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Every single day, we can see a new phone version gets launched by some phone companies. In this case, we know all of them are trying to compete to be the best one. Of course, with the best features offered, complete with the 4G network, they try to get people’s hearts. In this case, we may get confused as all offers the same things. Indeed, what can make our smartphone is real smart if we use the best network provider. Not to mention, we can use the NetZero. Without a doubt, it is the most necessary one for all people who need fast speed in the connection. We can contact the NetZero Message Center if we get interested in enjoying the service. But, if we need time to think, we can check the information about this network first.

About NetZero Message Center

For our information, NetZero is such an America Internet service provider. In this case, the service covers the email, mobile broadband, complete with Wireless Broadband service provider. We can find the main NetZero Headquarter in Los Angeles, right in the big town of California. At first, this mobile service company applied the service of Sprint 3G network. As the technology growing including smartphone and tabs, NetZero now tries to give free internet message service. Without a doubt, this service becomes the most favorite one among adolescences. In short words, we can enjoy all exceptional service offered by using one SIM card, which is NetZero. If we are smart, we will consider using this service as the others may not offer the same thing.

NetZero Message Center

In another case, when we contact the NetZero Message Center, we can get all necessary information related to this network provider. One of the best offers which we can try is the texting. It means that all users of NetZero will be able to send and get messages without having to pay. As long as we have an account of this network, we can log into NetZero Message Center, and we can enjoy the free services. For the alternative way, we can use the programs of third-party email. It is like Microsoft Outlook Express which will help us much in sending an email from our PC with fast access.

What Services provided from NetZero Message Center?

When hearing about NetZero, it is the literary name which means that we can get internet access with zero dollars to pay. In this case, we may think that it is impossible for a company which will give this free internet to all people. Indeed, “seeing is believing.” And, people have proven that this service is reliable. If we become one of its clients, we will be glad as we can access unlimited information. To do so, all we should do is to follow the complete instructions. For the best choice, we can contact the NetZero Message Center and get everything clear.

If we need to communicate with the NetZero customer service, we can do it by calling the phone numbers. Here, we will get some help related to the DSL, dial-up, complete with the broadband internet. Of course, we need to make sure that we know what we are going to talk to the customer service team. If we are Alright and ready, then we can call the NetZero Phone Number at 866-841-1442.

Somehow, we may have a limited budget for our phone so that we have doubt to use this service. Indeed, we can buy the Cell Phone Plans in a full version with affordable prices. With this service, we will get Broadband Internet, Mobile Broadband, complete with DSL and dial-up. Here, we will find it like impossible to find another provider with fewer budgets offered than NetZero. If we need to talk to the representative of NetZero.Net Message Center, we need to guess some possible answers offered. Through the same phone number, we can ask to have a live chat with the team. Of course, we can ask everything we need so that we have no longer doubt then.

NetZero always gives the best service and customer support for all users. By calling the Net Zero Phone Number at 866-841-1442, we will be able to get precious information. In other words, it is possible for us to say that the NetZero’s customer service team will help us solving our problems. In telling the issues, it is important for us to be honest and brave. If we do not do so, then the team will have doubt on us. As a result, our problems will take more time to pass the process. For our information, NetZero will serve us at best without getting tired. Of course, their goal is to make us feel free to contact them through phone or online. We can visit the official website or send mail and email.

How to Contact the NetZero Message Center Customer Service?

As we can see, there are some best ways available to contact NetZero Message Center. Not to mention, we can communicate with the team through the phone numbers, email address, fax, and so on. If we get various to access the official website, we can visit it on On this site, we will have the full guide on the steps to set up using NetZero Message Center. Now, we can learn on how to start using NetZero. Besides, we can learn on how to complain about the billing issue, corrupted services, and so on.

Alright, here are the contact details of NetZero Message Center:

  • When we have a problem with the Billing and Account, we can call 1-866-841-1442
  • For the NetZero Technical Support, we may need to spend the US $1.95 for every minute use in calling the technical support
  • When we get improper NetZero Internet connection, it is necessary for us to call 1-877-912-5866
  • Somehow, we may get terrible viruses in our gadget; then we can contact the team section of Norton AntiVirus and Internet Security at 1-888-818-5673
  • If we use Mac laptop, we can contact 1-800-418-5866 to get technical support
How to Get NetZero Mobile Broadband Support?

