Nike Survey – Grab $10 Gift Code from Nike Store Receipt Survey

Everyone must be familiar with Nike. This sportswear brand is very popular among the youth. Even though you are not fond of sport, you must know this brand. It is because Nike is one of the biggest suppliers of footwear and apparel. Nike always maintains the quality of their products. No doubt, Nike becomes the most precious brand among the sportswear businesses. To develop its brand, Nike becomes the sponsor of many sports teams and athletes in the world. This way, the customers will trust Nike. Besides, this company also creates Nike Survey. The survey has a goal to make sure that Nike customers get the satisfying product from Nike.

If you like purchasing Nike products, you should not miss Nike survey. This survey is available online at Mynikevisit-na portal. Through My Nike Visit survey, the company collects the feedback from Nike customers. Encouraging the customers to take part in Mynikevisit survey is not easy. So, Nike management thinks the strategy to attract the people to take Nike customer survey. So, Nike offers a coupon which is valid for $10 off for the next purchase. The customers will not ignore this precious chance. So, after making a transaction in Nike store, they will access Mynikevisit portal. Then, they can grab Nike coupon after the survey.

Nike Survey

The coupon or gift card offering can increase the customer’s interest to take the survey. The Nike survey reward serves as the win-win solution for both company and customers. For the company, they can gauge the Nike customers feedback easily. Besides, they also can increase the sales since the customers can redeem Nike coupon or gift card if they purchase Nike product in the next visit. In contrast, the customers can share everything they experience when they are in Nike store. Their experience can be a good or bad feedback. Then, they can save their budget since they will get the discount as the survey reward.

What are the Rules of Nike Survey?

When you involve in Nike survey, you can help this company to improve the current service. Besides, the Nike customer feedback is the best to the potential issues. This way, Nike will know the customers’ shopping experience. For instance, they can make sure that Nike product and the service at the store can satisfy its customers. Through Mynikevisit survey, the customers are free to speak up what is in their mind. So, if they experienced the bad service at Nike store, Mynikevisit-na survey is the best place to complain.

Before you participate in Nike survey, you have to understand Mynikevisit survey rules. The rules will guide you to complete the survey successfully. Then, you can make sure that you can get Nike coupon or gift card as the reward. So, what are the rules which you have to obey? These are Nike customer survey rules and requirements.

  • Survey participant.

The participants of Nike survey must be the US legal residents. Besides, the age of the survey takers must be at least 13 years old. In fact, all Nike stores around the world conduct the survey. But, the survey portal for each country is different. For instance, if you are in the Great Britain, you can access Mynikevisit-Uk. Besides, there is also Mynikevisit-Au for the Nike customers in Australia. Furthermore, the participants should master one of the four languages provided. Mynikevisit survey portal offers four language options. They are English, France, Chinese, and Spanish.

  • Survey requirements.

You only can access Mynikevisit survey when you have Nike receipt. Besides, only the receipt which contains Nike survey code which can enter this survey. But, you should use this survey code as soon as possible. It is because Nike survey invitation usually expires within seven days. So, you only have one week after purchasing to take the survey. Besides, you should have a personal email address.

  • Internet setting.

Make sure that the internet you use is stable and fast. Besides, you have to check the browser setting on your computer. Then, you should activate the JavaScript and Cookies. When the JavaScript is off, you will not be able to load Nike survey portal. Luckily, you can open this survey by using a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Survey limitation.

Nike store survey has the limit time. It means you should make sure that the survey period does not end yet. Usually, the reward given by Nike is different in every survey period. Sometimes, they offer the coupon for $5 off. Besides, in this period, Nike offers the coupon for $10 off in your next transaction. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that the Nike receipt is only for one survey. On the other words, the receipt is for one-time use. Moreover, you will not be able to take more than two MyNikevisit surveys in a week.

What are the Conditions for Nike Survey Reward?

After reviewing the rules and the requirements of Mynikevisit-Na, you have to know more about the survey reward. When you can fulfill all of the requirements mentioned above, you deserve to take Nike Customer Satisfaction Survey. Then, after answering all of Nike survey questions, you will get the promotional gift code from Nike. But, you should notice what the survey gift code conditions. Here we present the detailed information about Nike gift code.

  • The place to redeem.

You can redeem the Nike coupon in all of Nike Stores in the US, Puerto Rico, or Canada. For instance, you can redeem the merchandise at NikeStore, Niketown, Nike Clearance Store, or Nike Factory Store. Besides, you cannot redeem this gift code through the online order or telephone order. It is because Nike coupon is only redeemable in person at Nike store.

