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Mygeisinger is an online portal which helps you to control your health. Besides, you can take control the health of your children as well. It may be difficult to track the patient condition record. But, by using My Geisinger, you can view the medical record easily. Furthermore, you can talk to the Geisinger doctor that examine you. This way, you can make an appointment with the doctor. Additionally, you can create the schedule with Geisinger physician too.

You can do several medical consultations by using Mygeisinger. Renewing your medication is also possible. Even your physician has prescribed the medicine; you can still be able to renew it. Besides, using My Geisinger enables you to review the result of lab testing. The last, Geisinger online site allows you to check the Geisinger account balance. Then, you can even pay Geisinger bill online. Using My Geisinger apps will give you many benefits. It is so since you can manage your healthcare whenever you are.


If you want to get the easy way to manage the healthcare for your family, you can sign up in My Geisinger site. But, the online registration is only for the Geisinger patients. Besides, your age should be 18 years old or over. If you are less than 18 years old, your parent can create an account for you.

How to Register MyGeisinger Account Online?

Creating My Geisinger account enables you to access your medical record. Besides, you can talk to your doctors as well. In the process of Geisinger registration, you have to create Mygeisinger user ID and password. Then, you have to remember them well for Geisinger future login. After completing the process of registration, you can activate your account. But, you should wait for the letter from Geisinger. This letter will contain the activation code. Geisinger will send this letter to your address written in your patient file.

When you access Mygeisinger website, you can find the Register option on the menu bar. Then, there are three options for registration. The first is registering yourself as a patient. The second is registering your child. The last is the registration form for the caregiver. The process of registering yourself is simple. You can follow the brief steps on

In this article, we will explain clearly about registering Mygeisinger account as a parent and caregiver. Here are the guidelines for you.

  • Register as the parent.

When your children are under 18 years old, you can sign up in Mygeisinger. Then, you will be able to check your child’s medical record. The parents can communicate with their children doctor on their behalf. As a parent, you should fulfill some requirements. First, you must be the birth parent. Besides, you can be the legal guardian of the child. Then, you have created your Geisinger account. The last, you have to complete the parental authorization form. It will be easier if you have registered your Mygeisinger account. It is so since you can ask for the access to your kids’ account. You should log into Mygeisinger account first. Then, you have to click on Request Family Record Access. This link is under family Records tab. Mygeisinger will send you the form to your email. The registration process may take five up to seven business days.

  • Register as the caregiver.

When you work as a caregiver, you can monitor the medical record of the patient. You have to prepare these documents to register MyGeisinger account. First, you must obtain the written approval from the patient. Then, you should have your Geisinger account.  The next, you have to complete the caregiver form and the power of attorney form. You have to print out all of these documents and sign on it. After that, you should send these data to Geisinger office. They will process your request within five or 7 days.

What are MyGeisinger Features?

MyGeisinger Features are beneficial for the patient, parents, as well as the caregiver. Both Geisinger online portal and app are secure. This application is the convenient way to control the medical record. No doubt, most of Geisinger patients create an online account for the efficient health management. Listed below are the Geisinger features.

  • Online medical record.

By signing into Mygeisinger, you have access to view the result of lab test and health summary. Besides, you can view the doctor notes as well.

  • Account balance.

Then, you can check Geisinger account balance. This account allows you to pay your medical bill online.

  • Education resource.

Geisinger account lets you access health related application recommendation. Then, you can view many resources which relate to the health.

  • Community events.

Geisinger often holds some events. You will get the updated info about the upcoming events. So, you can register and join the event.

  • Communication with the Doctors.

MyGeisinger facilitates you to communicate with the doctor and physician. So, you can request the renewal of the prescription. Besides, you can make the appointment request. The last, you can ask for the medical advice from the doctors. But, your questions should be the non-urgent concern. Also, you will be easier to access your Geisinger Health Plan.

How to Apply for Geisinger Careers?

Geisinger Health System becomes the national model of modern health care. No doubt, Geisinger offers the exclusive careers for the person in health job. For this reason, many people are interested in Geisinger career. All of Geisinger employees commit to making the innovation and the high quality of the patient care. To improve the quality of health care service, Geisinger offers the health care career. You can apply for some positions to be the part of Geisinger family.

As the Geisinger employees, you will be able to balance your work and life. It means you can earn the income while helping the patient. So, you can improve your social life while working. Geisinger offers the competitive salary for its employees. Besides, this health company also offers the comprehensive benefits package. The employees can receive the health insurance, 401 (K) plan, paid vacation time, and much more.

Would you like to Join Geisinger Careers? You can visit to review the available career position. There are some job categories posted on this website. You can explore the Geisinger career by using the career search bar. But, you can only access it using computer or laptop. The search function is not compatible with the mobile device. These are the lists of careers you can apply in Geisinger.

