Pizza Hut Near Me – How to Get the Delicious Pizza Hut Nearby

Without a doubt, Pizza Hut is the largest pizza restaurant in the world. It is famous for the combination of Italian and American cuisine. In fact, this restaurant not only serves pizza in its menu. But, it also creates the innovation by offering other menus. Pizza Hut provides pasta, side dishes, as well as dessert for its customers. That is why the customer can choose the menu variation. Since this restaurant has many franchises, the customers can find the Pizza Hut near me easily. It spreads in almost all of big cities in the world.

Pizza Hut has several restaurant formats. The first is the original style dine-in restaurant. It is a traditional outlet where you can order and eat there. The second is the store front restaurant. It offers delivery as well as Carry Out service. So, you can order from your home then the crew will deliver your pizza to your house. The third restaurant format is the hybrid location. It offers complete service including dine-in, delivery, and Carry Out. Some Pizza Hut near me restaurant have the lunch buffet. This outlet provides all you can eat menu. For instance, it offers breadsticks, salad, and pasta bar.

Nowadays, Pizza Hut also has a new concept called Pizza Hut Bistro. It is slightly different from the store format. This restaurant has a special characteristic with red roofs. Besides, Pizza Hut Bistro has the expanded menu and upscale option. The outlet is similar to the traditional Pizza Hut store. But, Bistro provides new feature menu such as Italian dishes. Moreover, if you wonder where Pizza Hut near me is, you may find Pizza Hut Express. This type of restaurant can be found at the department store, food court, or theme park. However, it only serves limited menu.

pizza hut near me

How to Find Pizza Hut Near Me with Ease

With many restaurants spread around the world, you will not get difficult to find Pizza Hut locations near me. If you want to have dine-in, you should search the nearest PizzaHut restaurant in your town. With a little effort, you will be able to find Pizza Huts near me easily. But, if you are lazy to move, you can order via Pizza Hut delivery. That is why you should also know Pizza Hut delivery near me. Just by ordering via phone or application, you will be able to enjoy the warm pizza in your home.

Do you still wonder to find Pizza Hut Near Me? You can do these following things. We have provided several ways to know the Pizza Hut nearby. Check them out.

1)         Use Pizza Hut Locator

You can use the locator feature on the official site of Pizza Hut. With some simple steps, you will be able to know the nearest Pizza Hut restaurant. Here are the guidelines.

  • Visit It is the official website of Pizza Hut.
  • Select Find a Pizza Hut. In the home page of Pizza Hut website, you should scroll down the screen. Then, you will find some options at the bottom of the site. Focus on the Customer Service Menu. Then, you will see an option labeled as Find a Pizza Hut. The next, you have to click on this feature.
  • Choose the type of restaurant. There are three options: Carry out, delivery, and dine-in. You should select one of these choices. Decide whether you want to enjoy the pizza by taking away or dining-in.
  • Enter your location. First, you should input the city where you live. Then, enter the state. The site has provided the initial of the state in a drop-down menu. So, you only need to select it. After that, you have to input the zip code.
  • Press red Enter button. As soon as you click on the Red Enter button on the right side of the screen, the site will display the location of Pizza Hut near me. You can see the list of the stores near your location. The list is completed with the phone number and the time of carry out. The site also displays the map. So, you will be easy to go to the nearby Pizza Hut location.

2)         Use Google Search.

The second way to know the Pizza Hut near you is by using a search engine. You can try to write the keyword such as Pizza Hut near me, Pizza Hut delivery near me, Pizza Hut in California, etc. The more specific keyword you enter, you will be able to find the location faster. So, you should write your exact location too.

3)         Use Google maps.

The last option of finding the Pizza Hut location nearby is using Google Maps. It is the most convenient way. You only need to open Google Maps app on your smartphone. Then, you can type Pizza Hut along with your city. The app will show the location of Pizza Hut restaurant nearby.

How to be the Member of Pizza Hut Lovers

Hut Lovers is one of the programs offered by Pizza Hut. It is like a membership for the Pizza Hut customer. The Hut Lovers can use their account to order the menu online. Furthermore, by joining Hut Lovers, you can get special offer and promotion from Pizza Hut. Besides, you can get some coupons as well. You have to sign up into to be the member of Hut Lovers. If you register now, you can get free cheese sticks for your next online order. So, are you curious how to be Hut Lovers? Follow these instructions.

  • Load

This website is the official portal of Pizza Hut. Through this site, you can make an order online. But, you have to sign in using Hut Lovers account to order.

  • Select Create an account.

Scroll down your screen. You will find Create an Account link under the Policies and My Account menu. Besides, you can choose Hut Lovers icon on the right of the screen. Then, the site will direct you to the Hut Lover registration form.

  • Complete the form.

The sign-up form is easy to complete. First, you need to enter your first name and last name. Then, you should input your home telephone number or mobile phone number. After that, write your email. This email and phone number must be valid since Pizza Hut will send the offers and deals through them.

  • Create a password.

Then, you should make a password. When you want to sign into your Pizza Hut account, you should input the email along with this password. So, keep your Pizza Hut password well. After that, you can re-type your password in the next field to confirm it.

  • Enter your birthday and zip code.

You must input your date of birth. It is because Pizza Hut will give you a nice treat when your birthday comes. Besides, the usage of entering the zip code is that Pizza Hut will send some deals to the local Pizza Hut store near you.

  • Choose the way to receive the deals.

You can select some options how you can receive the offers from Pizza Hut. You can select Email Only, Email and Text, and Text only.

  • Certify your age.

Then, you can tick the box to certify that you are 13 years old or older. Besides, this statement also shows that you are willing to receive the promotion news from Pizza Hut.

  • Click on Red Sign Up button.

After completing the form, you can click on Sign Up for Hut Lovers button. Then, you will get a coupon. You can redeem this special coupon with Cheese Stick on your future online order.

How to Order Pizza Online at

The website of helps you to make an online order. This way, you can purchase the Pizza Hut menu without going to the store. This portal offers two services; Delivery and Carry Out. Both services allow you to save your time and energy. When you choose pizza delivery, you do not need to go to Pizza Hut restaurant. What you need is only waiting in your home, and the pizza will be delivered soon. Besides, if you choose to carry out, you can save your time since you do not need to wait in the restaurant. When your order is done, you can pick it up to Pizza Hut near me. To start ordering the pizza, you should sign into your Hut Lovers account. Here are the steps of ordering Pizza Hut online.

  • Go to

When you have reached the Pizza Hut homepage, you should find a link to sign into Hut Lovers account. There are two links you can use. First, the Sign In menu is located on the top left corner of the site. The second link is on the bottom part of Pizza Hut site. You can find it under My Account menu.

  • Sign Into Pizza Hut account.

Enter your email address along with Pizza Hut password. These login details must be the same with the email and password you input in the sign-up process.

  • Choose the menu.

After logging into Hut Lovers account, you are free to choose the Pizza Hut menu. You can order several kinds of pizza such as Pepperoni, Cheese, Supreme, or MeatLovers. Besides, you can choose other menus including Pasta or Side Dishes (Cheese sticks, fries and breadsticks). Furthermore, you can add some drinks and dessert into your online order.

  • Choose the type of order.

There are two types of service; Carryout and delivery. When you choose carryout, it means you have to pick up what you have ordered in the Pizza Hut store nearby. Besides, when you choose Delivery, you have to pay the extra charge for this service. Moreover, you need to pay the tips for the delivery person.

  • Pay your order.

You can pay the pizza which you order by using a credit card or gift card. Besides, you also can pay your order by cash on delivery. It means you can give the money to the courier who delivers the pizza to your house.

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