MyTHDHR – What this Awesome My Apron Home Depot Offers

Best people! MyTHDHR is such one of the greatest retailer of home decoration. In this case, it has opened more than 2200 stores. We can find the in Canada, US, as well as Mexico. For our information, My Apron has been hiring up to 400.000 employees to give the best service. As the demand for the customer’s increases, Home Depot My Apron has run both indoor retail store complete with the electronic commerce business. Without a doubt, it offers the best quality of their products so that it will not disappoint the customers, contractors, and other parties. For the products, it sells some home needs like gardening products, construction equipment, and so on. Yes, we can say that this company will give everything we need for our home. It has the best quality of service for all customers. It seems all of our home problems will about to get solved.

Now, how if the problem comes when we are such a new employee working in this associate? It will be worst if we know nothing and have no idea on what we have to do. Indeed, we do not need to worry as MyTHDHR has built a Home Depot ESS to be login portal for all employees. If we see, in 1978, Arthur Blank with Bernie Marcus was starting to run the Home Depot. At first, all they had was a hardware store. Of course, as the time runs, they now have the best retail industry complete with the home improvement. Today, all employees can access the login portal of Home Depot for the sake of information. In other words, Home Depot My Apron makes the associate look more special than other home decoration associates.

How to access Home Depot Employee?

If we want to access the login portal of MyTHDHR, then it is such a must to visit the official page of Home Depot. Here, we can access it at home so that it will not waste our time going to the office to see the news. More to say, this website offers us some features as well as advantages. From the menu bars, we can find the links to MyTHDHR Your Schedule, Benefits, as well as Pay.


If we are smart, we will learn the system of the offers inside the website. Without a doubt, it will help us much in understanding the company deeper. When we see the homepage, it will give us two links. The first is for the current employees; the second is for the associates in LOA with their former staffs. Alright, let us see what makes the links different to each other. Here we go!

  • Current Associates My Apron Home Depot Login

The first link here is for the staffs who are still working at Home Depot. In this case, if we belong to them then we need to have our User ID as well as the password. Both data will get asked when we try to login to the Home Depot Store login portal.  Besides, we can sign in using our LAN ID as well as the password.

  • Former Employee My Apron Home Depot Login

For the next link, it has a special aim to serve the former staffs. It is a bit complicated when we try to log in as we have to put some personal data. Not to mention, we will have to put our full name. For the next, we will need to put the last six numbers of our SIN or what so called SSN. Then, we can combine it with our date of birth. Once we do, we can continue by verifying that we are not a robot through the captcha or other security words. Here, we need to be careful of putting the captcha wrong. It is so since it will bring us a more complicated process. So, it is necessary to check whether we need the caps lock or not.

What advantages we will get from Home Depot Employee Self Service?

As we know, Home Depot is such an ESS or employment self-service. In this case, it has a system which will validate the entire personal information of the employees. One of the famous menus offered is MyTHDHR My Schedule. Of course, it will be helpful for all employees as they need a job description. Besides, MyTHDHR Your Schedule here will allow us to edit or change our private data. The data then will get recorded by the system for the sake of company needs. We can update our phone number, address, social Medias, and so on. So, when it comes the time when the company needs us, they know where to go.

There are some advantages we will get once we access the website. We can check our tax statement as well as the pay slip. More to say, we can activate our Home Depot Payroll card. Without a doubt, it can help the process of the payment easier. If we want to know more what it can give to us, then here are the advantages such as:

  • Check our pay statement as well as the tax statement
  • Print the tax statement
  • Review our pay statement for the sake of current as well as past period
  • Change the tax withholdings
  • Activate the payroll card as well as the direct deposit as the payment methods of MyTHDHR
  • Updates our personal data such as mailing address, contact number, and so on
  • See the Homer Fund
  • Update the deduction

What is My Apron?

In this case, we find the term of My Apron that we may still not get familiar with it. For our information, it is such an online network run under Home Depot. But still, we the store of Home Depot is one way to access this site. Indeed, we cannot access the site of My Apron at home. It is so since the system limits this access. For the solution, we have to go to the Home Depot Store and try to do login using our ID and password. So far, My Apron has offered some features for all Home Depot users. In this case, we can access MyTHDHR Schedule, payroll, as well as deposits, and other benefits.

