Macys Insite – General Overview of Macy’s Insite Employee Connection

Do you work at Macy’s? You should be grateful It is because Macy’s offers great benefits for the staffs. It does not matter whether you are a part-time or expert staffs. When you give your skill and hard work for Macy’s, it will pay you with unbelievable benefits and reward. Being the part of Macy’s family can help you to improve your personal life. As the appreciation for its staffs, Macy’s created Macys Insite portal. This site is accessible for all staffs of Macy’s. They can access and manage their benefits.

As a famous department store in the US, Macy’s employees a large number of staffs. That is why it designed Macy’s Insite employees’ portal to load a database. It secures all data entered on the portal. Besides, the aim of creating Macys Insite is to inform the staffs about the latest news. The workers can view the Macy’s benefits as well as their paycheck. No matter you are at work at your home, you still can keep informed. You just need to prepare a computer or mobile device as well as the internet connection.

In fact, Insite Macys portal can be divided into two websites. They are Employee Connection and Insite. You can access the employee connection at This site is only for Macy’s associates. Without login, the staffs can read work-related information. For instance, they can access health and retirement program. Besides, you can get the latest info about Macy’s as well. In contrast, you need to log in to access Macys Insite. It requires eight digits employee ID and a password. This way, you can view your private information. For example, you can check the perks and benefits program. Furthermore, you can view your Macy’s pay stubs as well.

How to Sign Into Macys Insite

Accessing your Macy’s personal information is easy. You can do these following steps to sign into Macys login. Here we go.

macys insite sign in

  • Visit Macys Insite web.

You have two ways to access Macys Insite login page. First, you can visit through your web browser. Then, on the homepage, you will see some tags such as Forms, Benefits, Communication, and My In-site. The next, you should select my In-site menu. After that, you will land to Macy’s Insite login page.

The second way is load Macys Insite page directly. You can type in your address bar. This URL will bring you to Macy’s Insite login page. So, you do not need to load Employee Connection site. The second login method is easier than the first way. But, it is all up to you to choose the sign-in method which fits you.

  • Enter Macys Insite login credential.

The site requires you to enter Macy’s employee ID as well as self-created password. Make sure that you enter valid employee ID which consists of 8 digits numbers.

  • Click on Red Sign in button.

The last, you have to press the red button to process your login request. Then, you have freedom to view your Macy’s personal information.

Sometimes, you forget what your Macy’s password is. To solve this problem, you should use Forgot Password feature. You can find this option under the red sign-in button. Here the procedure of resetting your Macy’s password.

  • Load in your browser.
  • Click on My-Insite menu at the top right side of the screen.
  • Select Forgot/Unlock password menu.
  • Enter your Macy’s employee number. You will land on the validation page. Then, you have to enter your employment details into provided field. You may need to write your SSN, date of birth, zip code, as well as your mother’s name.
  • Get a temporary password. Macys Insite will create a password for you. But, you can change this password later.

After you finish resetting the password, you can try to sign into Macy’s Insite. The way to log into the In-site is similar to the guideline above.

The Information You Can Find Out at Macys Insite Employee Connection

For a large company, it is vital to keep employees’ information secured. So, Macy’s makes a website called Macy’s Insite. This portal connects the staffs to the company’s management. It is an interactive site which the workers can view their work details and benefits. Here are the samples of activities which the staffs can do at Macys Insite.

  • Checking their benefits program.
  • Viewing the medical and dental care plan. Besides, they can make some changes to their personal details.
  • Reading the actual news about Macy’s.
  • Managing and changing the information about Social Security as well as 401 K program.
  • Solving their problems about payment and benefits.
  • Viewing W2 as well as other employment details.

The staffs can access Macy’s Insite Schedule as well. First, you have to load Then, you have to sign into Macy’s In-site. Once you have signed into Insite, you will see My Schedule menu on the left of the page. When you select My Schedule, the site will show the timetable. You can check the date and time when you are supposed to work.

Macy’s Insite allows the staffs to check the information by themselves. Besides, it also lets the workers do the administration. Since the site can display the private details such as pay stubs, Macy’s improves its security. So, the site is safe and easy to access. This way, Macy’s Insite can fulfill the employees’ need. The web can serve the staffs about the online transaction. So, the Macy’s associates do not need to go to HR office to solve their employment issues.

With the help of Employee Connection web, the staffs can save their time. It is because; they can process the work transaction within a few minutes. They do not need to queue up in the HR office. With a simple procedure, they can make some changes in their Macy’s account.

Exploring the Menu at Employee Connection

It is easy to use the service provided by Macy’s Employee Connection. The portal has a simple user interface so that it is easy to explore. Here we present the content of menu you can find at The portal has five main menus. These are the things you should know.

  1. Benefits.

The first menu is the benefit program. This choice is on the top left of the Employee Connection portal. When you select this menu, the web will display the list of benefits for Macy’s staffs.  Here are the benefit programs you can get if you are employed by Macy’s Dept Store.

  • Health benefits.

The staffs will work hard if they are healthy. So, Macy’s gives the healthcare programs. These medical benefits will make the employees fit. The programs offered are the dental and medical plan. It also gives disability income protection and lives healthy wellness. You can choose the benefits to support your health.

  • Earning for Learning.

Macy’s designs this program to help the staff’s family to improve the education. The company will provide the grants of their children to study in the public or private school.

  • Discount offers.

You can do money saving while you are shopping. The company will give you the discounts when you buy the products from Macy’s and the partner company.

  • Financial Planning.

You can review the advice from the expert to plan your financial condition.

  • Retirement Benefit.

You can secure your future by joining retirement plan. You can choose 401K, Social Security, and AARP program. This way, you can have a successful career at Macy’s. Besides, you also get the interesting offers.

  1. Forms.

Beside the Benefits menu, you will see Forms option. When you select it, the page will list down several employment forms. For example, you can download the forms abut charitable giving, health benefits and tax forms. You just need to select the link to download the forms. You may need a few minutes to download it. Be sure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. Then, you can open and print it.

  1. Communication.

The third menu consists of links which make you up to date with Macy’s news. This menu helps you to keep informed about Macy’s information. You can access annual book and Macy’s stock quote. This menu also lists down the company websites such as,, and

  1. Resources.

The fourth menu informs you about paycheck and payment. You can manage the payroll or direct deposit program. Besides, you can access W-2 and employment verification as well. Furthermore, the employees can view their bill payment. Also, they can check their taxes. For instance, they can review the Federation of tax administrators as well as social security and the IRS.

  1. In-site.

The last menu requires the users to log in. To review your private details, you should enter Macy’s employee ID and a valid password. When you select Insite menu, the portal will take you to Macy’s home page. Then, you will see three options; sign in, site requirement, and disclosure. Just select the sign in red button to access your Macy’s account. You will view two blank spaces to enter the ID and password. Under the login section, there are three features. The first feature is a sign-in button.

The second is Forgot/Unlock Password menu. You can select the second feature if you lose your Macy’s password. The system will lead you to fulfill some instructions. For instance, you should enter Macy’s identification number, zip code, mother’s name, etc. When you have completed the procedure, Insite will assign you a passcode to log in. The last feature is Change Password. You can improve the account security by changing your Macy’s password often.

Those are the menus which are available on Employee Connection. When you face the technical problem in reaching Macys Insite, you should check your browser. Macy’s site works best with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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