Netflix Phone Number – How to Make the Best Movie Theatre at Home

Holiday is over, and we cannot go somewhere as we need to go back to work or study. Well, it may sound sad as it seems like we have no more time to have fun. Indeed, we can create our day with greater feelings as long as we have something offering us high-quality entertainment. In this case, we must need to make our life colorful. Not to mention, we may need to watch some movies and so on. Through Netflix Phone Number, we can get some entertainment services which we can enjoy at home. Or maybe, if we dislike traveling on holidays, we can enjoy the movies and some impressive video streaming. Yes, we will be able to create an awesome movie theater in our private room. Great, isn’t it?

About Netflix Incorporation

Before we enjoy the service, it will be great if we know more about Netflix. For our information, people know this company as Entertainment Multinational Netflix. Someone was building this company in California in 1997. In general, this company will serve us some features about DVDs which we can do through mail services. Today, in 2017, we can enjoy the services offered by Netflix which will give us online streaming. In other words, we can enjoy the best movies and videos based on our demand. With the best HD resolution, we can get our movie theater every day. Besides, this company now is starting to develop its in-house business film. In another case, we can enjoy the TV series productions which are worthy to watch.

Netflix Phone Number

If we see back to the history, Netflix was doing a major expansion in 2015. As a result, we could see that in 2016, the company is available in each country. Not to mention, we can find them in all country but China, Syria, and of course not in North Korea, neither Crimea. So far, the company has more than 3,5K employees. With their professional work, this company has over than 86 million subscribers. We can contact Netflix Phone Number if we want to be a part of this company. Without a doubt, they will satisfy as their credibility means everything. For this company, they are nothing if they do not have a customer who is happy because of their service.

How to contact Netflix Phone Number of the Netflix Headquarters?

When we use the services offered by Netflix, we may have questions related to them. In this case, we can ask how the system works complete with complaining the services which we do not get. Of course, with Netflix Phone Number we can do so. We can contact the headquarters in some ways. At first, it will be best if we learn deeper about the offices. As we can see, Netflix is such a media company which will offer us some advantages. They are like streaming complete with rental movies as well as television shows. With an affordable price, we can set it at home and enjoy it every time we want.

If we want to be a loyal customer, then we can start to make a member card. Here, we can choose some DVDs based on our taste. More to say, we will be able to rent some with the limitation per month. Without a doubt, this entertainment industry does help us in getting up to date with today technology. With the new service of online streaming, people increases their love for this company. If we are still studying, it will be the best choice if we use the rental service. There are some ways to enjoy our days with Netflix. All we have to do is to contact Netflix Phone Number to get the service.

Netflix Headquarters Information

As mentioned before, we will be able to contact Netflix headquarters in some ways. Not to mention, we can visit the office in Los Gatos, California. If we are looking for the official website of this company, we may find nothing. It is because the company has prepared the Netflix Phone Number to be the bridge for the customers with the staffs.

Alright, here are some ways for Netflix Phone Number, such as:

  • If we want to send a letter, we can use this address which is Netflix Headquarters 100 Winchester Cir. Los Gatos, CA 95032
  • When we prefer to speak to the employees, we can call the Netflix Phone Number at 1-408-540-3700, it is the phone number of the headquarter

Sometimes, we may dislike contacting the office as it costs some dollars. Indeed, we can communicate with the toll-free Netflix Phone Number mentioned earlier. It seems to be a better way than sending mail as we will need post office service.

The Executive Team of Netflix Headquarters

We may get curious on those people who work for Netflix. Indeed, if we know those people, it will help us much when we contact the Netflix Phone Number. Without a doubt, if we call his name in a proper way, they will appreciate us more. As a result, they will put us as their priority.

Well, here is the executive team, such as:

  • We have Reed Hastings who is the CEO or Chief Executive Officer; we can call it the founder of this company
  • In Chief Marketing Officer, we have Kelly Bennett
  • If we want to contact the Chief Talent Officer, we can speak to Tawni Cruz
  • Somehow, we need to talk to Neil, the Chief Product Officer
  • Or maybe speak to Greg Peter, who is the Chief Streaming Officer
  • If we know Jonathan, he is the Chief Communications Officer
  • For the last, it is Ted who works hard as the Chief Content Officer
The Netflix Headquarters Brands

Inside the company, Netflix has some brands which we need to know. They are such as Lilyhammer, Hemlock Grover, complete with Orange is the New Black. Besides, we can find House of Cards to be one of the brands. If we need to know more, we can contact the same Netflix Phone Number as these brands work for this company. If we are looking for the Netflix Customer Service Phone Number, then the same number will still work.

