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We are such generations who love to go to restaurants that provide delicious foods, and comfortable places. One of the famous restaurants that serve different things is Perkins. Yes, this restaurant serves not only main course but also a bakery. We can see it from the name of the restaurant that is Perkins Restaurants and Bakery. Today, this restaurant offers us something very special. It is Perkins Experience Survey, an online survey that all customers can take for the sake of $500 fresh money. Wow! Besides, we can get free foods from the Perkins Guest Experience Survey, or maybe we will get a product of their famous bakery. Isn’t it such a great feeling to win the money while enjoying free items at Perkins?

About Perkins Restaurants and Marie Callender’s Bakery

The first thing we may need to know is everything about Perkins. For our information, the restaurant started to open in 1958. Now, we can see that this restaurant is operating more than 400 branches spread in different 33 states. In Canadian provinces, we will find five branches that will serve us their best menu. If we take a look deeper into the company, Perkins now own up to 134 companies and restaurants, plus 266 units of franchises. One of the famous products owned by this company is the bakery. The restaurant serves some bakery products such as pies, pancake mixes, complete with cookie dough. Besides, we can find some muffin batters as one of the best items.

Perkins Experience Survey

Perkins is taking Marie Callender’s to be a part of the company since 2006. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery chain with Marie Callender’s has up to 40 companies with 30 franchises of the restaurants. We can find the in 6 different states and when we ask the people, they will say that their fresh-baked pies are the best. As promised at the beginning, these restaurants offer something special for all customers as an appreciation that they become a part of the business. Of course, without customers, they mean nothing. Perkins Customer Satisfaction Survey is the special offer that can win a customer and grant her/him $500. If we do not win, we should not worry as we still have Perkin Validation Code to get free foods at Perkins restaurant.

About Perkins Experience Survey or Perkins Customer Satisfaction Survey

We can say that a restaurant is professional when it cares about the customers. Perkins is one of the restaurants that care about the costumers. Why is it so? Of course, it is because the managers of the restaurants want to know whether we, as the customers, are satisfied or not with the service. The Perkins Experience Survey has some goals for the owner, as well as for the customers. Not to mention, it is for an evaluation on how far the restaurants have been going. It will help the managers fix the problems when customers are open to speaking their mind that something is lack of the service or products. Besides, the Perkins Experience Survey is to appreciate the customers as we are loyal in buying their products.

The strategy used by Perkins in encouraging the customers to take part in the Perkins Experience Survey is cool. The restaurants offer free food, and one of them will win $500 fresh money. If we are the customers, we must feel lucky if we can win both. The survey here is available at Before taking the survey, we need to make sure that we have a receipt of Perkins. It is because the receipt is the most important thing in the survey. We will need the Perkin Receipt Code, date and time, and so on. But first of all, we should make sure that the receipt is not out of date. In a usual way, the receipt is valid within three days. If we get it more than it, then we should visit the restaurant and buy an item for the sake of new receipt.

After the receipt, we should make sure that we are 17 years old or older, as it is the demand from the restaurants. We will take the survey via online, therefore, we need to be online and access There is some important information that we can get from the official websites, such as and But, if we do not waste our time, we can continue reading this lovely article and we will know the tricks to win $500 cash from Perkins Experience Survey.

What Are the Tricks to Win Perkins Experience Survey Prizes?

We used to talk about Perkins Experience Survey, and we have no idea on how to win the rewards. Well, to win $500 is not easy; therefore we need some tricks and tips that will guide us to our goal. The first thing we should know, we will still get some prizes even if we do not get the main reward that is cash. We still get free products of Perkins or maybe 10% discount on our favorite meal at Perkins. Alright, here are the rules that we need to follow if we want to win the prizes, they are:

  • First, we should make sure that we are a legal resident of the US or Canada
  • Second, we should be at least 18 years of age or older, and if we are under that age, we should go to Perkins and have a kids meal
  • The restaurant will allow us to take one survey each month, if we want another free meal, then we should wait for next month to come
  • We should not be a family of the Perkins employee, moreover the employee itself
What Are the Tips and Tricks for Perkins Experience Survey?

Here are some important steps that we should do when we take the Perkins Experience Survey. They are:

Step #1:

We get our receipt on our hand and the first thing we should do is accessing Once we reach the home page of this online portal, it is such a must for us to input the 15-digit code. We can check the code from the receipt that we have. If it is not valid, then we should check the date. If it is more than three days passed, then we cannot use that receipt, and instead, we should get the new one.