  • The code balance.

Every code appeared on the screen after the survey contains the balance. But, every Nike survey period may give the different reward. You can get $5 up to $20 off. However, in this period, Nike offers $10 gift code for the customers that takes the survey. Besides, this gift code is only redeemable for Nike merchandise. It means you cannot redeem Nike gift code for some cash. Moreover, this code is not redeemable for the previous purchase.

  • The reward limitation.

You only can redeem one $10 gift code in a day. Besides, you cannot take more than two surveys in seven days. Then, the customers cannot combine Nike survey gift code with other offers. The Nike store crew also cannot use this gift code along with employee discount.

  • The reward validation.

When you finish Nike customer survey, you should write down the gift code on your Nike receipt. Then, when you visit Nike store, you can show this gift code to the cashier to get the discount. Remember that this gift code coupon is not valid for phone order and Besides, Nike gift card reward will expire within 60 days. The last, Nike will not replace this reward when you lose it.

What are the Tips for Nike Survey Completion?

When you want to grab $10 gift code from Nike, you should keep Nike receipt. After making a transaction at Nike store, you should access soon. It is because your receipt will expire in 7 days. In fact, Nike store receipt survey is easy to finish. This survey will not take more than 10 minutes. The instructions given on each Nike survey page is also clear. So, you will not get confused about what you should do to complete the survey.

In this article, we will not explain the survey completion steps. But, we will give you the powerful tips for Nike survey completion. These tips will prevent you to get difficult in completing Mynikevisit survey.

  • Check your browser and internet setting.

Before accessing the Mynikevisit survey portal, checking the internet setting is necessary. It is because another failure is because of the browser and internet setting.  Whatever the browser you use, make sure that you activate the JavaScript setting. Besides, you also have to turn on the Cookies setting.

  • Enter the correct survey page address.

The correct Nike survey page is You will not find the survey page on When you write in your browser address bar, you may be directed to the different domain. But, you should not worry since that is the correct Nike Customer Survey page. Then, you will land on This survey website has Nike logo on the top of the page. Besides, there is an athlete picture along with four language options.

  • Enter the Nike survey code correctly.

The most frequent failure that occurs when entering Nike survey is the mistake in inputting the survey code. The survey code on Nike receipt consists of 15 up to 20 digits. Since the code is long, many people do not enter the code correctly. Besides, you should not include dashes when you write down the Nike code on the field provided. Moreover, you should not use spaces when you input the code.

  • Provide the valid personal email address.

The Mynikevisit survey requires you to provide your email address. It is because Nike will send the gift code to your email. Usually, you will receive the Nike survey gift code on the same day of the survey completion. But, if the number of survey takers is big, Nike may delay sending the gift code. Usually, you will receive this Nike coupon within eight up to eleven days. But, if you do not receive any gift card in 11 days, you have to contact the Nike Customer service. Besides, you can send a complaint email to

  • Answer Nike questionnaires honestly.

The last but not the least tip for you is you should provide the true answer. So, your responses should be regarding your experience in Nike Store. For instance, when you receive the bad service from Nike store crew, you have to tell your complaint. In contrast, when you get satisfied with Nike products and services, you should give the good rating. Besides, Mynikevisit may provide the open-ended question. So, that is your chance to share your feedback truthfully.

How to Contact Nike Customer Service?

When you want to find out Nike survey information, you can explore In this website, you can find Get Help link on the bottom of the page. Then this link will display Nike FAQ. But, when the information you need does not exist on this page, you need to talk to Nike customer service. Whenever you need some help for the survey completion, Nike staffs will always be happy to help you.

These are some ways to get in touch with Nike customer service team. But, you need to keep in mind that Customer service is only available on Monday to Friday. Then, you can contact them from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm. Here are the lists of Nike contacts.

  • By phone.

If you want to get the fast response from Nike staffs, you can call Nike phone number. For instance, you can call Nike headquarters number at 1 503 671 6453. This number is for regional operation. When you are in Americas, United States or Asia Pacific, you can dial that number. But, if you are in Europe, you can contact +31 35 626 6453.

  • Through Social media.

The simplest way to get in touch with Nike customer service staff is through social media. You can contact Nike via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Then, you will get the quick response for the issue you face.

  • Nike website.

The last method to contact Nike is visiting its website. You should load Then, scroll down the Nike page until you find Contact Us. After that, you can select the topic that you need some help. For instance, your problem is about product information or online shopping. Besides, your topic may be about the Nike app and device support. The next, you can submit your problem or complaint.

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