Olive Garden Catering Menu – How are Olive Garden Catering Menu Prices?

Everyone likes Italian food. If you are Italian dish fans, you will be familiar with Olive Garden restaurant. Olive Garden is a well-known restaurant with Italian concept. First built in Orlando, US, Olive Garden grows fast. It has many chains, so it becomes the largest Italian themed restaurant in the US. This restaurant can expand its business quickly since it provides the warm dining experience for the customers. Besides, people have some choices in enjoying Olive Garden menu. For instance, they can dine in the restaurant. Besides, they can order Olive Garden Catering menu as well.

Not only offering welcoming dining atmosphere, but Olive Garden also serves delicious menu. People can choose various Italian food. Since Olive Garden made the food with love, people will be glad to enjoy it. Besides, Olive Garden always innovates the menu. So, this restaurant often offers the new dish for the customers. If you are the fans of Italian food, you must try Olive Garden Catering menu. You will be happy tasting the new flavor. It offers delicious Italian appetizer, main course, desserts, wine, etc. When you cannot go to Olive Garden restaurant, you can try Olive Garden Catering. Besides, you can order Olive Garden to go menu.

There are two options of ordering Olive Garden catering menu. First, you can order online then pick up your food at the nearby Olive Garden restaurant. Besides, you can try a delivery order. The delivery option is the simplest way to enjoy Italian food from Olive Garden. You do not need to go anywhere. It is because you can order from home then wait for the staff delivers your food. But, you have to spend at least $100 to order the catering menu. Besides, if you order less than $500, you have to pay 15% delivery fees. For your convenient, you need to give 24 hours notice if you want to order the big catering menu. Then, you can pay your Olive Garden menu online. Then, you just need to wait for your order delivered to your house.

Olive Garden Catering Menu

Olive Garden Catering Menu is the perfect choice for your event or party. You do not need to cook the meal by yourself. You just need to call the local Olive Garden Restaurant. Whatever the events you want to hold, Olive Garden can provide the best menu for your happy moment. For instance, you can order Italian dish for a family gathering, birthday party, wedding party, or baby shower. Besides, Olive Garden is also ready to provide the meal for your meeting. You can order Olive Garden catering for a training session, internal meeting, or holiday event. The catering menu is available for delivery or picks up.

What is Olive Garden Catering Menu

With the set of Olive Garden Catering, you can make your even more precious. It is because Olive Garden will serve the delicious combination of the catering meal. Besides, Olive Garden also guarantees that the taste of catering menu will be the same as what you taste in their restaurant. They pack the platters and the party trays fresh. So, you still can enjoy the freshness of the food as soon as you serve it at your event. Then, your party or gathering event will run happily.

Olive Garden provides various catering combination. So, the customers will not get bored with the menu. When they order for the work lunch, they can choose various catering menu offered. Here is some of Olive Garden Catering Menu.
• Lasagna Combination. This package consists of one tray of Lasagna Classico, Creamy Fettuccine or Cheese Ziti al Forno.
• Chicken Marsala Combination. In this package, you can enjoy Chicken Marsala Platter. Besides, you also can get Classic Spaghetti along with Meat Sauce.
• Pasta station. You can choose three types of pasta, three kinds of sauce, and free toppings.

If you order the catering platter set, you will get the bonus menu. For instance, you can get Olive Garden famous house salad, dessert, and breadstick. So, why don’t you try to order Olive Garden Catering Menu for your next event? No matter the size of your event, Olive Garden can provide the suitable menu. It is so since Olive Garden menu accommodates all events you have. Your teamwork will be happy enjoying the menu. Best of all, you do not need to think about the meal set up. It is because Olive Garden staffs will take care of it. For the big event, you have to order 24 hours in advance. Then, Olive Garden will make sure that your event successful.

The List of Olive Garden Menu Price

Famous for its Italian menu, Olive Garden always tries to improve their dish. So, this restaurant can serve many food choices for its loyal customers. For instance, you can choose the variety of menu for lunch, dinner, and catering. Besides, you can enjoy wine and other alcoholic beverage such as beer and cocktail. Furthermore, Olive Garden prepares the special menu. For instance, you can order the taste of Mediterranean food and Gluten Free menu. The Gluten free food is suitable for the people who are Gluten sensitive. So, they still can enjoy soups and salads from Olive Garden.

