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KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is the top fast food restaurant worldwide. This restaurant has a special recipe for fried chicken. But, we still can purchase other menus. For example, we can enjoy the burger, fries, soup, and dessert. Besides, we also can try KFC Grilled chicken. The grilled chicken option is the right choice when you get bored with fried menus. Then, the customers can choose to dine in KFC restaurant or take the meal home. Furthermore, KFC provides the delivery service. So, you can order KFC menus without going out from your home. Due to its tasty meals and satisfying service, KFC can expand its fast-food business. No doubt, KFC has more than 19.000 stores worldwide. To maintain the trust of its customers, KFC launches MyKFCexperience survey.

KFC realizes that the customers’ satisfaction is the key to business growth. The business can sustain if the customers keep returning to their store. So, KFC should be able to create the strategies to attract the customers. But, the most crucial thing to do is identifying what the guests like and hate. On the other hands, KFC has to struggle to evaluate their service. They should find out whether their customers can get satisfied. No doubt, MyKFCexperience survey plays the vital role for customers research. From KFC survey, the management can know what the customers need, feel, and like. Then, KFC management can take the suitable action to maintain the sustainability.

MyKFCExperience survey

KFC creates MyKFCexperience as the online survey. So, it can accommodate the feedback from all of KFC customers. KFC survey is not just a questionnaire. For the company itself, KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey is the best strategy to measure the satisfaction degree. Besides, KFC wants to know their weakness and strength in the customers’ point of view. It will be hard to ask the customers one by one about the service. So, MyKFCexperience survey can simplify their task. In the centralized system, they can collect the KFC customers’ opinion. For instance, they can gauge the guests’ feedback about the menus, employees, and other services.

All KFC customers can involve in this survey.  When they have KFC receipt in hand, they can enter MyKFCExperience survey. Besides, they need a laptop, PC, or other mobile devices. Moreover, Internet access becomes the vital thing to access KFC survey. Without the stable internet, the customers may get difficulties in accessing KFC feedback survey. The last, make sure that you have the spare time to complete KFC guest experience survey. In general, KFC survey needs for about ten minutes to complete.

What Information is Needed to Enter KFC Survey?

As stated in the paragraph above, you should prepare KFC receipt. MyKFCexeperience survey is only accessible with a valid KFC receipt. Some information contained in the receipt serves as the key to open KFC customer feedback survey. In fact, KFC survey site has two different ways to enter the survey. First, you can access My KFC Experience survey by entering the survey code along with the time. Second, you can enter other details when your KFC receipt does not contain any survey code. In this case, you still can access the survey by using KFC store number, ticket number, date and time. So, you have to pay attention to the details below.

  • KFC survey code.

Survey code or invitation code is usually on the bottom section of KFC receipt. This code consists of 17 digits in length. KFC survey code has the letter and number combination. The first seven digits of the survey code reflect the KFC store number. Some people think that KFC survey code is the main requirement to enter MyKFCexperience survey. But, they are wrong. Even though there is no survey code or invitation code in their receipt, they still can access KFC survey.

  • Date and time.

You can find date and time information easily on the receipt. The date and time are under the ticket number. This information reflects the exact time you made a transaction at KFC.

  • Store number.

When the survey code is not available in your receipt, you can use KFC store number. KFC store number contains seven digits beginning with a letter. Some receipt has the store number on the top section. Besides, other receipts may have the store number in the bottom section.

  • Ticket number.

The last receipt detail you may need to enter MyKFCexperience survey is the ticket number. Usually, the ticket number is located above the date and time.

So, you have to focus more on the details above. Then, make sure that you input the correct details to the KFC survey page. When you misspell the survey code or other information, you cannot enter KFC survey.

How is the Procedure to Take KFC Guest Experience Survey?

Talking about KFC survey procedure, you can access this survey through two methods. But, the method you take will give according to the receipt you hold. It is because KFC may release two types of receipt. The first receipt will contain the survey code. This code serves as an invitation to the customers to take part in MyKFCExperience survey. Besides, other KFC receipt may not contain any code. But, if the survey period is still ongoing, you can participate in KFC feedback survey. Join the survey is the best way to share your KFC experience.

Here, we try to explain two ways to access My KFC Experience survey page. Make sure that you pay attention to the step by step we suggest. Then, you will not find any difficulty when you enter KFC survey. Before you open KFC survey portal, it is better to prepare the receipt in your hand. So, when you need to input some information, you just look at the receipt in your hand. Besides, you should ensure that your KFC receipt is still valid. Usually, KFC only gives several days after purchasing date to take the survey.

