MyLowesLife – Aren’t We Curious about what it can give to us?

Fellas! Who does not want to have the best ideal home? Well, we all must have a dream that we can enjoy spending our beautiful life in a luxurious comfortable house. If we think so, then we must make our home decoration good looking. Of course, we do not have time so that we can use the service such as MyLowesLife. Are we serious we do not know what it is?

For our information, MyLowesLife or Lowes was built in 1946. The company has given the best service towards the customers for more than 65 years. Without a doubt, we can see it as the runner up of the biggest grown hardware store serving to the worldwide. Awesome, isn’t it?

When we have some troubles in improving our home, then we know where to go. So that we know, MyLowesLife will understand what we want in our home. Of course, they can make our dreams become true. Even if we have no idea on what to change, MyLowesLife will give us awesome inspiration. So far, the company has more than 1,700 stores.

We can see them in Canada, America, as well as Mexico. With the loyal 15 million customers per week, and 250,000 employees, Lowes can make us satisfied. By seeing the potential, we must agree that being the employee of this company will bring us to some advantages.

Jobs, Benefits, Advice and Discounts

myloweslife login page

Good people! We need to know that MyLowesLife can give all of these advantages. In this case, we can join the HR or Human Research of the company. Through the, we can access rich information about everything for employees. Here, MyLowesLife is the portal which can show some benefits offered to all Lowes employees. It has a great system which we can access it via online.

If we think we are such a current Lowes employee, then we can try to do login. In a simple way, we can go to the site which is As a professional worker, we must do not want to miss a single benefit we can get. So, we can start to login and we will see what it can give to us.

If we want to access the website, then we need to put our sales number complete with the correct password. Not to mention, when we are such a former employee, we can try to enjoy the information about the transition. If we see, MyLowesLife is offering us a Lowe’s Benefits Handbook. In the same case, we will get the COBRA benefits guide. COBRA is such an enrollment details which we will answer our questions on how to see HSA details, options of HDHP medical, Perception Drugs, and other information. In other cases, we will get some helpful links which we can use to payroll, as well as controlling our employment data.

As a professional employee, we need to set in our mind that the goal of the company made is to make two married couples happy. Of course, they must be happy seeing their home looks beautiful. That is our job then to make their dream real. We have to know how to beautify the lawn, the garden, decoration, and so on. All of the information is available in the Lowes Employees website. It is such an official page which will lead us to know how we can be corporate with the company. If we want to make it safe, it is necessary to put the reliable data instead of fake.

Talking about the privacy of the page, we need to know that the system will available for certain personnel. It means that those who can login to the system will get the information. Before we start accessing the site, it is crucial for us to understand the terms complete with the conditions. It will help us a much when we try to follow the security policies as well as the standards.

In a usual way, it will prevent people who want to use the data for improper purposes such as violation. When the company finds this one in our account, then we may lose our ownership. As a result, we need to re-register and get the new account. Even worse, our carrier may get worse since we are not professional in keeping our own data.

My Lowes Life Login

Now, after understanding the terms and needs in accessing the site, we must get ready. In this case, if we are sure that we work for Lowes Company, we may start to pass the portal. Here, the site will be available for employees only. The goal of the site is of course to make the workers understand what they have to do. Besides, we will get some advice, benefits, and other helps. Alright, here is the way on how to login to our My Lowes Life account.

  • Go to the link of the official URL which is
  • Click the link or button of sign On account
  • Put the Sale Number which we have
  • Put the Password given by the company related to the ID number
  • Click the button of login
  • Wait till the page shows our account
  • If we are such a new employee, we have to contact the administration
  • Make a note on the account details given by the administration
  • Follow the steps on how to login

If we can login, so what? Well, this question may come to our mind. Talking about the Lowes Employee Benefits, we may wonder it since they are helpful so much. Without a doubt, when we can access this web, we will get the service employees which the company talks about. Besides, we can see the important information about HR and other employee benefits. Alright, here are the benefits resources which we need to pass based on the category. They are:

  • Employee Transition Document

This first offer is such the detailed information about all insurance plans. Of course, we can apply it when our termination is about to over. The document here then will explain much about the details of the medical insurance. Besides, we can see the life insurance such as the supplemental, and dependent. For the paid holidays, we need to see some needs we need to fulfill first. One of the most awesome offers given to the employee transition is when we can get the 401(k) complete with the work and life benefits.


