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Dear sneakers lovers! Who does not know Nike? Yes, this high-class expensive brand of shoes is such the most popular one among society. Starting from kids to grandpa, they all know what Nike is. The Nike brand brings prestige to the one who wears its product. As this brand grows so fast and wild, Nike launches It is Nike Survey that will give us Code to get $10 gift card. Of course, we will get rewards from taking the survey. We will get $10 coupon that we can use for next visit to Nike Stores.

About Nike Incorporation

For our information, Nike is such an American Multinational company that runs since January 25th, 1964. The founders of this awesome corporation are Bill Bowerman as well as Phil Knight. We can find the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Yes, it is in the Portland metropolitan that opens since May 25, 1964. Today, we can see that Nike becomes the world largest company that provides athletic shoes complete with apparel. Believe it or not, Nike has over $30K billion revenue from 931 franchise stores. The employees are more than 63K people from all over the world.

One of the most eye-catching parts of Nike is the slogan. Yes, it is “Just Do It!” This slogan comes from Gary Gilmore, a serial killer who said “let’s do it” before he got executed. The slogan here means that Nike wants to be something that people wish for. The logo of Nike supports this slogan as it is the symbol of finish, done, or checked. It means that Nike wants to make done everything well so that the founder can give check mark. Nike is a professional incorporation as it wants to make all customers happy. Through MyNikeVisit, Nike gives chance for customers to speak their mind related to its products. We can access it at Survey.

About MyNikeVisit, Nike Survey $10 Gift Card is an online survey held by Nike Incorporation for the sake of evaluating customer satisfaction. For our information, the survey is about sharing our experience when we visited the Nike stores. In this case, the customers need to be honest in explaining the situation of the restaurant. If we are happy with the service and products, we should give a good rate. In contrast, if we get the service is disappointing, we have to give a bad rating. It is all for the sake of improvement of the quality of the products and services.

In this case, we can be a part of the company by taking the MyNikeVisit. Without a doubt, Nike team will consider our opinions about the company and they will give us rewards once they use our opinion. We can give one of the two answers, whether satisfied or not. Indeed, the score that we give to the survey will not influence the result whether we win the gift card or not. The most important thing is that the more helpful our suggestions, the more chance we get to win the prize. So, it is necessary for us to understand the Nike SWOT analysis. Yes, it is about strength, weakness, opportunities, as well as the threat of this company.

How to Take MyNikeVisit -NA and Win Nike 5$ or 10$ Gift Cards?

If we are serious want to take part of this precious moment, we can start to access the official website at For our information, the Nike Survey is about giving a score for overall satisfaction, as well as our experience when we shop. Besides, we will have to be specific in mentioning which Nike store that we visited complete with how the Nike customer service was. It is okay to tell whether the staff were not friendly and so on.

What to Prepare for MyNikeVisit Na Feedback Survey?

Nike is such a big company and when we find mistakes made that Nike made, it will be best if we complain it through Survey. Without a doubt, it is worthy to not miss this program will give us chance to win $5 or $10 gift cards. But first of all, we have to know what we should prepare for the survey, such as:

  • First, we must own a recent Nike receipt that has Entry Code or what we call as MyNikeVisit invitation survey code, and the receipt here should not be older than seven days after we received it
  • Second, we have to be able to go online using Wi-Fi or internet mobile data
  • Third, of course, we need a laptop, PC, or maybe smartphone
  • The last, we have to own an email address that is still active
What are the MyNikeVisit Na Rules?

Every game must have rules that the players should obey and so with Nike Survey. In this case, we have to understand what the eligibilities to be able to take the survey. Here are some rules of Nike Survey, such as:

  • At first, we need to be 13 years old at least and we can be older than it
  • Second, we have to own the capability of understanding one of the languages from English, Chinese, or maybe Spanish, or it can be French
  • Third, we have to be a legal resident of the United States
  • For our information, countries beyond the US, we have to visit different websites such as for legal residents of UK
  • Then, we need to own a Nike receipt that is not older than 60 days or two months
  • We cannot redeem the Nike Gift Cards for fresh money or cash
How to take MyNikeVisit Survey at

Indeed, we get interested in winning the gift cards and for this reason; we have to know how to take the MyNikeVisit Survey properly. If we have done with the survey, then we can continue to take MyNikeVisit Sweepstakes. At glance, the Nike Customer Store Survey is about how customers are able to share their experience. In this case, we need to be smart in giving suggestions for the company. Once Nike team chooses our comment as the best ones, we will get the gift cards. Indeed, the only way we can take is by accessing As it is an online survey, we have to use the internet and without it, we cannot take the survey.

