Safewaysurvey – Safeway Customer Feedback Survey and Win $2 Gift Card

Have you realized that you don’t have left sugar in your kitchen? Or maybe you got the blank size of coffee in your small office. This situation is so annoying. You should visit Safe Way store and join safewaysurvey. In spite of Safeway’s ease, Safe Way opens the Safeway survey to receive the customer’s recommendation. This groceries store company tries to get in touch and hear what the customers’ need. Even, the customers will get an opportunity to win $100 Safeway Gift Card. What do you wait for guys?

About Safewaysurvey

These platforms become the best references to its official site to know the customer’s satisfaction and dissatisfaction. In the platforms, the official site offers some statements about Safeway’s performance. Even, the customers can leave their recommendation in the last section of the survey. The more customers join the survey, the more benefits the official gets. Also, the official site will accept all the recommendation, and revise the part which needs the improvement.


The Safeway customers can access Safeway survey in They can join the safewaysurvey via Safe Way mobile application. This online survey will spend five to 10 minutes of the participant. To join in this online survey, the participant should send the safewaysurvey invitation numbers on the last receipt. Then, they may follow the following instruction on the survey platform.

The Rules in Safewaysurvey

Safe Way survey is a secure online survey platform. This site is easy enough to be reached. Even, the customers should prepare the simple thing to join in this survey. Besides, Save Way Company has prepared some rules in this safewaysurvey. Then, the rules in Safe Way survey are:

  • First of all:
    The participant is the main subject of this Safeway survey. He/she will take an important part to decide the next Safeway’s performance. First, to be a qualified survey taker, the participant should make sure their language proficiency. Safe Way Survey needs their participant to understand the basic of English or Spanish. So, the participant may make sure that they can comprehend between these two languages.
  • Second, Safe Way Survey needs the participant in age at least 18 years old. When the customers are under 18 years old, they may ask their family to join in this survey. Third, the participant in Safeway survey should be the resident of the United States or District of Columbia. In the last section of this safewaysurvey, the participant maybe should show their identity card to redeem their reward.
  • Second of all:
    In the last receipt of the customers, it will show the survey invitation numbers with its time availability. Often, the availability is not more than seven days of the visit. Finally, The participant should make sure that they join the survey in not more than its time.
  • Third of all:
    The last rule in Safewaysurvey is about the suitable engine. To join the online survey, the participant should prepare a PC, Laptop or smartphone. Later, he/she should make sure that its engine has the stable internet connection.

After all the rules are completed, the participant can start his/her online survey. Then, this article will explain about the steps in giving the survey in Safeway survey.

The Steps to join Safewaysurvey

Safeway Survey is a secure online survey platform. The participant does not need to prepare the hard rules or follow the complicated instruction. When he/she ensures to be a qualified participant, he/she may start the safewaysurvey easily. The steps to join Safeway survey are:

  • The first step:
    In the first step of the safewaysurvey, the participant should visit the website address. He/she can visit Then, this section will offer the participant to select the preferred language. He/she should choose between English or Spanish as the language instruction.
  • The second step:
    Then, in this section, the participant must send the safewaysurvey invitation number. There are around 16 digit numbers. The participant should make sure to send the numbers accurately. Then, Safeway survey also needs the information about the store location and the dates including the hours of visit. This information is available on the last receipt.
  • The third step:
    After giving the information about the last visit, the participant should give the email address. Perhaps, this email address becomes the new data entry for Safe way Company.
  • The fourth step:
    This section is the crucial section in Safewaysurvey. The participant should rate some following statements. The statements are available in like-range types from one to five. Its range show your satisfaction through its performance. In a hope, you can give the rate based on your moment with them.
  • The fifth step:
    After completing the rate, the participant should share the advice. In this section, Safe Way Survey will offer the space to write down the proposal or share the problems. Safe Way Company offers the question. They are about the store cleanliness, the willingness to suggest Safeway to the others, packaging and managing system, and the workers’ manner. In this case, the participant can state their problem and share the recommendation.
  • The sixth step:
    In this section, the participant should fill out the personal information. It may be your complete name, email address, and phone numbers. Then, the participant should make sure that the information is enough. Later, Safe Way Company will inform the latest news or about the safewaysurvey via your information.
  • The seventh step:
    It is the last section of the safewaysurvey. The participant should send the review by click “Submit” button. Then, if the participant is lucky, Safeway survey will send the coupon code directly. This code will appear on the screen. At that time, the participant should write the code in the blank space on the receipt.
  • The eight-step:
    After safewaysurvey was complete, the participant should choose the sweepstakes. Safe Way Company offers more than 50 sweepstakes in different states. The participant should choose the reward they want, and they will have an opportunity to get the grand prize from Safe Way Company. Later the official site will inform the participant if he/she is the winner of this online safewaysurvey.
The Rewards in Safewaysurvey

