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Home Depot is the largest retailer of home improvement. It operates more than 2200 stores in the Canada, US, and Mexico. To serve the customers, Home Depot employs nearly 400.000 associates. Home Depot operates not only the indoor retail store but also e-commerce business. It offers high-quality products for the customers, contractor, and other large businesses. It sells the useful items for the home such as tools, gardening product as well as construction equipment. This company provides the convenient service for the clients and the staffs. So, it creates Home Depot ESS as the associates’ portal.

Founded in 1978 by Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus, Home Depot did not know where the business will go. In the beginning, the business is only a hardware store. But, as the time goes, it becomes the retail industry and home improvement. Since Home Depot grows fast, it becomes one of the biggest businesses in the world. As the largest home equipment retailer, Home Depot commits with its service. It wants to give excellent service for customers, staffs, and shareholder. It makes Home Depot different from other business.

All associates of Home Depot can access the employment portal online. By accessing MyTHDHR, they will be able to review all info about Home Depot. MyTHDHR consists of various details. One of them is Home Depot ESS. Besides, the Home Depot employee can visit Mythdhr to view the schedule, company news as well as pay stubs. If you are the Home Depot Associate, you will be familiar with some sites. They are Mythdhr, Home Depot ESS, My Apron, and Live the Orange Life. In this article, we will explain them one by one. So, you will get the clear idea about the networks provided by Home Depot.

home depot ess

Mythdhr as the Main Portal of Home Depot Employee

Mythdhr.com is the common site visited by Home Depot staffs. The website can be accessed by the current and former Home Depot employee. This portal provides many features and services for the user. You can see the menu bars on the left section of the site. The samples of the menu are Your Schedule, Kronos, Benefits, and Pay. You also can access Home Depot ESS from this menu.

You have to login by using Mythdhr account to access the features. When you scroll down the screen, you will find two login links. The first link is for the current employees of Home Depot. Besides, the second login link is for the associates in LOA and the former staffs. These links will direct you to the Home Depot ESS login page.

The way to log in between current and past employees are not the same. Here are the differences.

  • Current Associates login process.

If you are still the active staffs of Home Depot, you have to log in by using Home Depot User ID and password. If you are a Home Depot Store Associate, the User ID is your AIS ID. Besides, if you do other job positions, you can log in by using LAN ID. After entering the secret password, you will be able to access the ESS.

  • Former Employee login process.

In the other hand, the login requirement for the former staffs is different. When you try to log in, you have to fill out a complete form. First, you have to enter your full name. Then, you need to write the last six digits of SIN or SSN. The next, you have to input your date of birth. The last, you can log in after entering the security word or captcha.

If your login process cannot run well, you have to check your login details. You have to try to make the Capslock button off. The login failure may be caused by wrong Associate ID and password. Besides, you should also check if you input the correct store number. If you cannot solve the trouble by yourself, you have to call Home Depot help desk. You can call 1.886.698.4347. The Service Center staff of Home Depot will assist you to recover your login details.

The Use of Home Depot ESS (Employee Self Service)

Home Depot ESS is a self-service system to validate the personal information. It is one of the menus offered by Mythdhr portal. The system allows the Home Depot staffs to edit and update the private data. Then, the system will add the new data to the company record. For instance, you can update your address and telephone number. So, Home Depot will be able to contact you.

Besides, ESS also allows the users to view the associated information. For instance, they can check the tax statement and payslip. Furthermore, the staffs can activate the Home Depot Payroll card. It will make the payment process easier. Here we write down the activities you can do at Home Depot ESS.

  • You can check and print the pay and tax statement. So, you can view the pay statement for the current and past payment period.
  • You also can change the tax withholdings. ESS also provides the link to get more information about this.
  • You can activate the direct deposit and payroll card. Home Depot offers two methods of pay. You can choose the deposit or payroll card.
  • You can make some changes to the mailing address and contact number. This task is important to do since Home Depot can keep connected with you.
  • You can enroll the Homer Fund. Besides, you also can change the deduction.

By logging into Home Depot ESS, the system will give you some recommendations. First, you can change your personal data in a secure way. You can use the caution in which you are logging into ESS. When you want to print the files from ESS, you need to make sure that the printer is secured. The last, you should not forget to log out when you finish doing your task at ESS. Logging out from the ESS will help you to protect your account. So, other people will not have access to your Home Depot account.

My Apron as the Associate Online Network

My Apron is one of the online networks owned by Home Depot. But, this portal can only be accessed from the store of Home Depot. The access to My Apron will not be available on the computer outside the store. It means you can reach My Apron from your home. The system limits the access so you only can access it inside the Home Depot Store. If you want to log into My Apron Home Depot, you must use your ID and password.

My Apron is useful for all Home Depot associates. The function of this network is similar to ESS. You can access your schedule, payroll, deposits, and benefits. Moreover, you can access the taxes as well as personal info. The users of My Apron also can apply for leave. So, they do not need to meet the HR to request the leave. With this portal, the employees can fill the time sheets by themselves. Besides, the employees of Home Depot can apply for the new job position through My Apron site. You can also get the promotion so you can get the better career at Home Depot.

Live The Orange Life to Access Benefits from Home Depot

Home Depot owns the special website to display the employee benefits. The Home Depot associates can visit livethehealthyorangelife.com. This portal is separated from MyTHDHR site. So, the users have to create a new account to access the benefits. You have to note that you need a different userID as well as password. You only need to spend a few minutes to set up a new account.

When you visit the site of Benefits Choice Center, you will find a link entitled Are You a New User?. You should click it to start creating a new account. As usual, you have to fill out the form to register. You need to write the personal details related to your work at Home Depot. After you finish registering, you can try to log into livetheorangelife. You can use the UserID and the password which you have set up. The login system at the benefits choice center site is not case sensitive. So, you can use both lower and upper case letters. No matter the capslock key is on or off, you still can log into your account.

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