SkywestOnline – Guideline to Access SkyWest Employee Login Page

SkyWestOnline is the employment portal of SkyWest Airline. Besides, SkyWest is the company of North American Airline. Headquartered in Utah, SkyWest becomes one of the major airlines in the United States. This airline company operates several regional flights. No doubt, this company becomes the member of Regional Airline Association. Even though it only operates the regional flights, this airline serves some flights to Canada and Mexico. In fact, SkyWest has the flight route to 238 cities in 45 states. Furthermore, SkyWest also serves as the Feeder airline. It means it operates with other major carriers. As the example, SkyWest has the partnership with United Express, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines.

To fulfill the business need, SkyWest employs more than 12.700 staffs. A large number of employees can support this airline to make over 2200 departures every day. Since SkyWest has a lot of employees, this company needs a central system which can manage all the staff. Therefore, this company creates SkyWestOnline employee portal. SkyWest Online serves as the online HR website for all staffs of SkyWest Airline. So, this website is only accessible by the authorized employees of SkyWest. In order to enter this SkyWest employment portal, the employees have to login by entering their employee ID and password. But, if you are the new staff of SkyWest, you have to create a new SkyWest Online account first. Keep reviewing this writing in order to understand the register and the login steps.


Once you are successful in logging into SkyWestOnline account, you can do some activities related to your job. The first thing you should do is updating your profile. Then, you can access your personal SkyWest account to see the benefits. This section will give you the details of the work benefits such as the insurance, retirement plan, or profit-sharing plans. Furthermore, all SkyWest employees also can view their salary through the online pay stubs. Moreover, this online portal will make your job easier. It is because you view and print out some documents. As the example, you can access HR-related data and employee handbook.

How to Register to SkyWestOnline Employee Portal?

Now, you have noticed the importance of SkyWestOnline portal to support your careers in this airline. So, if you do not have SkyWest Online account, you have to create it soon. Imagine if you do not have SkyWest account. You must be difficult to access all data related to your employment. When you need the details of employment document, you do not to go to SkyWest HR office. All important data are accessible through SkyWest Online website.

To enjoy this online service, you have to register yourself at SkyWestOnline Login page. All staffs of SkyWest Airline company especially the newly-hired employees have to sign up on this website. This way, you can explore and use SkyWest Online website maximally. In fact, SkyWest Online serves as the online self-service site. This online platform enables the staff to view and register the benefits. Besides, they also can check the online check stubs, attendance, holding status, and other data.  So, are you ready to sign up in SkyWestOnline? Follow this brief guideline to create SkyWest Online account.

  • Visit the official site of SkyWestOnline.

SkyWest Online employment website is accessible at When you want to sign up a new account or log into your account, you should access

  • Press the Register button.

In the center of the page, you will find SkyWestOnline login form. Under this form, you will see the button to register a new account. Since you are the first time user of SkyWest Online website, you have to sign up to create a new account.

  • Accept the terms and conditions.

Once you click on Register button, you will land on the new page consisting the terms and conditions of using SkyWest Employee Login page. After reading and understanding this explanation, you should press the button entitled I Agree. This disclaimer contains the description about the limitation usage, materials available on SkyWest Online, and Liability disclaimer. Besides, it also informs you about the service contact you can reach whenever you have some problems in accessing SkyWest Online.

  • Input the Employee ID.

The next page contains the form to register a new SkyWest Online account. First, you have to enter your Employee ID number. Once SkyWest hired you, you will receive the employee number. This serial number usually consists of six digits in length. You should include the zero number in front of your ID if necessary. If you do not remember your SkyWest employee number, you should check your ID card.

  • Enter the date of birth.

The next, SkyWestOnline employee portal will match the detail you input with the data stored in the HR system. So, you have to enter the date of your birth. You can click the small icon of calendar besides the empty field. This way, you can select the date, month, and year when you were born.

  • Enter SSN.

After that, you need to supply your Social Security Number to the field provided. Every employee of all companies will have this SSN. Then, you can click Continue button to complete this SkyWestOnline registration process.

  • Set up SkyWestOnline password.

Then, SkyWest Online site may require you to create a password. You have to follow the instructions provided on this site in order to create SkyWest account. Your password should be secure. So, you have to set up a complicated password by combining letters, numbers, and special characters. This way, other people cannot hack your account.

  • Set up the security questions.

In case you cannot remember your SkyWestOnline login credentials, you need to provide some answers to the security questions. This answer will help you to reset and get your password back. So, you should always remember the answer for each security question.

These are the steps to register at SkyWestOnline employee website. If you find some troubles when you complete this registration steps, you have to reach SkyWest Online Service Contact. You can ask for the solution to your problem by writing an email to Then, you have to wait for the response to solve your registration issue. Besides, you also can contact your SkyWest HR manager to ask for help.

How to Sign into SkyWestOnline Login Page?

When you complete the online registration process at SkyWesOnline portal, it means that you have created your account. So, you can start accessing your SkyWest account whenever you want. Firstly, it is necessary to update your SkyWest Online profile. Then, you also can explore other features and services provided by SkyWest Online website. For example, you can try to view your working benefits, payroll, and performance planning as well. But, to access all of this information, you have to sign into your account. SkyWest Online login process is very simple to do. You just need to prepare SkyWest Online login details such as employee ID and password. Then, you can do these following steps to reach your online account.

  • Access SkyWestOnline portal.

As usual, to do the registration or login process, you have to go to SkyWest Online employee portal. Use the compatible browser to load If this URL is not accessible, you have to check your internet connection. Besides, you also can reach by using the search engine. Type the keyword SkyWestOnline on the search bar. Then, you will find out the website on the search result.