Olive Garden menu is divided into several groups. Then, for the complete list of menu, you can visit www.olivegarden.com. Listed below are some of Olive Garden Menu Price.

• Menu for Dinner. Olive Garden serves special dish for your dinner. For instance, you can order the appetizer, pasta, seafood, and dessert. Here is the Olive Garden Dinner Menu pricelist.
1. Crispy Chicken Ravioli Supreme $10.79
2. Grilled Chicken Piadina $10.49
3. Calamari $12.29
4. Fried Mozzarella $8.49
5. Famous House Salad $8.49
6. Chicken & Gnocchi $7.49
7. Zuppa Toscana $7.49
8. Tour of Italy $23.49
9. Fettucine Alfredo $16.99
10. Lasagna Classico $18.99
11. Five Cheese Ziti al Forno $12.99
12. Chicken Carbonara $23.79
13. Chicken Marsala $20.99
14. Shrimp Carbonara $24.79
15. Shrimp Scampi $20.79
16. Lobster Ravioli $25.99
17. Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo $22.49
18. Tuscan Sirloin $25.49
19. Tiramisu $8.79
20. Warm Apple Crostata $8.79.

• Menu for Pronto Lunch.
In fact, the list of the menu for lunch and dinner is not different. But, you can create your menu combination for lunch. Besides, you can make your pasta bowl. But, you cannot order steak for lunch. All lunch menu starts from $6.99. If you want a different taste of lunch, you can order Mediterranean menu. For instance, you can try Chicken Margherita for $15.29. Besides, Olive Garden Lunch menu also provides traditional dish such as Eggplant Parmigiana $16.99, Cheese Ravioli $16.79, or Shrimp Alfredo $22.29.

• Menu for Catering.
It is recommended to order meal combination from Olive Garden Catering Menu. Here is the list for catering menu price.
1. Chicken Parmigiana Combination $175. This menu can serve 8 -14 persons.
2. Lasagna Combination $185.50. It can serve 8 – 14 people.
3. Chicken Marsala Combination $192.50.
4. Family Style Lasagna Bundle $70.00.
5. Breadstick Sandwich and Jumbo Famous House Salad Combination $94.99.
6. Breadstick Sandwiches for ten packs $84.99.

• Menu for Kids.
Olive Garden also serves some menus special for your children. The menus are pasta, drinks, and desserts. Here is the Olive Garden Kids menu price list.
1. Choice of Pasta with Tomato Sauce $6.19
2. Pasta with Meat Sauce $6.19.
3. Pasta with five cheese marinara $6.49.
4. Kids Pizza $6.49.
5. Macaroni and Cheese $6.49.
6. Chicken Fingers $6.49.
7. Strawberry Banana Smoothy $2.79.
8. Peach Mango Smoothy $2.79.
9. Doloini or mini dessert $3.49.
10. Sundae $1.99.

Steps to Order Olive Garden Catering Menu Online

The Olive Garden invites you to order the catering menu via online. It is the most convenient way to order meal from Olive Garden. In fact, only with a few steps, you can complete the ordering process. Here are the steps of ordering Olive Garden Catering.
• Visit the official site of Olive Garden Restaurant.
First, you have to load www.olivegarden.com in your browser. From this website, you can find out the complete list of Olive Garden menu and price list. Besides, you can order online, sign up for e-club, and explore career opportunity.

• Select Order online.
The Olive Garden website has some choices in its menu bar. When you want to order catering menu, you can choose Order Online. Then, you have to choose the way you get your order. You can select your order type. For instance, you can choose To Go Order or Delivery Order.

• Choose the Location and Pick Up time.
Then, you should select the Olive Garden restaurant address. After that, you can click on the date and time when you want to pick up the order. Besides, you can do the same steps if you want to order delivery service.

• Choose the menu.
Then, you have to select the meal combination. Click on the Order button below the meal picture. The next, you should review your order. The last, you can make a payment. When you want to pick up the meal at the restaurant, you can pay the bill at the location. Besides, if you order more than $350, you should call the local Olive Garden customer service nearby.

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