RedLobsterSurvey – Win $50 and $1000 from Red Lobster Survey

Do you like seafood? The seafood lovers will be familiar with Red Lobster restaurant. Red Lobster is one of casual dining restaurants operated by Darden Restaurant Inc. Firstly built in Florida, Red Lobster now runs more than 600 chains in the United States, Japan, and Canada. As like its name, in this restaurant, you will find the various lobster dish and other seafood menus. Besides, you also can enjoy the steak, chicken, and pasta. Red Lobster is one restaurant which concerns to their guests. This restaurant always keeps improving the service to make their customers pleased. So, this seafood restaurant creates RedLobsterSurvey.

Through RedLosterSurvey, the restaurant can gather the honest opinion from its guests. This way, the company can get the general overview of what the customers’ thought. The data they get from this survey will be their consideration on the next business decision. Indeed, the customers’ dining feedback plays the vital role in improving the restaurant’s service. Every customer can share the good or bad experience they had. This Red Lobster survey is the best way to express their critics or praise. The Red Lobster restaurant will appreciate their dining feedback. Furthermore, the restaurant will make an effort to give the best dining experience for all of their guests.

So, you should never lose your chance to take part in RedLobsterSurvey. To appreciate your participation, Red Lobster welcomes you in their sweepstakes. Make sure that you are eligible for the sweepstake. Read the rules of the survey as well as the sweepstakes we have provided below. If you can meet the requirement, you can be the candidate of the sweepstake winner. Then, do you know the prize? Red Lobster offers $50 and $1000 checks for the lucky winners. There will be 100 winners that will get $50 in a month. Then, there will be only one grand prize winner. Since there are many winners, it is not impossible if you become one of them.

What are the Rules of Red Lobster Survey and Sweepstakes?

Every Red Lobster customer has the chance to involve in RedLosterSurvey. Then, as the survey reward, Red Lobster allows them to enter the sweepstakes. The prize of Red Lobster sweepstakes is very interesting. This restaurant offers the prizes for 100 winners each month. Each winner deserves to get $50 gift card. Besides, Red Lobster also offers the grand prize valued $1000 every month. Aren’t you interested in being one of the winners? Hence, you should not miss RedLobster Survey. After enjoying the seafood dish in this restaurant, you have to keep Red Lobster receipt well. Then, you can enter this Red Lobster Survey. Who knows you will be lucky and get the grand prize.

Before you take part in RedLobsterSurvey, you need to review the survey and sweepstake rules. You can find Red Lobster Sweepstakes rules at You can find the link that will display the sweepstakes rules completely. But, here we give you the notes about Red Lobster survey and sweepstakes rules.

  • RedLobsterSurvey requirements.

To be Red Lobster Survey participants, you have to fulfill some requirements. To get started, you have to own Red Lobster receipt. Every transaction in Red Lobster will give you a receipt. The Red Lobster receipt contains ID numbers for survey verification. Always save your receipt. Without this receipt, you cannot access Red Lobster Customer survey. Then, make sure that you enter this ID number to the survey portal within seven days of your transaction date. After one week, Red Lobster ID number will expire. Besides, you also need a PC or other mobile devices. Using a computer will be better than using a tablet or phone. Then, make sure that you have the reliable internet access.

  • Red Lobster Sweepstakes Eligibility.

Every Red Lobster Survey takers will automatically enter the online sweepstakes. But, make sure that you are eligible for this sweepstake. The contest entrants must be 18 years old or more. Then, they should be the legal residents of Canada, Puerto Rico or the United States. Besides, Red Lobster employees are not eligible to be the entrants. Moreover, if you have the family relation with Red Lobster restaurant, you also cannot participate in this contest.

  • Red Lobster Sweepstakes entry methods.

You can try two Red Lobster sweepstakes entry methods. First, try the online entry. If you want to participate in Red Lobster online sweepstakes, you need to complete the survey first. This online sweepstake needs a receipt. But the purchase amount will not affect your chance to win. Besides, if you do not have Red Lobster receipt, you can try mail-in entry. Prepare a postcard containing your name, address, date of birth, and phone number. Make sure that you hand print this mail-in entry. Then, you have to send it to Darden Restaurant Guest Survey Sweepstakes. PMI Station. PO Box 3511, Southbury. CT 06488 3511. Furthermore, Red Lobster does not limit the number of entries you send. Make sure you have the different ID number to access online sweepstakes. Besides, you have to send the mail-in entries in separated envelopes.

  • Sweepstakes prize.

As the sweepstakes reward, Red Lobster offers some checks to the winner. Every month, Red Lobster will draw 100-second prize winners and one grand prize winner. Every winner will receive $50 check from Red Lobster. Besides, Red Lobster Grand prize is $1000 in the form of the check. Both online and mail-in entries have the same chance to win. It is because Red Lobster draws the winners randomly from the online and mail-in entry. The more sweepstakes entries you send, the bigger chance to win you have.

