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Scentsy is a famous fragrance company. In the beginning, it starts its small fragrance industry. Since it uses the direct selling method, this business began to develop fast. Then, the Scentsy products become the favorite fragrance for the customers. Scentsy always holds the core values. The main values are Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity. It dedicates the business for the customers, consultants, and communities. So, Scentsy can have the balance between working and living. For instance, this company launched Scentsy Workstation. This portal is dedicated to all of the Scentsy consultants. So, the Scentsy consultants can manage their work easily.

With all of the consultants around the world, Scentsy can be the leading company in the fragrance business. Scentsy always offers the innovative products so that the people love it. You will be easy to find Scentsy products. It is because the products are available in 11 countries. You just need to find Scentsy consultants nearby. So, how can you find them? First, you should go to Scentsy website. You can access Then, you will see the link to look for the Scentsy Consultant near you. Besides, you may be able to purchase Scentsy through online. Sometimes, you also can find Scentsy products in the fairs or the trade show. Then, if you would like to be the Scentsy consultant, you should access Scentsy Workstation.

Scentsy Workstation

Scentsy sells various fragrance products. For instance, you can try the Scentsy Oil and Wax Scentsy bar. Besides, it sells laundry care and on the go fragrance. Moreover, Scentsy provides the personal care items for men, women, and kids. So, you should not miss the exclusive product of Scentsy fragrance. Another popular product from Scentsy is Wickless Candle. It is a kind of wax bar which can release the fragrance to the air. This wax bar can hold the more fragrance than the candle. It si so since the wax does not get burned. It is only get warmed. So, this product is safer than the traditional candle. You should try the Wickless Candles to make your house more convenient.

If you want to find out all of the Scentsy products, you can read Scentsy catalog. Luckily, Scentsy releases the catalogs twice in a year. Usually, the catalog is for Spring or Summer season, and the other is for Autumn or Winter season. If you want to see the Scentsy collection, you can request this catalog from Scentsy consultants. Besides, you also can download it from Scentsy workstation website.

What is Scentsy Workstation?

Workstation Scentsy is a website for Scentsy consultants. This portal is like a back office for all of the consultants. When you want to access this workstation, you should create a Scentsy consultant account. Then, you can log into Workstation by using your consultant ID and password. Through Scentsy workstation, the consultants can manage their business easily. They can do all tasks related to their jobs as Scentsy consultants. Here are the usages of Workstation Scentsy.

  • To order the product.

Scentsy Workstation is one stop portal for the consultants. For instance, they can make an online order for Scentsy products. Luckily, Workstation Scentsy is ready to make home party order, individual order as well as the fundraiser.

  • To get the latest information about Scentsy.

Besides, the consultants can access Scentsy Workstation to get the news. Moreover, the Workstation offers the downloadable resources for the users.

  • To manage your business.

Workstation Scentsy is the site where you can do your online business. For instance, you can make some orders. Besides, you can buy the business supplies as well.

  • To join the training.

Scentsy holds the online training for its consultants. In fact, this program is aimed to improve the consultants’ skill. As a consultant, you can join the online training. You can visit Workstation Scentsy to access the video training webinars. There are many kinds of video subjects you can watch.

  • To Access Scentsy pay portal.

Through your Scentsy pay portal, you can view your commission. Besides, you can manage the method of commission payment. For instance, you can decide to receive the payment via bank transfer or Scentsy Pay Card. Furthermore, Scentsy Pay Portal is also useful to view your tax statement.

  • To access Contact Management System.

The usage of this feature is to make a database for your customers. So, you can save the information related to your customers in one place. Then, when you need to contact the customer, you can look up the data on Contact Management System.

How to Become Scentsy Consultants?

Being a Scentsy Consultant is the fastest way to get a job. All people can do this job. Moreover, Scentsy Consultant can be your side job. So, how is the procedure to apply for the Scentsy consultant? What you need to do first is finding the consultant near you. Then, you can be his downline. When it is hard to find the Scentsy consultant nearby, you should visit Scentsy website. The site has a feature to help you find the closest consultant. Here are the steps to sign up as Scentsy Consultant.

  • Go to Scentsy official site.

First, you have to access This portal tells you all about Scentsy. For instance, you can explore Scentsy products. Besides, on the top left corner of the Scentsy home page, you can see the feature to find a consultant. But, if you want to join as the new consultant, you should click on Join button. It is on the top of the site and under the language preference.

  • Search the consultant.

In the new page, you can view the requirement and benefit to be a consultant. You need to pay $99 for the registration. But, you can get $309 free Scentsy product and starter kit. Then, you can continue searching the consultant as your upline. In fact, you can search by name or location. If you have known the consultant, you can search her by name. In contrast, when you do not know who becomes your upline, you can search her by location. The next, you can enter your address and country. The site will suggest some consultants for you. After that, you should select one of the consultant names.