Step #2:

After we succeed in inputting the Perkins valid code printed on the receipt, it is necessary for us to go to the next part. But, the code is still up to date and we cannot input it, we need to go to for the sake of help. We can get the code by inputting the date and time when we visited Perkins.

Step #3:

Now we have done with the details on the receipt. It is the time to set the language we are going to use for the Perkins Experience Survey. Here, we should choose one whether it is English or maybe Spanish, based on our capability.

Step #4:

The next step, we will need to read the questions and answer them. In case we should give ratings, we can choose one from the best scale of highly satisfied to the worst one that is highly dissatisfied.

Step #5:

Once we have finished filling out or answering the questions, we now can continue to input our personal information. If we want to join the lottery and win $500, we can enter the sweepstakes. If we need to know more about the policy of the lottery, then we can visit, and click the policy page.

Step #6:

The last step is about the rewards. After completing the entire process of Perkins Experience Survey, we will get Perkins Validation Code. In this case, we need to write the code down on our receipt. It is because we will need both data to redeem the rewards whether it is free meal or discounts off.

How to Get Perkins Experience Survey Helps?

The same as our life that is full of problems, we may find a trouble when taking the Perkins survey. In this case, of course, we need a help from the one who is the expert. Yes, it is the representatives of the restaurants. But before we do so, it will be much better if we try to fix the problems by our self. First, we should check whether our laptop, PC, or smart phone has stable internet connection. Then, we need to check whether we follow all of the rules such as the receipt, the questions answer section in the survey, and so on. If still we cannot analyze the problem and get confused on how to fix it, we can go to It is the forum that we can share our problems related to Perkins Experience Survey.

How to Contact Perkins Restaurants and Bakery?

Alright, these are some contacts that we can try when we need to talk to the representatives, moreover to the managers of Perkins. We can call at 1 (800) 225-5939. If we prefer to do it online, then we can visit some websites. They are such as:


After we get connected to the website, we can find the local restaurants and go visit them for the sake of direct help. But in a case we prefer to chat the customers care, we can:

  • Tweet them on Twitter at
  • For Facebook, we can go to
What is the Best Menu of Perkins Restaurants and Bakery?

For those who want to be a loyal customer of the restaurants, we may consider some best menu that we can enjoy our breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well.

Menu #1: Breakfast

For our lovely breakfast, Perkins Restaurant and Bakery has some special menu that we can try sometimes. The most delicious ones that we can eat at early morning are such as a pancake that we can order from morning to evening. Besides, we may fall in love with a large variety of omelets. We will not get bored as there are some items that can make our life colorful, such as egg platters, buttermilk pancakes, complete with the scramblers. For the fast menu, we can choose breakfast Benedict´s that will boost our mood.

Menu #2: Lunch and Dinner

At lunch and dinner, we may need something more to such as the appetizer, main course, as well as desserts. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery offers us their best menu for our lunch and dinner that ranges up to 90 items that we can choose. We will see some choices for the appetizers, or maybe for the quesadillas. Besides, we can order some different types of salads and sandwiches. If we want fast food, we can order yummy burgers or fried chicken. For dinner, we should make it more special by adding a freshly made pie that we can enjoy with family or our partners.

Menu #3: Perkins Bakery

When we talk about the bakery, we people will shout that Perkins’ Bakery is the best! Well, we will not think so until we try some of their large types of mouth watering muffins. Of course, they are pretty delicious. Besides, we should buy their cookies and pies that will make our day. For the last, but still pretty awesome to try, we can buy some pastries and cheesecakes for our family at home.

Menu #4: Kids Meal

The last menu that Perkins Restaurant & Bakery offers is the kids’ meal. As the restaurant cares about all customers in all ages, we may sometimes have to try to order Kid Perks menu for our children. Without a doubt, they will be happy as the menu includes a free drink as well as the Crazy Cookie. For other choices, we can choose tasty French toast tower, as well as the cheeseburger. But if our children do not like those menus, we can order pizza and other items that will make them delighted.

Overall, we can say that Perkins Restaurant & Bakery always serve the most special things in foods for their loyal customers. Since 1958, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery has been delivering the best quality of their food products, as well as the service in delighting all customers. For the company, the customers here are the main priority that they cannot underestimate. One of the proofs we can see is Perkins Experience Survey.

Perkins Experience Survey is one of the best ways that we can take a part to help the restaurant to boost their quality for the sake of our happiness. We can imagine how wonderful it is to win $500 fresh cash and a freshly made menu of Perkins. If so far we have some things to tell to the restaurants, the Perkins survey will be the best solution. Try to take the survey now, and go create a positive change for us!

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