  • Doctors or Physicians.
  • Nurse.
  • Genetic Counseling.
  • Advanced Practice.
  • Research.
  • Flex Staffing.
  • Internship or externship.
What are the Geisinger Hiring Policies?

Before applying for Geisinger Career, you should know the hiring policy. By reviewing the policy, you will be able to notice the requirements to be the part of Geisinger. So, what are the rules for Geisinger applicants? Here are the Geisinger Hiring Policies.

  • No-smoking policy.

Geisinger does not recruit the applicants that use all of the tobacco products. For instance, Geisinger will not hire the users of cigarette or chewing tobacco. When you apply for the job at Geisinger, you will face the nicotine screening in the physical test process. Geisinger will ask the applicants to do urine drug screening. If your urine contains nicotine, Geisinger will not accept your application. But, you still have a chance to re-apply for the Geisinger job six months later.

  • Equal opportunity employer.

Geisinger always encourages the minorities to apply for the job. This company also welcomes the minorities and the people with disabilities. All applicants have the same chance to build Geisinger career. The qualified person with disabilities can enjoy the equal employment opportunity.

What is Geisinger Careworks?

Geisinger Careworks are the clinic for the urgent case. The Careworks provide the convenient healthcare for the patients. The patients will be handled by the certified medical professional. For instance, there are the physician assistant as well as the professional nurse. All of the clinicians are from Geisinger Health System. They will be glad to fulfill your healthcare needs.

When can you visit Geisinger Careworks? You can go to the Carework when your illness is not too serious. In this case, you cannot go to the emergency room. So, you can visit Geisinger Careworks to get the treatment. The professionally trained clinicians will offer the care for you. Geisinger will care for both children and adults. In fact, you do not need to make an appointment before visiting the Carework. But, if you request, the Careworks will communicate your visit to your physician. These are the list of illness that the Careworks nurse will treat.

  • Flu or cold.
  • Sinus/ throat/ ear infection.
  • Back pain.
  • Minor Burns.
  • Insect Bite.
  • Ringworm.
  • Poison ivy.
  • Fractures/ strain.
  • Stomachache.
  • Allergies.
  • Upper respiratory infection.

Besides, Careworks offers the health examination or physical test for the person who wants to pursue the driver’s license and pre-employment. Furthermore, the Carework also provides the health care for the camp and school. However, Geisinger Careworks does not provide the physical treatment for the elderly care and foster care. Moreover, Carework does do not offer the physical treatment for insurance and mental health. Careworks requires the proof of immunization. Then, this clinic does not accept the well adult or child visit.

These are the routine immunizations offered by Careworks.

  • Flu shot. Careworks offer the flu shot to the three years old patient and older. But, this clinic is not allowed to give the flu shot to the children with CHIP insurance plan and medical assistance.
  • Meningitis. This is for 11 years old and older.
  • Hepatitis B: this immunization is only offered for adults.
  • Pneumonia: this is only for the patients who are 65 years old and elder. But, the people in 18-65 years old can get this vaccine as long as they are the eligible patient and clinically proven.
  • TDAP: it is for seven years old and elder patient. But, the Carework will give it when there is an exposure or injury.
What are Geisinger Customer Service Numbers?

Geisinger has several lines of customer service. You can call the right number based on your need and concern. These are we provide some Geisinger numbers. We hope these contacts are useful for you.

  • Enrolling Geisinger Healthcare member.

If you want to be the Geisinger member, you can contact these number.

  1. For the individuals that are not eligible for medical and Medicare assistance, you can call 800 554 4907. The customers care available from Monday to Friday at 8 am – 6 pm.
  2. For medical assistance, you can call 855 227 1302. They are available from Monday to Friday at 8 am – 5 pm.
  3. For medical eligible, you can dial 800 631 1656. They are ready to answer your call on Monday to Friday at 8 am – 8 pm.
  • Customer Service for Geisinger members.

These are some phone numbers for the Geisinger members.

  1. Geisinger health plan, You can contact 570 271 8760 or 800 447 4000.
  2. Geisinger Choice or Geisinger Health Option. You can dial 570 271 8770 or 800 504 0443.
  3. Geisinger Health Plan Family. The phone number is 855 227 1302.
  4. Geisinger Gold. The customer service number is 570 271 8771 or 800 498 9731.
  5. Geisinger Kids. You can contact 866 621 5235.

When you have some issues that you want to ask, you can contact Geisinger. The Geisinger professional staffs will help to find the solution for your problem. But, you should contact the right customer service according to your status. It is because the customer service for the member and non-member is different.

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