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As a good employee, we must know that obeying all rules is such a must. One of the rules is having an online account for the sake of ease the management of the human resource. Well, this rule also works for the employees of the Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse. If we are one of the employees, we must pass the login portal at MyLowesLife Kronos. Of course, it will be crucial if we are such a newbie working in this company. We should know all policies and rules of the company. The best thing we can do is by accessing the Lowes Employee Portal Login. We can check our schedule, some special offers for employees, complete with retirement offers. Get ready!

About Lowe’s Home Improvement Company

If it is our first time working here, we need to know the company profile of Lowes. For our information, Lowe’s is such a largest retail company that we can find in the US. Starting from more than 40 years ago, we can see that it has more than 200 branches. In 2017, we find that 700 franchise stores spread towards the whole world that is in more than 40 states. And guess what? It has more than 100K employees working for Lowes Life. With the best quality of the system, the company offers the customers the best service. Believe it or not, this company has over than 40K products complete with the Lowe’s customer service.

MyLowesLife Kronos

About MyLowesLife Kronos Login Portal for Employees

With the bunch of the employees, it must be hard for the HRD or Human Resource Department to manage the employees. In this case, My Lowes Life launches a login portal system called MyLowesLife Kronos.  The HRD will be able to control all employees using this online access. They can keep the track of the employees, as well as handling everything at once. Not to mention, it will be easier for them to announce something through this online portal. The employees do not have to come to the office and waste their precious time. Of course, it will increase the productivity of the employees as everything becomes easier.

Yes, we can say that developing company gets it harder to manage the employees, moreover when the total number is 100K. But it does not happen to Lowe’s as it has the best system for the employees. Through the MyLowesLife Kronos Online Portal, the company will be able to evaluate everything. They are such as controlling the employee work, the salary, and so on. As the employees, we can take some opportunities such as accessing employee benefits. Of course, we cannot find the benefit unless we enter the My Lowes Life Login. But we should keep in our mind that we should protect our account. It means that we should not tell our password and username to other people.

How to Log In to My Lowes Life Login at

Alright, it is the time for us to start the Lowes SSO Login. Through this login portal, we will be able to check our schedule and other important things. Before start logging into Kronos Lowes, we should make sure that we have the employee ID. If we do not get it yes, we should go to the HRD office and ask the ID number. Once we get it, here are some steps in accessing MyLowesLife Kronos. They are:

Step #1:

We should go online and access We need to make sure whether we put the address right as it will cause error page if we do it incorrectly. For the next, the Lowes Login portal will direct us to the home page.

Step #2:

For the next, we can continue by finding the navigation tab. It will be the page that will lead us to the MyLowesLife Kronos login.

Step #3:

We can start the login by inputting our employee ID number. And for the next space, we should fill it with our password.

Step #4:

Congratulation! Now pass the login portal and we can access some important information related to the job. We can check our schedule and our day off. Besides, we can download an absence letter that we can use when we are sick. We can change the setting; change our password, as well as connecting the account to our email. The goal is to get a notification on our email so we will know what is new with the company.

What are The Benefits of Online MyLowesLife Kronos for Employees?

As we have known, this website provides us precious advantages that we can take as many as we want. The page offers us some menus for former employees, employment benefits, complete with the ADP retirement plan. More to say, we will get access to electronic trade stock plan, as well as COBRA advantages. Here are some of the benefits that we will get, such as:

  • Medical
  • Commuter Benefit
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Auto and Home Insurance
  • Vision
  • Spending Accounts
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Dental
  • Critical Illness Plan Accident
  • Pre-Paid Legal
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • 401(k)
How to Get MyLowesLife Kronos Employee Commissions and Discounts?

As the employee, we must expect that we get discounts off whenever we buy the products of our company. Well, we do not need to worry as we will get up to 90% discount. We can go to the discount center online to process the benefit. Yes, we can visit some Lowe’s franchises stores and we will get a discount. So far, we can see that 60K Lowe’s employees have joint this online discount center. The process is easy as all we need to do is to register through MyLowesLife Kronos sign up.

In registering our self, we need to use a company email. Whenever we want to buy something, we can log in and claim the discount. In the website, we will find some categories of the items that we can buy. We can choose the ones that we want, and we can choose the ideal retailer. Then, we will see some discount offers that will beat our heat. For the next, we will get redemption code that we should bring when we are shopping at Lowe’s. If we want to shop online, we can input that code when we order the item. And we will have to transfer some money after the discount.

