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Hello Good People! How’s life? Have you realized that your life is too beautiful to be sad and stuck on dieting? Come on; you should live your life and explore this beautiful world. Even, this world provides lots of delicious food that you can enjoy. Papa Murphys come and offer you $3 off in Papa Murphy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. What do you wait for guys? Take your discount now!

If it is your first chance to join in a customer survey, this article will give you the up-to-date guidelines for completing Papa’s Customer Survey 2018. Even, you can enlarge your knowledge about Papa Murphy’s Restaurant. Stay tuned and Happy Reading!

Papa Murphys
Papa Murphys

About Papa Murphys

As you know, Papa Murphys today is the combination of two take and bake’s company. In 1981, Papa Aldo’s Pizza and Murphy’s Pizza came with its bread and pizza products. No matter they were built in a different place, they merged to one corporation in 1995. Then, they named their company as Papa Murphys which is the combination of their old company.

Nowadays, Papa Murphys become the most well-known Pizza Chains in the USA. By the trust and love of its customers, this Pizza Chains has been expanding in more than 1300 Franchising in the United States and Canada. Even, it becomes the fifth largest Pizza Company and has got Pizza Chain Award in 2006. Also, it has won Top Pizza Chain in Quality and Healthy Food in 2004. Even, it is not enough because this company also won some award because of its good services.

About Papa Survey

In this modern era, the key concept of successful business is in customers satisfaction. To deal with that key concept, keeping the existing customers becomes the most prominent action besides tries to interact the new ones. Even, it needs to upgrade its performance by identifying the new trends in the market. Finding out what the customers want and the new trends in the market are successful by a customer satisfaction survey.

To deal with its purpose, Papa Murphys create Papa Survey as its customer satisfaction survey. This way will be beneficial for the management to observe and identify the crucial data which impacts the customers. Besides, this way is such a golden key to give the direct link to the customers and the management. In turn, this way will create a proud for the customers because they can give the great contribution to the business growth.

Within five to ten minutes, Papa’s Customers can participate in Papa Survey and complete the open-ended questionnaires and even the close-ended one. With full of hope, the customers can share their true and honest experience with this Pizza Company. In the last of the section, the management provides a great reward for its survey participant in Papa Murphy’s.

Where can I Access Papa Survey?

To get closer to its customers, Papa Murphys creates a large opportunity to give the feedback and recommendation. Of course, by their feedback, the management can find the strategy to make the customers coming back. And, it can help the management to improve the strong point of the business and revise the weak ones.

Papa’s Management provides two ways to access Papa Customer Survey. As you know, all ways will have the same opportunity to get the great reward in the last section of the survey. And, the ways to access Papa Murphy’s Survey are:

  • Via Papa’s Main Website

The first way to access the survey is through That website address is Papa’s Main website. In this occasion, you can write that website address on your internet search bar. Even, you will see the large space of Papa’s Website.

If you have seen all the products of this restaurant, you can choose the menu “Contact Us.” It is available on the bottom side of the website. After you arrived in that menu, you can share your complaint or recommendation. You must make sure that you have given your personal information as true as possible.

  • Via Papa’s Survey Website

The second way is such as a shortcut way to join in Papa’s Customer Survey.  Here, you can write down in your search bar. That address will lead you to Papa’s Survey Website. At that time, you can directly give your feedback by completing all the steps inside.

What Should I Prepare for Papa Survey?

If it is your first time joining in a customer survey, maybe this information will be beneficial. Before completing the survey, you need to prepare the qualifications to help you complete all sections. But, you don’t need to afraid because all qualifications are not complicated, and you can prepare it in a quick way. And, here they are:

  • The eligible devices

Of course, the devices are the main crucial tool in this customer survey. In this case, you should prepare a set of computers. And, even you can apply Papa Murphy’s Survey through your laptop, tablet, and Smartphone.

  • The internet connection

Then, this survey is the online mode of the survey. So that way, you must make sure that you have a stable internet connection. In this case, it is better not to use the mobile data. Why? It is one of the best ways to avoid the unstable internet connection.

  • Language proficiency

Then, to complete the customer survey, you must make sure that you can understand Spanish or English. Those languages are the language instruction of the survey. Even, it is important because the statements will appear in the language that you have chosen.

  • The current receipt

When you visit Papa Murphys, you will get your receipt as the sign of payment order. That receipt has lots beneficial information that will help you to complete all sections of Papa Survey. After getting the receipt, you must keep it well and make sure that you can see the detail as clear as possible.

What are The Rules in Papa Survey?

In the last section of the survey, Papa Murphys offers the great reward for its survey participant. Because of the large customer’s willingness to join this survey, Papa’s Management has some considerations to decide the best winner. In turn, you must obey some rules to be the winner of this survey. And, here they are:

  • At first, you must be at least 18 years old customer. Also, you must be the resident of United States.
  • Then, your current receipt is not more than seven days of the last visit. That receipt has a survey invitation number that can you use to open the survey site.
  • At last, you must provide your contact details as the management’s information when you become the winner.
Papa Murphy’s Survey Step by Step

Papa Murphys provides a five to ten minutes customer survey in That site has some questionnaire related to Papa’s performance. In the questionnaire section, you will see two sections which have open-ended and close-ended questionnaires. What are they? It is a great question.

The closed-ended questionnaire is a questionnaire where allow you to give your assessment. Here, the management allows you to give the score from one to five. That score will show your satisfaction and dissatisfaction related to your experience with Papa Murphys. Then, the Open-ended questionnaire gives you some questions where you can write your answer in a descriptive way. Often, this section is the most favorite survey section where you can explore your feedback and recommendation.

