Starbucks Complaints – Fightfor Our Rights and Don’t Be Afraid!

Enjoying hot coffee at morning must be exciting, moreover when we are with a special person beside us. In this case, Starbucks becomes the best choice as it offers exclusive facilities. They are such as fast speed Wi-Fi connection, fully air condition room, and of course, comfortable sofa. With beautiful scenery, we can feel like enjoying temporary heaven. But sometimes, we find something which we should avoid it. Not to mention, the coffee we get maybe not the same with the order we have. When it happens, it is the time to hit the Starbucks Complaints.

As customers, we have a right to fight for what we suppose to get. Of course, it is because we have paid for the menu. If we do not get as what it gets promised, we should not stay quite. Somehow, it takes bit energy to say to the staff whether the coffee we get does not match to our order. Or maybe, the Wi-Fi connection is slow, and we want the staff to fix it. It will be such luck if the staffs listen to our Starbucks Complaints. But if they ignore us, we can start to approach the manager. It is to our right; we should do everything needed, shouldn’t we?

About Starbucks Headquarters

The best way to send our Starbucks Complaints is by visiting Starbucks office. For our information, this restaurant started to run since 1971. At first, this restaurant sold some roasted coffee beans complete with the spices. Of course, this store selling the products without a place for the customers to enjoy the coffee at the same time. The first store was in Pike Place Market which we can find in Seattle. Start from this place; we can enjoy Starbucks in over 60 countries towards the world. If we try to look some large cities which do not have Starbucks store inside, we will get it hard. It is easy to find the stores wherever we go.

Starbucks Complaints

Talking about the Starbucks headquarters, we all have agreed that the main office is in Seattle, Washington. There are some ways to contact the Starbucks headquarter. We can call the office, send an email, or maybe visit the office.

How to Contact Starbucks Corporate Office?

After knowing the important role of the office, it looks like we cannot wait to give our Starbucks Complaints. Alright, here are the contact details, which are:

  • Starbucks Headquarters Address: this first way will let us write a letter to the office, here is the address which is Starbucks Headquarters 2401 Utah S. Seattle, WA 98134
  • Starbucks Corporate Phone Number: the next contact details is for those who prefer to talk than write a letter; in this case, we can call the headquarters at 1-206-447-1575 or 0208 834 5050
  • For the Postal address, we can go to the Building 4 Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, W4 5YE

Those are the general contacts which will help us to talk to the manager of this restaurant. If we want to find the easiest way, then we can download the online applications in Google Play Store. Of course, this application is available for iPhone and Android. Through this application, we can give feedback related to the service we have got. We no need to worry about having to pay for the extra charge as all we need is the internet connection. One of the features which we can get from this application is that we can record our phone call. As a result, when we need proof, we can show it to the manager on how the employee treats us.

How to Send Starbucks Complaints to the Customer Service?

Do we know? Starbuck customer service is offering us the service named resolver. In this case, the service team will allow us to use the tool of Starbucks Complaints. Besides, those British consumers will have direct access to the team. In touch with the customer service providers who can resolve their complaint. There are some advantages which we can get from this tool.

If we use the resolver, here are the advantages, such as:

  • We can keep the entire Starbucks Complaints we have in one place so that when we need it, we can find it in an easy way
  • Then, we will be able to find the specific person in charge in the department to ask for a help
  • We can use some simple templates to make our Starbucks Complaints easy to understand, moreover when we are not expert in writing
  • To make it easier, the team will get some notification complete with the reminders so that they will give us the fastest respond
  • As they set the automatic notification, they will not forget our complaint, it all depends on the urgency level
  • All at once, the team and the customers can see the history and review the response given from the team
Best Services of Starbucks Complaints

Special for the customers, this restaurant offers us a couple of services. First, we will be able to raise ourStarbucks Complaints about the Restaurants as well as Takeaways. For the second, we can use the service of Resolver system. Without a doubt, these services will help us much in processing the complaint faster and easier.

How to Get Help for Starbucks Complaints?

For our information, the resolver is free to use. Of course, it will not cost us a single penny as the restaurant tries to fulfill the customer rights. Through this service, we can express our Starbucks Complaints in an effective way. By using this service, it can improve the productivity of the employees as well. But, if we prefer to complain through emailing or calling the phone numbers, we can go on. It is because Starbucks employees work from the heart and will help us when we need something.

How to Start Sending Starbucks Complaints?