Careers and Jobs of Netflix

If we get interested in being a part of this company, then we can call Netflix Phone Number. For other ways, here we can follow these links, such as:

  • First, we can visit, without a doubt, this careers site will give us precious information related to the jobs which we can sort based on the location, the title, as well as the category
  • For the next, we can visit its LinkedIn account at
Tips to Complain to Netflix in a Smart Way

In enjoying the service give, we may find that it has lacked. As a result, we get it uncomfortable and disappointed. Well, we no need to keep being sad as we can call the Netflix Phone Number and ask for help. Or maybe, we want another way to do so, such as complaining to the manager. Indeed, the contact details will depend on the location of each country. Not to mention, we may be the users within the United States area. Then, we can visit the website of the Netflix Customer Service which is

When we start to open it, we will find some of the customers have expressed their feeling on this page. We can read based on the category such as about the account services, or maybe problems with the machine or server. If we prefer to chat, then we can get in touch with the customer service team on Live Chat. To do so, we can contact at 1-866-579-7172. This Netflix Phone Number then will direct us to the Customer Support team. Once we get connected, we need, to be honest in telling the problems we face related to the service. We should not be mad and mock the employees. In contrast, it will be better if we give compliment first to them before telling the main point.

Netflix’s Social Medias

For youngsters and adults, we may be familiar with social medias. Here, we can contact the company through this way. Here they are:

  • If we have Facebook account, we can visit
  • When we prefer to make a tweet, we can visit or mention the account name which is @netflix
  • For those who enjoy the Instagram, we can access
  • Overall, we can get the Help by calling the Netflix Phone Number at 1-866-579-7172
  • For the Netflix Hours, we can find it non-stop, or we can contact them every time we want
  • We can visit the help center page at, or at
  • In a case we need to get the personal connection, we can visit

As this company has partnerships with other businesses, we may need to contact the investor. Here are the links which we can visit, as follows:

  • For the Investor Relations, it is best to click
  • Or maybe, we can visit
  • For the Netflix Corporate Website, it will be available at
  • And for the general link, we can click on the link which is
Netflix Phone Number and Contact Details

In some cases, we may find on the internet that most of the contact information are an error. It is because the contacts are not accurate. Then, here are the best ones to try, such as:

  • Netflix Number + 1.888.474.1231
  • For the Netflix Phone Number, we can call + 1.888.474.1231 for the Tech Support
  • If we need to get the Netflix Contact, we can call + 1.888.474.1231
  • For the last, we can call Netflix Phone Number at 800-585-8131
Most Asked Questions on Netflix Phone Number

If we visit the website or another online page of Netflix, we may find that people are asking the same issues. Here are some of them which can help us to find the answers, as follows:

How to sign up for Netflix?

Right now, we may need help to get signed up for Netflix TV. In this case, we will need to prepare our email address complete with the password. More to do so, we need our credit card and the billing address. Alright, here are the steps to do, such as:

  • Go to the link which is
  • Then, we can start to choose to Start Your free month
  • If we want to do it in another way, we can choose the link entitled Sign Up
  • Then, we will have to put our email address and the password
  • Click Register
  • For the next, we can choose our plan
  • Put our credit card information as needed
  • If we choose the free trial, we will no need to pay for a single dollar for this
  • Choose the devices where we want to set the Netflix

How to Update the Payment Information?

The next question will be a bit complicated as it needs some long steps. Here they are:

  • Go to the website and start logging into our Netflix account
  • Choose My Account
  • Click our name which we can find at the top side
  • Then, drop it down to see the list of our account information
  • Click the page entitled update payment method
  • For the next, we need to go to Membership and Billing
  • Again, we need to click Update Payment Method
  • Now, we can put our new payment information, but still, we need to click the link entitled Credit card
  • Once we have done filling the new data, we can save our changes by clicking the button entitled Update Payment Method

How to Watch Netflix In Another Language?

If we are learning another language such as Spanish, then we can do the steps here. They are:

  • Open our Netflix account
  • Click down arrow which we can find at the top right
  • For the next, we can go back to our account
  • Now, we can click the choice entitled Language
  • We can choose the language we want
  • Then, we can save it

How to Turn On the Closed Captions?

Still, in the same topic with the earlier one, we can try to fix this simple problem. In this case, we can follow these steps, as follows:

  • At first, we need to launch Netflix
  • Once we have done with that, we can choose the movie or maybe the TV show which we want to watch
  • For the next, it is necessary to click the choice entitled Select Audio & Subtitles which we can find it in the panel entitled options
  • Then, we can choose the preferred audio complete with the subtitle
  • When we have picked the one we want, we can go back to the panel entitled Option
  • For the last, we can click the menu entitled Play

Overall, those are the information related to Netflix. If we have problems related to the service, it will be much better if we try to fix it by our self. Once we cannot fix it, then we can ask for help from the Customer Service team. We can call Netflix Phone Number for the easiest access. Without a doubt, they will assist us with a full heart. Overall, best luck and enjoy our best days with Netflix Home Theatre!

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