Even more, we can control the taxes. If we think it is necessary, we can try to ask for a leave letter. In this case, we no need to face HR department to do so. We can download the form for the sake of sick, occasions, and other permission. If we want to apply for another job position, then we can get the information at this My Apron site. In other words, we can say that the site will give us a better career.

How to access the Benefits from My Apron Home Depot?

If we take a look at the site of Home Depot, it seems like the company serves the best advantages for all employees. Here, we can try to access to earn more. In general, the link may get separated from the homepage of MyTHDHR site. But, we can create a new account so that we can get what we deserve to earn. But still, we need to remember that we have to make a different userID and a password. It is so to create a better security as an account gets hacked, another one will be safe.

Here, we can visit the link of Benefits Choice Center. If we want to register our self, we can find the link with the title of Are You a New User. Click the link and it will bring us to the registration page. As usual, we have to fill the blanks given a proper answer or data. Once we have done with that, we can click the box entitled login. It will be much better if we take a note of our UserID as well as the password for the sake of forgotten the data. It is so since we need a strong password with lower and upper case letters to make it hard to get hacked.

What is MyTHDHR?

Now, let us know better about what the link of can give to us.  As what we know at a glance, the website will let to see our MyTHDHR schedule, pay stubs, as well as MyTHDHR Helps. So that we know, MyTHDHR is such the Home Depots which we can access using the internet. It is such a key for all new employees to know more about the company and the job description. We will get updates and notices so that we do not have to go to the office every day. It will make everything efficient as it can save our energy, time, and budget to keep updated with the company news.

What can Employees do at Home Depot ESS?

Well, our mind may keep asking on what we should do with the website. It is okay as new workers find it not familiar with the company. We need an adaptation. As what we have known before, all workers of MyTHDHR have authority to change our personal information. Of course, it is not the one thing we can do. There are some awesome things we can do such as:

  • View and print the historical pay statements as well as the tax statements
  • Change the tax with holdings
  • Change the information of the direct deposit
  • Register our payroll card
  • Update our mailing address

Today, the employees of MyTHDHR have reached up to 400,000 associates. It makes the company becomes the largest employer number five. As the company grows, it wants to give some rewards for all employees. LiveTheOrangeLife is the online portal which offers Benefits Choice Center for the workers. Yes, we can access it at But still, it is necessary to keep in our mind that we need to create a new account with different ID and password. Now, we may need to open our schedule. In this case, we can click the link entitled ‘View Our Schedule.’ We can find it in an easy way on the menu of Home Depot Schedule. Here are the steps we need to take to do so, such as:

  • login using our ID and password
  • in case that the page asks a certain number, then we need to put the code of the store we work at
  • once we have logged in, we can click the link to schedule tool
  • Somehow, we may find a problem in the process of signing in. Check whether the CAPS lock is on or off. We may have put the wrong store number.
  • Try to do the sign in once more
  • When we succeed, we can view the upcoming work schedule
  • It will be much better if we download the handbook for the sake of further needs

How if we get problems in Mythdhr Login?

Well, we do not need to worry about getting fired because of making a mistake in the login process. Indeed, we can fix everything as long as we are not panic. Alright, here are some ways to get help when we find the troubles. They are:

Home Depot Benefits Contact:

  • Benefits Choice Center: call at 1-800-555-4954
  • The line is open from Monday to Friday at 9 am – 7 pm (EST)
  • For the Live Chat, it is available from Monday to Friday at 9 am – 11 pm (EST) which we can access at

MyTHDHR Human Resources Contacts:

  • We can call them at 1-866-myTHDHR (1-866-698-4347)
  • The line is open from Monday to Friday at 8 am – 8 pm (EST)
  • For Saturday (HRSC & RSC), it is available at 8 am – 5 pm (EST)
  • For Sundays, it is not available to contact
  • Email:
  • For the Stock Purchase Plan, we can call at 1-800-843-2150

So, those are the answers which we can use when we find some problems. Overall, keep the best work, and we will succeed!

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