  • Enter your Skywest employee ID.

The design of SkyWestOnline homepage is very simple. You will only find the login form in the middle of the page. Here, you can supply your SkyWest employee ID number. See your employee ID card if you do not know what your employee ID is. Enter six digit number correctly. If necessary, you can add the zero number in front of this employee ID.

  • Enter the password.

Do you still remember SkyWest password you have just set up in the registration process? Then, you have to input the correct password to the second field. SkyWest Online will give an alert if the password you enter is wrong. When you cannot remember this password, click Forgot Your Password link. This way, you can reset your SkyWest password.

  • Enter the Image Text.

To increase the security of the login process, this site asks you to input the image text. Then, you should pay attention to the uppercase and lowercase on this image. This way, you can provide the correct text. Entering the correct code will verify that you are a human, not a robot.

  • Press Sign In button.

The last step, you can click on the Sign In button. This way, you can enter to your SkyWest online account.

Now your login process is successful. So, you can start exploring your account. It is better to update your SkyWest profile. Just go to My Stuff section. Then, you can edit your profile. In this section, you can edit your personal details such as names, date of birth, marital status, and address. Besides, you can edit the information about your job as well. For instance, you can enter the hiring date, the name of supervisor, the job code, etc.

After you edit your job profile, you can explore other menus. As the example, you can access the benefits and property info. Besides, you also can check the payroll details. Furthermore, accessing some documents and performance planning is also possible. This website also has an online forum menu. This way, you can interact and communicate with other SkyWest employees. Just be free to try accessing each feature and menu provided by SkyWestOnline. So, you can know the usage of each menu provided by this online employee portal. You also can download SkyWestOnline Mobile so you can access your account from the smartphone.

How to Reset SkyWestOnline Password?

Most SkyWest staffs are failed to log into their account since they forgot the password. Once they do not remember the correct password, they will not be able to sign into their account. If this case happens to you, you should not be panic. It is because SkyWeestOnline website provides the helpful link for resetting your password. So, how you can get your SkyWest password back? Just follow the easy steps below to recover your SkyWest password.

  • Go to SkyWest Online Employment portal.

Do the first step of logging into your account. Access to find the link to recover your password. Then, you should focus on the link under the password field.

  • Select Forgot Your Password link.

Under the section to enter the password, you will find the link entitled Forgot Your Password. This link will bring you to the new page to recover your SkyWest Online password.

  • Enter the employee ID.

On the new page, you will find a form which requires some of your employment details. First, you have to enter the correct employee ID which you can find on your ID card. Make sure that the ID you input has six digits. But, if you do not know what your ID is, you should ask your SkyWest supervisor.

  • Select the hire date.

After that, you have to enter the date when you were hired by SkyWest Airlines. You can find this date on your contract. But, if you are difficult to find it, you can ask about the hire date to your supervisor or HR staff.

  • Enter the birth date.

The next, you should select your date of birth. You can directly enter your date of birth with the format month/day/year. Besides, you also can select the date from the calendar feature beside the date field. Just click the left arrow to change the month and year. Then, select the correct date.

  • Enter SSN.

The last, this site requires your Social Security Number. But you do not have to enter the entire number. Just input the last four digits of SSN. To proceed this form, you should click Continue button.

SkyWest will verify your data from the details you enter on this form. If the data you enter is valid, you can go to the next process. In this step, you may have to answer SkyWest security question. If your answer is correct, you will be able to get back your password. If you find the troubles in resetting your password, you should call SkyWest IT Help Desk. The phone number is 435 634 3271.

What are the Benefits of Working at SkyWest Airlines?

SkyWest is one of the companies which applies Equal Opportunity Employer. It means SkyWest Airline does not hire the staff based on the identification with the group of people. But, the principal to recruit the employees is based on the skills, attitude, experience, and the characters of the applicants. This way, all applicants have the same opportunity to be the part of this airline company. If you want to be the employees of SkyWest Airlines, you should have a good attitude and work record as well as appropriate experience.

This company also considers hiring the minorities, veteran, women, as well as the people with disabilities. SkyWest just wants to make a good contribution to the nations. That is why this airline does not discriminate the minorities. Besides, SkyWest always commits to creating the comfortable working environment. Furthermore, SkyWest treats and respects all the staffs regardless the gender, race, religion, or marital status.

Many job positions are available on SkyWest Airlines. You can visit to search the position which matches to your skill and education background. For instance, you can apply for SkyWest Pilot and SkyWest Flight Attendants. Besides, other positions which are available are A&P Mechanic, Avionic, Crew Support, and Ticket & Gate Agent. Many job seekers are interested in applying for the job in SkyWest Online. It is because this company offers the bright career as well as interesting benefits. Here are several SkyWest Career Benefits you can get.

  • Health insurance.

This benefit is only available for full-time employees of SkyWest. They can choose the health plans which they need. Besides, they can apply for Dental and Vision plan as well.

  • Financial benefits.

SkyWest also provides the financial plans for its employees. For instance, there are stock purchase plan, 401K plan, and Performance Reward Program.

  • Travel.

This benefit is not only for the SkyWest staffs but also for their family members. With this program, they will have the unlimited travel privileges on SkyWest flights route system. Besides, they also can travel with other carriers.

  • Life Insurance.

The full-time employees of SkyWest airline are also eligible for life insurance. This insurance is free. So, they do not need to pay some contributions every month.This insurance will protect the SkyWest’s staffs from the unexpected situation.

  • Employee Assistant Program.

SkyWest also allows its employees to sign up this program at no cost. This program will assist the staff and their family members to solve the problems which can affect their work. For instance, the company will provide the psychiatric care and financial counseling.

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