After knowing the general contact details, we may need to find the specific ones. In this case, every company will have a different department to handle different problems. Here are the contacts we can try when we have issues in Mobile Broadband, such as:

  • We can ask some Billing or Account questions by calling the customer service at 1-800-939-8647
  • If we have problems related to the Account Cancellations, we need to contact 1-800-939-8647
  • For the last, if we need Technical Help, we can contact NetZero Stick and HotSpot at 1-800-939-8647

For the last contact details, it will be about NetZero DSL Broadband Support. In this section, we will find some ways to solve our problems related to DSL. Here is the contact list, such as:

  • At first, we can ask help for the NetZero DSL Technical Support by calling 1-866-810-8092
  • If we need to put questions about NetZero DSL Billing and Account, we can call the alternative phone number which is 1-866-810-8092, when we get connected, we can press 2
  • For the NetZero DSL Cancellations, we can call 1-866-810-8092 then press four once we get connected
  • The Net Message Center Hours will start from 8 AM to 2 AM which is available every day without stop
  • For the last, we can write a letter to the company by sending it to NetZero Inc. PO BOX 7064, Woodland Hills, California, United States
How to Get NetZero Message Center Email Customer Support?

After considering the complete contact details mentioned, we may think twice to contact the company. It is because we need to spend money to get in touch with them. Indeed, we can use the last way which is the best in getting direct access to NetZero Message Center. Yes, by sending an email, we no need to spend a single cent for this. Even more, if we use the NetZero service which is free internet, we no longer have to pay for the pulse. If we need to know the email of the customer service, we can visit the official website. Then, we can go to the page of contact us. For the direct access, we can click the link here which is

For the office, it will open at 8 AM until 2 AM with the Eastern Standard Time. As it opens every day, we can contact them whenever we want. When we get connected to the teams, then we can ask them to give us the menu of Billing and Account Questions. Or maybe, we may need to get help in Technical Support. For the easiest way, we can send NetZero an email related to the problems or issues we face. Once we have finished writing the email, we can send it to the email address which is Without a doubt, they will be glad to read our thought complete with our experiences enjoying the service given. If we want to give some complaints, we can give a comment to the official site of NetZero.

How to Get Mobile Broadband Phone Support?

When we need helps from our Broadband, we can contact the service team starting from 9 AM to 9 PM. We can communicate with the phone number and ask to get connected to the department which handles NetZero Mobile Broadband service. Besides, we can ask to speak to the person in charge of Norton Security or maybe NetZero DataShield. In getting the technical support, it is such a must for us to prepare our Member ID. Also, we need to have Windows 8 at the minimum in our PC. For the next, we can report all error messages appeared on our laptop or phone.

Smart Tips to Contact the NetZero Message Center

When we are ready to call NetZero through the email address or phone number, we need to make sure that we put the right address or numbers. For the call, we can do it on 866-841-1442. In general, it will take about 17 minutes to contact the customer service. When we have connected, we can press # then press 3 to get straight talk to the employee. If somehow the number is busy, we can contact another NetZero Customer Service phone number at 877-912-5866. This number is available every day without stop. So, we can call them every time we need help. For the last choice, we can call 866-841-1442 if we need online help.

The best tip when we call the customer service is if we call 866-810-8092. It is the toll-free phone which means we no need to pay for the call. If we want to avoid listening to the talking machine, then we can do the steps here, such as:

  • First, when we listen a program is talking, we can press # to transfer the call to a real human from the customer service
  • Then, we can express the problems we face related to the NetZero service
  • If we need to go online, we can open the official website which is
  • We need to take a note that this operator cannot help us in solving our problem about technical support
How to Make Cancellations at NetZero.Net Message Center?

For this question, it is important to contact 800-851-7908, and then we can follow the instruction here such as:

  • Press 0, if we need to connect to the real person
  • We will need our account once we want to cancel something
  • Besides, we need to prepare our email address, complete with the information about our credit card
How to Get Technical Support at NetZero Message Center?

The last question will be easy as we can do the same tips like the earlier ones. In this case, we can call the customer service at 877-912-5866. Then, we need to continue the steps to direct us to the real person. For our information, this operator will charge us for about US $1.95 for a single minute we spend. So, it is important if we deliver the message in a brief way.  Also, we need to make sure that we are old enough to call the customer service which is 18 years old at the minimum.

Overall, a different department of NetZero Message Center will handle different services. If we have an interest in getting free internet data, we can register now. So, happy exploring the worldwide and be smart!

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