MySubwayCard Registration – Get Online Benefits from Subway

MySubwayCard registration allows the cardholders to access the web of Subway restaurant. Subway is a popular outlet for its sandwich. It has started the restaurant chain business since 1965. Now, it has more than 44.000 franchises in around 100 countries in the world. Besides, it becomes the second biggest single brand food outlet in the world. The name Subway is taken from its main product that is Subs. It is a long baguette which is filled with cheese, meat, and vegetables.

The owner of Subway card has to register their cards soon after they get it. It is because they can use the cards when they have registered it on Mysubwaycard registration page. Besides, My Subway Card holder can obtain some benefits from Subway. As we know, Subway offers various features for the MySubwayCard registration. For instance, Subway gives a special price and offers for the cardholders. The Subway card is so easy to load that you can keep using it. With all the benefits, My Subway card can be a special present. Other people can enjoy the flavor of Subs while getting the reward points.

mysubwaycard registration
mysubwaycard registration

The Subway card holder can create a new online account at usdlogin.comm register. The process of Mysubwaycard registration is free. The user can register the gift cards as many as they want. The number of cards owned by one person is not limited. Once you register the card, the Subway will let you access the web to see the balance. Besides, you can check the number of points you have gained.

You can purchase the Subway card in the Subway outlet and online. You also can buy it on But, you have to access login page first. After logging in into the Subway account, you can buy a gift card. The web will display the option to purchase My Subway Card. The system allows you to pay it by using a credit card. The Subway site will offer you two methods of receiving the cards. First, you can get it via email. Besides, the second way is getting the Subway card via postal service.

The Quick Steps of Mysubwaycard Registration

It is advisable to register the Subway Card in order to get the benefits from Subway outlet. As the example, you can personalize your account. Besides, the Subway will send you the newest promotion and offers. Not only that, you will be free to redeem the points in your account. The greatest benefit of registering the card is the theft protection. It means that other people cannot use your card if you lose it. But, you have to report to the Subway if your card was stolen or lost.

Listed below is the quick guideline to register your Subway card online.

Before registering My Subway card, you have to fulfill the requirements. First, the Subway Card user should be more than thirteen years old. Second, you should prepare the personal details and the card information. The last, you have to prepare the internet access. Then, you can follow the step by step below.

  • Visit Mysubwaycard Sign up page. Copy the link of www.usdlogin.comm to your trusted browser. Then make sure that you have a high-speed internet.
  • Tap the Subway Card menu. You will see the option of Subway Card in the top section of the screen.
  • Choose the option of Register a Card. You may see many options in the new page. For instance, there will be Buy a card, Manage Your Card and others. You have to click Register a Card button to create a new Subway account.
  • Provide your personal data. There will be a form in which you have to complete. The web requires you to enter the name, email, and password. Besides, you also need to type your mobile number, card number as well as PIN.
  • Enter the security questions and answer as well. This question is useful when you need to reset the Subway password.
  • Set the account preference. You just need to tick the box to complete the form. Then, type your complete address, your gender, and the birth date.
  • Submit the Subway form.

The Benefits You Get after Registering Subway Card

Since June 2015, Subway offers online registration for its customers. When you need to create an account, you can just open Mysubwaycard registration portal. After you make a Subway account, you should go to login page. In this site, you can start managing your account. For instance, you can add some money to load the card. You can choose the amount of cash to reload your card. Besides, you can choose the method of payment as well. You can pay it by using debit or credit card.

Another way to reload the Subway card is by visiting the nearby Subway outlet. You can go to the cashiers then ask them to reload your card. The cashier will ask you how much money you want to put on your Subway card. They will also ask you about the method of payment.

You can buy the Subway cards in the Subway restaurant and other retail stores. You can find it in Walmart, CVS, and Walgreen. Besides, if you like to buy something online, you can get this card from eBay or Amazon. With the easiness of purchasing the cards, there is no more reason not having Subway card. So, grab the Subway Cards then register it soon to receive the great benefits.

Here, we present the list of benefits offered by Subway to the loyal Cardholder.

  • Bonus points after registering the card.

Since September 2015, Subway gives 50 bonus points for the cardholders who have done Mysubwaycard registration. With this bonus, you can redeem it with 6-inch Sub.

