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With over 40,000 locations worldwide, Subway is the largest franchise sandwich shop in the world. Since 1965, they have continually grown, and have a mission to serve fresh, healthy, fast meals, you’ll love. Where does the name come from? Subway is named because their sandwiches look like a submarine. Subs, salads, wraps, and other items are available on their menu; a mysubwaycard is available, making your life easier if you are a regular at their shops.

Your mysubwaycard allows you to buy food using your points balance at any shop; it is reload-able as well as reusable, so you can simply continue adding funds, and use the card for as long as you maintain your account open. If you choose, you can also add money to your card at any time, in a shop, or online, so you always have funds available if you want to dine out at Subway. You can add funds to your subway card balance at any time; further, you can give the cards as a gift, for those who love to dine out, and eat at the restaurant regularly.

You can use your card at nearly any subway shop, so you don’t have to bring cash or a credit card with you during your next visit. And, if you eat their regularly, you are going to notice your subway gift card balance is going to increase very quickly.

Registering your new card

In order to use your card, you are going to first have to register it. Upon doing this, you can start earning, and check subway gift card balance online at any time. As a card holder, there are also many benefits; these include receiving notifications of sales or promotions, as well as bonus points for free foods at later purchases. You can earn points for free cookies, drinks, and even sandwiches. And, when your balance is low, simply reload the card balance at any local subway you visit, the next time you dine out.

As an owner, you can check subway card balance at any time; you can check your balance, as well as manage your account online at any time. You can check available funds so you know when you have to reload your card or add more funds to it. In order to register, simply visit the subway website. From there, you are going to have to fill in a few data fields, and your new account is up and running, so you can start using your card, and start earning free food in no time at all.

Guideline to register

If you are ready to start using your card, the process is quite simple. In order to activate and begin reaping the benefits of being a card holder you will:

  1. Visit the site. Go to usdlogin.comm, in order to register your new account and card.
  2. You will see a “register card” menu; simply click here, and follow the prompts in order to register your new account.
  3. You will fill in your personal information. You have to enter your name, address, PIN, user ID, and other fields, prior to being able to register and use your new card for purchases.
  4. Choose security questions. Here you have to choose a few questions to authenticate your account. this is also used as a security measure, so that your card is safe, and so others will not try to use your card or funds.
  5. You will enter your card number. This is found on the card, and you are also going to be required to create a PIN to use the card during this step.
  6. Complete the additional fields on the form (date of birth, gender, address).
  7. Submit your information.Now you will receive a notification that your card and account are activated;

from there you can begin using your card balance, and start earning points so you can eventually make free food purchases at any subway shop.There are a few benefits you will receive when you choose to register your card; these include:

  • Balance checker. Any time you want to see how much you have, you can check your subway gift card balance online.
  • You can manage your account and view the points you have available at any time.
  • You can redeem your benefits as well.

As a card holder, you also have a security feature if your card is lost or stolen. You simply report it, so they send you a new card and deactivate the old one. This eliminates the possibility that someone might try to use the points you have earned as a reward member.

Logging onto your account

Once you register you can now log into the account page, the process is simple, and you can even do it on your smartphone if you download the app. You can now check gift card balance, add funds, reload, and make deposits to your account, to void not having funds available the next time you visit subway. For each transaction you make you are going to earn points. You can check this online; and, once you have earned enough points, you can start to redeem them for free foods, drinks, or cookies and snacks during future visits.

So, how do you log in to your account? It truly is a simple process:

  • First you visit the usdlogin.comm website.
  • You will have to enter your card number as well as the access code. Your access code is going to be the final four numbers on the card; this will then allow you to access your account online.
  • You will be required to enter a captcha (stating you aren’t a “robot”) in order to log in.

From there, simply hit the log in button, and you are going to be taken to your account page. Simple, easy and very quick. Now you are ready to go, and check your balance or otherwise view the status of your account any time you want to do so. Of course prior to trying to log in to the account, you must remember that you have to activate your card; other than that, there really is nothing to it, and you are ready to access your account page online.