At the last part, we have heard about the COBRA. It is the details which give us rich information about the enrolling system. Besides, we can see the HSA details; complete with the HDHP medical options. For further offer, we can find the Perception Drugs at the same place with other medical information.

  • SPDs

If we want to understand the entire information, then it is such a must for us to download the handbook. Well, this one will be one of the best foundations of success if we read it in a proper way. If we dislike reading the electronic book, then we can bring the handbook out. Then, we can enjoy the features and benefits we can get.

  • 401(K)

Is it a number of year or something? Well, this one is such the program of saving for retirement plans which we can take. Of course, the company here offers us a safe zone for our future. In the web portal, we will see the whole details. We can learn about the investment choices, complete with other contribution we can take related to the Lowe’s policy.


For the next, it is the employee stock of the purchase which can increase our feelings to the company. In this case, it is possible for us to buy common stock with special price such as discounts and coupons. Of course, we can keep updating the news by visiting the official page. But still, we need to follow the details about the rules as well as regulations there.

Well, those are the benefits we may take for our carrier. In this case, we can contact the HR department when we need something urgent. Without a doubt, they will help us to solve our problems. The Lowes HR department will be available on the phone number of 1-888-474-6365. If we want to contact them in a different way, then we can send them a letter with the address of Lowe’s Group Benefits (NB2CB), 1000 Lowes Boulevard, Mooresville, NC 28117.

How If We Get Troubles

Not to mention, one of the most common problem we can get is when we cannot login to our account. There are some reasons or causes which we need to know first. It may be because we have unstable internet connection, error in windows, and so on. Well those two matters must be easy to handle. we may get our problem comes because we do not remember our sales number or maybe password. Indeed, we no need to worry when we find this situation.

In a simple way, we can click the link option of the Forgot password? Then, we can put our ID number of employee, and the password which we get from the password self service. If we want to reset the password, then we need to click the link option of the change password. Important to note, we need to remember the answer of the security questions we set before.

If we need to go in a direct way to see the benefits handbook for employees, then we can go to visit the link of In this case, we will find some crucial information, such as:

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Group medical plan
  • Dental care
  • Flexible spending
  • Life insurance
  • Part time employees
  • Disability coverage plan
  • Vision care
  • Retirement benefits
  • Long term care

Seeing those rich helps, we must be glad if we can claim them. But it is not easy since we have to understand the benefit plan details first. Not to mention, we may such a full time employee. Here, we must need a certain benefit which can help us much in living our life and work. Lowes is able to find sine medical services in a fast way. Since we are working in a famous company, then no wonder we can find some rates for the entire Lowes benefits in an easy way.

Even if we are such a new person hired by the company, we still can access the benefits for us. We will find some starting points to get the benefits we want. If we need to find some useful links, then we can go to the part of resource which contains valuable information. We will know how the system of enrolling online works in healthcare and so on.

Besides, we will be up to dated worker on what is new for all Lowes employees. If we have a doubt in understanding something, then we can visit the asked questions part in the website without a doubt, the page will help us much moreover when we need a certain topic of an answer.

When we have got what we want, then it is such the best feeling. But if we still facing the troubles, we no need to worry since we can go to the answer through online.  In a simple way, we can pass the portal of the site by visiting the or maybe Indeed, both links will connect us to the Lowes franchise which offers the benefits. Alright, here are some useful links which will bring us to the benefits of being the employee. They are such as:

  • Login our account —
  • Lowe’s site for online checking –
  • Lowe’s online for order tracking –
  • Login our Lowe’s Credit Cards –

Good workers! We have understood the importance of being the part of Lowes. It all depends on us how we can make a use of the information. Overall, best luck!

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