  • Sweepstakes winner.

Every person can only receive one prize. Red Lobster will contact the winner by phone or letter. Make sure that you respond them as soon as possible. If you are late to respond it, Red lobster can give the prize to some one else. Then, the prize tax is the sole responsibility of every winner. Besides, you can view the lists of the sweepstakes winner at

How to Complete RedLobsterSurvey?

Completing RedLobsterSurvey is not a hard task. The Red Lobster Survey website has the design which is easy to explore. The survey instructions are also understandable. So, you will not get any difficulties in completing every survey steps. But, before you start Red Lobster Survey, make sure that all the requirements are well prepared. This way, you can minimize the troubles in taking the survey. Explained below are the steps of completing Red Lobster Customer Experience Survey. Just do every single step below thoroughly.

  • Prepare Red Lobster Survey requirements.

As stated before, you need the Red Lobster receipt. Make sure this receipt has the Red Lobster survey ID number. This ID number serves as the survey code that will open the survey for you. Then, also ensure that your computer and internet are ready to use. The internet connection is a very crucial item. Your success in completing this survey depends on your internet access.

  • Visit Red Lobster survey portal.

Access the official RedLobsterSurvey website at The correct website has the Red Lobster Logo at the top of the page. Then, you will find the slogan Seafood Differently on the top right of the web. Before you start the survey by entering the ID number, you should view the Privacy Policy and Sweepstake Rules. There are three links that can bring you to the Red Lobster Sweepstakes Rules. The first link is on the left side of the page. The second link is under Red Lobster login field. Then, the third link is next to the Privacy Policy. Just select one of the links you want. After that, if you use Spanish in your daily conversation, you can change the website language by clicking on Haga Clic Aqui.

  • Enter Red Lobster ID number.

See the receipt you got from Red Lobster Restaurant. Then, try to find 13 digit code on your receipt. Usually, it is in the middle of your receipt. If you cannot find this code, you can try to look at the receipt sample on Red Lobster survey website. Just click on the small receipt image on the left side of the page. After entering this ID number, you can press the blue Start button.

  • Respond RedLobsterSurvey questions.

Now, you can begin answering every survey question appeared on your screen. In the beginning, you may get the questions about your dining experience. For instance, it asks you about the place you sat down or the menu you ordered. Then, you will step the next survey section. Give the honest and objective ratings to some statements. The topics may be about the restaurant cleanliness, food taste, and the service given by the staffs. Besides, RedLobster Survey also gives you a chance to explain what you liked the most on your last visit. Explain your answer based on the real situation of your last dining experience. The next, the survey may ask you to enter the amount of the purchase. The last, you can answer the questions about the personal info such as age and gender.

  • Enter Red Lobster Sweepstake.

After you finish answering all Red Lobster questions, you can enter the sweepstake program. This contest requires your personal and contact details. The site will display the form you have to fill out. The information you have to enter is the name and home address. Make sure that you provide the full address including the city, states, and zip code. Then, enter your telephone number. Also, input your email address as the sweepstake’s requirements. When you submit this form, it means that you submit the online sweepstake entry. Then, you need to wait for the announcement of the Red Lobster sweepstakes winners.

How to Contact Red Lobster Customer Service?

Do you need some information about Red Lobster restaurant? The best way to look for the trusted info about this seafood restaurant is by visiting the website. Just access to explore all restaurant information. In this website, you can find the lists of menus for lunch, dinner, and kids. Besides, the customers can find out the special deals info. Then, if you are interested in Red Lobster Gift Cards, you can purchase it through this we as well. Furthermore, you can sign up Fresh Catch Club to get the updated info about the restaurant promotion.

Moreover, Red Lobster website has FAQ page. Here, you can view the questions and answers related to this restaurant. To open Red Lobster FAQ page, you should go to the bottom of the web page. Focus on the menu entitled About Red Lobster. Then, you will find the FAQ link under this menu. But, if the question you are looking for is not available on this page, you can contact Red Lobster Customer Support. Here are the two ways to get in touch with Red Lobster Guest Relations Team.

  • By phone.

It is the simplest way to get in touch with Red Lobster Customer Service team. You can speak to them in order to ask your question. Then, they will directly give you the satisfying answer. You can call Red Lobster Customer Representative Staff at 1 800 562 7837. But, you have to note that the Guest Relations Team may record your conversation. The aim of the recording is for training purpose and quality assurance.

  • Message.

You can send your message containing the feedback or question through Red Lobster website. You can access the Red Lobster Contact menu at the bottom of the site. Then, fill out the form about your basic information. Also, specify what you will share with Red Lobster. For instance, you want to give the compliment, question, suggestion, or comment. Then, write down Red Lobster comment on the space provided. The last, press the Red Send button to submit your message.

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