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Using an employee portal can be so helpful today. There are a lot of data and information that should keep in private but fast to access. So, the employee can check MyApron account anytime they wish. Only with one click, the information related to employment issue is ready to access. It helps the company to reach the employees in global at once. Moreover, MyApron associate portal helps the worker to get their personal data such as payment, benefits, days off and so on. When you are just joining MyApron today, well you have to check the details. It will be easy and simple for sure.

The system that applied is not complicated as you may think. Perhaps as a newcomer, you need some help to make the first step. This article provides you the information you need about MyApron associate portal users. After this, you can access your personal employment data and make your work comfortable. Besides, arrange your plan for the future day off for a holiday is also able to do here. In short, by using MyApron portal, you manage your work and life in harmony. Don’t any longer, let’s start the steps to access MyApron postal employee.

What is MyApron?

MyApron or my THDR is the associate’s portal for those who are working at Home Depot. The portal can be accessed through online. So the employee can use it anytime as long as there is internet access. The page address is at Once come to the homepage, you will see various menus to access. For instance, it can be about the company news, your schedule, paystub or other employment issues. Although MyApron is an online portal, it can get access to MyApron office store. You should understand that the network to access MyApron is only the area near with Home Depot.


When you try to build access outside MyApron signal or network, it will not be available. Other things you can see through MyApron portal are benefits, deposit, tax and some personal information. Besides, looking for the promotion and the new position in Home Depot can be done here. Indeed, you can pursue them by using MyApron portal site. One thing important is you must take the login credentials while about to use MyApron portal site. You must have the employment ID and unique password that make you able to enter the network.

My apron login – The Home Depot Associate Portal

The things about Home Depot employee will be easier to access through my apron login page. First, visit the official website to start my apron login process. The official page will be at www. Be sure you type the word in proper why or you may fall to the wrong page instead. What can you get by accessing MyApron portal page? In fact, you can access the schedule, paystub and even you can make contact with the HR. Access the MyApron to check your benefits and days off; then you can arrange your holiday or family time. There will be a lot of things you can explore after but start it with my apron login page first. How to access my apron login page will be explained below.

  • My Apron.

The MyApron employee portal has a self-service validation system. So, it helps the user or employee to edit and add some details information. Besides, it will be the company record to keep as the reference. My apron ESS modifies to fulfill the employee needs. Moreover, the things that employee can access through my apron ESS are:

  1. The worker will able to see and make a print copy of pay and tax statement.
  2. The staff is also can make some changes into the tax holding.
  3. The worker can add or modify the deposit information.
  4. Then the worker can do the activation of payroll card.
  5. If it is necessary, the worker can change the email address here.
  • MyApron benefit.

Still, relate to the MyApron portal, it is the orange life which handles the Home Depot worker benefit portal. It is in the different page on the main homepage of MyApron. The access can do at Since it is in the different page, you need another different login credentials. So, Use the different password and user ID. But, if you are a new user, there is a link to help you make the user account. Then, click the link which written like ‘are you a new user?’. The next you will get the directions. Fortunately, the good thing is my apron login page is not as that sensitive. So there is no difference between using capital or low letters. Once you get in, you can access MyApron benefits that available.

  • My apron schedule.

As the employee, get the correct schedule will be so important. It is the one that becomes most accessed by workers. Through my apron schedule, you will know the recent changes if there is any. To access my apron schedule, you have to prepare the password and user ID. It will follow by the store number which you work. Perhaps each store has different regulation about the schedule. So it is crucial to enter the store number to identify it. Once you sign it, you will go to direct in schedule form. When you can enter the account, be sure you check the capital letter in your login credentials.

Or you may check the store number you enter. But if the login input is all correct, and still you can’t access the site, get help by calling the MyTHDHR line. It is on 1-866-my THDHR.  Besides, to get more information and get the trusted issue, you may get help by calling or direct talk. The Home Depot phone number has some different issues. So each number has its own issue to handle. It will make you easier to cover whatever your problem related to access MyApron portal.

  1. The Home Depot Benefits Center Number is 1-800-555-4954. It is available from Monday until Friday at the time of 9 am – 7 pm.
  2. Home Depot Employee Stock Purchase Plan number is 1-800-843-2150.
  3. The MyApron benefits are available from Monday through Friday. It is available at the time of 9 am – 11 pm at
  4. MyTHDHR Human Resources Number is 1-866-myTHDHR (1-866-698-4347). It is available from Monday until Friday at 8 am – 8 pm, for Saturday (HRSC & RSC) 8 am – 5 pm (EST). It is close on Sunday. You can use the email address to get communicate as well. the Email is
  • MyApron ESS.

