Smoothie King Feedback – Get $1,000 Prizes from Smoothie King Sweepstakes

Who wants an ideal body and healthy? Of course, everyone wants to be healthy. We may agree with this opinion as living a healthy life is a must. But sometimes, we do not have time to make some healthy foods and drinks. Well, Smoothie King Stores are the answers! If we are such a customer of this café, we can take Smoothie King Feedback survey that will lead us to win $1,000 prizes. Doesn’t fresh money make us healthy too?

About Smoothie King Incorporation Profile

So, Smoothie King is about to rewards the customers the $1,000 cash or gift cards. First of all, we have to know that Smoothie King is such an Incorporation that serves all customer healthy smoothie made from fruits and vegetables. In this case, the restaurant makes each smoothie based on the request of each customer. For instance, if we want to be slim, or on diet, the staff will make a smoothie that can help us reduce our calorie. In short, the goal of each smoothie is different from each other based on customers mind.

Smoothie King Feedback

Steve Kuhnau is the founder of this healthy drinks chain brand. At the first time opened, in 1970, he was daydreaming of making colorful healthy drinks. He tried to mix some fruits and milk and here he got Smoothie King now. Smoothie King Restaurant now is able to serve all drinks with more vitamins and nutrients. We can visit Smoothie King Stores and request what we want the smoothie to do for us. We can check the full menu at

There will be some features that we can try such as Smoothie King Near Me. Here, we can find the nearest Smoothie King locations. In 2007 itself, we can find Smoothie King stores in different 650 locations all over the world.

About Smoothie King Feedback Survey

This Smoothie King brand has gained success in making people healthy. And now, the Smoothie King team wants to evaluate the business. Through Smoothie King Feedback, the team wants to listen to what the customers say about the products and services. Yes, Smoothie King Feedback is such an online survey held by Smoothie King brand for the sake of customers. In this case, the team wants to improve the brand quality by enhancing the satisfaction of the customers.

The Smoothie King Feedback survey is available at The process of taking the survey will be less than ten minutes. Once we have completed the Smoothie King survey, we can enter the Smoothie King sweepstakes for $1,000. There will be some advantages that we can get from taking part in Smoothie King Customer Satisfaction Survey. For instance, we can learn how to create surveys. Also, we help our self to get better service and products for our next visit at Smoothie King.

What Are the Smoothie King Feedback Sweepstakes Prizes and Rewards?

Talking about the Smoothie King sweepstakes is not best if we do not mention the rewards or prizes. For our information, Smoothie King offered us to win an instant $1,000 for lucky Smoothie King winners. Of course, taking SmoothieKingFeedback is worthy as all we have to sacrifice is our precious five minutes. There will be different Smoothie King experience survey for different residents of some countries. And also, the prizes offered may vary based on the country. If we want to enter the SmoothieKing sweepstakes, first of all, we have to take the survey.

For our information, Smoothie King has been 30 years operating the business. From the Smoothie King, we can also win the weekly Smoothie King $1,500 weekly. In case we want to win both Smoothie King instant and weekly prizes, it is best to take the surveys many times. Here, we will get more chances to enter the Smoothie King sweepstakes. At the same line, we can increase the possibility to win the Smoothie King prizes. For other lucky winners, we will have a chance to get some discounts for our next visit.

How to Take Smoothie King Feedback Survey?

The prizes and rewards offered by Smoothie King, we find taking the survey is pretty interesting. As what we have known earlier, we need to visit to take both survey and sweepstakes. Before we start taking the survey, it is best to follow the Smoothie King Feedback survey guidelines. There are some preparations that we have to take. For the rules, it all depends on the policy of each SmoothieKing in each country. Then, we can follow the step by steps for the survey and sweepstakes. Alright, here are the guidelines!

What to Prepare for Smoothie King Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Before we take the survey, here are some important kinds of stuff that we have to prepare. It is best to make everything ready once we are about to open the Smoothie King Feedback official website. They are such as:

  • First, we need a recent Smoothie King receipt that has invitation survey code on it
  • Second, we need to be a legal resident of the US or other countries that hold the Smoothie King Feedback survey
  • Third, we should have a device such as a laptop or smart phone and internet connection to access
  • Fourth, it is a must that we are 18 years old or we may be older when we take the survey and enter the sweepstakes
  • We have to own an email address, active phone numbers, and other personal contacts as we need to put it for the Smoothie King sweepstakes
Step by Step to Take Smoothie King Feedback Survey

So, without taking a longer time to take the survey, here are some steps to follow, such as:

  • Step #1:

First thing first, we have to connect our device to a stable internet connection. Then, we can open the internet browser and at the address page, we can type It is the link that can direct us to the survey and sweepstakes.

