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Papa Murphy’s is one of famous pizza chains in the US. In 1995, Papa Aldo;s Pizza and Murphy’s Pizza merged. Now, this business has more than 1400 outlets in the US and Canada. Papa Murphy’s also has won many awards for its quality and healthy food. Since Papa Murphy’s Pizza wants to maintain its quality, this company launches a survey site called Papasurvey. If you want to give feedback for the service done by this pizza chain, you can visit

Papa Murphy’s Pizza chain is famous for its unique concept. This pizza outlet offers take and bake pizza. This concept makes it different from other pizza outlets. The customers also can choose the ingredient and Pizza crust which they want. Then, the customer can take the pizza and put it in their oven at home. This way, you can enjoy the hand-made fresh pizza in your home. To save your time, you can call in the Papa Murphy’s to make an order. So, you do not have to wait in line. When your pizza is ready, you can pick it up then bake it in your home.

As a Papa Murphy’s loyal customer, you can express your feedback to improve the quality of this Pizza outlet. You can take part in Papasurvey to give your opinion about Papa Murphy’s. By visiting survey portal, you can rate the service given by Papa Murphy. Your feedback can help the Papa Murphy’s Pizza management to analyze the need of the customer. So, the customer feedback also gives the contribution to the growth of the business. Once a customer reports one problem related to the service, Papa Murphy’s will make sure that it will never happen to other customers. Besides, Papa Murphy’s survey also helps the company to find out what the customers expect.


Papasurvey Customer feedback is supported by Mindshare Technology. Papa Survey provides an online questionnaire for the customers. But, Papa Murphy’s Customer Feedback is only for the customer who has just visited this restaurant. To appreciate your feedback, Papa Murphy’s will give you a promo code after survey. Then, you can redeem Papa Murphy’s Promo Code to in your next visit. You will get a free pizza from Papa Murphy’s.

Things You Need to Know about Papasurvey

As a Papa Murphy’s customer, you can take part in Papasurvey as many times as you wish. But, you should keep in mind these few things. First, you should own a Papa Murphy’s receipt completed with a survey invitation. When you receive a Papa Murphy’s receipt from the cashier, you should keep this piece of paper well. It is because you will need some information contained in the receipt.

Moreover, you should know the store number which you have just visited. You have to enter the store number to start the Papasurvey. But, if you do not know the Papa Murphy’s store number, you can enter the zip code. Since Papa Murphy’s survey is online, you should use a device connected to the internet to start the survey.

Then, you should give the honest answers to the questionnaires at Papasurvey. The Papa Murphy survey only asks about your satisfaction and dissatisfaction. So, there will not be the right or wrong answer. What you need to do is only giving the rate about the food quality and the service given by Papa Murphy’s employees. Besides, you can give additional comment about the service. Your answers will not affect the Papa Murphy’s coupon you will get. Whether your feedback is good or bad, you will receive Papa Murphy’s coupon code. So, you just need to answer the Papasurvey honestly based on your last visit.

Easy Guideline to Taking Papa Murphy’s Survey

By participating Papasurvey, you can unlock Papa Murphy’s redeemable coupon. This free coupon allows you to get a free pizza. The coupon is the reward for your feedback and suggestion about Papa Murphy’s product and service. Because of this interesting reward, the customers will come back to Papa Murphy’s over and over. There is no limitation how many times you can take part in the survey. As long as you have a recent receipt from Papa Murphy’s, you can participate in the customer feedback survey.

Because of the feedback from the customers, Papa Murphy’s can develop its business. It can fulfill what the customers expect. Now, it is your turn to voice your thought about Papa Murphy’s. Here are the quick steps you can do to participate in Papasurvey.

  • Visit

First, you should go to the Papa Murphy’s survey site. When you land on the homepage, you will get a greeting from the welcoming page. This survey is asking about your recent survey.

  • Enter Store number.

The page requires you to enter the store number to continue the survey. You can find the Papa Murphy’s store number in the baking instruction. If you cannot find it, you can enter the zip code. The first page of the Papasurvey site asks you to choose the store number or postal code.