What Are the Steps Need to Take for MyNikeVisit Na Survey?

Indeed, the proses of taking My Nike visit survey are easy and simple. But still, it is necessary to follow all steps for the sake of avoiding getting troubles. Here are the sequenced steps that we need to know, such as:

  • Step #1:

At the beginning, we need to open the fastest internet browser that we have on our gadget. It can be Mozilla, Chrome, or maybe Safari. Then, we can click the MyNikeVisit survey page at We need to make sure that the address we put is correct as we miss one word, it will get failed. If we have inputted it right but still cannot load, we need to check the internet connection.

  • Step #2:

The second step, we can choose the language that we are going to use for the survey. In this case, we have to choose one among English, Española, or maybe François or Chinese. Once we have done with that, we have to input the Nike Invitation Survey Code. The code here contains 15 to 20 digits and while inputting the number, we should not use a space or any marks. Once we have done, we can click the button entitled “Next”. Then, we will see a page that shows all rules that we have to read.

  • Step #3:

In this section, it is the time to give some ratings for the Nike sports products complete with the services. Of course, we need to give the ratings based on our shopping experience at Nike Stores. Here, we will find some questions that ask about the attitude of the employees. If they were friendly, we can give them a high score. If they looked unpleasant serving us, it is okay to give low ratings. Indeed, it will not create an impact on the result whether we will win the gift cards or not. At MyNikeVisit Survey, it is okay to give complaints and other comments as long as we make it polite.

  • Step #4:

After we finished answering all questions asked by in the survey, it is the time for us to take the MyNikeVisit Sweepstakes. It is such a platform that will give us a chance to win the $5 or $10 gift cards. Once we entered the sweepstakes, it is such a must for us to input our personal data. Not to mention, we have to input our complete name, our phone numbers, home address, as well as our email address.

  • Step #5:

After inputting our personal information, all that we can do is waiting for the confirmation. If we are such a MyNikeVisit lucky winner, we will get an email that has MyNikeVisit Gift Cards inside it. If we are not lucky, we do not need to be sad as we will get it within 8 to 11 business days.

How to Redeem MyNikeVisit Gift Cards at Nike Stores?

Now, we get an email from Nike team and we want to redeem the gift card as soon as possible. Well, first of all, we have to write down the MyNikeVisit Coupon Code on the receipt that we have. When we get an email containing the gift card, it will be best if we print it out. Without a doubt, we will need it when we want to redeem it to Nike Stores. After we get the printed one, we need to embed it with the receipt. Then, we can go to Nike Stores and buy an item with the discount from the gift card. But, we need to keep in our mind that the Nike Coupon Code or gift cards are no longer valid after 60 days or two months. That is why we have to redeem it before it is too late.

How to Contact Nike Customer Care Service?

We may get troubles when we are about to redeem the Nike gift cards. It can be from the email that is unable to open, or maybe the staff that does not want to process the redemption code. Even worse, we may lose our email password and so on. Indeed, there are some troubles that beyond our capability. In this case, we should not give up and keep trying to fix it. First thing first, we have to analyze what is wrong with the process. If we can find it, we have to fix it.

But, somehow we may have no idea on what we are doing and where the troubles come? Well, we can try to contact the Nike Customer Service phone numbers. Here are some contact lists that we can try, based on the category. They are:

Nike Phone Numbers

  • In case we need to find or maybe want to order an item, we can call at 1 800 806 6453
  • If we have ordered an item and following the process, we can call 1 800 806 6453 for the sake of knowing the order status
  • When we need to ask some questions to Nike team, we can call 1 866 633 6453
  • For the alternative phone numbers, we can dial 1 503 671 6453, or maybe 1 800 806 6453
  • If we live in the U.S. or other countries, we can dial 1 212 367 4447
  • In case we live in U.K or maybe in Europe, it is best to call at +44 (0)207 578 0560

Nike Email Address

For some people who do not love talking or speaking their mind, they may need to write down what they want to say. In this case, if we are one of these people, we can try to write an electric letter and send it to Nike email address. Here are the addresses that we can choose, such as:

  • If we are a resident of or live in U.S. and other countries, we can send it to
  • In case we are the resident of or live in U.K. or maybe in Europe, we can send it to
  • For Africa people, it is best to send to

If calling the office is not enough, we can try to visit the Nike office. Yes, we can go to this address that is One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, OR 97005. For the easiest way, we can contact the social media of Nike such as at Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

Yes, those are the information about Survey that will give all customers $5 or $10 gift cards. If we do not want to miss this opportunity, it will be best to start it now. Take the survey and enjoy shopping with some discounts off. Have an awesome day, fellas!

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