream on the chocolate and so on. It will be as simple as we thought so that we no need to be nervous. It is about our right; we should not be afraid as long as we are on the right side. Agree?

Trick #2: Talk to the Starbucks Manager

After facing to the employee, we may find that we get nothing from this negotiation. Then, we no need to give up as we have other ways to do. The next thing we need to do is to talk to the manager. In this case, need to explain whether the barista does not want to remake our order. Or in some cases, we can say that the employee does not want to take their responsibility. It is okay to say it as long as we are honest and without making it exaggerated. We need to make sure whether the manager understands that we have worst experience at this café.

For our information, most Starbucks stores have their manager or other supervisors inside. In this case, we can see the assistant manager or maybe the manager. These three positions are different as some of the cafés do not have the assistant manager.To make it professional, we can first ask the name of the manager. So, when we approach him or her, we can get close as we have known their name. The tip for this step is so easy. All we should do is to speak up showing our disappointed feeling.

Trick #3: Keep Our Receipt or Bill

If we have been trying to speak to the store manager but nothing happens. Then, we should not stay quiet and keep going. It is such a serious problem as all employees inside do not take their responsibility. When we look at the baristas who do not give the best service, we will feel like we are not in the Starbucks. It must be our first time as this condition is strange and make us confused on what’s on earth? As a result, we need to look for the employee in a higher position to report it. Indeed, this step is hard as we do not know whether this cafeteria has the license or not.

So, it is best to look at the bill we have in a careful way. When we are in a cafeteria with the license, we can see something pointing to it on the bill. In the usual way, licensed café or store run inside other business. Here are the examples in this case, such as

  • If we are at an airport, we may need to get Starbucks Contact HMS Host as this store runs in the entire airports in the US with Starbucks locations
  • When we think like we are at a Starbucks Target, then we have no reason to go to the Starbucks Contact Target
  • The last example, we can get the QFC Starbucks Contact when we think we are inside this place

When we have been enough with complaining, then we can call the Starbucks Customer Service Phone Number. We can reach the professional team at 1-800-782-7282. For our information, all licensed Starbucks which we find in the US will have a district manager. All complaints from the customers then will pass to the district manager.

Trick #4: Go to the District Manager

At first, we may question on what the district manager is. Indeed, the position is higher than those managers in some cafeteria. The district manager here runs ten up to twelve café or stores in the same area.We need to know that feedback means everything for each business. It is because those vocal customers will decide the future of the company. If those loyal customers walked away with an unhappy face, then they are better to close their stores. Nothing is correct in opening the business is all they can do is to disappoint us, right?

If we see in real life, we may agree that people are complaining every time. But, it does not tell us so when they have a hard day at some stores or restaurants. In this case, we all must prefer to avoid the places and walk away. We have set in our mind that we do not want to be their customers. Even if we get the worst food, we prefer to be silent and do nothing but enjoy it. Then, we go home with the worst mood without explanation.

Indeed, complaints are a gift from the customer to the business owner. If no one complains, then how come they know their mistakes? As a result, they stuck in giving poor service without growing.For this reason, we should help them watching this poor service with their eyes. Not to mention, we can tell the Starbucks team to put the pamphlets saying Share Our Thoughts in a first rank. We can say something simple like “they are not serving me well, please do the evaluation for this serious problem. Or maybe, you want to lose your ten customers who want to waste their money here today!” BOOM!

Advice to Deliver Our Starbucks Complaints in a Successful Way

One of the best advice which we need to listen is that we need to look for the contact person of the district managers. To get this one, we can ask the manager to help us getting the phone number or maybe other Starbucks Contacts such as email or office address. When we are doing this, we need to be brave to talk to this district manager or DM. Without a doubt, we can give some positive feed backs first before delivering our complaints. If we get the email address, it is okay as we can use this media in an effective way.When we ask for the contact person, in most cases we cannot use the standard question like what is the district manager’s phone number and so on. If we do not get a way out for this problem, then we can continue the next advice.

The next one will be easier for us as all we should do is to reach the general Starbucks Contact. Yes, we can call the Customer Service every time we want. We can ask for the contact person of the district manager, and we need to finish the trouble maker. For the best suggestion, it will be great if we call the local Starbucks Contact.

How to Contact Starbucks CEO?

When we hear about Starbucks CEO, we cannot deny thinking about the handsome face of Howard Schultz. In this case, we are going to break the secret contact person of this CEO. We can contact him through email, phone, and so on. They are such as:

  • We can send a letter to the Starbucks Email of the CEO Howard Schultz at
  • If we need to have direct conversation, we can call at 206-447-1575
  • For the fax, we can send it to 206-682-757
  • Writing a letter will be best if we send it to Starbucks Coffee Company, 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134-1436, USA
  • If we want to visit the private house of Schultz, we can set our GPS to 1500 42ND AVE E, UNIT 7, Seattle, WA 98112
About the Starbucks Contact Details

As we can imagine, Starbucks has some ways to reach the customers and vice versa. It makes us possible to complain or give some suggestions to the restaurant. For the best program offered by Starbucks, we can join the Starbucks Card or My Starbucks Rewards. Somehow, we can check the points by calling the Starbucks Contact at 1-800-782-7282.For theStarbucks Hours, we can reach this restaurant between 3 AM and Midnight. It will open every day so that we no need to worry that we miss making a call. For the alternative Starbucks Contact, we can call 1-877-421-9062.

How to Do Starbucks Contact Live Chat?

The easy way which will help us to chat the live person from the customer service is by visiting Of course, we need the internet connection to do so. It is much better if we can make sure whether the connection is at a fast speed. It will avoid us getting the error page or having a break while we are having a serious conversation.

How to Get Starbucks Contact Email Form?

If we love to write, we can visit to get the email form. It will take one up to two days for the team to answer our questions or complaints. We can use the email address to send an email. Here is the address which is The best way to keep being updated with the news is by subscribing the account. When the website or other social medias of Starbucks starts to post something, we will get the email. So, we will not miss a single info as well as the promotion.

How to Reach Starbucks Contact on Social Medias?

Youngsters and adolescence must take this way as it is the easiest ones for them. Well, if we belong to those young adult people, then we can contact Starbucks through Twitter. We can mention @Starbucks and make a tweet or send them a DM or direct message. For the limitation, we should write not more than 140 characters.

Here are the Starbucks Social Medias, such as:

  • For Starbucks on Facebook, we can
  • We can see the timeline of Starbucks on its Twitter in the link
  • Most people may prefer to use LinkedIn; we need to if we are curious on the job vacancy at Starbucks
  • we can look for the information of Starbucks by visiting
  • for the general contact of the customer service, we can visit via online on

Those are the social medias which we can find in an easy way. For other links, we can see most of them are available to find in some Retail Companies. We can use the program of Pinterest or maybe Instagram. Then we can find the well-known brands’ accounts to follow. The official page will have a blue check icon beside the name of the account.

For the conclusion of this article, we can say that nothing is impossible in delivering our complaints to the barista. We can tell the truth on how our coffee tastes and ask for the new one. If they refuse, then we can approach the manager and the district manager. And the last try, we can contact the CEO in a direct way. If we are patient enough, we can contact the Customer Service. Still, the best strategy is to say we are loyal customers and have enjoyed the services for years. Then, we can say what makes us not comfortable with the service we got today or yesterday. Overall, best luck and get the real hot chocolate back!

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