Inside MyApron portal associates, the user can modify their information. It is possible through my apron ESS feature. Besides, in the certain period, the user can review the address. So while the company needs to communicate something, it will be fast and easy. In common case, the things like benefits or tax will communicate through this way. Moreover, some other things that possible to do in my apron ESS are:

  1. Check and make a copy print of pay statement or tax statement.
  2. Modify the tax withholding.
  3. Modify or activate the deposit data.
  4. Do the activation for payroll card.
  5. Modify the personal email address.
  6. Modify the homer fund deduction.

To access my apron ESS features, the user should login first. Perhaps some suggestions will be proper to start your first time to try.

  1. To get the modification and access through this way is safe.
  2. You may want to use caution when login to the MyApron network.
  3. Be sure to print out in the secure printer.
  4. The last is being sure you are logged out before leaving the access.

Home Depot My Apron Benefits

Home Depot My Apron has some plans or programs that will benefit the employees. Luckily, those plans also benefit are for employee’s family member. The Home depot my apron benefits program can be accessed in There will be some parts of benefits that offered. It will be based on time and type or work and employment. There is a benefit for part time worker, full time and salaried worker. The full details will be best explained as below.

  • The Full-Time Hour & Salaried Workers.
  1. Life Insurance.
  2. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance.
  3. Medical.
  4. Spending Accounts.
  5. Dental.
  6. Vision.
  7. Disability Insurance.
  • Part-Time Workers.
  1. Financial Benefits.
  2. Short-Term Disability Insurance.
  3. Life Insurance.
  4. Dental.
  5. Vision.
  6. Future Builder 401(k) Plan.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan.
  1. Personal / Sick Days.
  2. Direct Deposit and Bank Incentives.
  3. Holidays.
  4. Time-Off Benefit.
  5. Spending Account.
  6. Vacation.
  • Leave of Absence (including Military Leave).
  1. Legal Services Plan.
  2. Team Depot Volunteer Events.
  3. Matching Gift Program.
  4. Veterinary Insurance.
  5. Work / Life Benefits.
  6. CARE/Solutions for Life.
  7. Adoption Assistance.
  8. Jury Duty.
  9. Bereavement Days.
  10. Group Benefits.
  11. Auto / Homeowner Insurance.
  12. Relocation Assistance.
  13. Tuition Reimbursement.
  • MET Desk – Special Needs Dependents Assistance.
  1. Tobacco Cessation Program.
  2. Back-up Dependent Care.
  3. Associate Discounts.
  4. Tax Preparation Discount Program.
My Apron Home Depot Pay

Inside my apron home depot portal, the user will be able to enroll the pay choices. The choices will be about the payroll card or direct deposit.  My Apron Home Depot will send your payment by automated ways. The one that common used is direct deposit. It considers as the safest one and fast as well. For the second way, MyApron has payroll card to choose. This way is best for those who do not have a bank account yet. However, no matter what way you want, those two are safe. The payment will become on time. The access to my apron home depot portal will not easier the worker in arranging the payment only. Besides, the issue of schedule, benefit, and some personal data are available. Furthermore, My Apron Home Depot portal makes the employee see the newest promotion or position to pursue.

  • My Apron Login.

To access the account in MyApron associate portal, the user should have login credentials. The first step is visiting my apron login page. You can use the computer in my apron office. It is the most suitable place to get the MyApron network. It is because the computer outside the network will not be capable of making access. Then, prepare for the employment ID and unique password to enter my apron login page.  The employee or user will able to see the work schedule till the payment history. The next, the user may get the personal validation. It is the feature where the employee can cut, add or modify certain information. Besides, it is the online feature to update perhaps the tax, insurance form or other benefits.

To get my apron login access, the user should be in the area of Home Depot main store. It is because the area outside the computer network can’t access the apron login page. Then, to start access my apron login site, use the employee ID and password. If there is no problem, the user will able to enter the menu available. After that, review the schedule of work and specific store which you need to go to work.  After passing my apron login process, the user has access over the pay stub. It is the information of the current payment. Besides, it will also contain the hours of work, overtime payment and withholding of the payment. Indeed, the user is capable of modifying the benefits that they get. It is such as retirement or insurance plan.

To gain a better performance, MyApron portal serves a periodic survey. The survey is needed to fill by Home Depot employees. It will be about the employee experience and feedback during the work. Perhaps the survey will help the company to develop better through the internal side. So, you should not underestimate this survey because you can lead changes in the enterprise. When you feel get bad treatment as the employee, you can share it. Your comment will be evaluated to improve the company credibility.

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