The first action to take MyKFCexperience survey is visiting Then, you need to look at your receipt. Try to find the survey code in a piece of receipt you get from KFC cashier. If there is a KFC survey invitation consisting 17 digits, you can enter the survey by using the first method. This way requires you to enter the survey code along with the time when you came to KFC store. Then, you can begin KFC feedback survey by pressing the red Start button.

You can try the second method to enter the survey when your receipt does not have any survey code. When you open KFC survey homepage, you can select Click Here to load another form. The new form requires you to input other details found in KFC receipt. There are four details you need to input. First, you need KFC store number. This number identifies the KFC location you have just visited. Then, you need to state the date in which you came to KFC store. You do not need to write the date manually since you can select the date on the drop-down option. The next, you should see your receipt to know what time you came to KFC store. After that, you can enter the hour when you visited KFC outlet. The last, you need a ticket number to complete this form.

Those are the two ways to begin MyKFCexperience survey. What you should do before entering the survey is reviewing your receipt. It is because the type of KFC receipts determines the method to enter the survey. For your information, if you are not fluent in English, you can change the website language into Spanish. Then you just need to select Espanol link under the Start button.

What is MyKFCexperience Survey Reward?

Many customers are willing to take the survey since they want to get the reward. KFC will give you a validation code when you finish the survey. So, the reward is the appreciation from KFC to the survey takers. Without the reward, the customers may be not interested in participating in MyKFCexperience survey. However, KFC survey reward will vary based on the location as well as survey period. So, KFC offers different coupons. Then, you can use the coupon in any KFC store to get the reward.

You can know what KFC offers as the survey reward by looking at your receipt. For instance, you can find out the reward printed in the KFC survey invitation. But, you need to realize that the KFC survey reward may change time by time. For example, in the certain KFC survey period, you can enjoy KFC Go Cup as the MyKFCexperience survey reward. What is KFC Go Cup? It is the carry-out container with potato wedges and KFC signature entrees. With KFC survey code, you can enjoy this light meal for free. But, you need to purchase a drink to get this KFC Go Cup offer.

KFC may offer a sweepstake at the end of KFC Customer Experience survey. But, the survey taker can decide whether they want to enter the sweepstakes or not. These sweepstakes offer $1000 as the grand prize. When you are willing to enter the sweepstakes, you have to provide your personal details. But, do not worry since KFC will not use your information for its marketing purpose.

What are KFC Survey Questions?

In MyKFCexperience survey, KFC will ask noninvasive questions. But, the survey takers should give the honest response and opinion. All of their responses should be regarding their last visit in KFC store. The customers only have to give the simple response to the KFC questionnaire. The survey contains the questions about the menu items, store cleanliness, staffs’ service, etc. Your duty is responding the questions based on the real experience you have.

Once you tap Red Start button on the KFC survey homepage, you can begin to answer the survey questions. Most of the questions ask you to select the answer by giving the tick mark to the given choices. Besides, other questions require you to rate some statements. These are the samples of KFC survey questions.

  • The frequency of visiting KFC.

You may get a question asking how often you go to KFC store on average. Then, you can choose the answer based on the frequency you consume KFC menus.

  • The amount of money you spend.

Then, you should select the average money you usually spend at KFC. Perhaps, you spend below $20. Besides, you may spend $21 -$40. Furthermore, you can choose over $100.

  • The reason for visiting KFC.

The next, you should face a question asking the reason why you consume KFC menus. For instance,  you like KFC because of its affordable price. Besides, you may often go to KFC due to the quality of the food and service.

  • The KFC menu.

After that, you need to state the kinds of food you often order in KFC. For instance, you often purchase the fried chicken, salad, burger, or soup. Besides, you may like KFC dessert very much.

  • KFC store.

Then, you should give the response to the store condition. For instance, it asks about the cleanliness of KFC outlet. You can rate whether the store is the comfortable place to dine in.

  • Evaluate the overall store.

The next, you can rate the overall service and condition of KFC. For example, you can state your satisfaction level about the quality of KFC menu and the price of KFC meal. Besides, you also can give the feedback about the service given by KFC staffs. Furthermore, you can rate KFC delivery service as well.

These are the questions you may find in MyKFCexperience survey. After reviewing the questions, we are sure that you are ready to take the survey. You will be bale to complete My KFC Experience survey easily if you follow the procedure we explained. But, if you find any trouble in completing KFC Customer Feedback survey, KFC Customer Service will be there to help you. You just need to dial +1 800 225 5532 to ask for help.

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