  • Enter the postal code.

If you cannot find the Papa Murphy’s store number on the receipt, you should choose the second option. After clicking the postal code, you should press the red arrow button. In the next page, you can input the postal code. It can help you to find the number store where you bought your pizza.

  • Select the date of purchase.

You will see a calendar icon on the second survey page. You can select the date and month when you have just visited Papa Murphy’s outlet. Then, click on the Red Arrow to go to the third survey page.

  • Confirm your entries.

In the next page, the site will confirm the name of the store you have visited. What you need is clicking the option yes or no.

  • Answer the Papa Murphy’s questionnaire.

The first question is ask you to recall your experience in the last visit. You should rate the overall satisfaction with your visit. There are five levels of satisfaction you can choose. You should choose these options: Excellent, Good, Average, Fair, and Poor. Besides, the survey may also ask you about how many times you visit Papa Murphy’s Pizza outlet. Furthermore, you can rate the quality of the pizza as well. Be sure that you provide a true and honest answer.

  • Give a comment.

Then you have a chance to voice your comment, compliment, or suggestion to Papa Murphy’s Pizza. If you like to express the feedback, you can choose Comment. But, if you think everything that Papa Murphy’s does is good, you can select Continue. You can write everything in the comment box.

  • Submit Papasurvey.

If you have finished Papa Murphy’s survey, then you can submit it. At the end of Papasurvey, you will get a Papa Murphy’s redemption code. This code is the appreciation of your time taking the survey. You can redeem the code with a free menu at Papa Murphy’s store. Besides, the page also asks you to join the Papa Murphy’s e-club. Being the member of this e-club allows you to get exclusive discounts and special offers from Papa Murphy’s.

 The Rules of Participating at Papa Murphy’s Survey

The process of Papasurvey is very simple. You just need to spend a few times to complete it. The questions in the survey are also easy. You only need to rate the customer satisfaction. If you wish, you can write some comments or suggestions. But, you can skip this part, if you think the Papa Murphy’s service is excellent. Anyone can enter to this survey. There is no age limitation to take part in Papa Murphy’s satisfaction survey.

All respondents have the same chance to get the coupon code from the survey. When the site displays the code, you should write it on your receipt. Then, you can redeem this Papa Murphy’s code with a free pizza in your next purchase. You need to understand some rules about Papa Survey. Here they are.

  • One receipt is only valid for one survey. So, you cannot use the same receipt to take part in more than one survey.
  • You cannot combine the coupon code with the discount offer or other coupons at the same time. If you have more than one coupon, you can use it for another visit.
  • You cannot redeem the Papa Murphy’s code for cash. You only can redeem the coupon for a discount or free product. The reward may vary.
  • You have to show the code along with your receipt to get the discount offer or free menu. So, you have to write Papa Murphy’s coupon code on the back of your receipt.

Tips to Participate at Papa Murphy’s Survey to Getting the Rewards

Even the reward offered by Papa Murphy’s Survey is not great, it still attracts many respondents. Unlike other companies which offer the gift card, Papa murphy’s only gives a coupon as the reward of the customer survey. But, you will deserve it since you only spend a short time for answering the questions. The small coupon is worth for your effort completing Papasurvey. You can consider these few tips when you participate in Papa Murphy’s satisfaction survey.

  • Be careful in entering the store number.

Many respondents are failed when they input the store number. When you are not sure what the store number of Papa Murphy’s outlet, you should select the zip code. Then, the site will display the possible outlet.

  • Provide the honest answers.

Your feedback is useful for the Papa Murphy’s business. So, you should give the true answer. Your feedback does not affect the coupon. Even you give the bad feedback; you still get the coupon at the end of the survey.

  • Join Papa Murphy’s e-Club.

When you join this club, you can get several benefits. You will get the new offers from Papa Murphy’s. If you register to this club, you can get a free membership. Besides, you may get a free cookie on your birthday. Besides, you will get the special offers and discounts throughout the year. For instance, you can get 50% off for the second pizza you buy.

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