Terms, conditions, & features
Of course members have several features and perks of being a member. Some of the things one has to consider with their new card includes:

  1. Your can access your account online, and you can receive account notifications for promos or other specials.
  2. You can easily reload your card, in increments of $5 to $50 at any time.
  3. This card has no expiration date. So you don’t have to activate new cards, and can use it forever as a member.
  4. No service fees, or other costs are tied to owning a card. You only add funds, and you can redeem them when you have sufficient points in your account.
  5. You can give this as a gift. So you can add funds and give someone who loves to eat at subway a few free meals as well.

There are terms and conditions in place, you should be familiar with, prior to trying to use your mysubway card balance. It not only allows you to use your card, but reap the benefits of being a member as well. Here are some of the terms:

  • Points can be used to get lower priced food items or free menu items when you have sufficient points.
  • A max of 10 cards per person can be purchased; large companies are exempt to this rule. Simply call customer service and inform them of how many cards you want to buy for employees.
  • After purchase, a limit of 90 days to apply points is in place; if there are technical errors subway will later add funds to your card balance.
  • It can’t be exchanged for cash, only to purchase food or drinks in stores.
  • If lost or stolen, subway will replace the card with your full points balance. Simply call the toll free number to speak to a representative who can assist you.

Managing your balance
You have to manage my subway card balance before using it in stores. Doing so allows you to pay for, or eventually redeem those points for free food items. SO check regularly; you have two options, which are: checking online, or asking a cashier to check your balance.

Manage online
This easily allows you to check your balance and add funds when you choose through your account page. Simply visit the site, log in, and select your cad type. You can also manage your account here.

Here you can also choose a physical or an e-card for your points. E-cards allow you to use an online barcode or scan system, so you don’t have to have a card physically present when ordering food.

Using the online system allows you to manage your balance any where and at any time.You can change information online, add funds, or do anything else on your account, when you choose.

You can also check your card balance and points when you are at a local subway shop. The cashier is simply going to request your PIN, and when you pay with your card, they are going to provide you with the points balance on the receipt they give you for your purchase.

Contact information
If you need assistance, there are a few customer service personnel you can speak with; these are a few of the numbers you might want to keep handy as a card holding member, if you ever do have issues with your card, or using the balance that you have available on your card.
1. Registration – If you are ready to register your new card simply call 1.877.697.8222
2. Company order – If you are ordering more than 10 cards for large company purchase call 1.888.445.9239.
3. Lost/stolen Card – To report your card as lost or stolen you will call 1.877.697.8222.

Of course if you choose to register your card online, it is also easy to do so; otherwise, you can simply call the number above, and the service agent is going to walk you through the process of registering your new card, so that you can begin to use it at any subway shop. Before validating it, your card is invalid; so make sure it is registered prior to trying to use it for a purchase. The process is so simple, but if for any reason you do run into any issues, you can of course call the service number above to receive the help you need in registering your new card for use.

There is a limit of the number of cards you can buy (10) for each person. The second number is in place for larger companies that want to buy more than ten cards at once. So if you want to give them out to employees, or clients, you will contact the second number on the list. Here an agent will assist you in the process, so that you can purchase as many cards as are required, so that your employees and clients are then able to redeem them and later check their card balance online as well. If you plan on placing a big order, or have any questions about doing so, you can dial the number to receive the assistance required for your order.

The final number is a service number if you lose your card or if it is stolen. Simply call in the service number, and a member of the service team is going to as you a few questions about your account, so that they can verify you are the actual account holder. You can directly report this issue to a service member. Within three weeks you are going to receive your new card, and the old one will be deactivated. This will prevent use from someone other than you, who has stolen the card or found the card you misplaced.

If you love subway, you can’t live without this card. So order yours online, or visit your local subway today, in order to start earning points, and to start redeeming for the free foods you want to eat when visiting a local subway chain where you live.

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