  • Point for every transaction.

Subway will give you an extra point for every $1 you spend to buy Subway products. You can collect this point. When you have sufficient points, you can redeem it with free chips, Sandwich, and drink. With the reward points, you can get discounts for certain menu items as well.

  • The Subway card is renewable.

There is no expired date for Subway card. So, you can keep using the card as long as you reload it. You can add the fund on your card at most of Subway counters. Besides, you can give the payment using credit card or cash. But, if you have Subway E-card, you can only reload it online.

  • Subway protects Mysubwaycard from theft.

You should verify your account to get the protection benefit. Since one customer can only have a card, he should verify it by using valid email id. When you lose or damage the Subway Card, you should report it via phone call. Then, Subway will replace it with the new My Subway Card. But, you can receive the new Subway card in two or three weeks.

The Overview about Subway Rewards Points

As we know, we can earn points by purchasing Subway items. Usually, you may get one point for every $1 you pay. So, the more frequent you buy Subway product, the more points you will get. When you have collected several points, you can redeem it with your favorite food in Subway. You should check the rewards you have gathered. Here we list the way to know how many points in your Mysubwaycard.

  • Go to the Subway outlet near your location. There, you can ask the cashier to swipe your card. He will tell you how many points which you own in the card. If you have enough points, they will ask you to redeem it.
  • After paying the meal on Subway, you will receive a receipt. Then, some points you earn will be displayed on the receipt.
  • You can go online to check your points balance. You can do this last method when you have done Mysubwaycard registration.

In fact, you will need at least 10 points to be able to redeem it. With 10 points, you may get 1 cookie. You should follow the procedures to get the points on the Subway. First you have to go through the line. Then you can choose the menu which you want to eat. The sandwich artists will make your order. They will pick up the bread and fill it with meat, veggies, cheese, and sauce. When your order is ready, you can pay it by using cash or Mysubwaycard.

The most crucial part is that you should let the cashier know that you want to add your points in your card. Then the cashiers will swipe your Subway card to add the point balance. But, if you forget to ask for the points, you may not be able to add it to your card. As the result, you should use your receipt to redeem the reward points.

You may have enough points to redeem. So you have to follow this guideline to exchange the points with fresh Subs. First, you should go to the local Subway. Then queue on the line. Make sure that you have decided the menu which you want to pay with the points. After that, you should tell to the Subway staff that you want to pay the food by using the points on your card. The next, you just need to swipe the card. And that’s it; you will get free food due to your reward points.

The Tricks to Maximize Your Points

We want to tell you about the secret way to maximize the use of your Subway points. Most people want to get the most valuable thing by using their money. So, they must want the same with their points. That’s why you should use the Subway benefit by getting the most expensive food with least point. Here the smart tricks you can follow.

  • Do not redeem your points during promotion month.

In the promo program, Subway has set a low price for certain menu item. For instance, they sell foot long for $5. This is so affordable that you should not redeem your points for this kind of food. If the Footlong sandwich costs more than $8, you can use your points to get it for free.

  • Do not use your points in the discount program.

In the certain month, Subway offers a special discount for its menu. It sometimes gives special price for Ham, Cold Cut, or BLT. In this period, you can buy these menus by paying only $5. So, you should not use your points to buy these items.

  • Use your points for regular Subs.

We agree that the most expensive menu in Subway is Footlong Subs. But, you should use it when Subway sells the Subs in regular price. This way, you will have expensive Subs without paying any dollars. It is because; you redeem your points for the expensive regular sandwich.

  • Buy the cheap sandwich to collect points.

In the promotion month, you can buy the discount menu. Then you can buy cheap Subs while adding the points in your cards. The best moment to redeem the points is on the non promotion month. This way, you can enjoy delicious Subs for free.

Here we list down the menu which you can buy with your Subway points.

  • 10 points are for one cookie.
  • 15 points are for chips in single serve size.
  • 20 points are for a fountain drink.
  • 30 points are for bottled drink or coffee.
  • 35 points are for flatbread or breakfast sandwich.
  • 50 points are for a regular 6-inch sandwich.
  • 75 points are for regular or breakfast footlong.
  • 100 points are for premium flatbread or footlong.

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