The reward in every state is different. The participant may choose the reward based on his/her state. But, all the prizes in this survey are available in limited-time. The winner should redeem the prize directly in not more than seven days of the survey.All the participants have an opportunity to get the grand prize as $1000 Safeway gift card.

About Safe Way Corporation

In the midst of the life difficulties, M.B Skaggs, an ambitious man from Idaho tried to build a small groceries store. At that time, Skaggs could not rent a building to build that small groceries store. So, he lends his father’s building to build the store. In 1915, Skaggs with his wife tried to open the groceries store in the midst of great-world economic depression. Skaggs believed that his business strategy would create the best result. In fact, he has to face much difficult time in the ten first year of his store.

Day and day, Skaggs still survived with his business strategy. In that hard situation, Skaggs tried to offer the best product to his customers with a low price. Even, he tried to serve the best product and keep the low-profit-margin. In a surprise, this business strategy was getting success and made the best result to Skagg’s store.

Safe Way Today

Today, Safe Way store becomes large. Indeed, this food and groceries store expanded to more than 30 regions in the United States. The customer also can find Safe Way store in the District of Columbia. Broadly, There are more than 22.000 Safe Way’s branch in those regions. This food and groceries store also employed more than 265.0000 workers in all branches.

In about 100 years, Safe Way Store has been serving the customers with the best food and groceries quality. This large store is brave enough to guarantee that it provides the freshness, the cleanliness of packaging, and the labeling of food nutritional facts. Up to know, Safe Way Store still use the founder’s strategy in market business. The old Safe Way tradition becomes the basic concept of Safe Way’s performances.

You have known about the Safe Way’s history and expansion. Now, it is your turn to join in Safeway’s Survey. Before engaging in that online survey, you have to make sure that you have visited Safe Way Store and keep your last receipt well. Later, you may use your survey invitation number to sign up for the online survey platform. Great, best luck guys!

Do You Need Help?
If the customers have some questions about Safe Way Company or Safe Survey Survey, they can contact the customer services platform.

Safeway Customer Service Phone Numbers
If the customers want to contact with Safe Way’s customer service orally, they may contact some of the phone numbers below.

  • Safe way customer service number:
    The customer can contact them in 1-877-723-3929
  • Safe way grocery delivery:
    You may contact for online folder in 1-877-505-4040
  • Safeway mailing address
    The customers can even send the letter to Safe Way’s customer service in MS 10501 PO Box 29093.
  • Safeway website
    You may visit to find out the detailed information about Safe Way Company, the product, treats, meals and receipt, delivery information, and so on.
  • Safeway social media account:


This article hopes that the Safe Way’s customers can get the best point on this online survey. Besides they can get the instructions and rule in Safe Way Satisfaction Survey, they may get more knowledge about Safe Way’s history and its specifications. After knowing more about this term, this article has expected the customers to visit Safe Way store and join in  Safeway Customer Feedback Survey. If the customers are lucky, they may get the grand prize $2 Safeway Gift Card. Wish your luck guys!

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