  • Select your country and language.

On the next page, the site requires you to choose the country. Then, you can select your language. After that, you have to click on Join Now.

  • Complete the registration form.

There are three steps of registration as the Scentsy consultant. First, you need to input your legal first and last name. After that, you need to give your email address. The next, you can pick the Scentsy Starter Kit. There are many items you get by paying only $99. Then, you can go on to the next registration step.

  • Complete your details.

The next, you have to complete your data. For instance, you should write the residential address. After completing this form, you can continue to the third step.

  • Review your data.

The last, you can review all data you have entered. Then, you can decide the method of payment as well. For example, you can choose to use Scentsy Paycard. Besides, you can get the bonus payment through bank transfer.

How to Access Scentsy Workstation Login?

After you register as Scentsy consultant, you will get Consultant ID. Scentsy may inform you about the Consultant ID via email. So, your email address must be valid and active. Then, you can create the Scentsy password. These Scentsy details are useful when you access Scentsy Workstation or Scentsy Pay Portal. Here are the steps to log into Scentsy Workstation.

This portal is like a back office for Scentsy consultants. They can manage their jobs and account from this site. For instance, they can check their income. Besides, they can access the news and promotion from Scentsy.

  • Enter Scentsy Consultant ID.

You will get the consultant ID when your registration process is successful. The consultant ID is the proof that you are a certified consultant.

  • Enter Scentsy password.

Then, you should enter the Scentsy password in the next field. But, you can click on I Forgot My Password when you cannot remember it. Scentsy will help you to reset it through your email. So, please input your email ID to the field provided.

  • Click on Red Sign In button.

Once you tap Red Sign In button, you can view your account. Then, you can manage your business online now. Scentsy Workstation is the place where you can find the tools to help your business.

Why Should You Become Scentsy Consultants?

Scentsy Consultant is a part-time job. So, you still can do your primary job while becoming a Scentsy Consultant. You do not need to go to the office like other jobs. It is because you can do this direct selling business anywhere. Besides, you can even sell the product online. So, what are the reasons to convince you to join Scentsy Consultant? Check this out.

  • You get the freedom.

There is no strict policies like you are working in the office. Besides, Scentsy does not give any pressure for its consultants. For instance, the working time is very flexible. So, you can take care of your kids while you are working. Scentsy offers the income based opportunity as the payment. By selling Scentsy products, you can earn 20% up to 36% commission. This income is very attractive, isn’t it?

  • You have nothing to lose.

When you start your own business, you may think about getting the loss. But, if you become a Scentsy consultant, you will never get the loss. In the worst situation, you may not be able to sell any product. But, you still have the starter kits product as the compensation of registration fee. However, if you can be a successful consultant, the registration fee means nothing. To join the Scentsy business, you just need to pay $99. Then, you will get the business tools. For instance, you will get the product samples and the catalogs. The Scentsy Starter Kit will help you to run your business.

  • You can be the boss for your own business.

As a consultant, you can invite other people to be your team. When some consultants work together, they can build the strong team to develop their business. Then, you all can earn the bigger incentives. Every team member can inspire others. Besides they also should support each other. So, they can reach the business goal together. Why can the consultant be the boss? It is because they can work whenever they want and wherever they are. For instance, you can hold an online team meeting from your bedroom. It is very interesting to do.

What are the Benefits of Becoming Scentsy Consultant?

Scentsy offers the interesting profits and benefits to all of the consultants. This company always encourages the consultants to work better. So, it gives selling bonus as well as monthly compensation. The Scentsy Consultants can choose whether they want to receive the payment through Scentsy Pay Card or bank transfer. Then, what benefits can you get when you become a Scentsy consultant? Here they are.

  • Direct profit from selling.

The main benefit you get after you become a consultant is selling profit. Scentsy certified consultant can make 25% profit from their total sales. So, if you can sell more product, your profit will be bigger. Besides, you can get the passive income by recruiting the new consultants. They will become your downline. Then, everytime they sell Scentsy products, you will also get the profit from their sales. Scentsy will accumulate the profit you get in a month.

  • Working freely.

As a Scentsy consultant, you can set your work schedule. This business is very suitable for the mother who wants to take care their family. They still can work without leaving their kids. You can work freely by setting your hours. For instance, you can choose to off on the weekend. Besides, working as a Scentsy consultant allows you to meet many new people. So, you can make friends with them. When they want to be a consultant like you, you can recruit them to your team. Then, you can achieve your dream together in this business.

  • Get the free Scentsy product.

As the bonus of your work, Scentsy sometimes gives you some products for free. Then, you can use this item as your sample or promotion. Besides, you also can use Scentsy products as the gift for your friends and family. Furthermore, the consultant can try and purchase the new product or scent before it released to the public. Imagine, how fortuned you are. You should be proud since you can try the newest product before other people do.

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