How to Contact the MyLowesLife Kronos Customer Service?

But in case the customers ask where they can contact the Lowe’s customer service, we can give them the contact. Here are MyLowesLife contact details, such as:

  • At first, we can write a letter and send it to Lowe’s Customer Care. The address is P.O. Box 1111, North Wilkesboro, NC 28656
  • For the Lowes phone number, we can contact the Lowes team member at 1-800-445-6937
  • The office hours of Lowes will start from Monday to Saturday between 8 AM to 10 PM. For Sunday, it will open between 8 AM to 9 PM
How to Contact Lowes Credit Center Phone Numbers?

There are different contacts numbers of Lowe’s that we can call based on the problems we face. If we get problems related to Credit Card Accounts, we can call the Credit Center phone numbers. Here they are:

  • Call the Consumer Accounts at 1-800-444-1408
  • For Commercial Business Revolving Accounts, we can dial 1-800-444-1408
  • In case we get problems related to Commercial Accounts Receivable Accounts, we should call 1-866-232-7443
How to Ask Helps from Lowe’s Team?

In case we need to ask for a help, we can contact the department related to the troubles we get. For example, we may fail to access the MyLowesLife Kronos. Then, we can go to the HRD or IT for the sake of technician supports. For the best choice, the Lowes team has provided us a video contains tutorial in fixing troubles. If we need to ask more about the MyLowesLife Kronos, then we can contact the HR Manager. But somehow, the HR Manager may not be in the office. Well, we do not need to worry as we can contact the HR Shared Services phone number at 1-888-HRINFO5.

What to do for My Lowe’s Life New Employees?

Now, we are not the employee of the Lowes and we are trying to register as their employees. Indeed, there are some important things that we can do such as:

At first, we should visit the MyLowesLife Kronos website. Of course, we cannot login as we do not get the ID and the password yet. For our information, the website is available for the public. We can visit the tab entitled Empowered Benefits enrollment system. We can read the text first and then we should click the red button entitled Enroll Now. After that, we will find some menus like Blue CrossBlue Shield of Alabama as well as WageWorks. For the next, we can continue by clicking the button entitled enroll. Now, we can read some information that we want to know.

How to Access MyLowe’s Life FAQ at MyLowesLife Kronos Login Portal?

One of the rules that we need to obey as the employee is to enroll in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan benefit at MyLowesLife Kronos. It is such a platform that we can access some benefits and we will get a chance to update and buy Lowe’s common stock. The service is available after one year if we are such a part time worker. But if we are a full-time Lowe’s employee, we can access this service anytime we want.

There are some useful things that we can access through this website, they are such as:

  • Accessing our daily work schedules
  • Getting emails related to the job position we have
  • Accessing some benefits for employees
  • Checking the shift of the trade
  • Planning retirement services of Wells Fargo
  • Accessing employee transition information
How to Transfer to another Job Position Using MyLowesLife Kronos Account?

Somehow, we are not comfortable in working in our current position. Of course, we must need a help for transferring us to a new job position. But still, the HRD team member will considerate our personal skills, interests, complete with the track records of our job. The HRD team will access our profile at MyLowesLife Kronos. They will make sure whether we are responsible for our current position.  Through the MyLowesLife Kronos portal, we will know which position match best to us can check the page of My Lowe’s Life History at the website and we will find it useful.

What to Prepare for My Lowe’s Life Account?

In accessing our account, we need some crucial things that we should have. We need to make sure that we do not miss a single thing so that we get no problem. Here are the things, such as:

  • We must be a current employee of the Lowes Company, it can be the part or the full-time one
  • It is important to own an ID or identification number that we can get from HRD
  • We need to create some security questions complete with the password for the sake of security
  • The last, we need to have a set of computer and stable internet access

Overall, those are all information related to Lowes Home Improvement Company. Again, we need to pay attention to the MyLowesLife Kronos Login Portal. It is such one of the most important thing that we need to take care once we want to get a promotion or other benefits. Of course, we should not miss a single opportunity in getting benefits. Other company may not offer us the same benefits and for this reason, we need to take the chance. In maintaining our MyLowesLife Kronos account, we need to be careful. It is so as we never know that someone may use it for bad intentions. Not to mention, they will use it to hack our account and take advantages for that.

Well, MyLowesLife Kronos can be a source of happiness for us as we can get advantages that every employee wants. Try to access it now and we will see how many good things that we can take while we are working for Lowes Company. So, keep up the good work and show our boss that we deserve better position and better salary. Best luck, fellas!

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