Here we go, you may follow Papa Murphy’s Survey Step by Step below:

  • Step 1:

At the beginning, you must prepare your best internet devices. It can be Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, UC-Browser and so on. Then, you can write in your internet search bar. Even, you can join the survey from and choose the menu “Contact Us.”

  • Step 2:

Then, the second way you will see two boxes which allow you to choose between entering the store number or searching the zip or postal code. If you can write the store number, you may send the store number. Then, when you choose the second box, this site will lead you to the page where you can find the store using its zip code.

  • Step 3:

The third section will lead you to send the information about the last day, date and hours of the last visiting. Even, you don’t need to worry when you forgot that information. That information is available on your current receipt.

  • Step 4:

Afterward, you can choose the menu “Forward.” It will automatically send you to the whole space of the survey.

  • Step 5:

Well, you have arrived at the survey section. In this occasion, you can give your assessment related your experience with Papa Murphys. In this case, the management hopes you to give your real assessment. Then, you can click on “Forward” button.

  • Step 6:

The sixth section will ask you to continue or comment. At that time, you can choose “Either.” Then, you can write down your comment and answer the questions as honest as possible. In this occasion, you may share your complaint including your recommendation related your issues with Papa Murphys.

  • Step 7:

Then, you can select “Forward’ button. This section will send your feedback to Papa’s Management. And, you can wait for your redemption code as your reward in

  • Step 8:

At last, Papa’s Management will send you a redemption code. That code has four digits number, and it will appear on your computer’s screen. At that time, you must write it down in a quick way on your receipt. You can bring your receipt which has the redemption number and shows it to the cashier or waiters.

What is Papa Survey’s Reward?

As the high appreciation from Papa’s Management, you will get a large opportunity to get a reward. After completing all sections of the survey, you can redeem your redemption code with $3 off. Well, it is your best turn to invite your friends and family to enjoy the delicious pizza in Papa Murphys.

The Rules to Redeem the Code from Papa Survey

Congratulation! You can redeem your redemption code with $3 off on your next visit. Before redeeming that code, you may follow some steps and rules, so it will not be useless. If it is your first time to win $3 off, you are the lucky customer. You don’t need to doubt because Papa Murphys will serve you the best quality of Pizza. And, the rules are:

  • The first, your redemption code will be available in not more than seven days of your last survey.
  • The second, you can not change your reward with cash.
  • The third, your redemption code will be available for one person per one visit. As you know, the cashier will ask it back and tear it to avoid the mistakes.
  • The fourth, you can redeem your receipt in the same Papa Murphy’s Location where you get the current receipt.
  • The fifth, you cannot give your redemption code to the other survey participants or the others customer. Maybe, the cashier will ask your identity card to make sure that you are the real winner.
How to Order Papa Murphy’s Menu?

To order the menu in Papa’s Restaurant, you can follow some way below. At least you have two ways order which both of them will give you its best services. And, here the ways are:

  • In-Store

If you want to enjoy your free time by visiting the comfortable place while enjoying the delicious meal, Papa Murphys are the best choice. In this case, you can enjoy the enjoyable place with the great manner of the employee. You can order your meal to the waiters, and don’t be afraid to ask them for explaining the menu that you don’t understand.

  • Online store

When you are broken heart and lazy to go out, Papa’s Team will come to your house and serve your order. You can order via Papa Murphy’s Website or even by Papa Murphy’s Application. Also, its app is available on Google Play Store and App Store. You can download easily.

Papa Murphy’s Near Me

Because of its high love and trust from the customers, Papa Murphys has expanded in more than 20 states in the USA. Even, you can find Papa Murphy’s Near Me in an easy way and in every state that you visit. If you are Papa Murphy’s Lover, you don’t need to worry because this store will serve you wherever you go and whenever you need. To find out Papa Murphy’s Location, you can follow some steps below:

  • Step 1:

At first, you should open your browser and write You will arrive at Papa Murphy’s main website.

  • Step 2:

Then, you can choose the menu “Find A Store.” That menu is available on the upper right side of the website.

  • Step 3:

After that, you can select your location. Then, you may choose between write down your location or search by the zip code.

  • Step 4:

At last, you can click on the menu “Find Your Store.” Automatically, this site will lead you to find the nearest location of Papa Murphy’s Restaurant.

The other way to find Papa Murphy’s Restaurant is by searching on Google Map. Then, you can write down Papa Murphy’s Location on the search bar. Later, Google Map will give you the detail information about the nearest location.

How to Contact Papa Murphy’s Customer Service?

Just in case you get some troubles with Papa Murphys or with its customer survey, you can contact the customer service. In this occasion, Papa’s Management provided some informational bases that you can use it as easy as possible. Here, the information is:

  • Mail address:

You can share your question and recommendation through a piece of paper. Then, you can send it to Papa Murphy’s International Attn: Guest Services 8000 NE Parkway Dr. 350 Vancouver, WA 98662.

  • Email address:

In a fast way, you can send your question via email. This way becomes the most popular among Papa’s Customer to share their questions. Even, the customer service will respond your email as fast as possible. In this occasion, you can send your email to Then, you can choose the menu “Contact Us” and share your questions.

  • Phone number:

Then, you can get the fast response to your immediate problems through phone the Papa’s Customer Service. In this case, you should pay attention to Papa’s Work Hour and Operation. Even, It will be available from 7 is to 11 pm Central Time. You can phone it at 1-844-620-2501.

  • Website address:

You may get the large information about Papa Murphys through its website address in Through that website, you can see the detail information about Papa’s Career, Papa’s Menu and Nutrition, and so on. Even, for join the Papa Survey, you can visit

Alright! Now, you can live your life by enjoying the healthy and delicious food from Papa Murphy’s Restaurant. Even, you have got your $3 off and can eat as many as you want with your lovely friends or family. Good job guys, you may participate in Papa Survey again and get your discount. Best Luck!

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