It seems like we get interested in enjoying the resolver service. The first thing we need to do is to tell our friends to express our complaints together. Without a doubt, we will make the process faster, and the employee will stop making mistakes. Somehow, the brand which is well-known will underestimate the customers. If we do not want to get looked down, then we should start expressing it. One of the best media we can choose is Facebook andTwitter. Once people are trying to raise the same complaints with us, it will be a trending topic. Start from this; we have won our right!

In another case, we can contact the Starbucks Headquarters through the mailing address, phone numbers, and so on. So, here are the contact details about Starbucks HQ.

Starbucks Contact Details:

  • Starbucks 1 800 Number: this contact is the most wanted one as the others cannot give direct call to the staff, here is the number which is1-800-782-7282
  • In another case, we can visit Starbucks Corporate Office at 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, Washington 98134, United States
  • For the mailing address, it will be different which we should send to Starbucks Customer Service, PO Box 6363, Dover, DE 19905-6363
  • For the Starbucks Office Phone Number, we can call at 1-206-447-1575
  • Or maybe, we can visit the Starbucks Website at

Starbucks Complaints from Some Customers

Among the Starbucks Complaints, we can find some interesting ones from the customers. In this case, we can read some of them and see how brave they are. At the same time, it will help us to encourage us to do so. For our information, Starbucks ignores those loyal customers who have spent their money. If we see, the restaurant gives the respond based on the money which the customer spends every day at this restaurant. For example, we may be the customer who visits this restaurant each day. But if we do not spend up to $2 per visit, we do not belong to their priority. That is why we need some tricks in giving our Starbucks Complaints. In another case, if Starbucks has some promotions, we may need to spend more money to enjoy the special treatment.

Still, about this restaurant, we need to know that Starbucks has some ways to handle the customer backlash. It starts to use Facebook when this restaurant needs to launch a change. The goal is, of course, to let the public know the news so that they can give the response or even complaints to it. One of the posts on Facebook was on 22nd February which got 5k comments in a couple of days. But, this restaurant does not answer all questions asked from the customers. Instead, the employee copy pasted the same answer which we think it can be not relevant. Do we want to waste our time giving our Starbucks Complaints on this media?

Starbucks Empathy and Humanity

What the Starbucks mean about empathy and humanity here does not mean that we can get cheap coffee with full services. In this case, the CEO wants to say is that the customer service team will listen to the Starbucks Complaints from customers with heart. It does not matter whether it is on written from or voice, Starbucks team tries hard to understand us. But, all is a daydreaming! Starbuck may offer promises working from the heart, but as the brand is developing, it looks down the customers. Today, this restaurant realizes that customer means everything. Since disappointed customers can ruin the brand, Starbucks starts to stand back. Of course, the best strategy they have is by bringing back the quality of the customer service.

In the past, Starbucks held an event named ConsumerAffairs. In this event, the public can see how mad the CEO and team in giving respond to the customers’ post in some social medias. As a result, some companies having a partnership with this restaurant avoid getting close. The team has realized that it is not right to blame the customers. Both parties which are the company and customers must understand to each other. Of course, it is the customer service job to make us understand. When something happens like a misunderstanding, the CEO realizes that it is their fault. From the gallery of the Starbucks Complaints, we can say that people disagree about with the changes made by Starbucks.

Well, problems will keep coming in our business and real life. For the Starbucks team, they must have reasons on why they make the changes. It can be to keep the quality of the service and so on. For the customers, we are free to express our Starbucks Complaints. But still, we need to keep our manner and attitude in delivering it. When we have some thoughts we need to tell to the restaurant, we can call at:

  1. +1 800 235 2883
  2. +1 206 447 1575
  3.  Besides, you can call +1 253 638 1283
  4. +1 253 912 9974
  5. +1 360 491 8247
  6.  Another number of Starbucks Customer Service is +1 425 432 9961
  7. +1 425 771 0878
  8. +1 800 782 7282

Those are the contacts of the Starbucks customer service which will listen to our thoughts. At first, we may need to wait for a while as the talking machine offers us some choices. Then, it will offer us to speak to the manager and another person in charge. In waiting for the respond, we may listen to music played by the machine. We can enjoy it so that we can relax while waiting. When we get connected, we can explain the problem we face related to the service we got. In delivering the message, we need, to tell the truth as it will help us much in solving the problem. We no need to make it exaggerated so that the employee will get harder punishment.

When we work, we must dislike it if we get punishment which we do not deserve. Of course, it will be unfair for us. As customers, we need to understand the condition. When the error comes from other factors beyond of the employee, we should not complain them. Anyway, it is our life that we can have once. If we cannot be happy and be patient in living our life, we will get stress. So, keep being happy and enjoy the coffee!

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