  • Step #2:

Once we get into the Smoothie King Feedback homepage, we can input our Smoothie King Feedback entry code. In this section, we have to check our receipt as all data we need is on our receipt. They are such as Smoothie King store number; the day and time we visited the restaurant, and so on.

  • Step #3:

The next step, we can start to answer some details about our visit. It can be about whether we dine in or not and so on.

  • Step #4:

Now, we can start to answer Smoothie King Feedback questions. In this case, each question has multiple answers that we can choose the best one. Our answers will be the representatives on how much we satisfied with the services and products. We can answer the questions until we find no more.

  • Step #5:

Once we have done giving the rates and answers, we can enter the Smoothie King sweepstakes. In this case, we have to input our personal contact and information. They are such as our gender, our age, phone numbers, and so on.

  • Step #6:

If we have done with everything, we will get Smoothie King Feedback Validation Code from the sweepstakes. We have to take a note that code on our receipt as a proof that we have taken the survey. When the survey team announces us we are the Smoothie King Feedback winners, we will need this coupon code.

What Are the Korea, Grand Cayman, and Singapore Smoothie King Feedback Official Websites?

As we have understood, different countries have different websites for Smoothie King Feedback. In this case, we need to choose one if we do not travel around the world just to take the survey. So, here are the Smoothie King Feedback international official websites, such as:

  • For the international official Smoothie King Feedback survey, we can visit
  • If we are such residents of Korea, we can visit the Smoothie King Korea at
  • In case we are the resident of Singapore we can vest the Smoothie King Singapore at
  • And for the Smoothie King Grand Cayman, the survey and sweepstakes are available at
What is the Smoothie King Hours?

If we want to make a visit, we need to be sure that we visit the stores in the Smoothie King hours. For our information, different stores have different office hours. But at average, we can find Smoothie King stores open between 7 AM and 9 PM starting from Monday to Friday. For Weekends, it will open on 9 AM to 9 PM on every Saturday. And for Sunday, it is open from 11 AM to 7 PM.

For the best results, we can find it online using Smoothie King Near Me keywords. The first result will show the nearest location complete with the Smoothie King office hours. So that we know, Smoothie King has more than 800 locations in the world. We can visit its official website at if we want to know more about the restaurant.

How to Contact Smoothie King Customer Service Team?

And here we are with some troubles that we cannot handle. Well, it is okay to have a bad experience at Smoothie King. But, we should give feedback, so the employees and manager know what to do for the next. Our feedback here can be a warning for the team to keep serving all customers with love. So, here are the Smoothie King contact details that we can try to get in touch with the employees or manager. They are:

What is the Smoothie King Postal Mailing Address?

We can write a letter to the restaurant and send it to Smoothie King Franchises, Incorporation. The full address that we have to write down on the envelope is 3900 North Causeway Boulevard, One Lake way, Suite 1300, Metairie, Lost Angeles 70002, and United States.

In the process of writing the letter, it is best to pay attention to the format and language style used. Here, we need to make it formal as we are writing to the manager and other representatives. Then, we can use a communicative language that is polite. It is important for us to deliver what problems we face related to Smoothie King. Not to mention, we can explain how we have tried to solve it and so on.

What are the Smoothie King Phone Numbers?

So, in case we want to call the Smoothie King Headquarters number, we can dial at 1 800 577 4200.  We can explain all details about the problems to the staff but we have to be polite. And in case we want to check our balance on our Smoothie King gift card, it is best to dial 1 888 529 6578.

What is the Smoothie King Email Address?

We can send an email to in case we want to ask a question, send complaints, and so on. In writing the email, we have to be specific as we are writing a traditional letter. For instance, we need to mention the date and time of the problems. Or maybe, we can add how we have tried to solve the problems. The team will be glad as we are active in giving feedback that can help them to grow better.

What Are the Smoothie King Social Media?

Somehow, we want to know the social media of this restaurant. Here are the details of the Smoothie King link addresses, such as:

  • For YouTube, we can visit it at
  • If we have Google Plus, it is best to make a visit at
  • Now, we can visit Facebook at
  • If we want to mention the Smoothie King twitter account, we can visit com/smoothieking
  • And the last, we can use the Pinterest by visiting

Yeah! We have understood every single detail about Smoothie King restaurants complete with the Smoothie King Feedback Survey. We can be free to visit the Smoothie King stores and enjoy our favorite smoothie. As smoothie is healthy, we can consume it every day. As good customers, we cannot miss a single chance to win the Smoothie King $1,000 prizes that can make our day. Start taking the Smoothie King survey now and enter the Smoothie King sweepstakes! Best luck!

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